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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 5 April 2021

Taming the Shrew.

1. Mr blur and thicky Zaid has issued a lot of sabre rattling. Like the elected pig he huffs and puffs, yet the brick chimney still stands.

2. Perhaps I must speak to him in Javanese. Then he can understand. Rungokna aku. Ada faham?

3. A professor friend texted me and told me what he thought of Zaid. Weak leadership and low level brain IQ. No wonder Nazri Aziz lambasted Zaid for his unleadership.

4. Is his doctorate a Kopi O doctorate? None of the scholarship seems to rub into him. He doesn't behave scholarly at all but more like a thug.

5. He has loudly proclaimed that the umno mothereffers in Bersatu leave the clandestine regime. And even autorised the distribution of leaflets declaring a particular budu eating umno luminary as a traitor. That's a cowardly act. But we are not going to debate that here.

6. But the idiotic Zaid has not done the most important thing. That is to declare officially that umno is severing ties with bersatu with immediate effect. Do that first.

7. Its already 1 week yet Zaid has not done that. He seems to be quick only at walloping people or doing things of sexual nature.

8. Do it now and do it officially. Then lets see what excuses the umno renegades come out with.

9. Don't give us the bs about staying till August or what not. Might as well stay on until GE. Delays are good only to people like Zahidi who cheated on his qualifications.

10. The only reason explaining Zahid's procrastination is him wanting to parlay something advantageous for him and the court cluster clique with captain Jack Muhyi. Both are pirates anyway.

11. To legitimise and validate everything call for a special AGM of the umno delegates to decide the fate of the umno renegades. They have a stronger legitimacy than the MKT or the useless disciplinary committee.


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