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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 20 February 2012

Kleptocracy is a government by thieves for thieves!

The PM was regaling the audience with a self-serving story- while addressing an assembly of Chinese businessmen, he said he can’t help but attribute the presence of Chinese billionaires being the result of his government’s policies. But we all know what his policy truly is- it’s the policy of lu tolong gua tolong lu which translates into, You help us retain power, we help you get more business. It’s exactly the kind of policy described in the scene below.


How is it the same policies that can create more Chinese billionaires per Chinese population failed to create the same number of Malay billionaires per the Malay population? This is how.
Consider the double-tracking electric train project from Gemas-JB. See how, Najib has come up with a policy that is responsible for creating Chinese billionaires.
For about ten years and over the contract for the double-tracking electric train from Gemas to Johor Bahru has been toeing and froeing. The project was initially was awarded to China Railways Engineering Corporation (CREC). CREC is the company approved by the government of China and also approved by the CCP. For the RM 8 billion project, the government of China will provide the loan provided that the contractor is one approved by them.
Najib now wants to award the contract to China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd. (CHEC) instead, the company that is building the Second Penang Bridge. Who was the man behind the deal?
Enter, the man known as Tan Kay Hock, Najib’s golf buddy. He is brokering the deal on behalf of CHEC. How does he do it? What special methods did Tan Kay Hock use to induce Najib? Tan Kay Hock uses the tried and tested method of lutolonggua-guatolonglu.
But we can be sure Tan Kay Hock is not working alone. In order to rescind the letter of Intent given to CREC, that requires cabinet approval. How can cabinet renege on its earlier approval? It can only do that, if there was a special paper prepared to show CREC after all isn’t the right company to carry out the project. Tan Kay Hock must have an ally within the cabinet, sufficiently in control of economic matters of the country to carry out that task. What took place was a PMC was appointed to prove the shortcomings of CREC. That was carried out and as a result, the government was willing to cancel this Letter of Intent and issue a new Letter of Intent to CHEC.
Here’s where Tan Kay Hock comes into the picture. For the new Letter of Intent to be issued to CHEC they must fork out RM500 million, which Kay Hock claims RM200 million will be paid to the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s family. How can a company like CREC which is the company with the experience in constructing electric railways be kicked out? In its place, CHEC, the company which constructed the Second Penang Bridge but no experience in constructing railway line, gets the job?
The answer is simple as it’s blunt. Because by appointing a new contractor besides Tan Kay Hock making money, other business opportunities abound. For example, a new supplier for coaches can be identified and through them, some people can make much money. The new proposal is just an excuse to make money for some people close to the PM. 
The supply of the coaches was a deal involving, people closest to the PM, Mumtaz Jaafar and Cindy Lim. Cindy is the wife to Desmond Lim Desmond who handled the deal where KTM paid out RM1.4 Billion for coaches that cannot function. According to KTM, the coaches are not even worth RM300 million.
So there you are- the special policy that Najib uses to create billionaires.


OneMalaysian,  20 February 2012 at 10:34  

Dear Sakmongkol

I am on holiday, but instead of enjoying it I find myself holding little ceramahs at breakfast, lunch and dinner amongst my traveling mates.

Enough is enough!

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 11:14  

What can you do if people want to go to hell and suffer pain non-stop so that their children can enjoy their ill-gotten gains? They will soon face the inevitable as they are not young. Look at them and they are really pitiful!

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 12:32  



In essence that's what somebody said yesterday. The people who will make money, WILL. This is wrt FGVH listing. The aim is to make money. The vehicle? Think of one.


Thomas,  20 February 2012 at 13:02  

Kleptocracy is too mild a word to describe all these outright don't-care-a-damn pillaging !!

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 13:06  

Surely Kay Hock is not that retarded to claim that RM200 million will be paid to the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s family? (Even if it is true)

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 13:11  

You are right on this one.
Also allow me to congratulate you on joining DAP. You made the right choice. For once I thought you would go to PKR which is full of ex-UMNO.
If PR wins the Pahang State I am sure you make a good fair Mentri Besar.
Good luck & best wishes
ex_malaysian in London

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 13:33  

Hello Ariff. Ini hari lu sudah cium muntot LKS? Lu sudah tonggeng untuk Al juburi?

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 14:15  

Najib also should be credited for creating the Malay poor who survive on kais pagi, makan pagi style.
They eat daun keladi and jantung pisang. Thank you Najib for your policies.

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 14:52  

Dear Dato,

Of course we can whine about what BN been doing and the need to change all that.Apart from whining,I suggest PR offer solution to each case basis and present it to the targeted group.For example in KTMB and railway service case,offer what PR promise to do and make it in a pamphlet and distribute it to the KTMB workers and management.So do to the workers of MAS, teachers and so on.Let us focus to work on this as well as attack the current decision by current government.It will take time, effort and materials but it will give a lot of satisfaction to the targeted group that PR care and know exactly their problems and plight.What say you?

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 16:36  


This revelation stinks to high heavens. We don't doubt what you have written but please show us the proof.

Red Alfa 20 February 2012 at 17:01  

Salam Dato'

Kleptocracy: That is simply it with no doubt as to who they are but shameful thieves.

May that they will all be prosecuted and lose their hands, we must get BN/UMNO to lose their heads at the GE 13.

Or else there will get away with more of the thieving until there isn't any more left to steal.

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 17:10  

And RPK still wants to dig the sands of Selangor.I really dont know how much more I can stand reading about UMNO's greed. Its bottomless, endless, its filthy

greenbottle,  20 February 2012 at 21:03  

quote; "For the new Letter of Intent to be issued to CHEC they must fork out RM500 million, which Kay Hock claims RM200 million will be paid to the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s family."...

whoa, dato Sak! if najib doesn't come after your balls with this claim i don't know what will...i can imagine dr rosie hitting Ah Jib gor's head with one of her hermes birkin handbags and scream... "go get that ariff to shut up or else!"....

would love to hear comments from that einstein 'quiet despair' on this....

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 22:28  

dear anon 20 feb 17:10

RPK has been consistently against corruption especially what BN has done.Probably his fight is older than you.he never criticize PKR that bad because PKR never rule before.Is it wrong for him to critic now albeit a smaller case as the saying "cegah sebelum parah"?we can say ABU,but we must demand good government and candidate this time from PR or those former umno in pkr would be tempted to repeat umno culture again and again when they rule.remember what happen in perak because of PKR jumpers?when RPK tiau BN he is hero,when tiau PKR he is traitor..he is consistently anti corruption and never seek power or candidacy though with his influence,he can easily win last time.sorry dato sak,taking some space to defend RPK.I know you respect him as well..

Three Trees,  21 February 2012 at 00:34  

Dato'Sak,There are still fiddling when the country going down the drain,The man who can walk on the water think he can pull one more trick to put the nincompoo on the throne but it is all in vain.But it is one trick too many and is the last straw that breaks the Rakyat back n come GE 13 it is all over and they all run helter skelter

walla 21 February 2012 at 01:36  

If it's already a gravy train for some people, you would wonder how it can then be an electric train for the rakyat.

The transport minister is inelegantly silent on the change of contractor. No explanation.

So how can the rakyat ever believe that the MCA is not under the thumbs of the Umno government?

For that matter, how can the rakyat believe that the MACC which can jump when it comes to any whiff of Pakatan can remain stiff when it comes to Barisan?

Moreover, one would think a government which preaches transformation should be the first to remember the losses and shenanigans of PKFZ under its watch. Maybe it can't because it hasn't practiced reformation first. What do you think?

That's why it dares to do this in broad daylight. Organized crime by your local political syndicate which has successfully ruled this country for 54 years. Comparable vintage to the Mafia now ruling Italy now in the red.

In any case, if suppliers have to pay extras for deals, they will have to add extras to the bill failing which subtract quality from the goods in which case it may be faster to travel by bullock carts.

But then again, the NPC can't breed enough cows to draw the carts. They've spent all your money on condos instead. Money which could have been used to help cowherds in Felda settlements and elsewhere.

All the enforced hardiness will certainly strengthen our Malay fibre so that the race will never disappear, won't it?

So take note - just like how the Tajuddin Ramli out-of-court settlement is double the size of the NPC loss, rakyat money has again been blown. Like C4.

Najib is now courting the Chinese again, just as his sidekick has been trying to say nice things about them, coming from a 1M. That M could mean Malay or Mahathir. Depending on how you officially define 'chameleon'.

Najib said it is Umno's policies which has resulted in their becoming billionaires.

Since when have supporters of Perkasa become so munificent to the Chinese?

Therefore it is cronyism. There is an exchange. I give you concession, you give me off-account political contributions. Unless these can be substantiated, they cannot be expensed off. So tax will have to be paid. Which means the contributors will have to pass-on the cost of contribution to other taxpayers. Meaning the rakyat. Again!

So you think with so much shadow contribution, the Umno government will be running a hunky-dory national balance sheet?

Nope, on top of the half a trillion ringgit in federal debt, and you can add to that sum another fifty billion ringgit from the MRT for other cronies, it hides another ninety six billion ringgit of contingent liabilities of some of its GLCs. They're all bleeding and there's no way to get back the money. If there is, they would have.

And that's why the debt is not 53% of GDP but 65% of GDP. Ask any economist or local banker worth his salt whether the national language will have to be Greek soon.

We are all standing at a precipice. That's why the drop will be precipitous. Namely the shares and assets that Najib said you have. Besides those the amanah's and your EPF have invested in, six percent dividend notwithstanding.

walla 21 February 2012 at 01:36  


So the PM is asking the rakyat to do the right thing by giving Barisan the mandate to rule again?

Now why should the rakyat do that?

Will they have mansions and condos to live in or branded marques to ride in?

Will they be able to afford gems of the highest order or handbags they can only view behind showcases in Suria KLCC?

Will they get all-expense paid holidays every month and jump into soft beds in six star hotels in exotic cities and visit the latest boutiques and be feted by the occidentals?

Will their children get no payback no tie-up extended scholarships to ivy leagues in faraway lands so that they can return with london haircuts and skin fair from living long in cool climes in preparation for cushy jobs in bleeding GLCs?

Will they be protected from tearing their hair out and working to the bones to meet their monthly payments so that they can afford another family at your local friendly race-agnostic KFC?

Will they be blessed by not having to face long traffic jams caused by roadblocks set up to deter people from going to listen to a visiting Opposition member by a police force soon to be armed even more but still unable to stop hooligans from throwing pebbles at official cars of Opposition members, for that matter showing limpid enthusiasm to catch culprits who disrupt peaceful meetings of the Opposition again?

Will they read what has been done to prevent such things happening the much enlightening and enlightened MSM, an organ true to the spirit of democracy because for twenty two years a certain medical doctor (not from Curtin) in remembering his hippocratic oath did not turn to the dark side of the force and started practicing a hypocritic oath of his own making instead?

So what shall the final answer be this time?

It is not a simple (Malay versus Malay). It is (right Malay) versus (wrong Malay).

But how will matters pan out, you ask, while trying to look askance?

At the filing of votes.

Take the indelible ink. A group can file the postal vote say two days before GE13. Given so many phantom voters and false registrants in the voter database, what is to prevent them from also walking into the polling station and filing another vote a second time? The ink mark has no meaning because the first vote has already been cast.

That's beside the other matter of unfair gerrymandering.

You want Umno to get into parliament again with fifty one percent seats from only fifteen percent popular votes?

For all you know, all these discussions are merely academic because it could well have been with the dubious stand of the EC todate, Pakatan might have won the last general elections all along.

Even with those foreigner votes from Project IC courtesy of our man who wades on water, and his bunch of proto-human cro-magnons.

So the blogger is right. No democracy. Just kleptocracy.

Adil? Time for ABU, people.

And you know it.

Anti Pembelit,  21 February 2012 at 04:42  

You are using kind words.They are pirates blended with Mafia-style flavor.

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 11:24  

And yet, the street polls said that he is popular among Malaysians. Very funny indeed.

Then, we have UMNO members and those who support UMNO/BN. It is not possible that they do not know that that UMNO/BN is corrupt and rotten to the core. Why the blind allegiance?

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