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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Khalid Ibrahim's Faustian cheap sale

Cikgu Khalid Ibrahim.( the MB of Selangor)

When I was working in Shell Malaysia, there was this kind of hypocrisy. A particular Malay boss will be harsh and uncompromising on his Malay staff but treated his non Malay staff with kid’s gloves. I have often wondered why?

Then I realised that all this charade was designed to prove to the non Malays that the Malay boss, ever grateful that he has arrived at a certain station normally attainable by non-Malays, can be objective. He claims to be impartial, but he was actually nothing more than a pathetic apologist.

He needs to go the extra mile to assuage the feelings on his non Malay counterparts. Damn the feelings of the Malay staff. What mattered most was that he has made it and now that he has won his place, it is important to proof to the whole world, that despite his ethnic lineage he can be objective.

Then there was this other high ranking Malay executive. He has reached the apex of his career in Shell. He has arrived by being one of them. He has already made the Faustian sale of his soul to the devil. And he made peace with that fact.

But unlike the previous executive, the second chap made no apologies. Didn’t pretend he was religious as he was surely not. He enjoyed life to the fullest but did not enforce his values on others. Into each his own grave, To each his own sins.

He made no distinction between managerial miscreants based on ethnicity. He judged one on his merits. He was a true- VI boy. Hey- do you know how I remember the colours of the rainbow?. When I was in the lower secondary school, there was this headmaster who was a former VI boy. Told us, it was easy- just remember VI Boys Get Your Own Rifle( VIBGYOR)- violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and Red. Old school stuff. Wonder it’s still applicable. That was way back in 1971.

A thousand apologies for the digression.

Where does Khalid Ibrahim stand? Must he prove he can be objective and a truer Malaysian by proposing that UITM open its doors to non Malays? Come brother- sit yourself in my Freudian couch while I examine your dreams….


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