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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 10 May 2021

The Man Most Fit To Lead Umno And The Country.

1. One advice Machiavelli gave to nice people "learn from the tyrants". That is not to become tyrants but to learn their methods. For the sad truth in politics is, bad people end up first while nice people end up last. The choice is yours:want your 5-minute fame or want to last as long as you want.

2. That's what happened to Mr nice guy Tengku Razaleigh. Unaccustomed to rough methods and being too refined, he's fodder to stupid umno people- the rough and tumble village people.

3. Hence, the one time number 1 person at the World Bank, the underpaid chairman of petronas, Pernas, Bbmb, the country's economic czar is sidelined. Instead, the umno Malays idolise and celebrate the cobra mafia, the clique of mediocre people. The grade 'c' eggs

4. By the twisted logic of the malleable umno hoi poloi, the nice people are brushed aside and the umno cobra mafia is elevated to prominence. The people like the grinning 'ow' minister, the going nowhere KJ, Anuar Musa, Tajuddin, blur Zahid et al.

5. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.

6. In more modern language, its like what Michael Porter says. If you demand mediocrity you get mediocrity. If you demand excellence you structure what you desire accordingly. Under the present circumstances, it seems the umno hoi poloi has a death wish:- wanting to see umno implode under the leadership of the cobra mafia which is at once toxic and venomous.

7. Therefore, if the umno majority thinks rationaly and business like, wanting to save umno and lead the country-theres only one person most fit to lead umno. And that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

8. I am not coy in naming Tengku Razaleigh as the person most fit. He has charisma, well known and can transform the country. He has the vision, resolve and drive to put things right. The others are just making politically right and populist noises. Plus there is a certain fellow offering us nothing but demagoguery. Which takes us nowhere.

9. Mind you, I am not talking as a dyed in the wool umno member but as a DAP man. And I can confidently tell you the chief difference between the two parties.

10. The chief difference as I see it is, that while DAP celebrates excellence, umno celebrates mediocrity. That's why the loudmouths and drum beaters are given prominence in umno. My own thinking may not be shared by the DAP denizens, but in the name of excellence I have no hesitation in naming Tengku Razaleigh as the best of the crop.

11. Beside having all the required qualities, Tengku Razaleigh is royalty himself. He is old enough to tell off wayward royals what Constitutional Monarchy means.

12. The undisputed reality is that umno is a mass based party. This fact seems to be forgotten by the cobra mafia. The person best able to interpret the needs of Malays and Malaysians is the most fit to lead Malaysia. And I believed the person most able is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He is one of us with no pretensions. Why do I get the impression that someone who says the Chinese, Indians, the ibans etc are his children is just faking it?

13. Because it's a mass based party it requires a person with the vision, drive, discipline and above all places the welfare of the people above all.

14. When he created bonded areas for car importers and only after cabinet insistence, that he took a remuneration of RM4000 as petronas charman-these showed he places the common good above all else. And he is a selfless person. When he was willing to talk about oil royalty for Kelantan that shows he is motivated by a strong sense of fair play. When he was willing to resign after losing the umno elections, that shows he is a man of principles.

15. Can we expect that from Mr Anus of ketereh, Mr Ontop of sembrong, Mr Herpes of rembau Mrs tightfit and Mrs klitoris, and Mr Aimedik from bera? Meanwhile, Mr Arsebandit is waiting in the wings fueling his ambitions.

16. Doesn't the umno hoi poloi feel guilty about ditching a good man? Isn't saving umno the top priority? Didn't Mr Maiprrik from Bagan Datoh says that a good seed thrown into the wide ocean becomes an island?

17. Umnos forgetfulness in this aspect can only be explained by the intense indoctrination and brainwashing by the umno cobra mafia. So as the late poet 'komrad' Kassim Ahmad says-for so long we die because of loyalty, now we live in rebellion.

18. Umno needs a person with stout courage to do two things. One is to put umno on its right footing and two, to clean up the government machinery. Of all the qualities demanded of a leader, courage says Winston Churchill is the most important.

19. Umno is a mass based party, in essence a revolutionary party, parti orang kampung says Musa Hitam-Tengku Razaleigh must give meaning to the term

20. Giving meaning to the term must mean to correctly interpret and give direction to the will of the people.

21. It's impossible to think that the people are so forgiving and do not seek some redress. The transition of one government to the next cannot be so orderly and smooth. All the leaders of the outgoing government must be brought into account. There's no democracy without accountability.

22. It seems to me that it's insufficient for Tengku Razaleigh to use household cleaning detergent but also needs industrial detergent to clean up the government. He has to clean up the civil service, the judiciary, the police, the GLCs etc. Previous PMs and the prima donnas mentioned in 15,.are only content to continue the pillage and plunder. None have the courage.

23. Tengku Razaleigh is not perfect but he has the courage, none of the failings of previous PMs and none of the character flaws of the clowns mentioned in para 15.

24. Finally, let me answer one off-putting question. What can one person like ku li do?

25. First he will surround himself with people who share his vision. Two, if you think one person cannot make a difference-think of what one rouge Najib does to our country. Think also of what one inept Mahiadin does to our beloved nation? Therefore, one person like Ku Li and people who share his vision can make a difference.

26. So my dear umno brothers and sisters, please think rationally who is most fit to lead umno and the country. Without a doubt that person is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

27. In part 3 I will try to outline what ails umno. Its up to you to accept my analysis.


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