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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 2 September 2021

Losing The Mandate From Heaven.

1. The other issue I want to raise is the right to not heed what the King decreed, not amounting to a treasonous deed.

2. For that, I have to refer you to the primordial agreement between Sang Sapurba and Demang Lebar Daun.

3. The story between the two maybe a myth, but it lays down the principle to which I am about to tell you.

4. The 'Sejarah Melayu' maybe a work of myth, however it is embedded in the Malay psyche since ancient times.

5. What principle am I talking about? It is the right of the people to contradict or otherwise stand in opposition to what the King has commanded if the King reneged on his part of the bargain FIRST.

6. Demang Lebar Daun told the King, Sang Sapurba:- If any of his descendants were to run afoul of the King, he must never be shamed or besmirched or have nasty things said to him. If he has committed a grave wrong, he can be put to death. But the sentence must be in accordance to sharia law.

7. To which the King Agreed.

8. On his part, Sang Sapurba as king, told DLB.thus:- that the descendants of DLB stay loyal to the King till the end of time.

9. To which DLD agreed.

10. But he added the caveat. That if the King varies the terms of the waadat or agreement on his part FIRST, then the rakyat is at liberty to rebel.

11. Two things are of importance here. First, the rakyat has always the last say and is supremer than even the King.

12. Two, the rakyat has the inherent right to rebel. Though, rebel does not necessarily mean armed insurrection or of action of violence import. Suffice that it means passive defiance. To ignore would be ok.

13. Hence, raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah.

14. In Chinese history there is a corollary that says that the king has lost the mandate from heaven which invites the right to rebel.

15. Losing the mandate from heaven is evidenced by things like natural calamity(the COVID pandemic, ) political instability(choosing the wrong PM) and economic implosion.

16. When these things happened, the rakyat has a right to rebel in the form of not heeding the command of the King. And that action does not amount to treason.

17. The King has reneged on his part of the waadat FIRST by not heeding to the wishes of the people. The rakyat has the right to not heed his command. That's 0-0 then.

18. The supremacy of the rakyat will be translated in the vote of confidence in parliament. That supremacy cannot be broken asunder. Not by the King nor by some legal trickery.

19. But it is to the credit of the King that he has commanded a vote of confidence be taken in parliament. That command recognises that HRH is mortal and can be wrong. Also, it recognises that the rakyat is supreme. The king is actually below the rakyat.
The decision has to be affirmed in parliament.

20. So if you acknowledged that the rakyat is supreme and that they speak through parliament, don't stand in the way of a vote of confidence.

21. The vote of confidence must be made ASAP.

22. On which side do you stand? On the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressors? That is the question.


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