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Friday, 15 August 2008

The Battle of Red, Permatang Pauh. part 3?

Aiyaa…the first thing that ASOS said was why didn’t Anwar contest in Kuala Lumpur. Selangor is already captured. WP Kuala Lumpur has only one BN MP.

This line of argument sad to say, is only practised in UMNO. UMNO’s hell-bent on insisting a candidate must come from a particular place. The MCA has not got such requirement. Any MCA candidate can be told to contest where ever the party asks him too. Foo Ah Kiaw is not a Kuantan fellow yet he contested for the parliamentary seat of Kuantan. Twice I think. Won one and lost the current. PAS hasn’t got that requirement too. All they are interested is to get good men on board. We are Malaysians are we not?

That line of argument is only used by people who know they are going to lose. Or by people who has got interests to protect. Suppose I asked the same question of Dato Najib- he wasn’t born in Pekan and stayed most of the time in KL. Why doesn’t he stand in KL in keeping with the argument used by ASOS?. So no go, brother. Don’t use that argument adopted by mentally challenged UMNOniks. Sit you up my man. Go like a warrior into the ring.

No one will campaign on Anwar’s track record. His dismal performance as youth and culture minister, his stint as the agriculture minister, his much to be desired record as Education Minister and his disastrous tour of duty as finance minister- hell he didn’t even understand the fundamentals of exchange controls. No one will want to talk about these because, let’s face it, the UMNO people are incompetent fools.

To talk about track record would only invite disaster. People will begin comparing with our PM’s track record.

So they will talk about:-

· Anwar’s link with the US

· Anwar as agent for USA and Israel and stooge to Singapore

· Anwar’s sexual exploits with women

· Anwar’s sodomy tradition.

And the media treatment of ASOS has been arcane to say the least. A myth is being developed to re-package our man Flint…er ASOS. ( remember the film Our Man Flint, starring James Coburn?) A chance meeting with the man is taken as sufficient to paint the picture of the whole person. He can speak Chinese dialects and so forth. His office has ISO certification. So what? All the government departments have ISO certifications but services and work culture have not improved have they?

PKR will campaign on:-

The insidious hand of Najib on Anwar’s sodomy case

· Najib’s ill gotten wealth

· Najib’s sexual exploits

· Najib’s Altantuya connection.

ASOS is but a pawn on the larger political chessboard. So I join my fellow bloggers to say, Good Luck, all the best brader… in the meantime , perhaps an ominous post in the Malaysian Insider which read;

Even if he loses as expected to his former political compatriot, at least Ariff Shah can hope to reduce the 13,000-plus majority votes garnered by Wan Azizah in the last elections.


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