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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Flying On A Private Jet Plane Is Kosher. If Done By Others, Its Called Corruption.



1. 1 have got news for you. I have not finished with the issue.

2. The minister admitted he was sponsored by someone. In other words he has received instant gratification. That's the calibre of cabinet members of the Mahi government.

3. The man of the holy camel dung has dug a bigger hole to hoist his large arse out from. Isn't what he admitted a form of corruption?

4. Or the offer, as a result of his supplication or doa becomes halal? Is eating pork alright because we recite bismillah first?

5. Sprm, haul him. He is under a duty to reveal the party who made the offer. Of course, he is equally guilty of corruption. Or is corruption permitted if done by a holy man but send the ordinary fellow to jail.

6. This is a very subtle example of doing something in the name of God. Thus, for instance Haji Hadi wants to find verses permitting corruption.

7. But we are not dumb to just accept a farcical answer like that. As a response if their actions and behaviours are questioned, blame them on some conspiracies of some anti religion deviants.

8. Know that when we oppose you it's not the religion of God that we oppose, but you. It's typical for the men of God to have an inflated importance of themselves and think they represent God himself.

9. The ex mufti would like his explanation accepted without question. Because his thinking can only prosper under an unquestioned and servile regime. Religiosm, I wouldn't say Islamism can only prosper under a totalitarian regime.

10. This kind of straight jacketed thought can only prosper under a totalitarian rule such as we now find ourselves in the Mahi regime.

11. So it's not our station to ask why the sahibus samahah went to Riyadh on a private plane. It's done for the greatness of Islam. It's also done in the name of religion.

12. In addition, who are we to question the admission of his holiness when he says he was sponsored? Somehow receiving gratification with holy hands, makes the sponsorship halal. If a man on the street were to receive it, expect fire and brimstone. If a holy dick were to penetrate the innocent virgin, say Alhamdulillah.

13. Clearly he's a babe in the woods when it comes to politics. The holy dickhead doesn't even know how to lie. He'd better learn the art of lying from Shahidan Kassim or Tajuddin Rahman. Of course, Najib is the grand master.

14. Just sit back a moment and think what's attacked here in the name of religion.

15. First is the assault on freedom to think. Under the rule of mullahs you have a regime, where you are punished for just thinking in the head. Hence, thinking about the minister flying on a private jet plane is not allowed. You are not allowed to even think critically. That's how Malays are supposed to think:docile manner.

16 . Don't think about the flying. It was done for the good of Islam. Thinking mischievously about it is sacrilegious. Piety, though pompous is beyond mortal thinking.

17. Becoming unthinking dolts is the preffered choice of the Mahi government. Don't think about the country going bankrupt. Don't think about the inflated cabinet. Not about the recent appointment of a China man who lost his deposit in the last GE. This is a cabinet of infamy. Don't think about the farcical Emergency though its laughable that Indonesia, with a much larger population and more COVID-19 cases, didn't declare an Emergency. We Malaysians do not know the meaning of shame.

18. Don't think about the bullying and being treated like digits by the unelected government. Just spread your legs and enjoy the voracious thrusts. It's a divine rape after all.

19. Such fatalistic thinking is compatible only in a totalitarian regime. That's what the Minister of Religious Affairs is subtly inferring to and what the Mahi government expressly intends to do. A Malaysian North Korea.

20. Let this be a warning: Any incoming government-if it doesn't redress the excesses of the blasted Mahi government is criminal! For example put the health minister on trial if he goes ahead with the plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine from China with only 50% efficacy on 60-year-olds. That's a caring government for you.
Whereas, that amounts to murder.

21. That's what you get when thinking is not allowed. When you are punished for just thinking. A government run by imbeciles and its apparatchiks on dullards. A government by dullards for dullards.

22. What's under assault is our ability to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. There is a presumptuous assumption that we ordinary beings, are not able to distinguish between right and wrong unless schooled in religious texts. Hence, our complaints about the flight were dismissed cavalierly by saying the trip was sponsored.

23. To that I would say up yours. We do need spiritual training to say receiving sponsorship is corruption.


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