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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 5 April 2013

The MCA Art of Deception

When it’s announced that I shall be standing in Raub, MCA mouthpieces made a big case out of some opposition to my candidacy. I don’t have to explain to MCA about what happened in Raub; the way they want to interpret the issue, should be grounds for them to expect an easy win then. Isn’t it good for them? I have already written- if my opponent is Dato Ho Khai Mun  , he is nice fellow. Let’s do battle in a civilized manner.If Khai Mun endorses this underhand tactic, I will be forced to reevaluate my perception of him as a gentleman.
Suddenly I am accused of being an extremist because it seems, I have demanded the government cease to fund Chinese schools. It’s impossible for me to have said that, because I have always maintained that language is an integral part of one’s culture that can never be destroyed. And when the Chinese see Chinese schools as the last bastion for safeguarding their culture, only supremacists would want to abolish it. It is impossible for me to quarrel with that.I am a democrat not a supremacist.
But let me turn the tables on them;  if only now that MCA raises this issue, this is another proof that the Chinese must REJECT MCA totally. They have not been vigilant in looking out for Chinese interest. Why support a Chinese party that is keener to play Uncle Tom to UMNO?
If I have said that when I was in UMNO, why didn’t the MCA stand up? Ti Lian ker or Ho Khai MUn would certainly pounce on me. Chua Soi Lek was brave to call an UMNO assemblyman mad when the latter proposed the adoption of Islamic law which has nothing to do with the Chinese. If I had said something that affects the Chinese directly, why didn’t the MCA protest vociferously?
The fact is, I did not even say that. Please show me the article and I will be glad to lecture the MCA people who raised the issue, a thing or two about comprehension. We learn this at Old School didn’t we? Two years ago, I think I wrote something asking where have all the Chinese children gone when enrolling in standard one?  In one school in Galing Kuantan, I did not see Chinese children. So I offered my opinion.
To the Chinese, education has always been top priority otherwise how do you explain the voracious appetite of Chinese parents sending their children for all sorts of tuition? The refusal of Chinese parents in sending their children to National Schools is a searing indictment on the government on its abject failure to provide a good education system. Our schools are underequipped, staffed by inadequately trained teachers and most important of all fail consistently to provide good results. As a result, Chinese prefer to send children to Chinese schools where they produce superior results.
I said, if the government had succeeded in providing top class education in national schools, Chinese parents will be tripping over each other to send their children to the best schools. When this happens, Chinese medium schools will be less preferred. Government schools must still provide POL.
Now, can we understand the issue? Now let’s get back to the core issues.
The time to criticize the government is over. Now it is up for the people to judge without interference.  We know this. The majority is shouting ini kalilah. Beginning in Sabah, it has now spread all over Malaysia. Most of the Chinese visiting their ancestral graves the last two days, were saying ini kalilah. yes, please maintain that thought . if not you will be dihonouring the memory of your ancestors. please remember there is a leader from UMNO questioning the legality of your ancestors' citizenship. kick out the government. 
This is the time for us to leave darkness toward a real brighter future.
What kind of future? It is a future of good government. A good government made up of dedicated, committed and selfless individuals who put the interest of the people and country first. It is a government upholding the rule of law. It’s the rule of law that gives protection to the people from the rapaciousness and deception of BN leaders.
It will be a government where due empowerment is given to the institutions that safeguard democracy and to institutions that run the administration professionally.Start by rejecting representatives that behave like monkeys in parliament and the state assemblies.
It will be a government that re-establishes the civil service as a paragon for providing professional service free from corruption to the people. It will be a government where the judiciary will be independent and where aggrieved citizens seek justice and relief. It will not be a government where the judiciary serves the interests of the select few. The institutions that serve to provide citizens security from domestic and external threats must be allowed to operate independently and professionally.


Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 18:40  

Resorting to lies is all that's left of MCA weapon. They have lost it totally. Lies after lies in spite of people not only not believing them but even laughing at their silliness. They are afraid of you Dato. Give those eunuchs all you have and send them to retirement.

Pakatan Chinese supporter

OneMalaysian,  5 April 2013 at 18:48  

Dear Sakmongkol

Tell the good people of Raub that if you were against Chinese education, the DAP would not have fielded you. Is that simple enough to answer the MCA?

But tell the Chinese that DAP is not only supportive of Chinese education, but they want good education for all Malaysians. The DAP supports the learning of English because this is the passport to an overseas education and a passport to a better future. Still, of course, we must revamp the national schools system and curriculum.

Expect more dirty tricks from the MCA guys – friend or no friend – they are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 18:48  

MCA have been reading The Star, NST, Utusan ect. They refuse to read the blogs.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 18:54  

Let them say what they like, we are with you. We know we can trust you.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 19:00  

Major error
You said
"Start by selecting representatives that behave like monkeys in parliament and the state assemblies"
It should be ".....don't behave like monkeys....."
Please correct before umno bloggers make mincemeat out of you

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 19:14  

Dato ' as a Chinese ,any time any issue I have more trust and confidence in you than anyone from MCA.
May you win the Raub parliamentary seat.

patrick,  5 April 2013 at 19:19  

Looking forward to great things from you,Sak AK47 if your articulate thoughts are anything to go by!Good luck in Raub and yes,it's time to give the Uncle Tom to UMNO a good hiding!

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 19:21  



Daripada : seorang rakyat Malaysia kaum Cina

Nasir,  5 April 2013 at 19:31  

Syabas.dan selamat berjaya merampas Parlemen Raub Utk PR.


Raub Gung-Ho,  5 April 2013 at 19:39  

What MCA is good at is simply TELLING LIES.Oo.oh..I forgot! They are also very good in corruption with their sifu UMNO.The MCA coffin nails are already in hand. It only needs nailing in by end of this month??

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 19:47  

sebelum pergi panamaan calun puas puas jilat pantat lks minta berkat. lepas itu pergi tongeng bontot depan anwar.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 19:50  

Dato Sak

Dont take this issue seriously. You need to go to the ground and talk to them smartly and win their hearts before they go to vote.

Every accusation against the opposition are fabricated to split the votes.

As rightfull citizens we know that a change in the government was needed to reinstate many benefits which were lawfully neglected by the BN government to the various ethnic group.

Lets move forward with the slogan INI KALI LAH we take over PUTRAJAYA.

One kind request Dato Sak, please continue to write in this blog if you happen to be in the Pakatan cabinet. We need help from you for our childrens.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 20:11  

Now please make a statement to the Chinese Press denying what the MCA had alleged.
As for an apology or else you will institute legal proceeding against him.
The Chinese voters should be informed that you never said those words.
How is that you have not explained about why the local DAP leaders are against your candidacy.
Finally, BN does not know the meaning of fair play. Don't trust that MCA opponent, whoever he is.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 20:11  

MCA will play hero against EVERYBODY else except UMNO.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 20:11  


It's time to kick MCA'a butt.

K Seanggoh,  5 April 2013 at 20:24  

By following your blog we know you are not an extremist and by joining DAP we know you are not after money because DAP reps are always harassed by the BN government. So don't worry the Chinese will support you.

FMZam 5 April 2013 at 20:29  

MCA will certainly go along in their campaign tagging you as "extremist" as their scare tactics. That tag will be a mental block for the Chinese when you confront them that you must clear it at the first instance. You have to ready your answer because that will be the first all the Chinese in Raub want to hear more than anything else in your ceramah. Convince them with your answer so you must first prepare a solid answer because unless your answer is convincing enough, the Chinese will turn you down and you will find it useless to go on talking on other things before an audience who does not have trust in you. MCA doesn't have to proof that allegation on you they have exploded a stink bomb and the Chinese audience must see how you proof to them you're never an extremist to deserve their votes.

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 20:39  

Anon 19:47
Awar tak ada puas hati, pi main tahi lah, bahlul

bruno,  5 April 2013 at 21:22  

Dato,this president of Mca,by the name of Chua Soi Lek who prefers to be known for his frolics with street walkers,with free dvds of him in action distributed to every Tom,Dick and his doggy.

For a man with such low morals who cannot even control his "birdie",we have to excuse him for not being able to control his big mouth.He is such a shameful man that he cannot even muster support and respect even from his own party members.

That is the reason he is being kicked around like a political football by his Umno masters.Chua Soi Lek will go down in history as being the only president of a major political party in Malaysia who does not have control of his own political future.He do not even know if master Jibby will let him be a losable candidate.That is the respect his Umno counterparts have of him.A total political reject.

Pay no heed to this irrelevant man as he will be history after this GE.His political masters will have no more use of his barking,and he will be discarded like a used tampon even if Umno/BN retained federal power.

Cahaya Qalbu,  5 April 2013 at 22:06  

1 of 2

To those who still support MCA,,, listen, listen, listen….

When the then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi extended the New Economic Policy (NEP) till 2020, the MCA had supported the 9MP’s Wealth Ownership clause which require non-Bumi Small-Medium Industries (SMIs) and Small-Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) to yield at least 30% share equity to Bumis.

This means the MCA has sold out the Chinese community by supporting the 9th Malaysia (9MP) which restricted their wealth ownership.

The MCA leaders who backstabbed the Chinese were Ong Ka Ting, Chan Kong Choy, Fong Chan Onn, Chua Soi Lek, and other Chinese cabinet ministers.

The 9MP was formulated in 2005 but none of the Chinese vernacular newspapers dare to report it abused that had only benefited BN leaders, families and cronies.

Also, MCA has becomes a “pondan” party which is shameful and disgusting since it is nothing but a stooge, just a decor piece to delude the Chinese. Did they work, defend and struggle for the rakyat or UMNO?

Here are some main MCA failures and cowardly acts:


> to get United Chinese School Examination (UCE) recognized.

> to settle the PKFZ scandal.

> to condemn rampant corruption and misused of power by BN’s individuals

> to say even a word when Teoh Beng Hockand other Msians died in custody.

> to oppose negotiated tender at the national level. The hypocrites make lots of noise that no Chinese got the “DID” contract in Penang.

> to oppose all the rent seeking projects, IPP's, IWK, Syabas, Tolls, Taxis, etc.

> to condemn public land grabs.

> to use MCA newspaper for transparency, instead using it for propaganda.

> to condemn TV3, Utusan and PERKASA

> to response to Nazri's comment that MCA is like an abused wife.

> to get scholarship for the many deserving poor students.

> to support Bersih for a clean, free and fair elections, but lied (Tung Shin hospital) and bodek-king big brother.

> to criticize the AP's and Proton. Both increased the cost of cars for all Msians.

> to vilify the NFC scandal, of which MCA has a deputy minister.

> to speak for the rakyat regarding the Scorpene deal and other dubious mega projects.

> to make their stand on the Sabah RCI.

While supporting:

> all BN policies, even when it contradict the Federal Constitution and violate Msians human rights, as long as they get a share of the cake, some crumbs maybe.

> football betting, just because their boss wants it, falsely claiming it to be non-Malay right. It may be good for few Chinese, but what about the majority who will consequently suffer.

> the Evidence Act, OSA, Sedition Act, PPPA, EA and other inhuman repressive laws.

> the fabrication of water and electricity crisis in Selangor.


> profiting from AES along the highway. (Speed trap should act as a deterrence, not to make profit of enriching cronies)

Cahaya Qalbu,  5 April 2013 at 22:06  

2 of 2

After 55 years of BN-led administration, the majority of the rural and urban people of all races, in the lower and middle income groups are still poor.

Today, there is one set of law for the BN elites and another for the ordinary rakyat and we have not only a weak prime minister in Najib Razak but who also does not uphold integrity and accountability.

The MCA Chinese traitors and their UMNO masters must be booted out before they wreak irremediable damage to the country’s socio-economic growth and racial harmony

It is crucial for Msians who embrace justice, truth and good governance to oust BN from Putrajaya this coming GE13 to halt their unimpeded pillaging the country’s coffer and dividing further a multi-racial multi-religious society to extend their misdemeanors and abuses of power.

Sad but true, the MCA has been the curse on the Chinese as much as UMNO and MIC have been the curse on the Malays and Indians respectively. By extension, BN has been the curse on Msians but at GE13, Msians will have the best opportunity to exorcise the curse forever.

The heart of this nation desperately and urgently needs a clean and fresh air for her wellbeing to progress healthily and it’s the duty of every Msian to make it happen.




Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 22:31  

Hello Bro, awok marah sgt ni pe hal?..berhujah le dgn fikiran terbuka. Kalau tak sokong pun, tak perlu ulas mcn org tak gi sekolah..nampak sgt awok amat kurang cerdik kan?..

Anonymous,  5 April 2013 at 22:47  

Anon 19:47,

Tolonglah berhujjah dengan sopan , berasaskan fakta dan berpaksikan keimanan ( sekiranya anda ni muslim ).

Inilah sebabnya pegawai kerajaan mcm aku mmg nak tengok sangat be end ini END..cara anda berinteraksi adalah cermin kepada cara kerajaaan membuat polisi dan mentadbir negara...ikut sedap je .

- rakyat yg menyampah dgn slogan 1 this n that

medza 5 April 2013 at 23:58  

Salam SakAK47,

Last straw for a drowning man. Congrtulations YB, the seat is yours.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 00:03  

Sokong sak. At least menang kita kenduri musang king di raub. Rasanya u menang.

Org ulu dong

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 00:13  

Dato Sak,
MCA- Memang Cina Asshole-Ameno lapdogs trying to play dirty spreading false rumours on racial and educational issues to derail your DAP candidacy. Desperate Chinese traitors suddenly finding their gravy trains disappearing will hit below the belts trying to survive.
Ignore these scums, concentrate on issues, clarify if need to clarify during campaigns; rope in LGE, LKS, TG Hadi, Anwar, Nurul to help later to explain to the Raub people.
Let MCA eats eggs and despatch CSL and Co back to become brothel operators after MCA gets annihilated.
Dato Sak must win for us, the Malaysians who are honest and with principles.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 00:52  

Thank you Sir for standing in Raub. We need more leaders such as yourself to build a better future. =)

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 00:52  

apa sumbangan anda semasa menjadi wakil rakyat dulu?maaf cakap tapi ramai penduduk tak kenal nak pergi raub pulak.kalu berani bertandingla semula tempat tu.kata terer sangat.memperjuangkan rakyat.

walla 6 April 2013 at 01:00  

Barisan has imploded on the peninsular. Umno has decided to abandon its coalition partners and go it alone in the strategic seats because it has finally recognized that the rakyat are no longer with the MCA, MIC and Gerakan.

So we come to the question: what will the members of the MCA, MIC and Gerakan do now?

Should they continue to vote and support Barisan in the peninsular which will only be Umno this time? If they do so and if Umno is returned, its members will demand even more for themselves.

This will result in more plunders and blunders in the new term. And once they do that, they will subvert even more the agencies which issue approvals and permits, and the institutions which maintain finance, education, utilities, law and order.

Or, should they break free from the Barisan mindset, and throw their support to cast their votes for Pakatan, knowing full well that this time there are many Malay members in Pakatan to welcome their support when the non-Malay members in Barisan have already given up theirs.

If they do so and Pakatan wins, this country will finally break free from the racial bind that was dug by Mahathir and his Umno gang to blind and divide the rakyat so as to take their attention away from all that Umno has meanwhile been doing to cheat, steal and walk away scot-free.

These Umno actions Pakatan has been exposing even till today but as one can see for those who choose to see, no substantial punishment has been meted until even lately a chief minister can thumb his nose at the MACC in broad daylight.

That is why regardless of their race, the rakyat in Raub and in every other constituency must see all the big things first this time.

Indeed, those who have been fed lies about Ariff Sabri should ask themselves if the lies are true, would the DAP have accepted his membership, what more nominated him?

Moreover, they should also ask themselves if Ariff Sabri can move from Umno to DAP on a matter of principle while knowing full well how many Malays demonize the DAP without facts or reason, why can't they too move from the MCA to DAP on the same matter of principle, namely to bravely restore integrity and excellence to this country which has many other little Raub's throughout the land?

This GE13 is not about a new road here, some pocket money there, a basket of mandarin oranges, or an sms personalized greeting. These things don't last, and if a government has to do these things just to be popular, it means it hasn't been doing its real job at all to earn any true popularity.

Voters should not stoop themselves so low as to vote for those only good at making stunts. After all, one must remember all these stuntmen have also been good at making scandals and swindles.

walla 6 April 2013 at 01:00  

The things that Ariff Sabri has written in his blog here show he has as much bravery and transcendental humanity as LGE who had defended justice for the Melaka girl against Thamby Chik, one of Mahathir's proteges.

Ariff Sabri is an ex-Umno communications chief. Yet he has embraced the concept of the DAP and become one of its best spokespersons, clarifying all the key issues which affect this country.

If all the key issues are not solved soon, this country's economy and social health will collapse.

Let me spell for you one simple example. Take a trip from Raub to Jalan Tun Razak. The Tun Razak Exchange project that is said to be a twenty Billion ringgit development project is just a fenced up piece of open corner land about the size of a few car parks. Yet they mentioned it will be a financial hub. Was that from thinking about the old RHB building up the road? The media also hinted about a medical hub. Was that from looking at a mid-sized private medical centre, also up the road? At this moment, that project is pure brochure-ware.

Everything we hear from Umno about development and projects is just about building more buildings. That's the fastest way for them to make big time money in big under-table lump sums while giving the impression that the economy is humming along. Even the bankers are taken in but that's because they see money from loans they can give out.

Where are the critical soft skills things that must be in place in order to make sure that in the future such big projects will be properly and fully used, and people will have better jobs with higher wages that they honestly earn?

Meanwhile, Najib's election goodies have already been spent using off-budget allocations.

The very fact they are off-budget means they were not part of the planned budget which means the giving with a smile and asking for a vote were all last minute things for the purpose of gaining popularity.

If a government had really been doing the right things all these past years, it would have been very popular by now and so will not need to do all these things.

Where, for instance, are the critical safety valves against big time corruption which have already cost the rakyat and their future generations in every city, town and housing estate, including Raub, Gelang Patah, even Wangsa Maju, all the billions that have already been siphoned and squandered? If such things are stopped, then more money can be made available to lift up those places faster and more efficiently.

Or are voters happy to continue with the present regime and just read for fun the latest leaked reports exposing how many local political leaders in Barisan have already sent their ill-gotten gains to offshore accounts? Note also that because they have stolen the money, they must also evade tax or else be found out.

Wake up, Malaysia!

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 01:29  

nobody listens to what mca have to say anymore, especially umno, and its giving umno nightmares knowing that whichever mca candidate they are fielding is gonna lose, umno just do not know how to say it to their face, if we see an mca person, lets just feel sorry for them and try to be as polite as we can.....

Jack Lee,  6 April 2013 at 01:58  

Your expression of Truth brings tears to my eye when I read your essay.

It's so liberating when you stand on the side of Truth without any feelings of being hypocrite and lying.

bumi-non-malay 6 April 2013 at 04:15  

Just challenge him to public debate in Chinese School....oterwise call him chicken.....

Just tell him in English or if he scared he can talk Chinese but you are allowed to bring interpreter of Superman...he he

#1 At the end just ask the Chinese audience What sort of Party endorse an unfaithful Leader?

#2 Justice Gila Malaysia is like this - ada Video Rakaman seks and Confession from Chua - MCA-UMNO-BN - tak apa?

Anwar - semua video tiru, tak ada confession - Di Charge!! Ke makamah...siasat Polis. Apa Ke GILAAN ini??

Orang Asli, Iban, Kadazan, Chinese indian malays ALL HATE Injustice.

Undi Pakatan to get Justice!! Ini Kali Lah!!

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 06:31  

Hello walla,

Why dont you ask your Tokong LGE about the tunnel he wants to build? Isnt that a waste?

You talk cock la Walla!!! kalau nak tunjok sangat ketaksuban kamu pada DAP biarlah berpatut. Ini tulis macam orang bengong.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 07:53  


Since when was DAP fight for Chinese School Education ?.Isn't all this while it was MCA that was promoting it when DAP was more busy trying to get as much power to secure chinese votes in towns.

The reckoning day is coming.You will be judged whether the majority chinese and malay voters will /can accept you in Raub.It s very nice you start talking about MCA now else it was more of UMNO and DS Najib hittings.

Abu Bakar Lebai Sudin of DAP lost to Yen yen by 2752 votes.None of malay DAP has won parliamentary seat that I know in the last few elections and what make you so special?.So far the difficulty lies in the chinese acceptance of malays playing prominent role in DAP. This is proven in the last DAP CEC selection.

For DAP to be accepted as a multiracial party prove to us that DAP can secure a sizeble numbers of Malays and Indian CEC members in the next selection else DAP will be viewed as another dominant chinese party like MCA.

Looking at the trend probably about 65 to 70 % chinese voters will go for DAP but Malay voters support after the various controversial issues like the basic use of kalimah Allah will haunt even your Pas supporters.DAP has not won any parliamentary seats in Pahang the last election.What does that message means to Pahang voters.

I will look closely on your performance for I believe this is your best oppurtunity politically to win on a level playing ground base on fair voters racial compositions.Good luck.@ NMT

walla 6 April 2013 at 08:05  

anon 06:31,

first tell me what you personally know of the project; give some details, and narrate the response by the rakyat of Penang to the briefing given by LGE recently.

don't shoot from your hip(s) unless you have facts to back.

you have been like this in this blog too many times. Why? paid or frus'?

Jong 6 April 2013 at 09:33  

Ini kali lah we will rock them!

That MCA Pahang's Ti Lian ker made a fool of himself "live" at a forum with Bernama, genuflecting before his filthy corrupt leaders; listening to him running down DAP only further confirmed MCA has turned into a eunuch community, what a tragedy!

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 09:35  

Most of the raub indians who attended temple yesterday HAVE ALL AGREED to VOTE for you .
Our team will be going to all temples in raub to promote your good self.House to house visits will be done by our team of young graduates who have been victimised by the present educational system.They will talk about how mic screwed up the indians.
GO into battle with confidance YB ARIEFF.
We were showing video clips on the destruction of temples in shah alam and how samy velu visited the demolished temple but was booed and chased out of the area.We also show the you tube about how ZUL bin anak pelacur condemmed hindu beliefs.
Apart from the diehard cronies of bn/mic ,you can consider indian votes are for you.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 10:01  

Anon 20:39:

Bukan salah ibu mengandung,dan bukan salah asuhan, 19:47 tu. Mana ibu di Malaysia dapat mengasuh hingga umur 20an, 30an. Yang dah biasa main tahi (senyap-senyap) usah dinasihati oleh sesiapa.

Anon 22:31: peminat-peminat blog ini sejak beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini senang saja nak mengecam siapa yang macam tak ke sekolah dan kurang cerdik dan siapa yang tidak, kau atau Dato' Ariff. No problem at all.

Tengok sahabat kau, Anon 06:31, bermula dengan baik,"Why dont you ask your Tokong LGE about the tunnel he wants to build? Isnt that a waste? ", tetapi, entah salah sistem persekolahan atau salah makan, (pasti bukan salah ibu mengandung) mau tak mau, "You talk cock la Walla!!!". ???? Pening kepala betul bagi orang UMNO yang nak angkat naik satu barisan muda yang lebih jujur dan intelektual untuk menggantikkan mereka satu hari kelak. Tanpa campur tangan dari PR 'Modal-modal' sebegini rupa adalah hadiah terbaik untuk UMNO dikuburkan secara 'harakiri'.

Berbalik ke hal 'tunnel' dan 'waste': projek gergasi yang tidak diselenggarakan oleh UMNO-BN memang dicap 'waste'. Kiranya PKFZ, Scorpene, NFC, dll, bukan waste apa sebabnya setiap hari ada bekas pegawai kanan kerajaan mengerumuni masuk parti-parti PR?

Barah Tipu Rakyat ada mala dan balanya. Bersekongkol dengan taikoh-taikoh MCA (ada yang berdwi-fungsi sebagai Ahlong separuh-masa) mempercepatkan gerakan keluar dari pejabat-pejabat di Putrajaya. Hanya diminta dan dirayu apa jua kemalangan tidak akan terjadi kepada dan di dalam pejabat-pejabat kepunyaan rakyat jelata.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 10:11  

you are to the T.
in he late 1960s and early 1970s, going o missionary school was top priority. chinese schools were not in vogue because of quality issues.
and i am taking my youngest son out of national school coz I have enough of UMNO brain-washing syllabus.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 10:28  

Salam Tuan,
Mintak tuan komen skit pasal -

nckeat88 6 April 2013 at 10:29  

Well said. The Chinese had been misleaded to believe that they should protect the so called chinese education. But this is not the truth, the truth is national schools's quality are so bad, Chinese parent have no choice but to send their children to SRJK and I am one of them. If NS can provide quality education, I have no problem to send my kids there even if they were to learn Arabic.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 10:41  

Anon 6 April 2013 06:31,care to explain what wastage you are talking about the tunnel?Is it no commission for you.Please gaves some facts before you are branded idiot?
If you have anything against walla,by all means reply facts by facts,like a gentleman.Don't be like BN,everything is hitted below the belt i.e coward.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 10:43  

To the voters of Raub

Not many people know Raub, much less been there. The highways do not excess directly to Raub town thus giving it a miss to regular commuters. Now here your chance to uplift the laid back-radar-missed reputation of your beloved town.

Vote Ariff Sabri and all Malaysian eyes will be magnified to Raub by the sheer conquest of a Bumiputra non-UMNO in a predominantly Chinese area.

A Malay ADUN Fadzlan Yahya from DAP has done it in the 80s in Pasir Bedamar, Perak but the impact was never felt given the circumtances then.

History is in the making. Raub will be on the lips of the Rakyat though other parliamentary seats held by BN will be won by PR as well but nothing compared to Raub as PR march to Putrajaya with Ariff Sabri as a DAP flag bearer for Raub.

Here's your chance Raub folks, just do it.

Frank Zappa

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 11:00  


My mom & I will travel back from KL to our kampung Sg Klau in Raub to cast our votes. We are with you!

Hope you will be our MP!

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 12:08  

Raub milik pakatan. Jika umno bertanding ia jd lebih sengit. Tp harap u menang utk bawa suara baru.

Mr Bojangles 6 April 2013 at 12:27  

Why do all the bn cybertroopers sound like the utusan, nst, star etc. And like bn politicians?

No ssubstance. Just hantam without anything to support what they say.

Must be lowly educated or products of the bn school of intelligence.

I really pity them. Cannot argue reasonably withot calling names.

Or maybe they themselves do not believe in their masters anymore but continue to milk the cow.

And pity the bn guys who have to depend on these cyber rempits to do their dirty jobs.

Anyway Sak, all the best to you. This country needs people like you or it will go to the dogs.

itik,  6 April 2013 at 12:47  

hi uncle sak..

Recently papagomo's page posting has been restricted to google user only.. so many dumb ass/ anjeng liar initially from that lipas blog migrated to your site just trying to shine.

especially all key words with "liwat" "tokong" "al-juburi" and street level of bahasa typing.

guys.. biar la sampah sarap yg memberi comment tak berfakta/hotak .

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 13:48  

Shame on you..

Tidak baca jawapan LGE pada CAP..


Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 14:14  

Datuk Sak,

Just wait till the campaign proper starts. Then BN (using its mouthpieces) will accuse you simultaneously of being anti-Chinese, anti-Malay,anti-Islam, anti-Indian, anti-Christian, anti-Hindu,anti-Education, anti-nasi lemak, anti-roti canai, anti-mee sup, etc. An I have not even started.

Don't be surprised if you are also accused of being anti-Nasional and against the Zoo Negara! These idiots have more twists and turns ready than you can imagine. They might even bring that Samy, Chua SL, Rahim Thanby Cik, Mamak Kutty, and all to attack you as well as the local village idiots.

It is time for you and your supporters to prepare so that you can also accuse some of the BN clods of being anti-intelligence, anti-transparency, anti-decency, etc. If must, throw in all the scandals (especially) the BN goons are part of. You will need circulate these to every voter. Do not forget the EC requirements to put in the name of the printer and publisher, etc.

Good luck.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 15:06  

Dato Sak,

The mere fact that MCA members still voted in a disgraced "D" listed porn actor cum adulterer as their president only reflects their shallowness and mentally challenged mindset. Thus MCA is incapable of differentiating between what is factual and the rubbish propaganda churning inside their brain dead heads.

Show them your mettle and trump whoever the MCA candidate is in Raub. The MCA is too thick skin anyway and only a handsome wide majority win will wipe off the smirk on CSL's face.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 16:02  


As now you are potential Raub MP, prepare to be bashed unreasonly in Pro BN blogs.

my guess:-

1) Your head in a photo with all communist malaya's line up meeting.
2) Your head, then in some sort of black and white sex scandal photo.
3) Some letter with yout lettee head with some kind of shocking comments.

All PR leaders are used to this sort of craps. I guess as you were an info chief if BN in older days, you might able to predict what sort of rubbish that they (BN) may utter.

Good luck. stay strong!

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 16:17  

bro... really... anol 631, funny la you.

Let me ask you, are you from Penang? what measure do you think can able to reduce the traffic condition for the long term at the same time able bring up the surround economy activities?

As you reject tunnel, do not tell me you thinking to build a helipad stations and buy hundreds of helicopter as public transport.

Or prohibit motocar in george town completely, only 70cc bikes.

atau pun buat permit kerete lembu agar lembu dari NFC dapat menarik track yg berisi 10 orang dalam. Lebih dewa drpd Bangkok's tuk tuk.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 16:52  

xkan xdapat tender projek trus masuk DAP??

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 18:50  

Dear Sakmongkol,

You're writing my thoughts, voicing my views, expressing my feelings.

My regret is that I'm not registered in Raub to vote for you, but I will vote for those aligned with you and your views.

May you be carried forward to do your duty for the future of this nation. May God guide you and your fellow warriors in this march of our people.

Anonymous,  6 April 2013 at 19:15  

Anom 631. Rasanya mu yg bengong. Gi main jauh2. Gi blog papagomo. Ni blog bakal kjaan. Byk benda nak bcg hal rakyat.

Tukang bela sak.

nick 6 April 2013 at 22:04  

Hu hu... Looks like the worms are truly coming out of the woodwork! And I dare say that the closer we are to the GE, the quantity of worms will increase exponentially and so too their filth and nonsense.

I mean, take the UMNO cyber mercenaries posing as anons for example! They came here and then post comments that are not only short but devoid of facts and sensible reasoning! More often it is nothing but vulgarities and brainless comment! And I have to ask..what are they trying to achieve with those type of comment? Do they really believe their disgusting and often brainless comment would sway anyone from supporting PR or DAP per se?

Do they think that their nonsensical but short (it's quite a feat) comment would defeat Dato Sak posting in term of converting voters? Do their political masters really believe that their cyber minion would be able to hold off the PR cyber onslaught by merely writing short and crappy, not to mention lewd remarks, vulgar and expletive words? Really????

And their answer to PR assault on Johor, their supposedly "invincible fortress" is sending some joker with a couple of Mat rempit shouting "bontot" (pardon my UMNO lingo) non stop while DSAI was giving a speech to thousands of Johorean? What? UMNO think that by shouting the word "Bontot", Johorean who came to listen to DSAI will magically lost their interest and somehow would immediately throng to UMNO tent? There's something seriously wrong with UMNO and it merely confirms the righteousness of the people's will to reject and discard UMNO.

Come on! UMNO had 55 years of power and they could only manage to create a large segment of poor Malaysian and nothing more! 70% of our rakyat are living from hand to mouth and UMNO wants another term? What can they do in 5 years that they were reluctant and unable to achieve in the past 55 years? To those who still have doubt about giving UMNO the boot, just remember that UMNO is already the single worse government in Malaysian record and if someone else were to take over from them and by just simply pledging that they would not to follow what UMNO did, they would have automatically done much, much better than UMNO..really!

We are already arrived at the bottom of the barrel (with UMNO as the govt) and are we going to start digging the bottom of the barrel to go even lower underground? That's stupid, right? And so is voting UMNO into power once more! ABU!!!!


Jong 6 April 2013 at 23:14  

On monkeys in Parliament and State Assemblies, that umno kingpin Mahathir is telling BN do as he says - field Ibrahim Ali in GE13!
Now we know and it's confirmed who has been behind that troublesome monkey all along creating unrest and animosity - pandai-pandai lempar batu, sembunyi tangan!

Will the umno president NajibRazak dare tell him "go fly kite"?
Najib knows his fate - do also die, don't do also die! Will he, dare he?

Anonymous,  7 April 2013 at 00:20  

Data Sak, no worries as MCA betul betul sial. Celaka punya party. We with you . Just ignore those clown especially CSL. Biar depa makan telur.

Anonymous,  7 April 2013 at 07:31  

Dato, do not be discourage with MCA cheat . GO to the ground and explain to the people about the truth .

Pakatan Chinese supporter

Anonymous,  7 April 2013 at 16:24  

For money, MCA betrayed the trust of ordinary Chinese and Malaysian in general.

The ordinary Chinese had never relied on any political party/government assistance for their welbeing and survival to take care of their family.

Anonymous,  7 April 2013 at 18:37  

Ambo dah call pak sedaro di raub. Demo tu janji undi sak 4 beranak. Itu saja ambo boleh tulung.

Jauh ambo di gua musang.

wonderingdotcom 7 April 2013 at 20:58  


Your understanding is correct. We merely want a good education and as with any people have a own culture.

monsterball 8 April 2013 at 07:34  

MCA is nothing but a big mouth and gas bag...with a porn star as it;s president.
MCA shame the Malaysian Chinese to the extreme.
All of them are opportunists taking up politics....from the day Mahathir encouraged corruptions.
These MCA politicians are Najib's barking dogs with no teeth.

Tiger 8 April 2013 at 11:25  

No need to explain so much.
MCA, please explain why Mukhriz Mahathir of UMNO, your so-called partner, wants to shut down all chinese schools in the country!

Anonymous,  8 April 2013 at 12:50  


Anonymous,  16 April 2013 at 12:38  

i'm chinese and i went to a SK school, i was only 2-3 chinese out of the whole school of say 500 students from Primary 1-6, i then went to a gov. fully residential school in F1-F3 where once again. only 4-5 chinese or <20pax non-muslim out of a school of 900-1000pax, then to my local chinese SMJK school F4-F5, and then to a former missionary school for F6.

truth be told, i speak better malay than most malays. Quality of teachers then was quite good (1984-1996). No major qualms with all the schools that i went (some good, some bad teachers of course)

But now, i'll be sending my kids to a local chinese SRJK school. why?? coz the school is just plain better!! give me a good school in my neighbourhood and my kids will be there, plain & simple.

fully agree with Sakmongkol


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