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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Najib The Best PM? Debunking The Najib Myth. Part 2/2 .

1. Let me tell you where I am coming from so that you know what shaped my thinking. My great great-grandfather, khatib Amin died in Lebir Kelantan on the run from the fish and chips imperialists. A great great-granduncle khatib Rasu, aka Tok Gajah died in Kuala Berang Trengganu also on the run from the British. While my forebears fought againts the British, Najib's forebears lived out a life as parasitic palace feudal chiefs.

2. That is why I am offended when a great great-grandson of Tok Gajah, Nazri Aziz chose to cavort with Najib a confirmed feudal chief. Although we share the same great great great granfather, Tok Shahrum, we are worlds apart in terms of ideology. He's a right-winger and I, a left-winger. But he is combative and fearless in a certain sense. I'll grant him that.

3. I have an instinctive revulsion for all form of wrongdoings. I measure the greatness of someone in a contrarian way. Thus while Musa Hitam thinks that Najib in the greatest PM since Tunku, I think Najib is an overrated dumb ass.

4. So let me educate Musa Hitam on how to measure greatness. Not that I believe he will read it. I don't give a damn. Suffice if some readers share my beliefs.

5. Can Najib be regarded as great when he was not able to free us from the resource rich curse? We have many natural resources, yet we are importer of petroleum products. We earned a lot of revenue from these resources, but they are not translated into excellent education, good public health and superb Infrastructure. Yet Najib has earned the admiration of the one time kueh seller from Johor?
When Musa was a teenager in JB, he sold kueh as did my uncle the late Zainudin Mohd.

6. Was Najib thinking about the people's welfare more than his own personal gain? I contend that he wasn't. We sell raw water to Singapore on the cheap but buy treated water from the republic. Why weren't our engineers able to treat the water? Was their inability the result of poor education?

7. Petronas is our biggest cash cow. Under Najib did we become the biggest refiner or the biggest oil rig maker? No! Can Pengerang erase the deficit? It's a bridge too far. What happened to our oil rig making facities at Teluk Ramunia? Did Najib pay attention to these? We have oil but we import petroleum products. We wasted the revenue anyway, so why not reverse the exporting strategy and increase the welfare of the people?

8. Did we apply the revenue in good health and educational facilities? Excellent infra facilities? Nein!

9. Under Najib did we have expansive industrialized agriculture? Did we have a sizeable manufacturing capacity other than being a contract manufacturer?

10. Indeed, like many 3rd world leaders Najib was obsessed with the perks and trappings of office.

11. He likes lavish offices, inflated staff and a collection of private jets. And of course a large retinue of sycophants. That's how you measure an inadequate person.

12. The fish rots in the head first. It follows then, a bad leader begets bad people. Not the other way round.

13. The quality of leadership must never be compromised. Leadership provides the direction for where the country is going. Low quality leadership is rudderless and translates itself in low education quality, poor infra, inadequate public health and inflated projects from where low quality leadership skims from.

14. Did Najib have a vision? I believed he had, but it never went beyond his dick and his pockets. He has failed to tranform the country. How is he great then?

15. A visionary leader gathers around him men and women who share his vision of transforming the country and placing the welfare of the people above all else. Najib did none of that.

16. Instead, pants caught in the arse Najib surrounded himself with sycophants and minions. Not only are these morhereffers at crossroads, but they are also looking out for their own interests. To them welfare of the people is just a so forgettable 7-letter word.

17. Hey! Didn't Najib say he prefers personal loyalty above all else. That means if you are stupid but personally loyal to Najib, that is OK. Imagine the impact of stupidity on the country. And surrounding himself with stupids, indicates that Najib in an insecure mothereffer himself.

18. Did Najib eliminate the on off morbid and xenophobic nationalism that typifies umno? No he stokes them to mobilize the umno Malays into a mindless frenzy. He needs the lash out at anyone nationalism to make the Malays run to him.

19. Did Najib remove bumiputraism from the umno lexicon, which is nothing but an elitist concept? No, he needed it to steer umno to his advantage.

20. Giving manifest substance to the special position of Malays means conferring benefits to the already rich and well-connected Malays.

21. I mean do the ordinary Malays understand the share market? Who gets the discount houses? Who sapu the educational facilities? The well-connected and the already rich Malays.

22. Therefore, he needs bumiputraism to heap the advantages to him and his cabal. That's why I say the phrase bumiputera is nuts.

23. Putera is at the front. The puteras of royalty, the aristocrats, the well-connected, the Malay bourgeoisie etc. Bumi is behind. The puteras sapu everything the bumis get the leftovers . Hellillujah! Najib was and is the spokesperson of the Malay bourgeoisie. He stands on the side of the oppressor. We are the oppressed.

24. Did Najib remove the shackling religious bigotry that's engulfing umno? No! Because religiosm permits the oppressor anything but prevents the oppressed everything.

25. For the oppressor class represented by Najib, their version of religion permits corruprion, greed, theft and all sorts of crime. For the oppressed class it's the celestial big brother holding them back.

26. So saying that Najib is the best PM since Tunku in a boisterous and garrulous manner must be a cruel joke. The speaker must have taken in a copious amount of air ketom or smoked marijuana.

27. Now that we have debunked the myth of Najib as the best PM, we turned our attention to the issue who ought to take over the leadership of umno. In particular there was a suggestion by umno's Rottweiler and Najib's attack dog, Nazri Aziz.

28. The war general has suggested that Mat Hassan ought to take over umno in accordance to umno's hierarchical system. He is being technical in this issue.

29. But this is not the time to be technical. The suggestion is not aimed at saving umno nor saving the Malays.

30. Because umno needs a complete overhaul. This means abandoning umno's hierarchical system. Mat Hassan is cut from the same cloth as are Zahid and Najib. Choosing Mat Hassan will only perpetuate the enervating system that is destroying umno.


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