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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 21 July 2013

Anwar's secret accounts.

Anwar Ibrahim is accused of having 20 secret accounts all over the world. The amount of money in these accounts totalled RM332 million. In exchange for that money, what has Anwar given in return? According to the BN storyline- our national security may have been exposed. We are not told how. Because that is the usual BN style- they create a storyline and ask us to deal with it. So, we will humour the storytellers.
Is Anwar selling secrets about the country to foreign powers? The BN people want to believe that is what Anwar is doing and therefore Anwar has committed treason. Anwar is a traitor. Has Anwar Ibrahim done an Edward Snowden feat?  Which is, expose some highly sensitive and secretive government covert action and by so doing, compromised our security?
Razak Baginda sold military secrets to the French firm that sold our scorpene submarines. He has committed treason. But he is free enjoying a life of perpetual salad days in England. Why isn’t he tried for treason?  He sold navy secrets to French submarine makers. He also got more than RM500 million in commissions which is more than RM332 million.
Yes let’s persecute and prosecute Anwar Ibrahim for treason so that we can bring back Razak Baginda and try him on charges of selling Malaysian Navy’s secrets. Let us humour the BN people on attempts to goal Anwar Ibrahim and see where it ends.
On the 18th of July, the BN MPs voted against the motion to commit the MP from Simpang Renggam to the Rights and Privileges Committee. They have claimed ownership over a wrong doing and therefore must defend it at all cost.
To me the MP has misled parliament. The acid test would have been straight forward. Ask Wikileaks to verify whether they published the story about the accounts. Because the MP claimed that is his source of information. If they have not then clearly the MP has lied. He did not even read Wikileaks but to lend some legitimacy to his claim, he cited Wikileaks as his source of information.
The last time when Anwar Ibrahim accused the government of copying the concept of 1Malaysia from Israel, the government did the straightforward thing. They asked Apco the PR con-sulting firm that advised Najib to use 1Malaysia to verify. All they need do was to publish a denial. Because of that, Anwar was suspended from parliament for 6 months.
So, parliament can do the same this time. Ask Wikileaks whom the MP of Simpang Renggam claimed to be his source to verify his claim. If Wikileaks says they didn’t publish, then the MP must be subjected to the same treatment as Anwar. This must be done if only to demonstrate that parliament is consistent. Otherwise, parliament is guilty of selective committals.
My DAP colleague from Jelutong , Jeff Ooi, moved a motion to have the MP from Simpang Renggam referred to the Rights and Privileges committee. We believed the MP from Simpang Renggam misled Parliament and his accusations said under protection of parliamentary immunity is just another part in the never ending series to discredit Anwar Ibrahim.  
Of course the BN MPs will say Anwar Ibrahim no longer has credibility. The MP from Tanjung Karang has even cynically called Anwar Ibrahim as maksum or infallible. We Muslims know the hidden insinuations expressed by Tanjung Karang. Anwar Ibrahim is not infallible and we know what Tanjung Karang is referring to. The matter which he is referring to and imputing Anwar’s participation therein, is also done with equal vigour by the BN people including the PM. But I don’t have time to discuss the finer qualities of the PM in that aspect.
We believe the opposite to be true. In the end, the cause represented by Anwar will triumph for the simple reason the weight of the march of history seems to favour the cause which Anwar represents. The government lost the popular vote. Najib performed worse than Abdulah Badawi despite attempts to alleviate and reduce the damage by his minions.
The government has done everything inhumanely possible including incarcerating Anwar Ibrahim and subjecting the wife and family to all sorts of humiliations and indignations. He has managed to survive. For all those who have a little faith, this can only mean that the cause Anwar is representing will triumph eventually.
And we know, Najib’s pontificating about national reconciliation is all just cheap political rhetoric. He missed one crucial point- if you want to reconcile, you talk to your adversary. Mandela wanted reconciliation with De Klerk, he talked to De Klerk not impose preconditions. Like I first said in parliament, I can’t help those who have wet dreams when describing the leadership of Najib Razak. Najb is just buying time and trying to show to the public especially to the UMNO audience, that he is big hearted and is offering the olive branch.
Najib wants to do the classic divide an d rule and sow the seeds of suspicion. He wants to talk to Anwar without Hadi and Kit Siang. He wants to talk to Hadi, without Anwar and Kit Siang. He wants to talk to Kit Siang without talking to Hadi and Anwar. Does he want to talk to all three simultaneously?
It is plain to everyone that the MP from Simpang Renggam knows at all material time, that the accusations were not true. The party that has capacity to investigate the existence of the secret accounts is the government. They would not waste a single second if they have evidence to pounce on Anwar. The fact they did not, means they are just fabrications. Just like the fabricated story about an ex Bank Negara assistant governor making a statutory declaration that he oversaw Anwar’s RM3 billion war chest. The government wasted a lot of taxpayers’ money chasing the story and found all those to be false.
The MP from Simpang Rengam urges the government to investigate Anwar because he is concerned the security of our beloved country may be compromised. Perhaps his concern springs from an overwhelming love for our country and we are happy to tell him, that that emotion isn’t exclusive to BN MPs only. We too love this country that is why we fight against corruption, against abuse of power and against bad governance. We attack the real enemies not go chasing after windmills which we think and imagine are dragons.
The problem here is this. The Simpang Renggam MP  has misled parliament by using dubious sources of information. The Government cant act on dubious source of information as it will lead to nothing  and in the end, embarrass the government. He has indirectly admitted that his accusations were not based on any publications from Wikileaks but from a number of blogs written by prom umno supporters.
My point then is, if we are ready to lend credibility to these blogs, then we must also be equally ready to lend credibility to some similar internet material that exposed secret funds held by some of our leaders. All one needs to do is Google Najib’s secret accounts and voila- you have the following expose done several years ago.

1. Name : Mr. Mohammad Najib Bin Abdul Razak Post : Minister of Education Passport No. : D 371981 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Current Account No : E-7194-303-45- G Amount : USD 7,500,000.00 Date of opening account : 22/12/95
Withdrawal : USD 2,500,000.00 on 10/01/96 Cheque No. F1742330; Withdrawal : USD 1,000,000.00 on 16/03/96 Cheque No. F1742331 ; Withdrawal : USD 1,000,000.00 on 01/07/96 Cheque No. F1742332;  Withdrawal : USD 500,000.00 on 11/06/97 Cheque No. F1742333

2. Name : Mr. Muhyuddin Bin Yassin Post : Minister of Youth and Sports Passport No. : D 512717 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 5 years Account No : AF- 3712-229-33- Y Amount : USD 7,700,000.00 Date of opening account : 15/06/96 Date of Maturity : 15/06/01

3. Name : Mr. Mustapa Bin Mohamed Post : Minister of Entrepreneur Second Finance Minister Passport No. : D 862411 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit 3 years Account No : CA-5098-344- 66-D Amount : S $ 5,000,000.00 Date of opening account : 12/06/96 Date of Maturity : 12/06/99

4. Name : Mr. Mustapa Bin Mohamed Post : Minister of Entrepreneur Second Finance Minister Passport No. : D 862411 (M) Bank : Citibank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 2 years Account No : DD-2141-7922- 549-F Amount : USD $ 5,000,000.00 Date of opening account : 21/04/97 Date of Maturity : 21/04/99

5. Name : Mr. Mohamed Nazri Bin Aziz Post : Deputy Minister PM Department Passport No. : D 871945 (M) Bank : Israeli National Bank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 2 years Account No : BD 5211-7925-8716- 51 MA Amount : USD 6,500,000.00 Date of opening account : 08/06/97 Date of Maturity : 08/06/99

6. Name : Mr. Mohamad Isa Bin Abdul Samad Post : Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan Passport No. : D 831569 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 3 years Account No : E- 6654-662-719- M Amount : USD 5,000,000.00 Date of opening account : 09/07/96 Date of Maturity : 09/07/99

7. Name : Mr. Mohamad Isa Bin Abdul Samad Post : Chief Minister of Negeri Sembilan Passport No. : D 831569 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 3 years Account No : J-5152-6161- 311-D Amount : USD 5,000,000.00 Date of opening account : 24/01/97 Date of Maturity : 24/01/00

Now, will the government believe in all these? If they don’t, then they must admit the Simpang Renggam MP has not told the truth.


Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 08:28  

Wah,are you serious? Those detailed accounts,I mean? Anyway, thanks for all your articles. Please always remain true to yourself and not get enticed or threaten to change your stand to fight for justice.

Mr Bojangles 21 July 2013 at 09:56  

Wow! And double wow!
Mustapa mohamed on the list!
No wonder his better half could ditch her lucrative PTD career.
He sure has come a long way from his MOF days when he did not know where to place decimal points in figures exceeding 100k.
See, you don't have to be very smart to be rich in BN's bolehland.

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 10:13  

Berapa banyak Al Jub upah awak untuk menafikan bagi pihak dia.Yang punya diri pun belum pun menafikan atau mengiakannya.Cermin diri anda dulu sebelum menuduh orang tanpa ada bukti setakat permainan persepsi dah tak laku lagi jangan ingat rakyat kebanyakan ni bodoh,mereka tidak bodoh yang bodoh adalah anda yang perasan pandai hakikatnya bodoh.

Ariff Sabri 21 July 2013 at 11:11  

anon 10:13
al jub bayar saya RM10juta. dia akan belanja RM350 juta melawan cybertrooper umno yang meminta dana RM350juta.

Ariff Sabri 21 July 2013 at 11:11  

anon 10:13
al jub bayar saya RM10juta. dia akan belanja RM350 juta melawan cybertrooper umno yang meminta dana RM350juta.

PokAmid 21 July 2013 at 11:39  

AK47 dah dapat rm10m dan akan dapat rm350m lagi. Cukup ja tuu! Anon 10:13, berapa kupang Altantu dah hamburkan kepada mu? Yilek kan! Nasib laaa cai!

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 13:19  

Must check on nazriaccount in Israel. .we r not allow to hv any dealing with Israel. .but that cowbrain hide his $ in that bank..its a treason

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 14:04  

Ha3...nicely said YB Dato'..bravo2.

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 15:18  

Anon 10:13,

Dah makan ubat ke belum?

Nanti lepas makan ubat, jgn lupa basuh kaki sebelum tidor balik tau..

~ Warden Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta.

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 15:23  

Hang lah bodoh... dah terang lagi bersuluh... semua orang tau... Lembuuuuu......

Donplaypuks® 21 July 2013 at 15:35  

The Bank of Israel is a central bank like bank Negara. So, it's not possble for anyone to have any kind of account, Fixed, Current or Savings, with it.

The Israel National bank doesn't exist.

So by all accounts, these blog posts about Mahathir and BUMNO/SCUMNO Ministers, and Anwar, having secret bank accounts in especially Israel or its off-shore branches, are, patently false.

So, that scumbag from Gerakan, Liang Teck Meng, deliberately lied in Parliament, knowing that if put to a vote, he will get away with it.

As for accounts in UOB, OUB, DBS S'pore and Amex bank, it remains to be proven.

BUMNO/SCUMNO and their paid Brown Bean Army of bloggers and MSM will milk Liang's lies to the max, but the AG and IGP will not act against their own kind no matter what, as proven by their failure to arrest and prosecute Ibrahim Ali, Zul Nordin, Mahathir etc, for blatantly racist and seditious speeches and acts.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  21 July 2013 at 16:21  


Tak ada Mamak Kuttu akaun ker? Saya fikir dia lah olang terkaya. Bukan Roberta Kok


antisyaitan,  21 July 2013 at 16:34  

salam ramadhan YB,

saya rasa tak payah YB layan anon#10.13 sebab mulut dia penuh dengan taik sebab selalu sangat jilat jub bikmama nak dapat upah....

Rahman Shaari 21 July 2013 at 21:19  

Saya tahu depa banyak duit...Semua depa-depa tulah, (bukan pihak A saja, atau pihak B saja) cuma jumlah tu susahlah kita nak kata mongkol oi... Mongkol pun akui secara sinis, ada orang bagi 10 juta dan 350 juta. Depa tu, dalam lawak-lawak macam ni, jadi betoi...mana tau???

SiangMalam 22 July 2013 at 01:30  

Its shocking, Dato Sak, that people are so gullible and fall for what MP of Spg Renggam said in parliament. I guest its because of these gullible (and stupid) people that we have a comment from a reader about how much you're paid to write. They just don't understand - we fight because we believe in something, it isn't all about money, they just don't get it.

kerana masa,  22 July 2013 at 13:05  

Ni satu perkara rumit tetapi jenaka. Ada baiknya berbicara mengenainya.

Agaknya inilah yg Najib tonjol tentang rekonsilisiasi atau pendamaian.

Aku pikir Anwar akan rela masuk jel. Dia tak salah pun dah masuk jel. Tapi aku lebih geram & rela nak jelkan semua anjing2 sekarang yang tak reda2 rasuah, bahkan bertambah-tambah lagi! Dalam lain perkataan memalsukan segala yg rakyat sanjungi - nilai2 murni yg mereka petuakan bagai olok2.

Satu perkara yg tepat dan sesuai untuk penilaian semula adalah membongkar semua - ketahukan kesemua supaya semua boleh belajar. Bukankah hidup proses belajar? Kebudayaan Melayu, kalau sekarang ada cirinya mengasaskan masyarakat dan budaya dalam sistem kemahkotaan, perlembagaan & agama perlu reformasi, dibina dan diasaskan dengan satu deklarasi yang tak boleh dilupa lagi - apa2 bentuk yang akan menjejaki zaman.

Kepada orang parti UMNO sekarang, atau kroni-krono yg tak boleh terima bolehlah pergi awal. Kita tak tau dari segi agama betul atau salah tapi, apa salahnya kalau nak pegi jumpa Pencipta lebih awal? ;-))

Ed-J,  22 July 2013 at 15:14  

YB AK47,... Bravo.. Raub dan Malaysia perlu orang seperti anda. Bila2 nanti boleh minum kat Radha.. :)

Anonymous,  22 July 2013 at 15:30  

Sekarang dah jadi pembodek Anwar pulak? Dah lah jadi barua cina Lim tuh. Apa la ko ni Arif Buyut.....harap perut buncit je lah......

Anonymous,  22 July 2013 at 20:57  

We Malaysians know who are corrupt to the core. It is all plain to see. We also know which political party is a party of thieves and robbers. They thought they are smart but in fact are stupid idiots. They have lost their souls. When the Day of Reckoning comes, they will be "justly" rewarded for their deeds. Pitiful.

Anonymous,  23 July 2013 at 03:11  

All BN MP's are all clowns & fools.

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