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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A Tale of Loyalty


I wrote on Dato Fauzi Rahman’s induction into PKR. It was titled A Tale Of Two Friends. I opined as the principal reason for Fauzi’z embrace of PKR, is Dato Fawzi’s loyalty to a friend.

I have known Dato Fauzi for a long time. Ever since I was 11 years old. That year, before he left for England to do a mining engineering degree in England, he was a temporary teacher at Sultan Abdullah school Kuantan. The school is still there today. With the imposing timber main building there.

Dato Fauzi’s entry and induction was hailed as coming to the fore. He was so described by the blogger The Ancient Mariner. Like Fauzi, the old man of the sea too, was an old MCKK chum. I am not sure whether they were classmates though.

When I was in standard 5, Dato Fauzi was the one who would give me English books to read. I have to thank Dato Fauzi for introducing me to books written by Enid Blyton. Some of you may remember still the famous books by Blyton on Secret seven and the Famous Five series.

We came across each other recently. It is customary for the student to offer salutations to a former teacher. I went up to him and we chatted for a brief moment.

It was sufficient for me to prise more about his concept of loyalty. Loyalty has many meanings as I found out.

So I asked him- why does he stay loyal to Anwar? He says a true friend remains so no matter what. Difficult for me to understand but I have to respect that principle.

He then went on to reveal what Tun Mahathir said to him and the brief exchanges between them, retold now, are insightful.

The Tun called Fauzi to ask why he chose to remain loyal. The Tun knows Fauzi can do work. Fauzi is an intelligent fellow. Tun knew Fauzi's father, the late Dato Abdul Rahman Talib, a pioneer in galvanizing Pahang Malays to join UMNO. A few of Fauzi’s political fellow travellers have become full ministers. Tun Mahathir wanted Fauzi to become one too if Fauzi believes in Tun Mahathir. Fauzi of course declined the invitation. He thus entered the halls of the brave souls where other timorous ones dared not.

Are you not loyal to me, asked the Tun. Fauzi answered Anwar is a friend. Tun Mahathir can be fearsome when agitated but Fauzi stood his ground. What is the difference between loyalty to me and to Anwar asked the Tun?

Don’t you believe me? Umi Hafilda told me, Azizan told me and others too. I believed them. Don’t you? asked the Tun.

Fauzi respectfully countered quite intimidated with the Tun’s presence. With his hands cupping his modesty, Fauzi answered, Sir, you believed them, I do not. That answer drew an incredulous look on the Tun’s face.

Anwar is my friend. My loyalty to you(Tun) Fauzi said, is like a keris here. If Anwar asked me for the keris to do you harm, I will refuse and desist. You are my leader.

But now Anwar asked me for help because he is now in dire straits, his family is suffering, I will help him. That is a friend in need.

Dato Fauzi may have his foibles. That can’t be erased from his track record. But then, it set me thinking. Anwar has friends like this who is willing to stand by him. And with victory for Anwar not certain, I certainly would want people like Fauzi with me when I vanquish Anwar.


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