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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 20 April 2013

Same Chance as my opponent

Friends asked me- we hear you are contesting in Raub. What’s the population breakdown there?
I tell them the breakdown- 49% Malays, 44% Chinese and the balance Indians and others.
What? Can you win there? The Malays will not take kindly that you are standing on DAP ticket.
The questions asked are based on several faulty assumptions.
One, UMNO does not own the Malays. UMNO depends on the Malays, not the other way round. Moreover it depends on a special type of Malays. They belonged to that group who is constantly overwhelmed by the siege mentality refusing to believe that rights, positions, all things held dear are protected by a government upholding the rule of law. A government that does that secures allegiance from all. A government that rules on the wanton use of discretion secures allegiance only from those who subscribe to the philosophy of UMNO and owes their living from UMNO’s patronage.
That small group of misled people will of course continue to cling on to UMNO. We have no quarrel with them indeed sympathizing with them for having succumbed to UMNO brainwashing machine.
But let the UMNO Malays face facts. In 2008, more Malays voted for the opposition than for UMNO. UMNO candidates got slightly more than 2 million votes from 5.7 million Malay voters. So UMNO goes into the election believing falsely, it still has control over the minds of right thinking Malays.
The UMNO people are aiming their invectives and bile toward the opposition for having problems with the choice of candidates. But nothing compares to the incendiary revolt within UMNO itself. Busloads of supporters of ditched candidates are making their way to the Malay rulers asking for relief. But they will fail in the end, and their ground machinery will not be at optimum. They will close their operation centres or even turned them into PR operations rooms.
We shall not let our guards down, because, we do our work in spite of UMNO and BN. their internal feuds are of no concern to us. The Malay rulers will say, while they sympathise with the delegation, they are above politics. End of story and we hope their anger and frustration will convert into widespread support for us.
Daim Zainudin once told me as soon as UMNO candidates are announced, UMNO’s power is reduced to around 70%.
The assumption of course is that I can only win if enough Malays support me. I believe there will be sufficient number of enlightened and farsighted Malays in Raub who will support me. I believe I enjoy the same chances as does my opponent in winning Raub.
What can you tell of a person who doesn’t enjoy trust from his own people?
If the assumption is that you can only win if you have Malay support then UMNO would have won all. The fact is the Malays don’t give unqualified support anymore. The Malays are already rejecting UMNO politics. Like others they hate the crony controlled economy, corruption driven projects, race based politics. That was why UMNO actually lost peninsula Malaysia in 2008. It can be done again this time around. Add that to the losses UMNO gets in Sabah and more seats in Sarawak, the end has come.


Cahaya Qalbu,  20 April 2013 at 03:41  

Time To Leave Race-Based Parties; 1 of 2

With acuity after the fact, the event of Bersih 3.0 and the 31st of August 2012 Merdeka night ‘yellow-theme’@JanjiDemokrasi gathering, shows that there is already a permanent fissure between many rakyat and the BN-led government. Except for those who want to remain deluded because of personal reasons or inadequacies, most of the rakyat don't trust the Umno/BN govt. any longer. The Barisan scale is crooked and not balanced. The Umno keris is jagged and pointing at the heart of the nation. One should also ponder how BN tried to muddy away the essence of the Bersih3 marched; the demand for a clean and fair GE13. Because BN knows, if it’s clean and fair, they will surely lose.

More than half a century under BN, there are still Msians bogs by the primitive mentality. Ancient people have to resort to primeval heuristics to determine friend or foe. As in a primitive world, if we are of the same race, we are fine, if we are not, we must be suspicious and try to subjugate the other races. The attempt to create a "Truly United Malaysia" is an effort by PR to erase this antiquated mindset and moves Msians one step forward. However, most people do behave in certain stereotypical ways based on their ethnicity, so it is difficult to find any common ground, because Malays have a totally different culture than the other races and vice versa.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that increasingly there is a new common ground being achieved amongst the races, and that is to vote out UMNO/BN. This is a statement of fact. Not only did Bersih3 attracts thousands of Malays and other races to come out even in blue blooded places like Johor, most Malaysians of all races now are beginning to gather in thousands to attend rallies benefiting the nation.

BN is wrong to look at PR from its jaundiced political point of view. While BN is a coalition of race-based parties, PKR and DAP are multi-racial parties. Even PAS for that matter sitting on a “religious” platform has invited all Muslims and non-Muslims into its fold. PAS even has a non-Muslim wing that is aligned to the party.

DAP, PKR and PAS have together steered the states under them steadily without neglecting the various races and religions and are now recognized by many people as a coalition that has high integrity. PAS does not believe in race-based approach to politics, as this is not in line with Islamic teaching and has also shown to all rakyat that though it is an Islamic party, the rights and privileges of non-Muslims have not gone unheeded. Kelantan is an exemplary state under PAS rule: the non-Muslims there are generally contented with the government.

BN undoubtedly started as a coalition of parties that cared for the various races but it has since evolved into an entity that is power crazy and greedy which only enriched their families and cronies. Most rakyat have assessed BN enough by evaluating the 4 states under PR. When the people observe BN failing them they see PR giving them a new hope. Rakyat do not have to go far to evaluate the good work of PR. The Auditor General reports, has confirmed and commended the excellent achievement of Selangor and Penang, while Kedah and Kelantan have been ticked as satisfactory

Cahaya Qalbu,  20 April 2013 at 03:42  

2 of 2

There is no reason for PR to hate the Malays or other races. PR, or for that matter the Msia federal govt alternative party, is only against individuals who are dishonest in BN and those who have failed the nation by squandering the nation’s wealth. DAP, which was portrayed abysmally by BN propaganda machines, in truth and reality supports the honest Malays and Muslims as can be seen in the states under PR today. “The Malays see DAP working together with PAS and PKR to bring progress and racial harmony to these states,” said a political observer. “Thus the “mutiny” now is not against Malays but UMNO/BN and corruption. It has nothing to do with race or religion,” he added.

When UMNO/BN squanders billions of ringgit of taxpayers’ money, must PR just ignore this for fear that they will be branded as anti-Malay or anti-Islam? Of course Malaysians cannot expect any decree on those unlawful activities from those “ulamas” on government’s payroll. The only exposure and condemnation of UMNO/BN misconduct must come from PR.

BN is actually manipulating and exploiting on racial and religious sentiments to hoodwink the innocent rakyat. To some BN leaders and members; “PR or those not align to BN do not have the right to criticize BN leaders even if there are corrupt to the core”. It’s BN arrogant and egotistical nature for being too long in power that made them deny any wrongdoing, as if Msia belongs to them and only they can decide what’s wrong or right akin to dictatorship.

BN is weak and fragmented today is not because of PR but its BN many oppressive and anti-democratic policies that have brought it down naturally. BN too must stop negating the rakyat aspiration of a truly united Msians by their non-stop propagating of racial hatred via their controlled mainstream media that has only caused the community to be further split. In fact, it has contradicted whatever unity slogan they have churned out.

And BN must also realize that there is no nation in the world, no single leader in the world, no political party in the world and no battalion in the world that had succeeded going against or thwarting the rakyat final decision that enough is enough. BN enemies are not the rakyat of this land. BN enemies are those inside in the house who are hypocritical, liars, plunderers & corrupt to the core!!!


bumi-non-malay 20 April 2013 at 03:43  

Kerana UMNO ROS, bukan Rosmah tapi registra of Society, semua yang bertanding tiket DAP tiba-tiba jadi PAS.

Ini ternyata satu Permainan yang TERSANGAT KOTOR oleh perkakas UMNO diambang Kekalahan. Nak huru harakan rakyat. Tapi could be blessing in disguise!!

Tapi Allah ada mata, Sekarang Rakyat Malaysia perlu bangkit dan UNDI PAS 100%...kita turut turun padang dan Kuburkan UMNO. Makin hari, makin kotor. Tapi Allah ada rancangan Baru!!

Ingat setitik dakwa Hitam kat kertas undi kawasan Dacing UMNO, dengan sekeras SUARA kata NAK Kertas UNDI bersih/baru. ITU HAK Istimewah awak. Kalau tak Bagi, minta kerusi Kawasan itu jadi HARAM!! Bersuara KERAS sampai Projek SPR gagal!!

JackLee,  20 April 2013 at 04:06  

And now with your use of the moon symbol, the chances are even higher. Always look at the silver lining behind the dark cloud. And behind every crisis there is an opportunity. Like LGE said, could be a blessing in disguise and I like what LKS remarked that this is a "game changer" ..that last minute super substitute that will score the 89th minute goal to break the deadlock.

Anonymous,  20 April 2013 at 05:30  

Maybe your chances might improve if PAS logo is used

Anonymous,  20 April 2013 at 05:50  


Your team need to work very hard and must come out with effective strategy to win over especially Malay voters in Raub.

I watched a Mkini interview done at Raub and response from voters are not favourable to you. Some voters have been brainwashed by UMNO too long and they simply don't care about national issues.

watch the video here:!

bruno,  20 April 2013 at 06:31  

Dato,what I cannot understand is why cannot Malays vote for the DAP?These talk are only coming from living under the tempurong pro Umno bloggers and their die hard supporters.

Being living under the tempurong they never realised that PAS has a supporters club consisting of Chinese members.And last I read that PAS was trying to let some of their Chinese members contest in this coming GE.Whether this will materialise we have to wait and see.

People who thinks that DAP cannot win in Malay majority areas are those being brainwashed by Umno/BN.If Chinese can vote for PAS,is there any particular reasons why Malay cannot vote for DAP.To tell these people the truth,Umno and Mca are most scared of the DAP than PKR or even PAS.

I know that Dato will do well in Raub.What we want to know is how wide a majority you are going to win.I would be really shocked if you just squeezed through by a nose.

To those naysayers lets just ask them these questions.Can Zulkifli Noordin win in Malay majority Shah Alam?My answer to them is he will eat duck's egg.

Months before Warthamoorthy came back,I said that he has been bought by Umno.Who will believe that this Hindraf guy can be bought by Umno,the party he despised the most.Hahaha.

What makes these living under the tempurong naysayers say that Malays will not vote for DAP.Got to ask them to go figure out themselves.

What makes Umno thinks that Kit Siang cannot win against Ghani in Gelang Patah?Ask Kit Siang if he thinks it is a big deal who his opponent is.I do not think Kit Siang will lose any sleep even if he thinks that he might eventually lose.If losing in an election is such a big deal,Kit Siang would have choosen a safe seat.Isn't this what Umno/BN leaders are doing.Cowering under mama's sarong standing in very very safe seats.

Quiet Despair,  20 April 2013 at 07:47  

Whatever, Unc. Happy nomination day.
You have filed your papers and will be putting up a good fight.
Best of luck. May the best man wins.
I don't envy Raubian Malays. Here's a good Malay who can be a great MP and minister but belong to a Chinese party.
And there's a Chinese who represent the ruling party.
You know how hard it is for a Malay to vote DAP.
I fear that if there's an independent Malay candidate, the spoils will go to him.

2020,  20 April 2013 at 08:48  

All the best to you and Good luck, may the best person wins (and we all know who that is)

Anonymous,  20 April 2013 at 09:29  


I wud have liked to join your entourage in Raub today if not for an earlier commitment elsewhere. The best of luck nonetheless!

ChemBiz Advisor

Anonymous,  20 April 2013 at 10:27  

Dato Sak,
As we are in KL , PLEASE enlighten us with photos on nomination day for Raub....
Wish we could follow you to the centre with flags held high for you to lend our support.
Good luck to you...

Jian,  20 April 2013 at 10:47  

I truly admire your political convictions and your brave stand against convention to contest under the DAP banner. Malaysia need more enlightened politicians like you and I wish you every success in your election campaign.

Taikohtai 20 April 2013 at 11:03  

Wishing you all the best Dato.
Its time RAUB be representated by a thinking politician working for the welfare of the locals and wider community as well.
I do believe that most urban and semi Urban cities are ripe for a change. The younger generation can now take matters into their own hands,something that their elders failed to the detriment of all.
Good luck.
To Victory AK47! To Victory DAP! To Victory Pakatan! To Victory Malaysians!

Anonymous,  20 April 2013 at 11:57  

Salam Dato,

I will doa for your safety and perjuangan as you walk from house to house into the heartlands of Raub to introduce yourself.

You will come out victorious.

Hip hip hurray!!!

Anonymous,  20 April 2013 at 12:34  

Let's usher in an era of new politics!

KTWong87,  20 April 2013 at 12:47  

I hope you WIN, Dato.

Malaysia needs to be saved from the Devils we know.

Semoga berjaya!

Sure Win,  20 April 2013 at 14:09  

Dear Sak, I don't ONLY hope you win BUT I am sure you WIN in Raub.Give UMNO/BN a run for their money and their lives. Represent us(rakyat)honorably and with dignity in Parliament. That's all we ask of you.

Anonymous,  21 April 2013 at 10:17  

Don't generalize there are Malay vote for DAP

Anonymous,  21 April 2013 at 21:23  

good luck sir! I hope you win. if i'm in raub i'll vote for you but i'm not.

i'm voting PAS in my area (PAS vs umno)...


Raub Malays,  27 April 2013 at 10:59  

Aku Melayu Raub yg akan undi kau nanti. Pegang amanah ni baik2 bro.. Bukan mudah Melayu nak tukar paradigm undi DAP...

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