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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 24 May 2021

What Ails Umno? Saving Umno. Part 2

1. When I wrote several articles about umno, a friend texted me to say:- Brother don't bother about umno,let it be self extinct. Those were his words which I quoted verbatim.

2. I wrote those articles because I felt that an analysis of the umno conundrum requires a detached and an objective thinking.

3. Having been an adun and an mp, Umno and DAP, I feel a little qualified to present my thoughts on the subject. Forgive the titles dropping.

4. Hence, my debatable thoughts on the subject can be contrasted with some submissive articles written by some journalists hiding behind a big name social media organisation.

5. That way, readers can make an informed judgment on the umno debacle. To accept my frank opinion or to give credit to that unthinking journalist. I can live with my own limitations.

6. Recent events have fortified my belief that it requires a radical and an out-of-the-box thinking to avoid umno from reaching the end it wishes to avoid-destruction and demise.

7. An atrophied thinking and an inclination for business as usual attitude will likely lead umno to self-destruct and meet its demise. It will end that way, all because of the umno majority refusing to adopt a radical thinking.

8. That refusal to think outside the box, reflects in general, the umno majority's laziness to think and their fixation to mediocrity. Those are the hallmarks of the umno hoi poloi. Nak buek camno.

9. One manifestation of the want a 'business as usual' regime, the group mental rigor mortis and a don't rock the boat attitude, to retain an obsolete arrangement is the persistent and stubborn wish to let the leadership of umno go to ayam den lapih man, Mat Hassan.

10. Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the man. He seems a nice fellow, saner than most others. As usual umno people puts a premium on conserving an obsolete tradition and always value aesthetics over substance. Plus they get mesmerised over his minang ascent. Apa kono eh jang?

11. What umno needs now is a leadership that can deliver, not a nice fellow. If you want that, go to the mosque or musalla. Even that is no guarantee. You may get groped or even worse -sodomised by the holy dick. Bless you my child!

12. My contention, is that this joker in the pack is cut from the same cloth as the previous reactionary umno leaders. He will likely continue the same unchecked rule.

13. The mangkuk is just the same wine in a new bottle. His enforced silence may be a sign of dimwittedness and we may rue the consequences in choosing the biso bona man.

14. I was horrified to hear an umno senior leader say in effect he and his colleages are indispensable. This innocent statement has got many ramifications.

15. First of all fool, no one is indispensable. Any umno fellow with above average intelligence can do their work as good as them or better. It's their conceit that undo them.

16. Its both disingenuous and duplicitous to say that because you are appointed a minister, you have a duty to do your job. For the umno renegades, that duty cannot override the duty owed to the umno people. That excuse is just akin to trying to erect a wet thread.

17. The umno people have spoken: sever all ties with PN. Translated, it means the umno renegades must leave Muhyi's government. No ifs and buts. Why be part of an illegitimate government and continue issuing inane and illegitimate policies?

18. If the umno traitors/shitheads continue to defy, deny and lie to the umno body politic, it is due to their general hubris and high class mentality. Then the umno people need to exercise their call-out culture-ostracise them like you do to lepers.

19. Bringing these mothereffers to their senses is nothing new to the umno people. They are so used in bringing down clever people to their own level of common stupidity. So why not bring these undemocratic blokes to their own level of pedestrian democracy? What ever that means because to umno people,.democracy can mean anything at the spur of the moment.

20. In part 3 we shall ask like Lenin did, what is to be done.


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