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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 11 July 2013

Others' Bread is too salt- the Gardenia vs Massimo Bread War

Others' bread is too salt.
While our PM talks about 1Malaysia, it has not gained traction on the ground. Only in the media, one sees universal but unfortunately clueless acceptance of the concept.
On the ground, the story is quite different. We are faced with a cynical public that sees everything that affects our daily life in terms of race. It has now extended into economics and business.
Not long ago, there were attempts to discredit the popular Old Town café outlets. Rumours were spread saying that Old Towns are serving non halal food items. Clearly those rumours were aimed at discouraging Malay Muslim patrons to the outlets. Other eateries have suffered from the same irresponsible business sabotage. Nothing is worse than attacking business usually patronized by Muslims other than spreading rumours about the food being unclean or non halal. The Malay Muslim may drink and engage in sexual dalliances but eating and consuming non halal food such as pork is absolute taboo. .
Take another example. The silent bread war. Most of the public is not even aware that there is a bread war going on. On one side is Gardenia said to represent UMNO bread and Massimo- the brand produced by Uncle Bob Kuok’s business group. I wasn’t aware about the war between the gardenia brand and the Massimo brand until quite recently.
I recently heard about the matter when it was mentioned in parliament. It got the attention of Anwar Ibrahim who was reported to have mentioned that Gardenia Bread has increased its price. This prompted an in passing reply from a BN backbencher stating that he received an official statement from Gardenia bread, that it hasn’t increased its price.
Gardenia Bread is selling at RM3.20 a loaf compared to Massimo selling at RM2.50. The RM2.50 was supposed to be a promotional price. It has stayed at that level for 2 years. Nobody asked how can it do that?
The answer is they can because they sourced their flour from their own mill. Federal Flour Mill owned by Robert Kuok. In addition not many people know that all flour millers get millions of subsidy from the BN government. FFM gets some RM80 million in subsidies as a flour miller. One, they source from their own mill. Two, they can pass the RM80 million subsidy from the government to consumers. Consumers can enjoy Massimo bread at RM2.50 courtesy also by the UMNO led government.
Gardenia does not have its own flour mill. It does not enjoy government subsidy. It sells its premium wheat germ bread at RM3.20 a loaf.
Why has the battle gone overboard so as to drag the innocent bread consumed by whomever who wants to, into a business involving the various communities in our country? Gardenia is said to represent the Malay bread while Massimo represents the Chinese bread.
Gardenia is 30% owned by Syed MOkhtar while Massimo brand is owned by Robert Kuok. Both are small change in their respective business empire.
Sometime ago, I have written about Gardenia in so far as Syed Mokhtar’s involvement is concerned. My objection is what more does he want? He has all the fingers and toes and whatever bodily projections he has, in every economic facet in this country. I was disturbed at the tentacles of the man reaching out entwining everything, leading me to question is he the only Malay in the country?
As to the bread itself, I have no quarrel and have been consuming the brand without thinking that Syed Mokhtar is 30% owner. He or his people are not involved in the manufacture of the bread nor its distribution. He is the owner by virtue of owning Bernas. Bernas already owned 30% of gardenia together with its Singapore partners. When Bernas was taken over by Syed MOkhtar, the 30% ownership vested in him automatically. That is the extent of his ownership. He got ownership through Bernas.
So my question is why make the innocent bread suffer because of our politics? This will be explored in the ensuing article.


Anonymous,  11 July 2013 at 12:38  

Dato and fellow bloggers

It is obvious, isn't it, that the rate at which things are going on, more 'robber barons' will exist. And that of course, will be at the expense of the rakyat.


Jamal,  11 July 2013 at 14:11  

I go by the simple economics of the man in the street. I have been buying Massimo because it is much cheaper. Even Massimo's 100% wheat bread is only RM3.50. But if you ask UMNO-linked Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), it can give 101 reasons why we must support Malay-Muslim businesses; none of which is related to consumerism nor economics.

Of course I also get that nice feeling that I am not totally 100% supporting the well-being of an UMNO's proxy. I am already involuntarily supportive of him through his other businesses in his empire.

Anonymous,  11 July 2013 at 16:19  

I thought it was brainless idea from an equally brainless NGO(?) until I read a tweet on "kempen boikot barangan Cina" (or something to that effect)with a FULL LIST of products supposedly produced by the DAP Chinese(?). Where does this campaign lead to and how is it going to end? Are we oblivious to the serious global financial turmoil heading our way? How are going to weather this crisis as a fragmented nation, socially, politically and now racially? I'm never a supporter of EO, ISA or SA but if there is ever a use for these draconian laws, this should be it. Why does the govt allow this division to fester with NO ACTION whatsoever taken?

Anonymous,  11 July 2013 at 16:35  

YB Sak,
In fact me and many of my friends and relatives have stopped buying Gardenia bread not only because Syed Moktar had taken the 30% of BERNAS but because Massimo taste better and CHEAPER. We are looking at the economic aspect of current high cost of living.

Anonymous,  11 July 2013 at 16:55  

Salam Datuk Sak. We are surprised that you only found out about this recently. Since your appointment as MP, please allocate some funds to hire someone to go through all the blogs on a daily basis.

What you will see, hear amd learn may make your hair grow white or fall out. Believe us that from the UMB, blog house to the lowest of low class unpaid blogger, not only is sedition rife but the whole fabric of Msia society is been threaten.

We look forward to you taking on some of these issues in parliment like your maiden speech.

Anonymous,  11 July 2013 at 18:17  

The country is very sick.

Everything comes down to race and religion.

Some Muslim organisations are grossly misguided and too narrow and divisive in their politics....they are more loyal and caring of other Muslims in other countries than their own fellow non Muslim countrymen/women who work hard and pay taxes to contribute to the country development.

Donplaypuks® 11 July 2013 at 22:38  

YB Dato

Here's the wholewheat truth and nothing but the wholewheat truth about Gardenia which I wrote about in June 2012 at:

Massimo at $2.50 a loaf is bran, Gardenia at 3.20, wholewheat grain, and bran at $2.40. The wheat content is significant; bran from the outer layer of the wheat grain has less nutritutional value than wholewheat, which in turn reflects the lower $2.40 per loaf! So, one must compare apples with apples. Let the consumer be aware of the difference, know what they are paying for, decide and win.

Despite our misgivings about SMB, apparently Bernas paid a fair price for 30% of Gardenia. A certain Maha Firaun's son wanted it for a song and was rebuffed by the controlling S'pore shareholders; the looting mentality will never cease for some!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Unknown 11 July 2013 at 22:42  

Gardenia 'is so good you can eat it on its own' said its jingle AND it is so because of the excess sugar which suits the general Malay taste buds.
BUT the price is not competitive and at times if left outside for a few days it doesn't last.
Massimo hit the market sometime the last quarter of 2012. It not only is tasty but for Rm 3.20 I get the 700gm loaf compared to Gardenia 300gm for the same price.
its as some of your visitors say about stretching the ringgit. My brood of 4 growing children go through 700gm daily,for breakfast and tea. Its so wholesome.
If one watches the trend in 99 outlets, Massimo loaves clear faster than Gardenia. The latter has other Continental varieties for RM 4.50 each but I have not been seen any of them, even in 7-11 outlets, which do not carry Massimo at all.
It was a war initially but nowadays Massimo thrives for its cheapness and better taste!

dukuhead 12 July 2013 at 16:52  

this bread war has reached the heights of ridiculousness. I eat gardenia and not massimo because i find gardenia tastier and i am more used to its flavor. i tried massimo for sometime but i didn't like it as much. It's just bread, people! don't let race spoil your dough!

Anonymous,  12 July 2013 at 20:00  

1 Malaysia is a con job by Najib and he knows it. On one hand, he so-called champions 1malaysia and on the other hand, he encourages Utusan to whack the other races. Because of the toilet paper, we have all the problems as highlighted in this article.

walla 12 July 2013 at 20:58  

If it's not bread today, it will be something else another day.

We need to break out of the matrix of race matted with political economics otherwise this country will remain sluggish in the free-flow thinking power needed to make real transformations.

We are still in the WSTC mode when others have propelled ahead with their WMAD mode.

Look around. At least ninety percent of this country is just made of trading and low value production.

It's still all about who signs the cheques when it should long have been who makes a difference.

Too many are locked day in day out in the primacy of just getting contracts and sales and not how to add real and definitive value that makes a difference.

Connect that to the political situation before us today. The present federal has no brainpower, saying things to evade facts and doing things to leverage personal advantage.

Therefore, the central command it attempts to wield cannot be the solution. It is in fact the problem.

And it is a problem multiplied into society through the old indefensible rukun-rukun of race, religion and rights which demotivate all from helping one another with more open minds and hearts.

We need to make a clean break from the mind-cuffs of yesteryear.

Instead of a clueless top pushing down pr pieces checkered by fear of change, we need a new paradigm that makes and manages real and relevant progress activated precisely in industry through a more open and intelligent media of real knowledge that pushes possibilities not propaganda.

Then, and only then, will people yearn to learn again so that they can improve, reinvent and reinvigorate what are already worn-out and moribund.


Three Trees,  13 July 2013 at 00:37  

Dato'SAK, We use to run a Hainan Kedai Kopi in the good old days when racial n religious intolerance were minimal.Our shop is halal but we don't need certfication from Jakim or Jais.We just get our village ustaz to slaugter the chicken and in return he get a cuppa of Kopi O n a slice of roti bakar.Our customer are multi racial and our pau kacang,sayur n ayam sell like hot cake.There is no fear from our Muslim customer patronising our shop.The Haji from the malay Kg sell and deliver his tapioca producea daily to the village farmers who rear pig.Ahh the good old days before the devil in disguise divide and rule the country.Dato don't let our beloved country go down in ruins.

Anonymous,  13 July 2013 at 12:20  

I switched to Massimo the very day the very day news came out about Gardenia's ownership.
Yes, Massimo is cheaper and taste better. But that is not the reason I switched. I hate anything that is linked to UMNO. That's it.
Syed Moktar is making my money in other areas where I have no other choice. One such area is Puspakom which I need to go to every time I want to sell my car or transfer its ownership. Just to check my chassis and engine number ( to confirm it is not a stolen car) I have to pay a hefty RM 30.00.And this applies to the second owner, even if he wants to sell his car after one month. And again to Puspakon for the third owner if he wants to sell it. Legal piracy.

Anonymous,  13 July 2013 at 13:25  

Adakah Muslim di Malaysia lupa akan Fardhu Kifayah yg Syed Mokhtar sedan lakukan??? Apa bila hat I dibutakan oleh has ad dengki semua orange but adalah salah..
How Chinese kill Muslim business is buy offer ring cheap product biarpun dia rug I for a period of time just untuk menjahanamkan perniagaan orange Melayu Muslim.

Eli 14 July 2013 at 08:53  

I am into healthy diet, hence, would read the nutritional facts of my food. As bread is my daily diet, I am more particular in buying them.

The comparison of prices in the article is not a fair comparison. Gardenia bread sold at RM3,20 is a wholegrain bread whilst Massimo RM2.50 is JUST a wheatgerm bread. So, there is nothing to talk about in terms cheaper pricing. Gardenia wheatgerm bread should be compared to Massimo wheatgerm. I am sure they are sold at the same price.

As to the subsidy that is given to FFM, don't you think it is a clear indication of a crony. Only cronies get such huge amount of subsidy. What is the difference between Syed Mokhtar and Robert Kuok then?

Anonymous,  14 July 2013 at 12:05  

Dato, if both massimo and gardenia bread are to be sold at Indonesia or eygypt market at this kind of prices, I am pretty sure thst massimo bread would have beaten gardenia flat . Despite Indonesia or eygypt being the biggest muslim nation, people buy purely for econonic reasons. Only the leaders like morsi or umno still believe playing the religion or race card.

Unknown 14 July 2013 at 15:18  


my comment is this...
i am not sure if the gardenia bread is now at rm 3.20??

both massimo n gardenia i usually buy at rm2.40 and rm2.50....the 400gram one...

the 600gramme cost about rm3.40 +-

both these billionaire are directly or indirectly mahathirs crony... both give money to umno to fund their operation...maybe robert kuok slowed down on this... same goes with ananda krishnan and vincent tan, best crony buddies of mahathir....

i suggest to all readers here, boycott both massimo and gardenia... why do billionaires need to get involve in all business including BREAD ???

why not SME / IKS do this...?? In Europe there is no such thing, most breads are produced for local consumption.... each town have their own bread maker...

Buy other brands...if Giant nearby, buy that 600gramme bread at RM2.65 way much cheaper that massimo and gardenia....

Anonymous,  14 July 2013 at 17:28  

'How Chinese kill Muslim business is buy offer ring cheap product biarpun dia rug I for a period of time just untuk menjahanamkan perniagaan orange Melayu Muslim' - Anon 13:25

In the business world, there are all kinds of characters with their own ways, legal and illegal or moral or immoral, to get ahead of their competitors.

Private business people are in business to make money for themselves....race and religion do not come into the equation, unless they have political agenda.

The big businesses, with plenty of financial resources, would like to monopoly the market so they could increase their share of the market to increase price and profit as and when they like.

Most chinese family owned small business eg. kedai runcit, roti and etc. are destroyed are big businesses like Gaints, Tesco, government business agencies, Parkson and others big supermarkets and etc..

Small businessess do not have the resources to compete with them and there is gross lack of trade and fair competition regulations to protect them.

Small businesses are the employment powerhouse and the indicator of business confidence in the country.

They are real backbone of the country economy providing millions with REAL employment, income and social security to support ordinary people.

All Government in the world DO NOT create jobs.

The government do not care of small businesses and their families who relied on their business to support their family and retirement.

Anonymous,  14 July 2013 at 18:37  

Orang melayu ni kalau pasal agama depa tak pikir dah. Yang halal di Arab Saudi pun jadi haram kalau ada fatwa dari ustaz tiga sulu Jakim.

Anonymous,  15 July 2013 at 10:50  


bodoh punya propaganda... buat apa nak boikot Massimo ? As an apolitical when it comes to food and many areas but abhorring corruptions, crime, injustice, insane racism, etc keluarga aku sengaja switched off dari Gardenia buat sementara waktu, mungkin kekal sebagai pelanggan Massimo untuk reciprocate support Uncle Massimo untuk Harapan Baru Rakyat.

Siapa yg nak sediakan peluang pekerjaan untuk gologan pekerja ini kalau bukan Uncle Massimo ? Pasal makan roti pun nak dipaksa, macam kita ni tak boleh berfikir how, where, whom we want to purchase from !!! sebenarnya ada muslihat yg sistematik nak sekat peluang transparency, keadilan untuk minoriti S&M serta penjaja - penjaja pop and mom.

Dah hampir setahun posted di perantauan, balik sekejap, ruling BN (?!) politicans, many still lack of committed political will and energy to fasttrack solutions providing, taking heed and respecting the wishes of the voters and spur working well in collaboration with Pakatan MPs for the Rakyat, tapi ngo perkasa serta media mereka masih gunakan muslihat yg sama, malah top up dengan lebih isu untuk divert urgent attention from critical issues affecting the working class of rakyat serta S&M in socio - economic, public safety and political concerns, to delay positive collaboration and spur productive creative thinkings and better or the best ways of tackling isssues; migrating developments to the rural areas ( this is a worlwide concern of inequality distribution of wealth and socio - economic opportunities, but our Rakyat in the pendalaman, rural areas do not have to be trapped in, or is it so ? Yes ?

Inclusiveness, transparent, fair opportunity and enhanced muhibbah spirit benefiting all Malaysians first, from maintainance, security, wiring in posh condos, highend properties, maintenance of elevators, escalators, ticketing machines at LRT, ATMs, KLIA, should INCLUDE Malaysian Indian and Chinese employees from the low income segment FIRST and not solely hijacked by agents who resort to employing "preferred" cheap foreign indon labor. Why this ? To enhanced better relationship with multiracial Malaysian ? Empower our Rakyat first, not the illegals getting jobs, which is not only mind- boggling but insane, so create meaningful jobs and transparent and fair business opportunities for multiracial Malaysians first, then let the illegals obtain temporary or meaningful part - time jobs from them.

Mercato, the Cold Storage, Tesco, Giant, exclusive dining outlets, dining all fast food restaurants should do the same as socially muhibbah, fair, engaging enterprises.

Unknown 15 July 2013 at 11:31  

i seriously do not know wats going to happen to this country...

semalam i jalan2 shopping kt sogo.... kat tempat jual baju, one of the brands promoter was all bangladeshis....most are local staffs chinese and malay promoters.... but surprised too see banglas working as promoters selling branded clothes...

some promoters work part time or full time... i used to work as promoter after my SPM...

if works like this is being taken over by foreigners, I seriously do not how wat the locals going to do in the near future..

i have already seen pakistanis from sabah driving taxi in kl n selangor, received pizza Domino delivered by bangladeshi... have seen KK and 7-11 stores full staff by myanmar in cheras batu 9....

thousands of africans are here...doing all sort of illegal business...

So scary man.... a lot people still sleeping

Anonymous,  15 July 2013 at 11:40  


Hence empowerment from bottom up ( good thing, Idris Jala hears it loud and hard, but how seriously committed, swift and furious is he and his team ? ) to the middle class in positive collaboration to tackle critical issues affecting the working class of rakyat, moving on and forward simultaneously ?

Honestly, reading positive matters in social political blogs should be taken two steps beyond self,and discuss further with other thinkers, recognized when due and be united to keep pressing on for implementation of excellent ideasat community and national level, and not sit passively, being fed by fast - food propaganda eateries or solely rely on statistics and data analysis and paid thingkers of the ruling govt as in Malaysia or in any nations as data can be can be spruced up to suit the ruling cabinet ministers and their cronies' vested interests and targetted audience in diversify tangents, No ?

I must say there are some degree of excellent changes in the nation , all due to a consistent strong truthful complaints of savvy Rakyat, bloggers and well travelled foreign toursists in the social media, and checks and balances by Pakatan cabinet ministers and aduns, and specifically the Laman Rahman, the Malaysian Textile Demo Building, the revamped Coliseum Cafe which my Dad used to bring the family and friends to; Pasar Seni ( the non stop traditional music akin to chantings sent my foreign friends into throbbing headaches, can't Pasar Seni be more innovative to play contemporary muhibbah Malaysian songs as well and pay contemporay young talented musicians and composers so that they can sustain their talents and livelihood ?

It is necessary from the PDRM, all civil staff including the heads dealing with the public should read public complaints columns in the social media on a daily basis and take immediate remedies. If these people do not know about the price of things, the issues of the common people, it just reflect they are out of touch, they can't relate, and the PAs' lack of efficiency and accountability in keeping them informed about the hard truths, they each, fail to be on top of multi- leveled issues.

To be fair, certain things are getting slightly better, but the Government need to speed up, surely. It is mature, diplomatic, if not crucial that both intelligent and honest, fair minded MPs from Pakatan and a few BN MPs are seen snailing in similar direction, muhibbah, and politically mature and democratically to collaborate well for the good of our beloved nation. And STOP asking us smart, honest, muhibbah Melayu to pack up, and welcome Sulu ?!! Stop telling us to think in corrupted ways, in racism and tolerate nonsense; for we know we will support and respect our respective community and fellows' good values and muhibbah heritage and Asian heritage.

Another tangent, why force students from established private college universities to study Asian cultures, it must be an elective subject, cultures will not feed ones' empty stomach, or avoid personal debts leading to generational debts, loss of hopes genrating to catastrophic unemployent, it is about being equipped with the best applicable knowledge and employable skills.

Listening to dinosaur - aged Muhyiddin Yassin is akin to auctioning ones' common sense and intelligence to the facists or be entertained by froggies' ribbittings.

hmm, is it crucial or if not necessary for the UN to be revamped swiftly in order to be relevant today.. thinking aloud...

Anonymous,  16 July 2013 at 11:36  

Macam KFC juga Dato, pemvesar umno sibuk dlm media kata ayam kFC sembelih tak betul, maknanya haram la tu. Lepad tu bagi share kat mangkuk-mangkuk umno semua jadi ok dan halal belaka. Kes roti pun sama, bagi la saham kat mangkuk-mangkuk umno, nanti semua ok la tuuu..

Anonymous,  16 July 2013 at 18:02  

hahaha burger McD, King's apa kurang ? nampak urat salad layu aje, padahal tambah salad sampailah bertingkat- tingkat, create business untuk petani- petani kita yang papa kedana, hahaha mereka fikir kena bayar thinkers berjuta- juta, ide baru phenomenal; yang kita semua kaya dengan common sense !

sokong anon 16 July, Bravo ! semua kena haram, mineral water, apa yg tak halal, pelik...korupsi umno okay ? makanan serta minuman dah halal, masih syak, pelik.. kontrol mulut, kontrol sikap buruk setakat dlm bulan mulia Ramadhan.. Org yg betul-betul faham agama, tak cam tu, sebaliknya baik, amanah serta ikhlas sebagai amalan hidup seharian, definitely jugde a book by its content, not the cover, perhaps, at times, the cover is meant for commercial value, dictator face value ..

Yaay, Walla still writing so brilliantly ;)

Selamat Berpuasa Yang Berkhidmat Dato Sak serta kaum Muslimin dan Muslimat, Dr. Ong Kian Ming, DAP yg ikhlas, Salam.

Anonymous,  16 July 2013 at 18:13  

" dua ekor " itu sengaja nak provoke Melayu, provoke Cina memihak mereka, spin racial hatred, sial betul, patut dihukum buat kerja amal untuk warga tua Melayu, India, Cina yg miskin selama dua tahun serta cuci tandas awam !!!

Anonymous,  19 July 2013 at 14:26  

When the Corridors of Power is in bed with the devil and Greed is bottomless where can the country go but DOOM.

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