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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 4 May 2021

The person most fit to lead Malaysia. Part 1.

1. When Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says tongue in cheek, that he has all the qualities to be elected as PM he's not being braggadocios.

2. He's saying it as a matter-of-factly because nowadays, that is the language people understand. Direct language is the language of choice especially when inundated with the convoluted language of Zaid. Zaid, the man with weak leadership and low level brain IQ.

3. But some envious umno people, don't you roll on the floor tearing your hair yes. Especially that asshole from Ketereh, the purveyor of piffle. Read the statement from Ku Li carefully.

4. Ku Li said he has all the qualities to be PM but won't be because (a) his own party, umno does not support him and (b) possibly he is supported by the opposition.

5. These two statements reveal a lot about the political parties. Allow me to expand.

6. I know a thing or two about the umno culture. From 1990 to end December 2011, 1 was with umno. I was an ADUN under umno.

7. From 8th January 2012 to now I am a DAP member. Under DAP I was the MP for Raub from 2013-2018. Therefore, I am qualified to say about the political cultures of both parties.

8. So, not to sound bragging about it, I think I am qualified to talk about the thinking of both parties.

9. What is urgently required of umno is thinking what is good for business. What is good for business is a complete break with dumbing conformity.

10. The first thing to do is to abandon thinking in terms of preserving the hierarchical set up and archaic traditions in umno. If their preservation leads to the destruction of umno. Its adapt or perish.

11. Its so objectionable the suggestion by umnos Rottweiler, oberleutenant Nazri Aziz to just pass the leadership of umno to another reactioner, Mat Hassan.

12. That chap is cut from the same cloth as plunderer Najib and clueless Zahid, that choosing him will only serve to perpetuate the leadership of despotic leaders beginning with the scheming Tun Razak, Mamu Mahathir, thieving Najib and blur Zahid.

13. The same antiquated idea is echoed by an imbecilic umno youth leader from Kelantan. This is worrying coming from the younger generation. It shows the rot of umno has gone to the core. And the upper echelons have not bothered to correct the anomaly.

14. This shows that the indoctrination by umnos cobra mafia has gone on for so long unarrested. It has resulted in the umno brethren to move in lock-step towards destruction and umnos eventual demise.

15. I tell you dear umno brothers, that the way to save umno is the removal of the umno cobra mafia. Don't be sentimental about them. Nothing personal its just business. The replacement of one set of leadership is not like going to a dinner party or doing embroidery or eating mee abu or pasembor in Pulau Pining. It cannot be so refined and orderly. It must be violent by nature.

16. In order to stay relevant umno must get rid of the evil trinity of race, religion and royalty. Its racism is based on irrational paranoia. Its religion is used to hold people back. Umnos defence of the royalty aside from mobilising unquestioning loyalty, is to masquerade the intention of umnos cobra mafia wanting to be the new royalty. Weren't it some cobra mafia suggesting tying up the Malay royalty and letting swarming weaver ants stinging them?

17. We come now to the question of who is most fit to lead umno and save the country? It is obvious that the person most fit must have the vision, resolve, personal discipline and wherewithal to manage the country. These are more important qualities than having charisma and being well known.

18. Musa hitam for instance, thinks that the person most fit to lead Malaysia is Anwar Ibrahim. Because he has charisma and is well known. The thinking is so 1960ish and 1970ish. Although well known can now arguably be replaced with notoriety.

19. Now, Tun Musa Hitam is my friend and is a fan of my blog. But I won't use kids gloves in dealing with his erroneous ideas. I will use bare knukcles. If after this he ceases to be both, its no skin off my nose. Like James Carville said it's the economy stupid! And I will add its good governance dumbkoff!

20. Of course, it's not a sin for Anwar to have an ambition to be PM, but it is equally not a sin if people refuse to acquiesce in that ambition.

21. In part 2 I will outline the qualities of the person most fit to lead Malaysia. And say who is in my mind.


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