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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 4 April 2021

To Sack Or Not To Sack. That is The Balsy Decision.

1. What is there to be shocked at when the Pagoh Ponorogo succeeded in appeasing umno renegades? He must have used a combination of the carrot and stick.

2. When I was working in Batu Pahat a long time ago the term ponorogo was used derisively. It was used to actually mean the worse of the Javanese community.

3. It was used to refer to a particular group of Javanese who have caught all the dirty habits and will use any means necessary, including unscrupulous means to achieve what they want.

4. It's not used to refer to the Javanese in Malaysia famed for their kuda kepang dance or to a kabupaten in Indonesia.

5. So, applied to Muhyi we know what it means. It means a man who will use all means including dirty and unethical means to get what he wants. And he wants the umno turncoats to remain with him. Of course, he himself is the biggest turncoat.

6. When the turncoats made a beeline to Muhyi the Pagoh ponorogo exploited their weaknesses. It's like shoving a pillow to a sleepy fellow.

7. Blur and thicky Zahid appears not to know what to do. His hesitation allowed Muhyi to say he has succeeded in appeasing the umno turncoats. It has also allowed smart ass KJ to call for umno polls and allowed budu man Anuar Musa to call the same.

8. That only serves to show that Wak Muhyi calls the shots not Zaid. Zaid shows he is a hapless dumbass.

9. Of course KJ and Anuar Musang are hoping by some satanic miracle, rubbed off from backstabber Muhyi, the umno polls will knock of the Bagan Datoh kaki pukul.

10. Thicky Zahid must now make a balsy decision. He must sack the besatu ball lickers. And let that be a lesson to the straggling supporters of the trojan horses. Toe the line or face the sack.

11. Not sacking them is like fanning fire in sawdust. They will engulf Zahid eventually. Finish them once and for all.

12. Once the pro bersatu faction is removed like the pesky pimple it is, it's the duty of people like Tengku Razaleigh to contest the umno presidency.

13. Its like he said. Contest not for the sake of contesting but contesting to correct the wrongs in umno. And listening to the banal speeches in the PAU recently, God knows what wrongs beset umno.


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