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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 17 September 2021

The Infamy Of Signing The MOA.

1. If by year-end the covid situation and our economy has not improved, the signing of the MOA by PH and the government is an exercise in futility.

2. It's just like the charge of the Light Brigade. It's much thunder but little rain.

3. Some apologists are saying that the signing of the MOA does not entail PH losing its maruah. They are just following the command of the King. The MOA has in fact been likened to the Muslim perjanjian hudaibiyyah.

4. First, likening it to a Muslim truce over 1400 years ago, does not make the MOA any more Islamic and that because it's regarded as Islamic, we are supposed to shut the fuck up?

5. We are not going to keep quiet. Like the poet says, 'berikan aku lidah. Aku mau berkata kata. Bagaikan laut yang menghempas pantai yang merdeka'.

6. Where is Mamu Anwar going? He's not going on a pilgrimage. Mat Sabu or Fahmi or Saifuddin aren't. LGE certainly is not.

7. These people will be sucked into the whirlpool of the government's politics, which is just after its self-preservation.

8. The Ismail Sabri government is putting up proven failed people to handle the covid situation and the economy. Hence, PHs involvement through the MOA, only serves to validate a failed government.

9. That puts PH as an accomplice to a plan to deceive people. PH will become complicit in deceiving the people.

10. What PH should have done is to let the government die its natural death. Let it drown in its own shit. The government negotiators are probably saying- suckers.

11. PH can always give constructive criticisms by being not with the government. And if the government ignores them, then it alone is guilty for making partisan and unilateral policies.

12. PH can become guilty by association. The mud from the buffalo gets splattered to the PH cows.

13. Mamu Anwar is no prophet and the other buggers are not his sahabahs. Each party has its own agenda. You may sleep on the same pillow, but you dream different dreams.

14. PH does not send one Othman Affan to negotiate with the PN2 musyriks. Many went. The negotiators thus cannot speak with one voice.

15. Will there be a cessation of politicking? I doubt it. Will there be a political armistice for 10 years? No sir.

16. Is Mamu Anwar going, with the others, on a holy pilgrimage to the city of kleptopia? To look see?

17. Will those who hopped from BN to PH be allowed to return to the dark force? But those who hopped from PH to the dark force need not be taken back? It will be interesting to see whether the private members bill by Laoda will be passed. Hehe.

18. Let's see whether the reforming ideas of PH can expand into the umno mindset. Can the signing elevate PHs prestige?

19. Will the rakyat enjoy a politicking free environment? This government inherited and now exacerbate kleptocracy. I doubt these Intransigences will tame the opposition.

20. Hence, the less than holy cavorting with the devil, the unprophetic personalities, kleptocracy, the failings of the previous government now perpetuated by the Ismail Sabri government, will not make the rakyat winners. No sir.

21. Therefore, I am less enthusiastic about the MOA than my thongzhi/comrade, Tony Pua. The MOA is so chuckable into the dustbin.

22. Likening the MOA to the Perjanjian Hudaibiah does not make the MOA sacrosanct.

23. The comparison is inappropriate. And why do I get the feeling the usage of religious anecdotes is meant to quell contrarian views?

24. And don't use the excuse of signing of the MOA was the result of 'following the king.' I have said in an article, both in English and Bahasa, there are circumstances where to disagree with the King does not amount to derhaka.

25. Don't elevate the importance of the king more that it should be. We lived under a parliamentary monarchy, not an absolute one.


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