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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 15 April 2021

But Some Stupid With A Flare Gun, Burned The Place To The Ground. Smoke On The Water -Deep Purple.

1. Either his diffidence or hesitancy have emboldened his enemies within the party.

2. This is expected from a dullard trained in the umno 'factory'. He likes to listen to his own voice and sees his image in the mirror.

3. Because of his idiocy and lethargy the following festering irritant has arisen. It's his fault.

4. If the ignoramus that he is, Zahid has not struck at them a mortal blow politically, it could be that Zahid wants to strike deals with Wak Mahi.

5. Its one crook dealing with another. Perhaps he wants the court charges against him and his court cluster colleagues dropped. Well these are charges in rem. Or he wants to be made deputy PM. What do you expect from a catfish mouth megalomaniac like Zahid?

Except When 2 losers combine what can they achieve?

6. You know what people say about a person with a catfish mouth personality. He will eat everything including the shitty material at the bottom.

7. Fortuitously, the Bersatu cluster overestimated their own strength and influence but nevertheless must be dealt with, mercilessly. Unless of course Zahid has a death wish. If that is so, then it's his funeral. Nak buek camno.

8. I don't think the pro bersatu has got much influence. The umno people will rally behind Zahid not because they loved Zahid but simply don't want to work with bersatu.

9. I think sane umno people cannot accept the excesses of the Mahi government. Therefore, it follows that pro ppbm cluster will also not be tolerated. They will be expunged.

Menteri ugama n the geng Naik private jet ke riyard 


10. So the ppbm cluster will fizzle out, but Zahid needs to deliver the coup de grĂ¢ce. Unless he's busy making phonecalls to VVIP Anwar Ibrahim. You know, Anwar the vvip who prefers the back entrance-to avoid the paparazzi.

11. The majority of umno people remain purists. Righ now Zahid is aligned to them and will get their support against the ppbm cluster.

12. Remove the pus from the pesky boil fast and next deal with Zahid. The weapon is in the hands of the delegates. It's not Zahid or a bunch of selt gratifying idiots who determined the future of umno.

13. As long as Zahid remains in umno and as do people of his ilk such as Mat Hasan they shackle umno. It's the duty of umno people to liberate themselves. They have nothing to lose but their chains!

14. I am telling you the future of umno lies in the hands of right-thinking umno members. The objective is to reboot umno. Its salvation lies not by placing umno in the hands of more of the same. So the thinking that Mat Hassan is a natural is erroneous.

15. Habih nak buek camno. Habihkan boreh je.


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