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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Mr Billboard Najib and Tun Daim Zainudin aka The Oracle of Syed Putera

Najib has said it so many times. BN will get 2/3rds of the parliamentary seats. What else can he say? He can’t possibly own up to say, the BN is facing its imminent exit? He has no other choice but to say that. Otherwise his ground troops will melt and wilt.
We all know it’s a big hype. If you listen to TV3 and all the other TV stations that UMNO owns and controls, they seem to say, not a single seat can be won by the opposition. When you are lying you can’t tell the same story.
It’s like the MIC claiming it has got 2 million members. PPP claiming it has 1 million members, the IPP claiming to have another 1.5 million members, Nala claiming he has 700 thousand members. If you add all of them, these parties have more Indians than the Indian population in Malaysia.
He is of course oblivious to the cries of haplessness of UMNO people in Selangor. So many of them are saying, habis lah kita kali ini. He can say all the boastful things about capturing Selangor, it takes only Mohamad Taib to erase all of Najib’s big talk.
His claim of getting the 2/3rd majority is a product of his own self hype. Billboards proclaiming whatever BN does are all over the country. People puke not because of winding roads but at seeing Najib’s condescending messages through the billboards.
The contract to erect and make all the billboards of course is secured by an UMNO crony company. The sticks on which the BN flags are hoisted are supplied at RM 6-8 each when you get the same for RM1.50. They will plunder right to the end.
Tun Daim Zainudin aka the Oracle of Syed Putera has come out in the open to campaign for Tengku Adnan Mansor- the constructed Tengku. Only in Malaysia can a person with dubious background become a Tengku. From which royal family does he spring from? He was a carpet seller with no Tengku as prefix to his name.
Daim has run down Anwar for the latter’s bad record running MOF. He has also said that only Tengku Adnan can deliver because he is the secretary general of UMNO. Because he is secretary general of UMNO, therefore he is qualified? UMNO is a thieving party. The SG of a thieving and plundering party is suited for Putera Jaya?
If Daim said that of Tengku Adnan, then I feel sorry for the Malaysian people. Fortunately Daim was talking only to party workers. Victory isn’t dependent on their votes alone.
Daim has said many things to me over the course of two years. These include DR Mahathir’s memoir isn’t completed until I publish mine. When I asked why- because it contains so many negative remarks against Mahathir chiefly about corruption. Mahathir is a corrupt person. History will judge Mahathir on corruption alone.
Daim has also said that Najib is an incompetent leader. He hasn’t got what it takes to run the country. There is a void between Najib’s ears. That is why whatever advice we give, goes into the right ear and leaves through the left.
How can we eradicate corruption when money has gone to number one? Najib like Anwar doesn’t know how to run the country financially. But Anwar’s compensates his lack of knowledge by his ability to talk.
Daim has also said that at one point, Anwar’s children were close to him calling him uncle. They will not fail to come over to my place.
As to Mahathir claiming that he is a one woman man as he said in his memoirs- Daim let out a guffaw. More than anyone else, I am the one who knows Mahathir better.
One day, they were in Mahathir’s room. Mahathir asked Daim, doesn’t he want this chair- pointing to the chair Mahathir was sitting. Daim answered in his usual staccato style – you don’t know how to enjoy life, I want to enjoy mine to the fullest.
Daim told me his daughter lambasted him for having a bon vivant life style. He answered that, whatever he does behind closed doors that is a matter between him and God.
You see Daim has said so many things about those in the present government. I can’t say bad things of Daim because since 2008 I have enjoyed his hospitality where he has revealed a lot of things to me, which the public doesn’t know. So, I can only share some of what he has said to me personally and readers can judge what he said of Anwar, Tengku Adnan and PR in perspective.
The more interesting to note is that, things must  be going extremely bad for BN, so much so, that hermit like Daim has got to be extricated from his abode in Syed Putera.


Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 08:12  

Datuk Sak

In Malaysia, we have a PM who is also in charge of TWO other ministries (!!) i.e. Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.

Either our 1PM is a superman/super competent or he is a proxy for someone else for the third Ministry.

In future federal governments, the PM must not be allowed to be the Minister of Finance also. Otherwise, this Third World spectacle of open and unashamed vote-buying using hard-earned tax payer money will continue unabated.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 08:30  

In their sheer desperation, Najib and his advisers are digging deep including old weapons like Diam which is practically useless due to his reputation as one of the biggest plunderers of our national wealth. All they can do is telling a pack of lies and running down Anwar. They have nothing good to say about themselves because there really is nothing good about themselves. The fact is that they are now all shaking in their boots.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 09:42  

Dr. M a one woman man? I was told he likes to do his bonking on MAS planes.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 09:53  



Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 09:55  


Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 10:12  

BN will win for sure Dato'. Its just a matter whether they can get the 2/3 or not. Of course Najib have to be confident. He is the leader and just as your comrade supreme Lim family is confident of the Bintang Tiga victory. So lets wait till Sunday evening to see the results. But for sure BN will retain Raub Parliment seat!!

yum,  30 April 2013 at 11:08  

The sticks on which the BN flags are hoisted are supplied at RM 6-8 each when you get the same for RM1.50. They will plunder right to the end.

True that. Even my 16 year old son thinks those bamboo flag poles are worthy of being pinched for his school's scouts use.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 11:09  

*jeng, jeng, jeng*

Finally, Oracle of Syed Putra's identity is made known.

Unknown 30 April 2013 at 11:12  

We are in a critical homerun lap so hang DZ and his support for Tadman! As you have said he divulged many P&C infos made you where you are 2day, INVALUABLE! Lets others defend AI you please work on the unlocal and Raub-born Malays farmers and villagers!
Its part of the Talam was formerly Dato Mazlan Idris, a distnat relative of ours too! Orang Benta in origin kt arw. Chu! You really have to go turbo w the Melayus 49% b4 the Phg UMNO wrap up there!
DZ & Mmokutty already gone `mulut B** ayam, you tak payah! Not all Melayu Raub asal fr Pahang! Hope you don't have FELDA voters! Heaps of gd luck!

bruno,  30 April 2013 at 11:44  

Dato,first things first.Before when Daim was friendly to you letting out some secrets,the posibility of PR wrestling federal power was dim.

Now when things do not look so good for Umno/BN,he went to give interviews to Umno controlled newspaper.Trying to get the people to listen to him and help turn the tide towards Umno/BN.

Now,as everyday draws nearer to the day of reckoning,I wouldn't be surprised if he is wearing diapers.For a man who cannot be profitable in the salt business,how can he accumulate many billions over.Yes,Datuk Harun did help him,okay.Can that piece of land made him billions.

His billions came from Mahathir.Is Dr Mahathir not Daim's benefactor.Without being Mahathir's crony he will only be a millionaire,starting with a capital M only.Of course he is scared now,very very scared.But of course,with his wealth he can afford to buy safe haven in one of the African cowboy countries,which do not have an extradiction treaty with Malaysia.

timor 30 April 2013 at 12:01  

As salam Dato.

You remember Marina Yusoff ?
The successful Umno woman lawyer destroyed by Mahathir ?
She once revealed what Mahathir did in his office !

For you and me to wonder.

OneMalaysian,  30 April 2013 at 12:29  

Dear Sakmongkol

When we see UMNO dredging out very old warhorses in the shapes of Daim Zainudin and Musa Hitam to campaign for their cause we know they are desperate and running out of ideas. These people can only talk about the past. The voters are looking to the future. So UMNO and their campaigners are singing old songs that nobody wants to listen to.

What’s in the lyrics of these old songs? One is, judge us by our record. Well the record is not good. Corruption is rampant; cronyism colours all major business transaction. But UMNO/BN never talks about corruption and cronyism. This is issue #1, and they are silent about it. When they need the support of people like Taib Mahmud, how can they talk about corruption? Taib can show the finger to the MACC with impunity. But wait, Najib did say once that if he is re-elected he will deal with corruption. Oh, why later and now?

Issue #2 is racism. The drum major is Mahathir himself, no less. And he has able band members in Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin. They make a great threesome band. Mahathir has given up on the Chinese vote, so his strategy is simple: just go ultra-racist and frighten the hell out of the Malays – vote DAP and Lim Kit Siang and the Malays will be finished! Simple message. Let’s hope Malay Malaysians are more sophisticated to see through this Mahathir ruse. The DAP is a multi-racial party. It has Malay members and Malay candidates. No so UMNO or MCA or MIC. So who is racist? Judge the DAP by its record in Penang. Have the Penang Malays been victimized because they are Malays and Muslims. No. So why fear the DAP? The DAP will at most have 40 seats out of 222, that is, 18%. They cannot by themselves pass any law in parliament (51% needed), and they cannot change the constitution (67% needed). So the Malays, the Rulers, the Malay language and Islam are very safe.

Issue #3: The DAP merely wants better government and a brighter future for all Malaysians – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Khadazans, etc. No corruption and no cronyism. Our economy is stifled by these twin evils and is not growing at its potential rate of 7-8%. Wealth is concentrated at the top. If PEMANDU is to be believed, the average Malaysian family should have an income of RM190,000 per annum. Plainly this is just a statistic that is meaningless to the average Malaysian family. Most struggle. 40% of families have a monthly income of less than RM1500 per month or RM18,000 per annum. This is less than 10% of what Najib says they should have. To achieve greater growth and fairness, UBAH is the only way.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 12:41  


Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 13:04  

At the risk of reducing these words of caution to a cliche, let it be said one more time that Malaysia cannot afford another lost decade in its social economic and political sphere.

For far too long racial fault-lines have been used as a political wedge issue. Come 5513 it is time to make deft political moves, that will over time permanently bury these racial fault lines. We lament corruption yet we fail to recognize that when immoral politics are accorded moral sanction using race as a wedge, such corruption is an inevitable outcome.

For far too long the minorities and the majorities in Malaysia have been emotionally blackmailed into voting out of fear even if it meant voting against the socio-economic interests of many within their community. Make no mistake we must have the confidence to bury these twisted politician who tries to to pursue even greater fear mongering, in this elections.

To the average Malaysia voters today, they are still taken over by the old methods of BN - the bus-biryani-brim method of gathering large crowds. This is too commonplace to even stir our notice—but that’s precisely the point: we have seen these debasement of politics too long that we are immune to it already just like the aedes mosquito. These gimmicks also contained the seeds of the eventual destruction of BN. Within just two decades and several elections, the BN has continued to suffer downwards of popular votes from which it has never recovered. These seeds were characterized by a mastery of the vile art of duping the voter and the hubris that results from it. BN is steadily losing the goodwill of the same people who had earlier voted with their eyes closed.

Today BN is at its weakest and it has nothing except gargantuan scams and scandals to tout as its achievements. The reigning hope of this party currently happens to be the blue blood NR. Enough has been written about this moderate youthful pink looking NR. If all the perfumes of Arabia couldn’t rid Lady Macbeth of her guilt, why should we surprised that all the media ointments and generous doses of feel-good tonic haven’t helped germinate in NR what he wasn’t born with?

NR is now even beholden to MM. MM’s stint as Prime Minister witnessed far worse corruption, nepotism and longest period of dictatorship. Today MM is now storming across Pasir Mas and Putrajaya giving sermons with his masterclass in mass seduction of the Malay votes. But we all know he is in many ways will go in history as the architect of BN’s downfall after he successfully killed off Umno in the 80s.
NR uttered those famous “lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu” lines in Sibu and more hilariously the “are you ready for BN” bit in Penang. These lines are sufficient to provide a glimpse into the fact that, forget Prime Minister, he is not even Municipal Councilor material!

Bindi 1/2

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 13:06  

The new generation that was born around the 80s enjoys an entire array of the first fruits of (an almost) free market economy, has travelled the globe, has experienced true democracy abroad or at least through the net and more importantly, doesn’t tolerate nonsense, is very vocal in its criticism of nonsense and most importantly, doesn’t fall for the political and socialist snake-oil that sold so well for almost five decades. These young Malaysians are hungry to reap to the fullest all the fruits of a true free market economy and political sphere.

Shouldn’t we extend our hands to the young Malays in the kampungs, the young Indians in the fringes of the estate, the young Chinese in the new village and the youngs in Sabah and Sarawak to be included in this sharing of the fruits? The economic prosperity and political direction of the country doesn’t belong firmly in the middle and upper middle class aka the tax-paying class or the political family dynasties.

BN’s 50 year old golden anniversary rule and NR’s 5 year old rule where every misstep, every gaffe, every scam and every single word uttered by the party can and will be dissected by history to the last dirty detail, crucified and torn to shreds for its sheer fakeness. The people who will dissect to do this hail from the same educated, hardworking and tax-paying Malaysians who have the nation’s interest at heart.

And so, even in this instance, BN has acted predictably. Because it knows no better, it has relied on tricks that had worked so well in 60s and 70s that it has allocated and estimated RM200m for its social media campaign or whatever it is called, to take on its opponents most of who passionately—and correctly—abhor the BN for mauling the country so badly.

After Tun Husseini’s demise the BN has always been behind the curve, thanks to the Dynasty’s unquenchable thirst for power, which invariably attracts only sycophants who have no idea that something called a curve even exists. The BN continues to remain frozen in time and come this weekend will be completely routed out, insyallah.

We the people need not be an insider to tell whether true democracy exists or vested interest are perpetuating their autocratic, feudal rule in the name of democracy. Again, come this weekend we must change as if this chance slips by the next chance of a perfect storm hailing for change will not be so near.

Bindi 2/2
p/s Daim is no enigma.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 13:57  

The signs are there. The fall of UMNO Baru and their sycophants are imminent. Soon we will have UMNO Terbaru.

LMa,  30 April 2013 at 16:22  

You know why Daim penyamun harta kerajaan takut? This is because there are so many reports filed against Daim with the then ACA and the police for corruptiona and abuse of power which are yet to be fully and completlety investigated. Once PR is in control the MACC needs revamption and the old files against Daim might be resurfaced or resurrected. The corruption reports against Daim when he was chief fincance honco runs into the billion RM.

As opposed to Anwar who had also been Finance Minister, all they can come up are fictitious sodomy reports and sexual escapades. They try to use Murad Ex-BN Dep Govenernor to pint cases of corruption against Anwar which was fully and completely investigated. They close the files because Murad eventually said, all what he had reported was based on Mahathir's instruction.

Any wonder Daim the penyamun is coming out from his hiding now and berating Anwar and his performace as Ministers.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 16:28  

Tun Mahathir and the women.

I was a student leader in University Malaya.One day we organise a forum,the speaker were Sanusi Junid,Hassan Ibrahim and Prof Zainal Abidin Wahid.The subjec of the forum was The Malay survival.

I mention to Sanusi we want to Invited D Mahathir o be our speaker in our next forum.Dr Mahathir just being admited to UMNO and he is known as Ultra Malay when he wrote an open lattervto Tungku Rahman.

I was shock when Sanusi interrupt.Dont invited him.His moral is vary low.
He and Tungku Abdullah every night makan duit Burit(every night Mahathir and Tungku Abdullah collected commision from prostitute)

I asked him how.
He said both of them use Wisma Belia MAYC near jalan Loone,near Daim presen office ,as a prostitute den.

Wow.This story was later comfirm by the Late Dato Hanafi Ramli.(Bang Pi)

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 16:46  

At least Anwar's team has got a lot of talented people. The pressure on DSAI will be tremendous, to clean up and to govern well. So far he has picked the right persons to manage Selangor, Perak n Penang. I mean Nizar is good! Mmm... if we don't UBAH this round, dats it for Malaysia. the end.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 16:57  

Everybody is laughing at adnans Bangla turning into Malay bridegroom billboard fiasco What an idiot

Tiger 30 April 2013 at 17:07  

Ya lah, as per what the colleague said to me just now.
Kalau BN menang 2/3, memang nenek aku dara lagi.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 18:15  


Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 18:39  

I want Umno to win without the 2/3 majority.A good balance and check by the opposition.With that the Bend guys will be on their toes, the opposition will do the policing and we the rakyat will enjoy more handouts.Hows that, will that make everyone happy....guys if you want Monday a public know who to vot..hehe

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 19:42  

It's a great shame that we have these kind of politicians running our country. Rakyat should wake up now & get rid of these good for nothings deadwoods out for good.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 19:48  

When Anwar takes over he must resist payback demands from his PKR and DAP friends. He doesn't have to worry about PAS MPs and Aduns - they are not greedy like most politicians, BN or PR. Remember the tailoring contract issue in Perak.

Anwar and PR's biggest problem is cleaning up the whole administrative system, how to solve the national debt problem, how to bring back home money invested overseas like the Trengganu Fund-1MDB, how to finance all the last minute welfare programmes started by Najib, the man who has at last started to love the poor of Malaysia. But everyone knows he loves himself, his family and his cronies.

We must have change. This present government is just too corrupt to do any good to this country.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 20:02  

I don't think God will let Mahathir leave the earth before making him pay his dues for the evil he had committed.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 20:14  

When Musa took a walk around the National Heart Centre years ago with Khairy(?) while he was with Sime Medical, the message was clear to the public. Only when the protests became more vocal did Tun Musa make a hasty retreat.

Yes, old warhorses have returned, but their neighing and hee-hawing will only add further disgrace to themselves.

Some Tuns mean very little to the people now. It has meant little eversince one Tun disappeared with a strip-steaser in Australia long ago, one Tun now charged in court, another becomes a billionaire after a stint as Finance Minister and two Tuns retiring from the Judiciary leaving many unanswered questions.

It's time to reject BN. PR can't do worse than BN. We won't allow it.

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 20:25  

2/3 BN members are going to sink like the Titanic ship.

How come this GE13 has many banners and billboards for BN?

Never ever I have seen billboards from the BN government for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas to wish them for their festival celebration.

BN doing their last effort to win but the voters have that Pakatan Rakyat to form the next government.

BN claiming victory all is only hearsay. This election BN will be defeated badly and MIC and MCA, UMNO, Gerakan going to get the tsunami shock


patrick,  30 April 2013 at 23:01  

Hahaha! Imagine the sex mechanic twins....the Oracle and the Bigot!They sure are going for broke on their last furlong to save their skins!They must know it's all looking very ominous for them and UMNO!Good luck in Raub!Give'em hell Sak!

Anonymous,  30 April 2013 at 23:13  

Memang Dr Mahathir tu playboylah. Hebatlah masa muda dulu. Saya pernah tengok dia syok kat satu reporter ciut-muit yang juga bini orang. Reporter tu juga sama syok layan dia.
Siti Hasmah dan anak-anakpun tahu dia sayang kat reporter tu. Menteri-menteri dan pegawai-pegawaipun tau. Kalau reporter tu takde sibuk dia tanya where is my little lady.Tanya Daim and Sanusi kalu tak percaya.

the mean machine,  1 May 2013 at 02:09  

Najib is throwing the kitchen sink,toilet,washer driers,dirty linens and now education and whatever he can throw at the voters.Such disgraceful,shameless and unpricipled man.It is better to lose the election that to drop to the lowest level of a human being.

the gaffe guy who know's,  1 May 2013 at 05:45  

After all the hard work Najib has done,bringing the Korean and Chinese artistes and film stars to the voters.Flushing the voters with goodies and ang pows and lots of promises if BN wins the GE,will it be enough to get him and BN 1/3 of the seats.Hehehe,it will be really funny if in the end he ends up with less then 1/3.

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 07:54  

I was told by kg folks in langkawi. back in ages whereby Madeyy was a govt doctor there, madeyy ni kaki meraba pompuan punya gorgeous voluptuous...

Madeyy kantoi when his former press secretary revealed that the slander on Anwar was a plan ones using polis and kehakiman. Dosa Madeyy only god knows...

Adnan Tengku PALSU didnt pass his SPM when he was a student at Setapak High School.His schoolmates called him ADNAN BENGALI.They all wondered how come Bengali became Tengku?

We want to know when did Adnan join UITM ? This chap muka tembok mengaku depan TV 3 , he studied in US . Adnan Bengali dah jadi recap what GOEBBLES taught him.Must tell LIE to Rakyat Malaysia. His 1st wife lambasted Adnan. Mu ni tak sedar diri dene, aku pungutmu dulu, mu merempat.Bapa aku dan kakak aku bagimu jadi kaya dg jual balak!Adnan nows enjoys life with his indon artist.Vincent Tan is his financier via Sport Toto.Madeyy BUDU...burit dan duit kata Sanusi.Dene pun kaki tino dan judi.Dene mu ingat tak ? tika mu nak naik bot pulang Acheh kat port Kelang ke Tanjung Balai Asahan ? Polis tangkap mu bawa ke depan late Tengku ismail? he he...

Sumpitan Emas,  1 May 2013 at 09:08  

Hope they pay the people who made the banners. Remember the UMNO businessman who lost his case, and millions of ringgit, to UMNO over alleged unpaid bills.

This is UMNO Baru, a pale shadow of the real McCoy, the one I used to look up to - men and women with purpose and mission challenged by the same calibre of people from the other side: PMIP(PAS), Socialist Front, Gerakan, SUPP. Now what we have left unchanged is PAS, which was forced to replace the crescent with the full moon, and they quite wisely removed Pan Malayan Islamic Party and use in its stead Parti Islam SeMalaysia, while UMNO still shamelessly cannot discard its English acronym.

Credit of course must be given to the smart asses in UMNO to realise that the crescent evokes too strongly the Islamic sense of justice and fair play for UMNO's good and that a full moon would dilute the fervour and passion - essentially trying to validate for the first time to humanity that the whole is smaller than the part! But, nothing beats pure human sincerity and piety. PAS anticipated the holographic paradigm by at least two decades that, the part is equal to the whole. Anyone able to view a broken piece of a holographic image made out of glass (not a plastic piece) can attest to this ultimate paradox of practical physics.

For a big fee, I can give a one-hour lecture to illuminate the dull brains of BN politicians; a big fee because I need to place a special order for the broken glass hologram from the US.

I have spent years making friends from both parties to able to smell the first hint of politics debasing religious beliefs by selfish and corrupt UMNO, MCA and MIC warlords and their illegitimate step-brothers in the East.

PR is the way to go, and we will be putting them under the microscope 24/7 ever more diligently.

Central control is no licence to steal from the people no matter from what bloodline: preacher or pirate, thief or theologian, aristocrats or ah longs.

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 09:13  

It Is not the number of banners,gifts,former umno vips or promises by najib that matters anymore but an idea of reformasi that was planted in 98 that has grown into a fruiting tree.The fruits are of course the votes.
All these votes will be to PR.
Perceptions created by bn stays only as perception but the peoples hate for blatant corruption will over ride all these perceptions.
Even if only 50% of the crowds we have been seeing at the PR creamahs were converted to votes, Its a simple majority for PR but with the fever that we see now, its going to be 2/3 Majority for PR.
On a very simple basis, Chinese,indian and malay votes will be 90,70 and 45% respectively in favour of PR irrespective if its PAS, DAP PSM or PKR as long as its PR .
We would not have seen old war horses beating their rounds if najib is confidant of bn Winning.
Come 6th may PR takes over as the new government for the people, by the people and for the people.

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 11:49  

Whoa!!! I was shocked to see so many large Najib signboards proclaiming they are good and digital ads asking to vote for BN as huge and tall as a uilding everywhere in the city centre and along highways.

It just showed the sheer level of desperateness of Najib and Co!

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 11:51  

Oracle sudah jadi sampah lah.Sudah busuk,tak guna nya ini manusia.Tiada principle,korruption besar yang sekarang orang kaya lah.

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 16:51  

We all know the guys from AMMNO are the real evil that create racial problems in the past, present and likely in the future

But what we need are ex AMMNO guys like Tamrin Ghaafar to spill the beans as their statements is more believable to masses and Malays

Usual tricks are to create racial issues and blame it on DAP as they know the Malay population will listen to AMMNO leaders and make DAP leaders defendless though they done no wrong

The solution is we need former AMMNO leaders to neutralise lies and defamation from AMMNO

Ini Kali lah

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 17:29  

I don't wish to say much as all have been nicely said by other commenters except my prayer for your success.

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 17:36  

Limit your blogging to a minimum and hit the campaign trail.
Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.
Also, Dont look back just keep going till 5pm 5/5.
Then take a good nap and accept your victory garland as MP RAUB [DAP}.
Of course ,those who spited you will be the very ones garlanding you, nak bodek2 YB.Most of 'them' will submit their application form to join DAP in the hope of getting "projects" hehe its their culture bro.
Just like how saifuls father is doing now, it was expected to happen, 'their tactic and cheap trick'.
Saiful father did not create any ripples as 'they' would have expected Waves and storms.
All the BEST ! MP FOR RAUB, Hang in there.


ZHMI,  1 May 2013 at 17:43  

Salam Datuk Sak,

I've been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time; now I've decided to "ubah" by leaving some comments.

Let's hope PR will hugely prevail in this coming election and, insyaAllah, "ubah" the political landscape by totally denying--not merely reducing---the present ruling coalition's 2/3 majority.

"Ubah" is in the air, Datuk, and one can sense it. Only those who are in denial choose to remain oblivious to the signals of the impending political tsunami.

If indeed PR gains the power, let's hope the new government doesn't lose sight of its primary aims i.e. to eradicate abuse of power, corruption, cronyism, collusion, racism, and last but not least poverty. Let's hope the new governmrnt won't be side-tracked by spending precious time and effort to go after the plunderers and looters. Yes, in time do catch them and put them to trials but don't forget the promise to implement good governance.

We, the ordinary Malaysians, have suffered long enough that we've decided it's time to "ubah"; so please don't let us down.

Anonymous,  1 May 2013 at 17:54  

LMa, 30 April 2013 16:22:

You are the first to speak positively of Dato' Murad. Those in the upper echelon of our banks in KL know the about this good capable man. Another son of Malaysia cut down mercilessly by Mahathir, Daim and gang.

The time is now, 5th May 2013.

Sumpitan Emas,  2 May 2013 at 00:01  

Dato', your Mr Billboard Najib has a formidable challenger in the guise my Mr Billboard Mat Sabu. Yes, this billboard can talk and talk well.

Here are two animated billboards which reveal UMNO's dirty tricks and the lies it has been telling Malaysians. Mr Billboard Najib is no match for Mr Billboard Mat Sabu:

1) Mat Sabu: Kalau Pilihanraya Akan Datang Tak Tipu, Putrajaya Kita Punya

2) Mat Sabu: Kerajaan Mengajar Rakyat Jadi Bodoh, Inilah Dia UMNO!

All the best wishes to you for a big convincing victory in Raub.

the mean machine,  2 May 2013 at 06:38  

Dato,I think that those who thinks that Umnoputras are angels and can do no wrong should listen to Tamrin Ghafar's ceramah speech.Tamrin was telling the audience about Lim Kit Siang and who are the masterminds behind May 13th,1969.The video can be found at LKS's blog and some others.

Anonymous,  2 May 2013 at 09:20  

saya orang bentong,pahang menetap di singapura mendoakan dato' mencapai kemenangan di raub bagi menguatkan lagi harapan raayat malaysia ke putrajaya.....insyaallah

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