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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 31 July 2013

The Boris Yeltsin to Najib's Glasnost

Readers may be interested to read an abridged version of an interview I had with The Malaysian Insider, here. I spoke freely about a number of issues. One of these includes the future of Malays and what Mahathir is doing to imperil the social structure in Malaysia by distorting the issues.
If I may expand. Najib will fail in his glasnost style of politics because he hasn’t got the ground troops in the support power structures. He has the institutions, the means which are given legislative muscle- but the people to implement his ideas are not there. His world is full of tenured sycophants. Tenured in the sense that as far as these people get bits and pieces of economic and business entitlements- they sing like canary of Najib. In order to make his ideas taking root, he needs the manpower with enough zeal, dedication, honesty and commitment to carry out the ideas. Sadly, he has a modicum of talent and even then, the talented ones like KJ, Nurjazlan are viewed with suspicion and envy. Najib has got two chances- slim and none.
Look at what happened to Gorbachev. Najib has old man Boris Yeltsin in the form of Dr Mahathir hovering around him. Old man Boris would very much like to put a Putin with enough aggression to control the politics. He is cultivating several- Muhyidin, Shafie Apdal, and eventually the son. Yes, Mukhriz is now been trained to take over.
The UMNO ground stands in opposition to Najib. What he has is, perception that is media created mostly that his policies are working. The UMNO ground isn’t buying his Glasnost style. They want assertiveness and power talk. This is where, the man who can walk on water- Dr Mahathir comes in.
What Dr Mahathir has done is to set the tone and the theme for the coming UMNO elections. His message: - In order to check and balance the emergence of an assertive Chinese community, the next batch of UMNO leaders must be the most Malay of Malays. They must be aggressive, strident and bellicose. In other words UMNO must be ultra-Malay and its leaders ultra-Malay leaders. Mahathir wants the perkasafication of UMNO which he sees as being emasculated under the weak leadership of Najib. Only Najib hasn’t seen this or if he knows about it, he has no capacity to counter Mahathir.
It’s vintage Mahathir laying down the terms of UMNO leadership. It’s actually and endorsement for those who can represent the truer Malay. If Muhyidin is too thick to catch Mahathir’s drift, it will be his loss.
The Mahathir-type UMNO leader immediately rules out PM Najib. For Najib is now seen to be too compromising. His 1Malaysia concept is subject to widespread ridicule overshadowed only by overwhelming routinized propaganda. His actions of spending and spending are regarded as useless by Mahathir. Incidentally, Najib’s spendthrift way reconfirms what I have been saying about Najib- that the only way he knows to sort our problems is the way he has always used in holding the Pekan people mentally captive- pay his way through. Najib’s solution in securing loyalty and support is by way of Pekanization of the Malay mind. Pekan-ization has now entered into UMNO’s political lexicon.
 Najib is seen to be giving in to demands from the Indian and Chinese communities. The fact that MCA is no longer part of the administration is not relevant because Najib believes his benevolence transcends MCA. With or without MCA, Najib believes he can serve Chinese interests simply by a politics of accommodation. MIC appears to have placed their fish trap in a strategic passage. It has gained at MCA’s folly and expense.  It has more Indian reps in the administration than in all previous governments.
Whether the Chinese want to share or go on their own is not the issue. The more pertinent issue is whether UMNO has leaders with sufficient assertiveness and fortitude to withstand the Chinese onslaught. They must come in to rescue UMNO. It is the UMNO Malay imperative to replace Najib now. For all Mahathir cares, a resurgent UMNO can work with DAP as long as UMNO is accepted as elder brother. But a stronger UMNO must emerge first and a stronger one does not need a Najib.
Dr Mahathir has written an article. It was titled The Chinese Dilemma. The Chinese it seems must decide whether to seize political power now that it has economic power. Dr Mahathir is also saying the Chinese are wrong in supporting DAP because unlike MCA, DAP does not want to share power.
The comparison is hardly correct. MCA does not share- it takes what it is allowed to chew. MCA is UMNO’s Pekingese loyal to UMNO and subservient.
MCA is a good boy because it is willing to share power by being the subordinate partner. Dr Mahathir ignores the fact that in Penang, the DAP shares power with its PR partners and in Selangor shares power with PKR and PAS. In Penang it shares power much in the same way as UMNO shares power in UMNO dominated states. And in Selangor DAP shares power much in the same way, MCA or Gerakan shares power in UMNO dominated states. The difference is, the power sharing is done on the basis of first among equals. With UMNO, the power sharing basis is a master-servant structure.
That is the real cause for the rejection of MCA. The Chinese by and large see MCA as an ineffective instrument to represent Chinese needs.
DAP cannot rule Malaysia without partnering up and know this; without having Malay leaders in the forefront. And ruling Malaysia as in doing it alone is not on its radar screen. The DAP’s attractiveness lies in the cause it champions- things that are dear to Chinese within the given Malaysian social environment; a good government, good governance, fair deal for Chinese etc. as for the rest, the Malays can have it except the Malays are now sophisticated enough in their thinking to value matters like good government, reduced corruption, absence of abuse of power, reject nepotism and cronyism-led economy etc.
That kind of Malay government can be accepted by all including DAP.


Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 12:08  

Stop trying to sell DAP tomthe malays. no way orang melayu akan sokong DAP. sejarah telah buktikan DAP adalah parti rasis dan hanya ikut keluarga LIm.

Jadi jangan lah memandai mandai nak ajak orang melayu ikut kamu yang bodoh masuk DAP. Sorry ya, orang melayu tak akan masuk dan sokong DAP!!!! paham tak, bahalol!!!!

OneMalaysian,  31 July 2013 at 12:35  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Najib has got two chances- slim and none.”

You have a wicked sense of humour. I chortled when I read that.

In October UMNO will reach a junction: jettison Najib in favour of a Malay extremist, or keep him. That decision will affect the rest of Malaysia immensely. Najib is a bit weak, but replacing him with a Malay ultra can only set this country back.

The economic challenges facing us in our aim to reach advanced nation status by 2020 are already immense. The kind of racial politics now being promoted by Mahathir will only hinder not help.

At the heart of UMNO politics today is the reassertion of Malay power, as Mahathir sees and advocates it. What is this? Don’t Malays already have their hands on all the levers of power in every institution of government at the Federal level? Only is 3 states is state power in Pakatan’s hands. And as you have pointed out all 3 component parties share power as "first amongst equals". Is this not good? Neither in Selangor nor in Penang has a Malay MB or Chinese CM used his position to suppress the interest of the other races. This is the practice of true multiracial politics, not the Ketuanan Melayu type that UMNO advocates. This is 1Malaysia politics as Najib talks about but doesn’t do.

The Chinese do not have political power as Mahathir asserts. Whatever power they have is exercised through Pakatan, and is therefore circumscribed by the power-sharing arrangements within PR. The Chinese support PR not as a challenge to the Malays, but because they want a better government that is clean and accountable and fair. Is this too much to expect? Let’s not forget that there are far more Malays in PR than there are Chinese. So the Chinese are merely working with Malays who are not UMNO Malays. But of course this offenses Mahathir because he believes that only UMNO Malays should rule, and no other Malays can.

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 12:52  

Anonymous 12:08
Di bulan ramadhan ni jagalah bahasa agar puasa anda tak jadi siasia

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 13:30  

Anonymous 12:08
Aku melayu and aku sokong perjuagan DAP..jahanam pemimpin UMNO rasuah..apa yang kau bangga dengan pemimpin melayu rasuah..atau kau sendiripun penuh taik rasuah..podah memalukan. Nama aja melayu islam tapi rasuah,kafir pun ada malu.

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 14:01  

Jadi orang Melayu selalu kena ikut UMNO ? Parti UMNO sekarang bukan parti macam dulu. Cuba kaji dengan teliti. There must be a new set of Malay leaders who are honest dedicated and struggle for the country together with other non Malay leaders be they in DAP or other parties. If there more Malay leaders in DAP like Dato and the MP for Bukit Bendera who is the son of one of the founders of UMNO, the party will become more acceptable to the Malays than it is now. Without changes from top to bottom UMNO will become a dying party- sad as it has made great contributions to the country in general and the Malays in particular.

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 14:11  

Dato Sak,
Kudos for a fine article that can only be written by an enlightened mind that mirrors the quality of God.
The Chinese, 100% of them are aware they would never hold the rein of power of the nation nor harbours such ambitions.
They are happy to be ruled by fair-minded, intelligent and kind Malay leaders who are aplenty in PR- Dato Sak, Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, Husam, Dr Zul, Zairil, the two Khalids( excluding the PDRM one) and many others.
In Umno, they is a dearth of good and quality leaders apart from Khairy and Saifuddin. The rest are either imbeciles, racist, bigots or sheer opportunists.
Malaysia, sadly is regressing in all spheres be they educational, economical , religious or sports. It is merely due to poor leadership , wrong decisions, wastages and widespread corruption- rubbish in, rubbish out.
The day when the petroleum wells dry up will mark the demise of this country if no proactive steps are taken to remedy this sad state of affairs.
By then, it is to late to realise that racial profiling, religious tauntings and promotion of mediocrity will not bring food to the table. Only peaceful co- existence and sheer hard work and fair sense of justice will pull the nation out of the doldrums.
Otherwise, the downward spiral to doom will continue unabated and hasten if the current DPM takes over.

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 15:29  

You have painted a rather bleak scenario for the future for Malaysia as a multiracial/cultural nation for as long as UMNO is in power. Maybe you can elaborate a bit on PR's plan?

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 15:41  

Sapa sapa yang nak jual bangsa pada DAPork, silakan tapi pantang melayu menyerah kalah. Tunggu lah 5 tahun lagi. Sorry lah sementara tu pengkhianat melayu yang nak masuk DAP, silakan....

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 15:52  

Anon said...
Anonymous 13:30
Aku melayu and aku sokong perjuagan U
mno....jahanam pemimpin DAP rasuah...apa yang kau bangga dengan pemimpin Cina rasuah..atau kau sendiripun penuh taik rasuah..podah memalukan. Nama aja melayu islam tapi rasuah,kafir memang pun tak ada malu.Tapi aku rasa kau bukan melayu dan islam kau ni spesies kafir aku gerenti.

Tiger 31 July 2013 at 17:08  

M is crazy.
We Chinese want 2 things, and NOT POLITICAL POWER.
Freedom to do our business without having to have Ali as partners.
And most important of all, a really good education system, which can only be found in vernacular schools.
Fix these 2, and you can be assured Chinese will be happy.

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 19:26  

"It’s vintage Mahathir laying down the terms of UMNO leadership. It’s actually and endorsement for those who can represent the truer Malay. If Muhyidin is too thick to catch Mahathir’s drift, it will be his loss."
Right on que,you can't make this up, Muhy just wacked the Malay girl with dogs while insinuating the nons being disrespectful. as if the nation is not kelam kabut enough. the education issue being clouded by politics and race and religion. i just heard from my wife that there are groups of people who can't afford private schools setting up home schooling.

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 21:42  

Datuk Sak

It's important to point out that
DAP is a member party of the
Socialist International
(which consists of
Social Democratic and Labour parties such as the British Labour Party, Australian Labour Party, German SPD, French Socialist Party, Swedish Social Democratic Party etc).


Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  31 July 2013 at 22:55  

Dato Arif,
It seems that you still care about UMNO , looking at all your essays , nothing else but about Najib , UMNO, BN. Is DAP such a lifeless and souless institution that you have nothing to write about ( or is just a petfect party devoid of the need for critiscm?)

Cahaya Qalbu,  31 July 2013 at 23:49  


Tindakan sesetengah pihak mengapi-apikan isu perkauman kebelakangan ini adalah suatu perbuatan jahiliyyah yang sebenarnya diharamkan syarak. Ia boleh mengundang kemusnahan masyarakat dan negara terutama di negara pelbagai bangsa seperti Malaysia. Ia juga akan menimbulkan pelbagai sangkaan dan penilaian yang mungkin tidak berasaskan fakta yang benar, mengakibatkan ketegangan dan pergaduhan yang tidak berasaskan prinsip kebenaran, sebaliknya atas prejudis perkauman.

Antara perkara yang amat ditentang keras oleh Nabi Muhammad s.a.w ialah sikap ektremis/fanatik perkauman ataupun ‘asabiyyah yang menilai kebaikan dan keburukan hanya berdasarkan bangsa bukannya atas prinsip kebenaran dan keadilan. Islam adalah agama yang merentasi kaum dan sempadan geografi. Keadilannya Islam itu melebar, menjangkau perbezaan pemikiran dan agama.

Tiada siapa yang mampu menentukan bangsanya sendiri sebelum dia lahir samada menjadi Arab, Melayu, Cina, India atau yang lain. Ia adalah ketentuan Allah, bukan atas usaha atau kejayaan seseorang. Maka hakikat ini mestilah difahami supaya kita tidak menyalahkan atau menghina seseorang atas sebab bangsa atau keturunannya kerana itu bukan pilihan atau kesalahannya. Sebaliknya kita harus menilai seseorang berdasarkan perbuatan dan akhlaknya. Inilah sikap yang adil.

Kesalahan seseorang tidak boleh dibebankan atas orang lain yang sebangsa dengannya yang tidak terlibat dengan kesalahan itu. Allah menjelaskan prinsip ini dalam al-Quran: (maksudnya) “dan seseorang yang boleh memikul, tidak akan memikul dosa perbuatan orang lain. dan tiadalah Kami (Allah) mengazabkan sesiapapun sebelum Kami mengutuskan seorang rasul (untuk menerangkan yang benar dan yang salah). (Surah al-Isra, ayat 15).

Maka, setiap perjuangan yang ingin ditegakkan,hendaklah dinilai berdasarkan akhlaknya, bukannya keturunan atau bangsanya. Keadilan dalam Islam tidak mengenal warna, bangsa dan agama. Ianya adalah keadilan untuk semua.

Sabda Nabi s.a.w: “Wahai manusia! Sesungguhnya tuhan kamu sama, bapa kamu sama (Adam). Ketahuilah! Tiada kelebihan orang Arab ke atas ‘ajam (yang bukan Arab), atau ‘ajam ke atas Arab, atau yang berkulit merah ke atas yang berkulit hitam, atau yang berkulit hitam ke atas yang berkulit merah melainkan ketakwaan” (Riwayat Ahmad dan al-Baihaqi, dinilai hasan oleh al-Albani). Jika hal ini tidak diteliti, perkauman atau “racism” akan berlaku. Akan ada pihak yang teraniaya hanya kerana keturunannya walaupun ianya tidak bersalah.

Diskriminasi seperti ini pernah berlaku di Amerika, sehingga Martin Luther King dalam pidatonya yang terkenal “I have a dream” menyebut: “I have a dream that my four little children one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Cahaya Qalbu,  31 July 2013 at 23:49  


Tujuan Allah mencipta pelbagai puak dan bangsa; agar mereka saling kenal mengenali antara satu sama lain. Firman Allah: (maksudnya) (maksudnya): Wahai manusia! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan bersuku puak, supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan. Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang paling bertaqwa di antara kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha mendalam pengetahuanNya. (Surah al-Hujurat: 13).

Jika dihalusi ayat diatas, Allah memanggil “Wahai manusia”. Panggilan yang sangat adil merangkumi setiap bangsa dan puak. Bukan panggilan perkauman atau fanatik keturunan. Kata Sayyid Qutb dalam menafsirkan ayat ini: “Penciptaan manusia berbagai bangsa dan suku puak bukan untuk berperang dan bergaduh, tetapi untuk berkenalan dan bermuwafakat. Perbezaan bahasa, warna kulit, tabiat, perangai, kelebihan dan kemampuan adalah kepelbagaian yang bukan bertujuan untuk perbalahan dan perkelahian. Sebaliknya, untuk bantu membantu dalam menunai tanggungjawab dan keperluan.

Tiada dalam timbangan Allah; warna kulit, bangsa, bahasa dan negara. Sebaliknya, hanya satu timbangan yang menentukan nilai dan kelebihan manusia, iaitu “Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang paling bertaqwa di antara kamu”. (Fi Zilal al-Quran 6/3348. Cairo: Dar al-Syuruq).

Maka, di larang bagi seorang Muslim meniupkan api perkauman yang menzalimi pihak yang tidak bersalah hanya kerana warna kulit ataupun keturunannya. Sebaliknya wajib pula kita mempamirkan keindahan kesejagatan Islam (the universality of Islam) kepada semua pihak supaya keindahan Islam dapat diterima oleh manusia.


Anonymous,  1 August 2013 at 00:49  

DAP parti racist? Jual DAP kepada Melayu? Planet mana kamu dilahirkan?

tokio_rain,  1 August 2013 at 01:19  

Anon 31 July 2013 12:08,
Sakit ya bila baca tulisan Sakmongkol. Puasa tak ni? Hehehe.

Anonymous,  1 August 2013 at 02:42  

YB you said "The DAP’s attractiveness lies in the cause it champions- things that are dear to Chinese within the given Malaysian social environment; a good government, good governance, far deal for Chinese etc"

This is what is written in DAP policy satement,
On nation-building
Abolition of the division of "bumiputra" and "non-bumiputra" and the implementation of ethnic equality.

Shoul we marry what the chinese want and what DAP want in its policy statement, i dont see malay would start queing to join DAP based on DAP you claim can take care of kepentingan Melayu.

walla 1 August 2013 at 06:42  

A country evolves like a family unit.

In the beginning, the patriarch leads the way. In the middle, the members establish their own norms and needs and start their own family units. In the end, the matriarch reminds one and all about the original values that have held together the DNA of that particular family unit.

What has happened in the evolution of our country is the fracture of those original values.

We are now at that stage where family members want to re-establish the original values of our common family unit. Because they realize those are good cohesive things which should be re-practiced in their own family units. They value the principles of values.

How did they come to realize so? It is because they are tired of the political ploys that cause racial polarization and religious politicization.

And really they are more than dismayed by a bullying government run by a political party that is on auto-pilot to block the intrinsic moves of all family members towards the original values of their common family.

Why is this happening? It is happening because that party wants to save itself first and foremost.

Why does it do it? It does so because it is desperate to make sure the rakyat don't connect the dots on the real implication of the last general elections, namely it is really the Opposition which won the minds and hearts of the rakyat while the incumbent only wrested a trophy but no accolades.

And why did the rakyat think so? It is because they want back the original values of goodwill between brothers so that a progressive and politically peaceful nation can be created that is administrated by a clean, fair, trustworthy and efficient government.

But what is happening now? Ignoring its own 1Malaysia theme, the present federal government is pitching family members against one another and fomenting zealousy and acrimony. It is sacrificing the nation because it wants to retain its form of government without those virtues.

But it is only deluded in thinking it is succeeding. It is only vainly trying to defend the indefensible against the tide of positive sentiment emanating from the common heart of all concerned citizens.

Because the last general elections reflect that those of the rakyat who are enlightened want out of its scam.

They have woken up to the old tactics and tricks recycled year after year by a political party good only for messing up this country and wasting increasingly scarce resources for the personal benefit of certain privileged members until funds have run out.

Otherwise why would Petronas, for instance, suddenly delay its Johor project to 2018?

Umno today is like the class monitor who wants to look good but is late so he blames the entire class for being early.

This is not the Umno one remembers.

The root of Umno today is just a very sick soul of a doctor of a house. Like some of the others, that doctor was adopted into the family. He was welcomed because others saw in him potential for good. But his own DNA was twisted. He concluded for himself that he was superior to the others. So he started his own campaign to split the family and foment internal strife. He calculated that if he makes a lot of noise, others will think he is right and look in the direction he points.

Only those who don't want to think, or who only share his psychological genotype will be quick to follow him. Others know best all the old tricks from the grave knaves of this tired world.

walla 1 August 2013 at 06:43  


Now the flavour of the month that he is dishing out in dollops is to allude that racial polarization has increased, and then divert attention to the DAP as its cause.

But what is he suggesting here? Is he suggesting that if the DAP disappears today, racial polarization will also disappear immediately?

He of all people should be the first to remember that racial polarization had peaked when he was helming the government for it was his loaded policies which caused injustice onto the minorities whose natural growth had generated progressive norms and needs which were deliberately neglected by a government which was supposed to work for all as provided for by a federal constitution upon which this nation and family unit was constructed.

He of all people should realize that the DAP only had a nominal existence during that time when racial polarization was running with a high fever in the ziggurat of his government.

So how can the DAP be the cause of racial polarization that he ascribed to them?

In doing so, is he suggesting the Malays who had supported the DAP as part of Pakatan in the last general elections are racists?

Those Malays include many from the general membership of Umno who are tired of the scoundrels and their shenanigans within the Umno leadership.

He also talks about the kongsi formula in Barisan. If this formula that he talks about has really worked, why did Barisan lose the popular vote in Peninsular Malaysia? After all, here is where Barisan started and ran for over fifty years.

The rakyat can be excused that in using the word kongsi or power sharing, he had missed out something. What he really meant was kongsi amongst cronies. The principles of good and clean government were not kongsi-ed. In fact they were banished.

Otherwise how does one explain why millions would wake up one Sunday morning and queue for hours in sun and rain just to vote out Barisan if its component members had really kongsi-ed to do a fine job with the power that was shared by such a generous Umno-run government?


And if he says his kongsi formula is what holds this polyglot society together, please explain why admissions quota to public universities run on taxes paid by the minorities are now even more skewed until straight scores scholars are rejected outright.

While at it, please explain why the sedition act can be suggested against those who are merely highlighting how unhealthy and unfair it is to put young students to eat in washrooms.

Shall we add more, or is enough enough?

This doctor of the house is trying to bring the house down. He is trying to pit family members against one another.

He is merely delivering a grave disservice to the race he purports to defend by using his trademark brand of political racialism which many amongst them have already concluded is just a bad anachronism (anal-cronyism?) of his own making.

He is merely defending the economic turf of his elite group of hangers-on at the expense of the thousands of Malay family units who have been left without real means otherwise why the need for Br1M?

If the political landscape he wants is returned, it will be back to his ways of authoritarian corruption. Not a single Malay government civil servant today can forget that hallmark of his bypass administration.

walla 1 August 2013 at 06:43  


And if that happens, as is reflected in what a coat-tail hanging Najib has been doing after his mould, where would there be enough funds to help lift up the poor, needy and marginalized, whether these be our Malays or the minorities who share the same plight?

And he blames the DAP and Pakatan members who only want a clean and fair government that the rakyat can trust with their tax funds to run projects efficiently with kickback costs benefiting the clueless and unqualified whose only contribution is that they speak the mahathirean lingo.


That is also why one is somewhat puzzled how his cybertroopers these days can still have the gumption and daring to ask for three hundred and fifty juta ringgit so that they can at best say:

- why not go to the DAP for your needs when they darn well know that unless and until Pakatan has federal resources, bad things will continue to be done by a Barisan which is just a mahathirean Umno in all but name, in which case

- might remains right? how about it then when these so-called professionals make a personal pitch for a tender upon which their business lifeline depends and the tenderer shoots back - might is right so we decide who we want to give to which shall be our own friends, bolih-ke?

Then what? Do a self-neuro emasculation?

And that is the problem with people who want to support the unsupportable. Irrationality disguised as swank.

How can any family unit survive let alone cohere if one member is irrational and unfair? Didn't all come from the same womb of the same land?

Those brave enough to answer that question candidly and honestly will conclude race-based politics is just bad for health. One would have thought doctors would have practiced good health too.

Right, Muhyiddin and Najib?

walla 1 August 2013 at 06:56  


...without kickback costs...

ma'af zahir batin.

Anonymous,  1 August 2013 at 10:30  



Anonymous,  1 August 2013 at 18:50  

Walla ,

No country runs like a family unit. The only thing that sounded like a family unit is the political party with mum, dad, son, daughters and inlaw all hanging in there and never let go of the power. Does that sound like UMNO or PR kind of party?

Pls get the facts right, the more we read your piece, we dont see any solution being offered other that pointing of what went wrong with UMNO The people have voted in some PR MPs and form state governments. You would do more service to the people on telling what wonderful job have PR been doing since forming government. Just let the UMNO people undo the UMNO ills.

Unknown 1 August 2013 at 19:25  


1 SYAWAL, 1434
(8 Ogos, 2013)

Quiet Despair,  2 August 2013 at 00:01  

I will put it simply:
Mahathir is a blessing to Najib and UMNO.
What people pleaser Najib can't say and don't want to say, Tun M will take the baton.
In that respect, I salute him. He just bulldozed through and shucks, if you don't like it. Ah well he's got nothing to lose.
And I hope I read you right Sak? That anyone in UMNO but Najib should be President and PM. THat you are prompting Muhyi to challenge Naj.
Seriously I don't think Muhyi will stick his neck out to be slaughtered. He will just bide his time.
Yeah I think Najib will be challenged by a token person. That guy can get 20 percent vote.
Someone like Sulaiman Palestine. Tapi adakah orang macam itu lagi dalam UMNO?
And will Ku Li want to face an ignominious exit by going against Najib. Surely he wants a favorable place in history instead of being written as a man who is a twice-wanna be PM but never was. A man who formed the aborted UMNO alternative Semangat.
Well, looks like scenario will be same old, same old.
So sorry to disappoint those who wants to see changes in UMNO and an embattled Najib.

walla 2 August 2013 at 07:26  

Anon 18:50,

You practice selective reading, what more selective interpretation.

People make up a society which makes up a country. Ok, so far? The family unit i wrote was about values and their underlying principles that people, namely voters, want back but have not been given by a government which has eroded those values. That would explain the swings in votes.

In saying no country runs like a family unit, you have moved away from my focus on family values that underpin good governance and then try and tar some parties basically made up of volunteers who used their family time to try and do something for society.

And if your aspersion was directed at Anwar of PKR and Lim of DAP with their family members in toe, why don't you do something positive and fight Umno to give equal media coverage to Pakatan so that the rakyat can see what they have been doing for the people, and then join in bigger droves to stand for election to supplement the Anwar's and Lim's? That would solve the matter of perceived political nepotism, wouldn't it?

But since we all know you won't stand a chance doing so because Umno for that matter the EC, ROS and MOI have been showing how pro-incumbent they all are, then what you are actually saying is this: "your situation is not healthy but can be relieved however i already know it won't be relieved." So why say when you already know the real reason? For personal advantage in a slanted argument?

Next. You ask for what Pakatan has done. That's easy to say. But my focus is not that. People already know. If they didn't, would Selangor and Penang have been returned to Pakatan, for that matter inroads made in Johor? If i spend time saying what Pakatan has done, then there will be less time to say what Barisan has not done. That would make you happier, wouldn't it?

You have to do your own homework and not try to influence political comments by others by the method of expecting hand-outs. Fair enough?

So i throw back to you. What has Pakatan not done, what more could have done more, and better, based on present record of performance, if it has federal resources and main media?

Last. You wrote:

'Just let the UMNO people undo the UMNO ills. '

Exactly what have you been smokin'?

If Umno people can undo the Umno ills, why are we all here having this conversation? For me, since 2008. For the rakyat, since the days of MM (prolonged till now).

Personally, i don't think any of us like to write acidic comments about anyone or anything. We rather talk about good values and how to enhance them.

But none of this can be done if everyday we are constantly reminded how bad governance is and has been in this country. Funds are siphoned, waste accumulated, people neglected, performance self-overrated, divisiveness and chauvinism condoned, lies snowballed, and concerned citizens harangued, blocked, tarred, bludgeoned, even shot.

Surely if you can comment on my comment, you have eyes, ears, even a discerning mind? What about some values for others beyond self?

If Umno can solve its own skills, it would not need two general elections to send it into such a tizzy that its first reaction after the second was only to quickly and cowardly put the blame on some community, knowing that doing so was against fact besides causing another rift in the family which wants to come back.

Therefore, are you by any chance against family values for good governance? Do you support Umno's read Mahathir's effort to break up the Malaysian family and how does doing so help it to solve its own ills?

I read from your comments some amount of intelligence and education. But these days, throw a stone, and it will hit intelligent and educated person.

What makes the difference is whether there is real conscience as well.

As fasting comes to an end next week, what say you now?

walla 2 August 2013 at 08:11  

You have one (KM?) saying let Umno solve its own ills. You have another (QD) saying same old same old.

If just two cannot coordinate, how to expect the entire Umno rigmarole of a government to coordinate? One foot wants to walk while the other wants to stand rooted.

And that is why there is some merit in what QD has added, namely, you need a Mahathir to stand up and decisively ram through.

However, so did Hitler.

He rammed through alright. On a ticket of racism. On the road to mass destruction. Raising the hell of human badness. Raining death and suffering first on victims and then on perpetrators.

Being decisive is a leadership skill. But making the right decisions is something else. It is not the process of being decisive. It is the process of exercising real conscience in finding the right solution to a complex problem.

This should have been easy. The problem is not complex. Just remove what is bad and incubate what is good. Make real changes that enhance human and humane values in fulfillment of the remits of a good government for all.

Not try to play the race card and pit one brother against another so as to win herd sentiment that has been roundly shown to be extremely bad not just on the plural society which otherwise would have enriched the Malaysian rubric but also wastefully bad on the economics of this nation until today Mr Fitch has assigned a red mark.


You know that is true. Because the religious card he dare not use. Because having good religious anti-racism values he ain't got.


Sorry for the testiness today.

Low blood sugar.

rozario,  2 August 2013 at 09:41  

Dato, What happen to your mentor Daim Zainuddin? You never mention about him these days.

Anonymous,  2 August 2013 at 20:11  

Hi Walla, have not visited Sak's blog for some time due to time constraints. Decided to go in today, and was most fortunate to read your comments. It's as though I have never left, and you continued the threads of what you said before. I guess I will make more time now because besides Sak's contributions, I enjoy reading your responses.
Thank you!!

Anonymous,  3 August 2013 at 02:37  

Walla, perhaps you might want to drop by at Parkson ( ? ) Pavillion to get the crystalised jelly, in amazing colors, ( to reminisce one's childhood of receiving awards for outstanding critical writing ) precisely cut cubes and have them alternately with your favorite cuppa laced with Pharmaton. Wanted to buy a jar but duit habis buka puasa haha - makan mahal just once.

It is the DNA of condescending attitude, quick to scorn, never to give merits when due or overdue so long it is not about self; without any positive contributions.

Anonymous,  3 August 2013 at 06:12  

Dr. M doesn't care for the Malays. He is using the Malays only to enrich his family and protect his wrongdoings.

When Dr. M was the premier, he feted the Chinese to serve his purpose. Now that the Chinese does not support BN, he turned against them. He only extends his hand to people who he feels is useful to him in order to serve his self-interest.

Does he care for his country? No! If he did, he would not have destroyed the country's institutions, committed treason in Sabah and got himself the title... Mr.10%.

Now, his primary objective in life is to protect his wrongdoings and his family business interest thru his son.

He doesn't care for the Malays or other races or even the country for that matter. He cared for himself only.

Anonymous,  3 August 2013 at 20:35  

I don't disagree that Najib does not have grassroot support BUT he does have the argument with them that he has won more seats for UMNO in GE13. He does have the argument that he has done every ridiculous possible thing to help component parties to win and they still lost. He can argue that how does being more Ultra lead to a different result?

Najib can point out that someone else can win more Malay votes yes, but do worst with the non-Malay votes. Then what? Then the only thing left will be eventually also decline in Malay votes.

If UMNO tosses him out, they are crazy..

Anonymous,  4 August 2013 at 11:37  

What did I tell you Dato, Najib don't have to succeed, he only need others to fail. Muhiyiddin is now on the way out even before the fight begins..

Anonymous,  4 August 2013 at 19:14  


Sudah lah hang ni tak habis2 kutok orang lain. Hang ingat parti DAP cina tu baguih sangat ka? Parti tu menipu dalam pemilihan CEC apa hal? Malu lah sikit woi!!!

Apa pasai pengikut tegat DAP semua senyap pasai benda ni? Hangpa ni memang dasar hipokrit dan pembohong. DAP adalah parti politik yang penipu dan mengamalkan nepotisma dan kronisma. Sudah la, hipokrit bangsat!!!

Stk,  4 August 2013 at 23:34  

I like this lines...
Amir Muhammad, writer:

That the losers can't accept losing is normal. What's new is that the winners know they didn't really win.

I think that is BN.

Anonymous,  5 August 2013 at 01:50  

Di bulan2 lain pun kena jaga mulut juga

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