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Friday 26 April 2013

The People of Malaysia must throw off the yoke of Corruption and Deception!

You can clearly see the comedy behind it all. UMNO makes a big fuss of it being serious in wanting to haul Che Johan Che Pa before its disciplinary board headed by the ageing Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen. It declares pompously before this, that it will take tough action against Che Johan who backed out of his candidacy in Pasir Mas. As a result, Ibrahim Ali, the self-proclaimed fighter of the Malays, obtained a backdoor passage to get in as candidate.
UMNO people have got this strange fetish about getting in from the backdoor. For years, it has pedalled smut through the TV and media, turning innocent members of the public into accomplices to its Big Lie. Its main attention-grabbing storyline?  The science and art of anal sex.
Why should any intelligent and right thinking Malay abandons his own ability to allow Ibrahim Ali to become spokesman to champion his interests? Why should the Malay lawyer, the engineer, the professional who are all articulate, self-assertive and cerebrally more able, appoint Ibrahim as their representative? They dishonour themselves.
It was all part of a show, insulting the intelligence of ordinary members. It was all planned in an elaborate set up. UMNO could not field Ibrahim Ali directly fearing that it would offend the sensibilities of its BN partners and more so offending the feeling of its members. Ibrahim Ali has always been a subcontractor to UMNO for its sewage facilities from which all the filth and dirt emanates from.
The morale of the story: UMNO through the media industry it owns and manipulate and the industry’s practitioners which its cows and intimidates can do anything it pleases and will. It can turn black into white. The UMNO owned media suddenly comes out with the farfetched story that Che Johan Che Pa withdrew because it was all part of a strategic plan, to save Pasir Mas.
Save Pasir Mas from what? A Malay is going to win the seat. He comes from PAS. The Malay from PAS isn’t less Malay than the Malay in UMNO, so there is indeed, nothing to save Pasir Mas from. Pasir Mas needed to be saved from the evil political machinations and skulduggery of UMNO’s sewage standard politics.
In truth, Che Johan was likely to have been paid off either by UMNO or Ibrahim and he knows UMNO can’t win there. Che Johan was saving himself from humiliating defeat.
It follows from there, the all the image that UMNO has, all the image about its leaders are all media created. And that means they are all good imaginative stories bur they all a big lie.
So it’s a big lie that Najib is the leader of the only party that can manage this country. It’s a big lie that Naib is the leader of the party that is capable of protecting Malay interest. It’s also a big lie that Najib is leader of the party that can protect everything that is dear to the Malays. Equally true, all the things said about the opposition parties are also lies and deceit.
All Najib and BN have at the end of the day, to compensate for the big lie that it subjects the people to, is money to buy off the dignity of the people. The hard-pressed people in Raub, the title-less landowners, the TOL operators, the youths who are suddenly given land, these are all outright bribery. The sheer openness by which UMNO and BN shamelessly bribe the voters can only stem from UMNO and BN’s second nature- which is that UMNO and BN are congenitally corrupt.
This is a corrupt regime that we are replacing in favour of a good and better government. This is a government that rules by discretion not by the rule of law.
If land titles can be miraculously given now, why can’t they be given years ago? Answer. Then, there was no political will nor was there any direct political benefit. Now, there is political benefit and there is political will on the part of BN leaders.
Suddenly Ho Khai MUn and Shaharudin Moin and Aziz Kiram are giving out things which they are cannot because they don’t have the capacity. In what capacity can these people give out anything at all? They aren’t part of a legal government? They are all candidates like my comrades and I, who cannot promise anything which we do not have legal ownership of.
The people of Raub should throw off the yoke of the Big Lie and deceit which UMNO and BN operates on.  


Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 07:54  

We cant blame the deceiving party entirely because of the stupidity of voters giving them to much respect, unable to differentiate between good and evil

In other neighbouring countries eg Philipine, Indon and Thailand also shown that corrupted leaders already being booted out decades ago eg Marcos, Suharto, Thaksin etc

Here, we still have corrupted leaders continued with their deception, selling their rotten wares as good.

At the end of the day, blame it on the remote and studipidty of our voters. Of course, there are some who gained from the deception are true local supporters of the evils

bruno,  26 April 2013 at 08:23  

Dato,first of all we have to understand that Perkasa's patron is one of the most richest, powerful politician and warlord in the country.When he snaps his fingers you can see frighten ministers,politicians and minders in the room leaving puddles of water behind when they leave.

So we have to excuse them if they are ordered by the most powerful man in Umno,to stand down or chickened out,to make room for his protegy the katak,Abrahim.Nobody in Umno dare stand up to the patron of Perkasa,including the PM Najib.To do so will be in one's peril.Who is Che Johan anyway.He is just a prawn in a political game.

Umno being the incumbent big brother in BN sorely lacks good talented members to stand as winnable candidates.Being a political party full of corrupted leaders,bright and talented Malays shun the party like the plague.They preferred the component parties of PR,be they PAS,PKR or DAP.That is the reason Umno treats the likes of Abrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin as winnable candidates.What else can they do as they have no more credible candidates.The best they have are these losers.

Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 08:48  

we can shout these bribery but the MACC is so quiet when come to BN doings...BN has control the government executive machinery..the police judiciary macc is so subservient to BN .Time to change

Pak Zawi 26 April 2013 at 09:13  

The issue of Che Johan pulling out was known before hand and was carried in such blog as Mohd Sayuti Omar's MSO here on Friday 19th April. It was a blatant lie that UMNO HQ, UMNO Kelantan and UMNO Pasir Mas didn't know about it. No wonder Ibrahim Ali looked confident even when he was not named as the UMNO friendly candidate for Pasir Mas whereas his colleague Zul Nordin was named for Shah Alam. How I wish PAS had put in a much stronger candidate such as Dato Ramli Yusof who has a deeper pocket to counter Ibrahim's big war chest with Tun Kutty backing him. The least PAS could have done was to allow Dr. Wan Suhaimi to take on Ibrahim as he had done some ground work since he is a local from Chetok. I don't want to speculate on the reason why this happened. All we need to do now is to work hard to defeat this incumbent even with the slimmest of margin. With the amount of grease Ibrahim is willing to apply, it is going to be a monumental task.

Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 10:01  

Dear dato you are right
now's the time to fight
we are all behind you
enhancing your might
this fight will be tight
but fear not this plight
GOD is always behind the right
this guy called Ho think he is bright
even though he skull is filled with tahi
forward we march day and night
to secure a future that is bright
come 5th of May night
all malaysians will shed tears of pride

May GOD bless, protect and guide you always

Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 10:12  


Umno tidak lagi berjuang untuk kebaikan rakyat. Pemimpin umno cuma rajin mengumpul kekayaan diri tanpa menghiraukan masa depan dan kelangsungan hidup negara.

Dalam jangka masa 10 tahun lagi simpanan minyak kita akan kehabisan. Negara kita akan menjadi muflis jika korupsi berterusan. Semoga kaum Melayu khasnya menyedari akan realiti ini dan bertekad menukarkan teraju negara.

Ini kalilah!

Cahaya Qalbu,  26 April 2013 at 16:16  

Non-Muslims should have no problem or be worried by the Islamic values champion by PAS as we all believe that there is a DIVINE need for a better management of the country as PAS will definitely practices universal values that can be accepted by ALL.

The racial quandary today was created by the so called Islamic party UMNO, which doesn’t practiced and preached neither Islamic values nor universal values, but on the contrary openly propagates un-Islamic values, that is abused of power, corruption and cronyism to only enrich themselves, their families and cronies which all religion forbid, yet its endemic in UMNO !!

These UMNO leaders uncured diseases are further confirmed when none in UMNO leadership dared to reprimand the soiled CSL and MCA for openly insulting Muslims and Islam at the MCA National Assembly few months back! And this non-elegant silence of UMNO leaders clearly proved that UMNO is just using and manipulating religion, out-sourced to MCA to try to frighten the non-Muslims voters of voting PR!

The sandiwara of UMNO and MCA will fail as non-Muslims today are not afraid of the universal good values in Islam! In fact they should embrace such values as it can only serve to bring down the corrupt leaders of UMNO and BN! By not having the guts to defend Islam from MCA attacked, many Malays also perceived UMNO as hypocritical proclaiming they are defenders of Islam.

Rakyat should realize by now UMNO is only interested to cling on to power and continue being in power at whatever cost so that after the next GE, they will resume plundering the wealth of the country, all at the expense of the rakyat !!

In truth humans are all brothers and sisters. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and to those believers of the DIVINE power.

All Malaysians must turn out in full force in the next GE to vote PR to replace UMNO and BN for a better Msia, simultaneously entrenching a 2-party system that can only be good for the RAKYAT!!!
Let's build a nation for ALL, living in peace and harmony….


Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 18:13  

Ibrahim Ali - Orang Gila Saja Sokong UMNO. Watch here :!

Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 18:49  


How is your election campaign in Raub?

Raub is a tough battle to fight. Don't be shy to get more strong leadership from DAP/PAS/PKR to help you campaign in Raub.

We really hope you can win in Raub!

Anonymous,  26 April 2013 at 18:57  

The creation of Perkasa only shed more bad light to UMNO. WHy the need to outsource struggle to defend Malay rights to an NGO? While UMNO members shouting "Hidup Melayu" in PWTC? Perkasa most probably the best double agent Pakatan can wish for. I seriously think Tok Heng and Zul Lebai Kopiah are agent send by DSAI to upset non Malay supporters in UBN.

walla 26 April 2013 at 20:31

ordinary malaysian 27 April 2013 at 02:35  

Nobody could have put it so well as you did, Datuk! The IA saga is a cowardly give in to the real powers that be . And the rest is just wayang kulit. We Malaysians and especially the Umno bums, are supposed to be due dullards. The bums may be, but we Malaysians aren't fools. As for land titles and TOLs, these are convenient devices to dispense for votes when they suit the occasion. Otherwise, do you hear from the august vote beggers?

Anonymous,  27 April 2013 at 02:56  

Melayu UMNO lwn. Melayu PAS-PKR-DAP.

Akhirnya, Melayu dipilih juga. Apa pulak UMNO nak kecoh?

Tanaylah mengapa Perkasa diperkasakan Mahathir Mohammad?
Mungkinkah kerana masa tu, Pemuda UMNO diterajui orang yg paling dibenci Tun?

Dulu Muhyidin kata Perkasa bukan UMNO. Mamat tu kata orang fitnah UMNO nak mengaitkan Perkasa dengan UMNO.

Sekarang, Tun pun dah konfirm Perkasa ni sub-kontraktor UMNO.

Kesimpulannya, si Muhyidin tak cakap betul. Kurang manislah kalau nak sebut Pembohong.

Realitinya, masih nak undi Pembohong?


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