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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 19 July 2013

Those in whose name we fight and in whose name we betray

Tajudin Rahman, currently a deputy minister was never known for niceness. He has always come across as crude, arrogant and condescending. The nearest term that can best describe him as a person is hubristic. That comes from the word hubris (pronounced hew-bris. It means extreme pride or arrogance and comes as a result of an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities. Especially when the person demonstrating these qualities is in power. Hubris is also associated with a person having a tunnel vision believing in only his rendition and explanation of things.
That is how Tajudin Rahman approached the Kuala Besut by election- in an arrogant and hubristic manner. DAP is not contesting in Kuala Besut and the core support group of the DAP- the Chinese is hardly present in Kuala Besut. Its almost 99% Malay. It’s a downtrodden extended village that has suffered or has been marginalised during uninterrupted UMNO rule at the federal level. The conditions in which the majority Besut Malays find themselves in today is the result of UMNO’s handiwork.
What else to work up the Malays? Say something about the political future of Malays, the Malay monarchy and Islam. Who else to blame other than DAP- partner to PR parties?
Tajudin has elected to fray DAP and because of its presence in PR. Maybe he is alarmed that DAP won 38 parliamentary seats and saw that ascendance as the rise of the Chinese spectre. He is ignoring the fact that Chinese form about 23% of the population. Malaysian Indians constitute about 10% of the population and other Bumiputeras constitute the rest. The country is 61% Malay, 30% non-Malay and 9% non-Malay Bumiputeras. But Tajudin sees the DAP as the biggest threat as it is seen as having the gravitational pull for those who oppose UMNO and BN.
He ignores the fact that DAP champions the cause of the poor, the marginalised, fights for a better government, better governance, fights against corruption and fights against  race supremacists. Together with other PR partners, DAP fights for those in whose name UMNO fights for and in whose name UMNO betrays by doing our bit. .  
What does UMNO do in the name of the Malays and what does UMNO actually do for the Malays? In the name of the Malays, UMNO secures political power in order to use that power entrusted to exploit the wealth of the country and distribute it largely among the elite. It’s the underlying feudal mentality at play here. Accumulate and concentrate political power and then redistribute the fruits of victory as part of their beneficence. Hence UMNO sees nothing contradictory and hypocritical in practising direct negotiations that have now morphed into selected or close tenders. The same elite is selected, and the tender closes out the non-compliant players.
 DAP is pictured as that fiendish character out to suck out blood from Malays. So if DAP wins political power, it will abolish the Monarchy and install DAP Chairman Karpal Singh as Malaysia’s president. Then, Malays will be subjected to oppressive rules. Islam will be persecuted and so forth.
Tajuddin thinks he is speaking to an imbecilic audience. Tajudin’s crude story telling must be countered by an equally crude response. What is Tajudin’s real message? His message is how to preserve Malay political dominance. That’s already achieved. Malay MPs formed the majority in parliament unless of course Tajudin regards as Malays, only the UMNO Malay MPs. As long as there are more Malay MPs in parliament, Malay political dominance is assured. What Tajudin fails to understand is not all Malays want to be UMNO’s pliant tool serving the interest of the elite group in society.
Tajudin is telling his audience that all the Malays in UMNO, PAS, PKR are all eunuchs and they will sit idly by when legitimate Malay interests are threatened. Or he thinks only the UMNO types can defend legitimate Malay interests. The others aren't Malay enough.  Hence PAS is accused as compromising its value by associating with DAP. PKR, the other partner in PR is painted as a party with extreme liberal views. It’s a party supporting the rights of gays and lesbians and the perverted. PR is also accused as being a tool serving the interest of the DAP.
What is DAP interested in? DAP is interested in a better government, better governance, no corruption, no racism, fair dealing and all that are necessary to create a better and just society. We support what the Agong said in his speech. We dedicate ourselves to the upholding of the rule of law, accountability, good governance and integrity. As Muslims, we all support these objectives and getting these is our common mission.
DAP will gladly support the alleviation of poverty done in the right manner. For instance I find the giving out of BR1M objectionable not because I oppose the giving of cash to poor and needy, but the manner it was given. It’s not UMNO’s or BN’s money- its money extracted from tax payers. The giving out should have been apolitical. Bank Negara proposed the distribution of cash directly into recipients’ accounts. The distributing banks were ready and willing to do it- but UMNO leaders wanted the cash given through them. Why? Because then, they will be able to tell the story that it’s out of UMNO’s beneficence, that you the wretched of the earth, you the voiceless, you the downtrodden,  get to enjoy this cash. So if you want more, keep us in power- we give you RM 500, allow us to wallop the billions. We who fight in your name, deserves to be rewarded as how we see fit.
So Tajudin Rahman comes into town regurgitating the usual crap- that DAP is anti-Malay, anti-Malay Monarchy, anti-Islam or anti whatever the Malay wants. That is not true. UMNO now survives on lies and misinformation.
I am telling readers from my own personal experience – I am a DAP member and got elected on a DAP ticket. My other colleagues and the leadership have never stopped me from speaking about Malay interests or about the hopes and despair of the Malays. Indeed I have and my DAP colleagues understood my position. Indeed as a Malay in Dap I can speak about the despair of the Malays freer that the UMNO MPs can.
The DAP is a political realist. Even if all the Chinese combine and unite, they have only a 23% support base. That’s numerically impossible for a united Chinese party to take over the government. They can become a vocal opposition but not govern over the majority Malays. The Malays constitute 61% of the population. All branches and levels of government are dominated by Malays. Even if Chinese take over as head of departments, almost 96% of the 1.4 million civil servants are Malays. What can the Chinese head of departments do, if the million strong Malay civil servants down their tools? The government will come to a standstill.
The DAP is not anti-Islam. The problems facing the Muslim ummah have nothing to do with the DAP. I hope Muslims don’t get offended. We can’t force others to get converted and we can’t use that as a reason to oppress them in direct and indirect ways. If we Muslims spend as much time looking after our own house instead of trying to Islamise others, we will be better off. Each year we spend millions in the name of Islam media-hyping about all things Islam- we have the ubiquitous dakwah programs in the media, we get excited at the sermons of hallelujah-ing clerics. But if we Muslims stop to ponder- the biggest portion of sex offenders, sex miscreants, drug addicts, juvenile crimes is made up of Malay Muslims. What does this mean? It means the programs proselytizing Islam made-for-the- media does not work.
So do we blame the DAP for our own shortcomings? This is not a put down on my well-meaning friends in the government, but as a Malay and a Muslim I am asking all of us Malays and Muslims to look at our own house first. The DAP is not responsible for the bad things that is happening to the Malays and Muslims.


Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 11:06  

You are spot on regarding "six million dollar" man Tajuddin. He displayed his extreme arrogance and "kurang ajar" by admonishing the parents and teachers of Sekolah Menengah Sains Agama Raja Nazrin in Kg Gajah Perak, a few years back, during the scholls speech day. This man hides his inferiority complex behind his goatee and unkempt moustache. The only reason he is in the cabinet must be because he can bring in the votes for Najib in the forthcoming UMNO GA.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 11:31  

Dato Sak, you have 5 years to turn the bodoh people of BN and UMNO to be not bodoh! Hehe...

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 11:38  

Saudara AK47,

I am sorry.... I totally disagree with you!

DAP is to be blamed for ALL the social ills that are faced by the Malays.

Just look at Tunku Aziz, your ex-DAP member. He says DAP is garbage so it must true. Even UMNO says listen to Tunku Aziz, so he must be right and DAP must be the culprit.

Look at Aspan Alias! He too is now saying DAP is "cakap tak serupa bikin".

So DAP must be BAD... real BAD...

The good ones are Tunku Aziz (ex-DAP member) and of course the GOD-FEARING & PIOUS umno.

So we should all return to umno. Return to umno to change it. To remove the corrupt leaders that hold everyone's future at ransom. To stop the stealing, the rape, the abuse, the robbery etc.

-SBOP - Saya Bukan Orang Politik

OneMalaysian,  19 July 2013 at 13:40  

Dear Sakmongkol

Your thinking, reasoning and analysis is as clear as a non-hazy day. Any average 15-year-old kid should understand what you wrote. Yet it astounds me that 50% of Malays don’t seem to get it. That is of course down to the propaganda work of UMNO.

We simply have to find a way through. That is why you are so important to the DAP and the Malays. The Chinese know their political limitations. That is why they choose to align themselves with reasonable and moderate Malays. The Chinese options are: to be governed by a corrupt, racist Malay-led government or a clean, forward-looking and moderate/liberal Malay-led one. And the choice is obvious to 90% of Chinese.

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 14:17  

And this kind of pariah of society can shoot shit and hatred out from their mouth but other non UMNO putra goes to jail. What kind of shit justice we have in Malaysia. And we cliam to be a God fearing nation.
I am for PAS anytime. At least they are really God fearing children.
The rest are all devil in disguise.

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 15:03  

Tajudin is speaking to rural people who are "intellectually challenged".
Many of them do believe Karpal will become president of a republic. They believe because UMNO has kept the poor and stupid.
UMNO will be history is rural Malay start to think for themselves.

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 16:20  

Assalamualaikum Dato

Dah le tu Tok dengan your race statistics...cuma peringatan saya pada Dato....orang Melayu jangan berbangga kerana ramai. Ramai tidak menjamin kekuatan dan keutuhan. Orang Melayu juga jangan anggap yang sedikit itu lemah. Sedikit yang bijak dan bersatu akan memijak yang banyak tetapi bodoh sombong

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 16:46  

Melayu ke kamu...? Islam ke kamu...? Aku rasa tidak jadi tak payahlah nak membebel pasal melayu dan islam.

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 17:23  

UNMO's "Ketuanan Melayu (UMNO putra)" .......

is at the expense of ......

"kemiskinan rakyat Melayu"

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 17:50  

Why did you not joined PAS inthe first place Tok.

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 17:51  

19 July 2013 16:46

Tanya balik : Melayu ke kamu...? Islam ke kamu...? jenis UMNO !

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 19:41  

Melayu kita stop to ponder - the biggest portion of sex offenders, sex miscreants, drug addicts, juvenile crimes is made up of Malay Muslims. What does this mean?

- As usual some become grossly offended at you, YB and at other mindful Melayu kita who have zeroed into the issues above as the former are in denial state due to the fact that it does not affect their family members directly until crimes knock hard at their doorsteps ( again some with body guards ? ), or fall back on the usual racial and religion trump cards

- Other mindful Melayu be they in DAP, PAKATAN, PAS or the few good leaders in BN and the respective families might become insaf and recognise the urgency to seek expertise from reliable NGOs and half - way rehabilitation centres within the coalition and work from there with fresh approaches.

- Those not academically inclined should take up technical courses with active meaningful participation in supervised community works, skills training, taking active responsibilities and facing consequences to improve their self- esteem ;

- The PDRM in a way has shown their latest seriousness in busting the production and distribution of drugs in Muar. Syabas ! But again how effective and determined are they ?

- Was informed by a dear cousin who just started his family life that some parents are taking parenting courses; it might be necessary to include teens to take such courses with their parents and grandparents as well to strengthen relationship... approach good people in the field to volunteer their services as making positive changes to the society, you see how meaningful when we build and nurture muhibbah relation in our multiracial communities... Perhaps, bring such courses in surau, community halls and shopping centers ( Malaysians love shopping for the free air- conditioning hahaha )

- and with right retraining, make religion classes applicable and handson, with measureable outstanding content of good deeds in home, in the community and schools, honestly, some of the agama classes will send us right into the sleeping mode, no ?

STOP inciting hatred this that against our fellow multiracial Malaysians, like you say, YB, put own house in order first...Melayu kita should instead unlearn the insane sensitiveness to naik angin, nak ajak tumbuk and say Terima Kasih kerana bagi tahu anak buat itu ini, boleh diubat secara awal.

Maybe these youth detest reading so let them listen to interesting
and beneficial stories instead, watch dramas performed by university - college students ( supervised by parents and professionals ), bring these activities to them, bring these to the padang, community halls and surau.

Maybe these youth detest reading so let them listen to interesting and beneficial stories instead, watch dramas performed by university - college student volunteers ( supervised by parents and professionals ), bring these activities to them, bring these to the padang, community halls and surau. Keep them actively occupied doing sports and beneficial activities that will equip them
skills in preparation for young adulthood.

Keep them actively occupied doing sports and beneficial activities that will equip them skills in preparation for a challenging young adulthood as an an idle mind is the devil's playground, temptations and workshop regardless of age group.

When my nephews and niece from the States came over to visit me in the other continentm, I was really impressed with their written impeccable English, I praised them, how come they are smarter than me as I did not learn that kind of challenging academic works in middle school. They also mention an Asian friend of theirs has to attend English for Academic Purposes for two years in order to be qualified to attend the regular class in the premier school. Do ponder upon this, learn both BM and English well or exceptionally, plus a third or fourth language, you will be able to impress potential smart datesm hahaha.

Mat Salo 19 July 2013 at 20:15  

Same reason that after the age of 51,I finally took the plunge to commit myself to become a lifetime member.

But it took a while before I finally 'got it'. And I wondered too why in the past the conclusion wasn't 'obvious'. I admit, maybe I too was blinded by the years of propaganda.

And this excellent piece should resonate with any clear thinking level headed Malays.

Salaam Ramadhan and Selamat Syaum to you and your blog readers Dato'.

bruno,  19 July 2013 at 21:23  

Dato,Najib had no choice but to appoint Tajuddin as a deputy minister.What choice had Najib have,when an arrogant Tajuddin is considered the best of the pack.

The smart educated Malays with good leadership potentials shun the Umno,and preferred the PR.Umno is stuck with the rejects of the rejected,at least until GE 14.Maybe then the fat lady will sing them the swan song.

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 21:32  


The well-informed Malays don't need UMNO in as much as UMNO needs the Chinese - to retain the potency of their snake oil that they peddle to the ill-informed Malays.

The Almighty is most swift in judgment, reckoning & punishment.
[Q2:202], [Q3:19], [Q3:199],[Q5:4],[Q6:62], [Q6:165],[Q7:167], [Q13:41], [Q14:51], [Q24;39], [Q40:17].

Until the Malays, in significant numbers, stop condoning the ongoing and long overdue, gross & blatant mismanagement, excesses, injustice, dishonesty, corruption - that is UMNO/BN; they shall, in the majority, be forever underdeveloped, impoverished & weak.

The Almighty don't promise, He dictates.

~ Kipas Hikmat

P/S, Anon 19 July 2013 16:46 ~ Sudah makan ubat ke belum?

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 23:24  

SBOP,please stop having wet dreams about UMNO,they are beyond salvageable .If UMNO can con the Malays right in front of their very eyes,that's to bad after all ,kan kita Melayu,kena tipu oleh Melayu tak apa orang kito,wrong?

Tinta Hitam,  20 July 2013 at 00:10  

Datuk Sak,
Tajuddin talkedto an imbecile crowd? My answer yes he was.He know what he talked about.He know that most malays will run berserk when even mentioning DAP name.He knew that UMNO could get more votes with that styles.

Imbecile crowd deserved to be hoodwinked all the time..Let them suffer under UMNO rules .They dont deserves better goverment..They don t have brains to differientiated between facts and myths..

Anonymous,  20 July 2013 at 00:12  

BN ni dah sakit sangat. Mana2 negara tidak ada parti politik yang memerintah tersangat lama. Prinsip perjuangan banyak dah lari dari agenda asal. Kini perjuangan adalah untuk mengayakan masing2. Rakyat di bodohkan dan di beri hampas dan sahaja. Sampai bila? Saya percaya PRU 14 nanti BN akan tumbang. Rakyat akan celik mata. Perjuangan diatas dasar parti dan assabiah akan tidak laku. Majoriti rakyat dah jemu, loya dan muntah dengan gelagat ahli politik yang tujuan sebenarnya adalah untuk mentekedarah hasil kekayaan negara untuk diri mereka dan kroni2 nereka. Allah adalah sebaik2 perancang. Mereka lupa bila mati esok nanti jawablah dan pada masa itu barulah mereka sedar akan ketamakkan, kezaliman, penipuan, pembohongan dan penindasan yang telah mereka lakukan. Mssa itu sudah terlambat sebab rakyat tak semua akan maafkan mereka. Mereka ini lebih teruk daripada firaun sebab firaun itu musuh yang nyata tetapi mereka adalah pengkhianat bagai musuh dalam selimut....wallahua'lam...

Anonymous,  20 July 2013 at 11:18  

Tinta Hitam and buddy bruno,

Your perceptions that UMNO/BN supporters lack brains is a mere sweeping statement.Me and my wife are both professionals in our fields.We have been UMNO supporters because UMNO is willing to share power with its component parties for a united Malaysians.Others are not, at least not for now.

No wonder PR lost the recent election despite heavy politicking with all the 90% chinese voters for PR. The best PR had achieved was only denying BN the 2/3 majority.

The fact remains DAP is not a multiracial party as claimed.It will be an uphill task for PR even in the next two PRUs in my view.

DSAI is a goner as far as Malay voters are concerned.He cannot be a PM, period.

@ KM

Anonymous,  20 July 2013 at 12:52  

Anon 20 July 2013 11:18 @KM,

You and your spouse may be 'professional' but sadly 'irrational' at best, 'racist' at worst.

PR lost simply because -

1. The Mainstream media is downright skewed;

2. SPR is outrightly biased.

An even playing field will expose for all to see, including blind UMNO supporters where the wealth of the country has been funnelled over 56 years since independence resulting in the professionals including, and especially the Malays largely in the government sector, and by extension the rest, being underpaid relative to our immediate needs - of accomodation, transport & food - as compared to our neighbour whom is without natural resources.

It is not about DSAI - it is about justice, transparency, honesty, equality & meritocracy - the universal good values that your religion demands, but sadly and blatantly rejected in the name of 'Ketuanan'.

It is unbecoming of any 'professional' of dignity, and downright embarrassing, to still be caught suckling on UMNO's teats to remain where you are.

Grow up man.

~ Songkok Hikmat

Anonymous,  20 July 2013 at 15:50  

Dear Dato,

YB Husam, PAS Director for the K Besut By-elections said that in the event of a "hung" State Assembly should PAS wins, PR will continue to remain in the opposition...providing check and balance...

Not the strategic Sultan Mizan can be sought to make a decision in favour of PR.

What do you think?

Anonymous,  20 July 2013 at 16:35  

Dear Songkok Hikmat,

I hear you well enough and I have no problems with differing views and freedom of choice.We certainly have dumb,fool, professionals, good and bad people across the political divide be it with BN and PR.

We choose to be with UMNO/BN.We certailnly are not at all embarrassing to be with the outright winner all these years which is BN.Majority cannot be wrong young man.Too bad you cannot accept our choice.You may continue blaming SPR and the systems, BN prevails.PR has another five years to make it.LAIN KALI LAH!!

Salam ramadhan all.Thank you.

@ KM

Anonymous,  20 July 2013 at 16:49  

I truly salute you for this article. All this coming from an EX UMNO Datuk who have all the opportunity and chances to make millions foe himself to chose to fight on the presumely racist/anti malay DAP platform without any promises of financial or positional returns. Kena hantam by the Special Branch ada la. Ohh how I pray that more of our malay friends wlii be like you.

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 01:10  

Everybody wants to be polician nowadays. Everbody has opinions. Its like the campaign has not stop and doesnt look like the real politician ie the one that are appointed by the rskyat immaterial what psrty they sold their soul to are helping out to quash politiking. All that i can see is everyone hitting out at each other whenever and whatever.

I just wish to see what new and drastic things and changes the YBs are doing in their constituencies instead of trying to get the rakyat overworked on the coming GE14 and talk and talk of national issues.

Come on laa...the rakyat are not dumb....come on tell what exactly are you doing for your constituencies..

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 03:55  

Very well written piece.

I cannot fully blame the rural Malays for being swayed by last-minute cash handouts (at the taxpayer's expense) and the evil portrait of the non-Muslims and DAP as threats to their security and religion. It is into this heartland that PR must make inroads before GE14. It will take patience, but worthwhile things always do.

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 06:05  

Anon 1.10,

I am in agreement with you .I saw that heavy politicking prior pru 13 in this blog beyond my imagination.It came to nothing for PR finally.Now they start it again hitting at UMNO and BN for pru 14!.My sympathy is for Anu-war and LKS who continue to be opposition leaders all their political life.Serve them right because of their fanatical political and skewed views for the rakyat when BN is working hard for unity and harmony.PR continuous harping on corruptions, transparency , meritocracy and Malaysian Malaysia do not work because PR are still being rejected and been denied to be the government again and again.Why?.

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 21:06  

Ahem, anon above,

The last time I checked, PR has not been rejected judging by the majority votes of 52% that they secured (despite the gerrymandering, unfair mainstream media & biased government machinery) against UMNO/BN's 46% after spending billions bribing the voters.

Denial of this fact, is the very same position taken up by the blind supporters of the Pharaoh of Egypt right up to Abu Suffian of Makkah and as recent as Zeinal Abidine of Tunisia and Mobarak of Eqypt while they were all in power.

~ Tongkat Hikmat.

Anonymous,  22 July 2013 at 05:40  

Anon 0:12,

"...Rakyat di bodohkan dan di beri hampas dan sahaja. Sampai bila? Saya percaya PRU 14 nanti BN akan tumbang. Rakyat akan celik mata. Perjuangan diatas dasar parti dan assabiah akan tidak laku. Majoriti rakyat dah jemu, loya dan muntah dengan gelagat ahli politik yang tujuan sebenarnya adalah untuk mentekedarah ..."

Kenyataan BN akan tumbang di PRU 13 dan berbagai tuduhan dari penyokong pebangkang saperti tuan dah jemu didengar .Malang ianya hanya tin kosong sahaja !!.Sekarang BN pasti tumbang pulak di PRU 14.Boleh ke PR menang?.Biar betul..

Pengundi pun tidak bodoh membuta tuli kan ..

Anonymous,  22 July 2013 at 14:30  

Dear Anon 19 July 2013 23:24,

I tried having wet dream about umno... Really tried... tapi tak boleh lah... [satu kali dream pun tak dapat!!!]

I guess you are right. Tak boleh di-salvage-kan lagi...


Anonymous,  22 July 2013 at 14:35  

Here we go again...The grand sorry state of PR actually won but heck BN rule the day... Dont be a sore loser. Let it go...lets monitor whether the goventment of the day ie BN can deliver and lets monitor also whether the PR can deliver also. That would be better than both heckling each other and still doing nought...

When Tongkat HIkmat mentioned denial from the reign of Pharaoh until Hosni MUbarak of Eygpt. i thought that is the state we are when we keep denying that BN is ruling today because they won GE13, not because PR won GE13..

Yes bro...BN won. PR lost. this time..time stamped.

Anonymous,  22 July 2013 at 17:44  

Tongkat Hikmat,

Kita kagum dengan kejayaan DAP yang perolehi 38 kerusi parlimen dengan Ariff Sabri menang di Raub dan menjadi tunggak PR.Kita juga bangga dengan parti Melayu UMNO yang perolehi 88 kerusi parlimen. Sayang PKR dan Pas terus menurun dan menjadi lemah tak bermaya.

Yang baiknya the billion duit yang diberi kepada rakyat tetap sampai kepada kumpulan sasaran yang memerlukan tidak kira apa bangsa dan agama dalam berbagai bentuk dan agihan.

PR mungkin berjaya dengan peperangan perception mereka di media alternatif yang meragukan tetapi terus gagal menakluk Putrajaya malah mula gagal mempertahankan Kedah kerana kelemahan mentadbir.Malah demonstrasi jalanan ala Arab Spring dengan Bersih dan Blackout 505 juga tidak dapat membantu kemenangan mutlak pada PR.Dimana silap agaknya. Mungkin strategi yang tidak bijak digunakan.Lagipun Malaysia bukanlah saperti negara Arab mudah dipermainkan. Kita tetap stabil dan terus membangun.

Satelah gagal memperolehi kemenangan kerusi majoriti the acid test di Kuala Besut akan menjadi penentu sokongan rakyat pada BN atau PR salepas PRU 13 yang pertama. Saya percaya rakyat akan memberi kemenangan pada UMNO/BN juga akhirnya.Tak percaya kita sama sama lihat nanti ya.Ini cuma pandangan saya. Selamat berpuasa.

Kipas Hikmat.

Anonymous,  23 July 2013 at 03:02  

I am a God fearing man & I believed in karma & retributions. So I believed most of us knew how corrupted UMNO/BN is. It doesn't matter how much you fools bad mouthed PR. I strongly believed they are the real fighters for better governance for our country. UMNO/BN can rot in hell!

Anonymous,  23 July 2013 at 05:03  

butthurt ke der? lolz

Anonymous,  24 July 2013 at 12:59  

Kalau nak mempertahankan agama buatlah perbuatan- perbuatan yg mulia serta tulus , bukannya seperti barua- barua yg sanggup menghasut serta membayar samseng - samseng untuk memukul org yg tidak bersalah serta menconteng badannya, bila ditahan polis, menggadu sakit pulak. Mereka ini mungkin perlu dikenakan tsumani lagi olehNya yg benar- benar mengerunkan, malangnya yg baik- baik pun terkorban, tapi yg baik- baik tetap selamat di akhirat. Buat nama busuk aje. Lepas itu paksa si mangsa jgn mengaitkan isu dengan agama !? Org buat baik- baik serta adil kepada semua insan terutamanya yg kurang berupaya, lemah, insan yg baik - baik, barulah org lain memuji kemuliaan Allah, barulah agama dapat nama lebih baik ! Allah tak perlu samseng mempertahannya kemuliaanNYa, Allah hanya memerlukan insan yg berhati serta berjiwa baik, senantiasa insaf, ikhlas serta tulus.

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