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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Zahid Is Not Fit To Lead Umno.

1. Zahid and Anwar share the same strategy. Deny defy and lie.theirs is the same because both are liars. Like the famous line in the movie:fuck the truth.

2. Wanting to cooperate with a political adversary is not a crime. Owning up to the phone conversation is not because Shahidan or Anuar said so.

3. These monkeys have their own ulterior motives. Be aware they are eager to see Zahid be removed. So that their romance with Wak Mahi goes uninterrupted.

4. I don't think the Malaysian public is easily fooled into believing the audio is fake. Maybe only the yahoo PKR boys believe it is. Listening to Anwar we immediately know he is a motheffing liar.

5. Therefore, it begs the question -why is it so difficult for shyster Anwar and thicky Zahid to admit the fucking truth?

6. Because lying even to their flock is second nature to Zahid and Anwar. Because they thought their conversation is private forgetting that big brother is eavesdropping. Like the herder they look out after their flock only to slaughter them later.

7. I don't understand the need to deny if wanting to cooperate with your political adversary and talking over the phone are no crime. Is it a crime if Zahid regards Anwar as his teacher in the art of lying with a straight face? Zahid's only mistake is that he should have learnt the art of lying and appearing stupid from Najib.

8. In fact Zahid can use the phone call issue as political capital. It has exposed the rats in umno. People like Anuar Musa, Shahidan, KJ and some other woodworms that are coming out. This is a chance for Zahid to purge the pro ppbm cluster.

9. It is clear a group in umno wants to weaponise the phone call issue to oust Zahid himself. But maybe he is too dumb to know that.

10. What is a crime is the wire-tapping of the phones. It cannot be done without a court order and can be perhaps traced to the clandestine authorisation of the interior minister.

11. So instead of the police investigating the phone call which is not a crime, they should investigate the covert wire-tapping. Is the government spying on its own citizens?

12. To me the issue of illegal wire-tapping is more serious. In the US when Nixon authorised wire-tapping on the Democrats and later found out, he has to resign. So the person responsible for the ZA- gate must be investigated.
Are Zahid and Anwar tax evaders, leaders of organised crime or pimps running prostitution rings?

13. Be that as it may, the phone call issue has not cleared wimpy Zahid. As to Anwar let the PKR bozos evaluate Mamoo Anwar.

14. There are 2 things here. First he has betrayed the trust of umno delegates. Second by his own admission its easy to manipulate the MKT.

15. By planning to betray the trust of umno delegates and thinking he can manipulate the MKT raises the issue of integrity.

16. He has destroyed TRUST which is the basis of social cohesiveness. It's a crack waiting breakage. Destroying it he has destroyed reciprocity. The umno delegates gave him a bouquet of flowers-wihat did he give in return? He threw shit at them. He has no integrity.

17. Even the MKT cannot trust him. He has told Anwar its easy to control the MKT stooges. They are just bulls with ropes through their nostrils.

18. Certainly he has no vision. His road to victory is through collaboration with an adversarial enemy. Perhaps he sees his own salvation there. The greater betrayal from Mamoo Anwar is yet to come.

19. He has no integrity, cannot be trusted and has no vision. As Tengku Razaleigh said he is not fit to lead umno.

20. But it's not like what loudmouth Nazri Aziz said -replace him with Mat Hassan. The latter is quieter but cut from the same cloth as Zahid. The only person who can reset umno is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.


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