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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another Saturday with The Oracle of Syed Putera

Malaysian Indians are back with BN. the Oracle appeared pleased when he told me that. Who told you I asked? Nong Chik. Does the boss ( Tun Daim) feel the same way? He does- said The Oracle.
Hmm..this was an unusual slippage on the part of Daim , I said to myself. Usually he takes statements and information as preliminary ‘noises’. He will then investigate further by sending out the Baker Street Boys or the Baker Street Irregulars like Sherlock Holmes did.  It was unsual for Daim to accept what Raja Ning Chik tells him. Daim must be fatigued.
BN must be really desperate. They have resorted to reading tea leaves and in some places, chicken entrails. Some whispers here and there are taken and read as signifying real and substantial progress. Hence for example, some casual and insouciant intimation that Indians are coming back to support BN, is treated as orgasmic news. 
What are we to make of these innocuous remarks?  Should they be taken seriously? The Indians are coming back into the fold of BN. Yes indeed, there are so many of them.
The PPP says it has 1 million members. That’s the figure from the Kaveas faction. Murugiah says he commands 600,000. The MIC says, they have 2 million Indians. The IPF ( Pandithan’s) says it has another 700,000. Then we the number claimed by the newly minted Senator Nallakarupan. His group probably consists of Malaysian Indians who play tennis with political luminaries and who sometimes double up as traffickers for illegal immigrants of the pleasure giving kind. They are then taken to places like Tivoli Villa and later dropped off to do shopping at Bangsar Shopping Complex.
Geez! I am thinking, these parties must have counted those Malaysian Indians still in the womb. Even worse, even the Indians in the glint in the cowherd’s eye are also counted. Otherwise, how do you account for so many of them?
 These encouraging numbers must have in turn encouraged and motivated Tambhy Najib to participate as a devotee in this year’s Thaipussam. Amma! I asked some Indian friends how do I write you help me, I help you in Tamil. I am still waiting.
This was also the information passed on by Raja Nong Chik to Tun Daim Zainudin. And where does Raja Nong Chik get his source of information? From Bangsar Bala- friend to RPK and resident politician at Plan B, in Bangsar village.
Yes indeed- the same Bangsar Bala who mobilized thousands of Indians to press palms with Anwar Ibrahim when he came over to Brickfields the other day. The same Bangsar Bala who organized a large number of Indian NGOs to meet Tengku Razaleigh. The smart cookie Bala is hedging his bets. And what Bala says, is taken as significant by Raja Nong Chik.
Tun Daim Zainudin.
Tun Daim Zainudin spoke at a function organized by Lembah Pantai UMNO. It was a smart move I thought for Raja Nong Chik to bring on a real firepower. It can serve as an endorsement from the elusive Tun Daim for him.
In 2008, no one batted an eye lid about what Tun Daim said. Indeed many said he is senile and a spent force and one past-shelf-life politician. The man whom he recommended as one MB Selangor described Tun Daim in disparaging terms. That man has since been convicted on a corruption charge. It was some sort of a comeuppance for that chap.
In 2008, Daim cautioned the government. It will lose 5 states. When he said those things, UMNO people lambasted and derided him. After the elections, BN lost 5 states and its seats in Wilayah Persekutuan were almost decimated. After that, people sit upright and at attention whenever Daim speaks. Indeed, people are now desirous at wanting Daim to say something energizing about BN.
 Daim who is rarely seen and heard has now acquired the status as political bomoh and medicine man. Occasionally he does give speeches like the one he did at TAR University. Otherwise he is most happy counting his money. My first reaction when Daim attended the function organized by UMNO Lembah Pantai, with its overt political connotations, is that Daim is looking out for his business interests that can be affected by the decisions of the FT minister. Such as his property business in Malaysia.
I wanted to ask about this when I met up with the Oracle of the 11th of February 2012. The Oracle is the extension of Daim and he has spoken of many things. On the whole, the prognosis on UMNO and BN’s health is dismal and life affecting. I recalled the Oracle of Syed Putra saying that PM Najib should show he means business in tackling the scourge of corruption. The Oracle was echoing was Daim Zainudin told him. How? By herding in this former Selangor MB, because that is how you deal with the stubborn and obstinate. 
I also recalled The Oracle quoting Tun Daim saying that PM Najib should show he upholds the rule of law by arresting those MACC officers who interrogated Tan Beng Hock. That is necessary because only some people believe in the fairy tales about Beng Hock willfully jumping to conceal some minor corrupt practices.
Heck, Daim told the Oracle many things. Najib has lost the plot to manage the country. Najib is scared of 3 fellows in Malaysia- Mahathir, Rahim Tamby Chik and the diminutive Isa “Beria” Samad.
That’s Lavrenti Beria who served Stalin folks. Isa is reported to have spent RM 350 thousand of Felda money on his open house. But even that is small compared to the cost of redoing his Felda office room. But that would be ok since, there is this general assertion that Felda’s money is Isa’s to spend as he absolutely wishes. In a term which is current, Isa  NFC’d the money.
As to Daim Zainudin, now it’s a different scenario. The MSM are eager to lap up to what Daim says. He is the media darling, if they can get to him, that is. Fortunately through my friendship with the Oracle of Syed Putera, I am beating them to it.
So I found myself at The Oracle’s Office on Saturday to exchange notes. One of the things we touched was Tun Daim’s rare excursion into Lembah Pantai.
What was Daim doing in Lembah Pantai, I asked the Oracle. It seems Raja Nong Chik’s people had invited Tun Daim to participate in a panel discussing social and political issues. Raja Nong Chik was also on the discussion panel. Clever I thought. 
The Oracle wasn’t enthusiastic to speak about the event and was initially parsimonious in giving me more details about the event. I don’t think this reluctance to speak with candor is because I have joined the DAP. This is my second visit to him after joining the DAP.  In the course of our one hour free ranging discussion, we will know Daim’s thoughts on several things. That will be later.
The first question I asked was- if Tun Daim were the finance Minister today, would he agree to use the EPF as the lender of last resort? If everything else fails, use EPF.
If the money is managed right, the use of the EPF funds will be ok. The government has always used EPF money for some desired objectives.
Yes, but this time they are lending to future no hopers. You know, we can’t collect from the house buyers.  When I was ADUN, people don’t even pay when its only RM 90 per month.
Technically, they are lending to a SPV formed by the FT minister. So, it’s not lending to individual buyers. Two, the government is guaranteeing the loan. Three, the value of the property will appreciate. The value of the portfolio will rise.
Why the semantics, I asked. The government is knowingly agreeing to a scheme where it will end up footing the bill by bailing out the SPV created by Raja Nong Chik. Already public debt is RM 456 billion and the off balance sheet spending amounts to almost 100 billion. In effect public debt is reaching 600 billion. This will bankrupt the country not the subsidies going to poor people.
This isn’t the question of building affordable homes for the poor. That is already taken by the PPRT homes- and its equivalent in urban centers in the form of high-rise flats. How did the FT ministry finance the construction of urban PPRTs before?
So why the need to borrow from the EPF?
It’s not comforting being told that the EPF has committed only RM 300 million for now. EPF doesn’t say it will NOT go up to RM 1.5b as stated by the FT minister. The announced lesser amount does not confer a right of indiscriminate spending and investment by EPF. And because the amount, or any amount for that matter is going to be guaranteed by the government,  the loan then raises the issue of prudence on the part of the government. Government guarantee is not a license for profligacy. That is suggestive of bad governance. It’s not an excuse to be reckless.
Suppose the loan is defaulted, the money has got to come from somewhere right?
Why go the indirect way of directing the EPF to lend money to an SPV and that SPV then lends money to people who otherwise couldn’t qualify to get loans? Why doesn’t the government sell bonds and then set up their own SPV to lend to potential defaulters? The potential defaulters are all sub-prime borrowers.  It’s all semantics describing the SPV is credit worthy even though in actuality the end buyers may not. So, we all chorused saying the EPF lends to credit worthy entity and that falls within its terms of reference.
Bull- at the end of the day, the buyers will default; the government is too scared to foreclose and ends up bailing the SPV. Money has to be taken out from somewhere.
But is there really a political agenda? The political agenda may be Raja Nong Chik’s. He wants to give houses to his supporters in Lembah Pantai so that he can win Lembah Pantai and kick out NurulIzzah. So, he wants to build homes to give to his supporters who will in the end get free homes. The rest of the public will be asked to refrain from making noises otherwise we are made out as objectors to building homes to the poor.
We don’t help out the poor by giving them homes financed by unconscionable emptying off the till. That would amount to abuse of government. When a government thinks it can do as it pleases in plain disregard of the checks and balances on absolutist rule, we have a democratic tyranny.
It’s a good portfolio investment since the property will increase in value. In the long run, the property will of course inflate in value. But what’s the use of having property that you can’t collect? You can’t foreclose because of the political ramifications. You can persuade the owners for the time being to cash out then, make some money and move elsewhere. Move where? Isn’t the political agenda is to increase Malay voters in city areas. If they move out into the rural areas and to the fringes, urban areas will be lost forever.
UMNO as custodian of Malay interests isn’t thinking on this thing properly. When the property inflate in value, who are the likely buyers? Those vegetable sellers, pork sellers at Selayang and Jinjang and so forth. They buy because they have the money. We can’t fault them for having money and buying into the property.
So, Nong Chik is really not looking at the bigger picture. He is looking out for his immediate interest which is to win Lembah Pantai and send the anak mami packing.


Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 07:29  

I can understand why the Pee Em is scared of Mahathir and Isa as the two have the damning pictures of the PD escapade by why is the Thamby guy is within this league?
Pak Dogol

bruno,  14 February 2012 at 08:39  

Dato,some Malaysian Indians may be back in the BN fold.But the numbers are not large enough to have any effect on the outcome of the Lembah Pantai seat.Yes,Najib and Umno/BN have been busy wooing the Indians with carrots dangling in front of them.

But Lembah Pantai consists of the more educated population,which carrots will mean nothing to most of them.Some of them might accept the carrots,and vote opposition anyway.Indians are an unpredictable voting bloc as they are more to succumb to the tricks of the BN.

Maybe in some new villages and the plantations,the swing of the Indian votes might have an effect on some of the results.But overall,it needs the Malays and Chinese votes too,to have an effect.

But if Raja Nong Chik thinks that the EPF money is going to help him win Lembah Pantai,he must still be living under the tempurong.If he is a winnable candidate,Umno/BN does not have to resort to these underhanded tactics,because the people will vote for him anyways.

Besides the lack of confidence speaks that his losing chances is more than his winning the seat.And Shahrizat is not going to sit around and let RNC have the last laugh either.On the night of the elections Cow's mama and Nurul will both be laughing and RNC will be nowhere to be seen,as he will be to busy licking his wounds.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 10:31  

Indians are real dumb. They can can swing between BN and Pakatan several times a day.
They don't vote on issues or principles but by mere emotions and even empty promises.
They can be fooled all the time.

Pentilium5 14 February 2012 at 10:47  

masa RM90 pun tak boleh bayar.. how? its a give away, might as well give instead of another mortgage, over the past 20 years that RM90 a month would have settled the principal + interest

OneMalaysian,  14 February 2012 at 11:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

When a government resorts to gimmicks to win an election - no, to perhaps win just one parliamentary seat against a well regarded young opposition political star – it speaks to a very sad state of affairs. Perhaps I should say it reflects its desperation, and worse, its lack of responsible financial governance.

Has Najib already forgotten what got the American economy into trouble in 2008? For his sake, and those who think that financing housing for those who are not credit worthy is the government’s job, let us remind them of the subprime crisis. Mountains of money were lent to millions of Americans who were classified as sub-prime borrowers. In other words to people who had no credit standing – they cannot pay the loan back. So how did the banks justify giving them housing loans? Oh, don’t worry, the value of the houses will go up in time, so if those borrowers can’t pay, we will simply take back an asset with a HIGHER value. There will be no loss to the bank. Sure enough, for a while at least, this worked because the more sub-prime loans were given i.e. as more houses were bought, demand drove up house prices – a self fulfilling prophesy.

Let me cut to the chase. Finally, someone said the emperor had no clothes. The subprime loans, repackaged as CDS (collateral debt securities), lost value and the subprime ponzi scheme unraveled. House prices plunged 35%, some major banks collapsed, and the western world got into a depression.

Of course merely giving out RM1.5 billion to enable people who otherwise cannot buy homes because they do not have the income to do so (and to repay the loans) is not going to lead the world into another depression or cause Malaysian banks to turn turtle. But the principles and ideas involved in this harebrained project are taken straight out of the American subprime loan playbook. Except that our banks are smart not to get involved (they did learned a thing or two from the U.S) so this irresponsible and desparate government roped in the spineless EPF. If the directors of the EPF – they are there to protect the life savings of all Malaysians contributors, not participate in some political game – think that they are lending to the government or some SPV guaranteed by government so the loan is OK, they are wrong. The loan will not be repaid. So what happens? Sue the government, who then sue the credit unworthy borrowers and then evict them? Is this really politically feasible? If the EPF board goes through with this deal they must resign. They will not be doing their fiduciary duty, which is to protect our life savings.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 11:20  

I do agree ! Ah Jib Gor is a " puppet " PM. Not only he scared Mamak Kutty,Ih Sa Gor & Thambi Rahim but few others including AG. He feared that his past history revealed by these people.

So Ah Jib Gor decision often flip flop because the pressure from these people.

" Do it or you'll be in trouble !

Ah Jib Gor has no choice but to abide by it.


Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 11:25  


I think a bit too long la this article with various aims.Since the title is about the oracle,we are looking forward for what the oracle would like to say.It since very little has been said,hopefully not because you are in DAP now though you refused to believe it so.From what has been said,Nurul Izzah should be extra careful in Lembah Pantai.If Tun Daim has decided to join the team, I believe that Najib will be more than please to accommodate his future reading and of course his personal wealth.If Daim intended to be just a watcher,and has all the money in the world,i dont think there is any reason why he should worry about his business interest in FT involving Raja Nong Chik.I believe Raja Nong Chik would be fielded,Shahrizat would be ousted and even Nurul Izzah.You can write all you want against the EPF plan to assist Raja Nong Chik but it will still go ahead just like Felda Global Venture listing.At least certain quarters have tried to block it,and same here,Nurul Izzah should have try her best to win Lembah Pantai and make pact with Bala Bangsar again.Nurul Izzah shouldnt lose touch with grassroot and hoping that the rage shown against UMNO last time is her only bet against Raja Nong Chik power as FT Minister and EPF funded housing scheme.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 11:30  


Berani kerana benar. Najib tak berani melawan Kutty, Tambi mau pun Isa sebab banyak sangat benda tak benar yang dia buat sebelumnya. Semuanya dalam tangan geng2 itu.

Saya tabik dengan Anwar setidak2nya anwar melawan kerana dia yakin dia dipihak benar walau pun beliau menjangka resikonya.

Hari ini kita boleh lihat hasilnya..majoriti rakyat telah bersama PR dan Anwar. Pada saya...tanpa Najib, Kutty, Isa dan sebilangan lagi geng2 tu..kita boleh mengharap Malaysia yang lebih cemerlang dan gemilang kalau pun tidak sempurna dan ideal ! Cukup untuk kita mendapat yang lebih baik dari apa yang ada sekarang.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 11:39  

Ha ! ha !

Najib scared Rosmah too.

He was affraid to court for Anwar case ( few flip flop statements from him in the past ). Everyone knows.

Najib..the most cowards PM in the history of Malaysia.


Sialnya Malaysia mempunyai PM jenis penakut ini !

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 11:48  

Tuan Ak47,
To say that the indians are back in the bn fold is very deceptive by the oracle. High hopes maybe !
The majority of the indians are in the ABU league.
Their first choice is Pas, 2nd is Dap and third choice is pkr.
I know of a few mic branches were deserted in the last ge to support Pas.Though there is no indian members in pas, the indians TRUST PAS ,the "NAMBIKAI" is to PAS because Pas has no corruption.
Im not interested in valentines day ke or immoral activites which pas opposes but good gov.I am very sure PAS and DAP can work together for the wellbeing of all malaysians.
Yes im an indian and me and on behalf of my friends ,will surely vote PR. Rest assured come what may with or without hindraf.
What Mic leaders are saying that the indians are with 'them' is bullshit and it is only to impress Pm and co so that they will be fielded as candidates.Infighting in mic is at its peak .Camerons,tapah and K.selangor are seeing palanivel with distrust.Its a house divided.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 11:56  

Please check e-mail. Thank you.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 12:02  

Mate . Just because bangsar bala doesn't have your view .. You may think he is wrong .. But you have no idea who he is and what he is capable of .. What he says is what it is .. Now that is cause for concern ..

shashikaru 14 February 2012 at 13:46  

Dear Dato, is it "Who told you I asked?" or "Who told you? I asked"

Donplaypuks® 14 February 2012 at 13:46  

This harebrained scheme by RNC has all the ear marks of a wilfully constructed bound-to-fail scheme to overshadow the USA sub-prime crisis disaster. Only a politician with limitless ambition would concoct and promote it.

At least in the USA the properties were first sold/financed at market prices to not the really poor, but to fairly well off individuals who had over-committed their finances and then greedily ventured into speculative investments.

The targetted poor here can't even pay their already heavily subsidised rent. So, what else can RNC's scheme be than doomed to fail from the start, even if they are proposing to sell properties at below market price?

How callous and mindless can these politicians be when they do this evil knowing that eventually it's the taxpayer who will be forced to pick up the tab?

It's irrelevant whether it's the EPF or DBKL which finances it; the pathetic result will be the same!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 14:14  


He's not only cowards but also other BN UNO leadership including Tun Mahathir. They are eloquent and brilliant speech, but a coward when the proposed debate with Anwar witnessing people of Malaysia.

Both of them are afraid to testify Anwar's sodomy case. They even avoided an open debate with Anwar.

Only the guilty would be just so. Small wonder that many people do not believe UMNO BN today.

Pimpinan UMNO BN Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin ! But I respect Sabri Chik & KJ... at least they have ball !

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 15:01  

Pak Dogol lu pula pula takla tahu.Itu wa munya mini itu lulu lu munya galflend, lu sulah lupa ka! Lu mau bikin wa kasi malu Pak Dogol. Itu Anak Thamby sulah hantam milaka anak lala sunti itu lulu pun mau hantam mini olang. Ha ya!. Lu mau mikin malu sajja. Ini smua olang kipala batu juga ala luluk. Itu cilaka munya anak thambi.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 15:54  

This scenario same as the Car AP. Instead of getting more revenue for the Government they give the right to these people to rob the country wealth.(loss billions on revenue)

To be precise, those property at Lembah Pantai area can fetch RM 500 to 700 per Square Foot but they are selling it for RM 100 per SF to buy vote . At the end of the day, these people make ton of money at the expense of the Rakyat Money.

These are the method on how to make the cronies Umnoputra become richer in Malaysia. At the same time, get elected to become Umnoputra yang “BERWIBAAN” and rob more like the NFC/PKNZ/Sub-marine….etc scandal.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 16:11  

The Pee Am is so afraid his wrongdoings be exposed by The Senile Ex Pee Pee Aim, The Shorty Ease Sir & Thamby Pundek coz all three are grabbing each his balls & a rotten dick. The truth will always prevail no one can hide from The Almighty God forever. Cheers

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 18:50  


can you explain what is

"off balance sheet spending amounts to almost 100 billion". What are these spending?

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 18:52  

You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time,.... but if the Indians are willingly to be fool all of the time...then the Indians truly deserved what they get.

Shan.,  14 February 2012 at 19:08  

Tuan Sak,
I am an Indian and I have lots of Indian friends, I can safely say that they are with PAS, DAP and PKR, they speak highly of PAS ADUNs, MPs, TOK GURU and they hope and pray that PAS will replace Dumno,to lead our country, They are confident that PAS can do an honest job running this beautiful country of ours.

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 19:20  

Hehehehehehehehehehehehe. It is just to let everybody knows. Now hopefully everyone knows. Hahahahaha.
Pak Dogol

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 20:59  

Since you are from Pahang, I am interested to know the issues why the state govt refused to pay Seruan Gemilang Makmur Sdn Bhd despite the court order. Is UMNO/BN above the law? Or was there issues behind the case that the public did not know?. As an ex-Adun from Pahang, I am sure you know the story. I find it depressing when the state govt ignored the court order and nothing is done to enforce it.

Quiet Despair,  14 February 2012 at 22:54  

Hi Sak, I have just finished having dinner at Italiannies with six other couples. It's a sort of 1Malaysia Valentine affair with two other Malay pair, two Indian couples and a Chinese couple. (This is also a favorite place of Anu-war's, LOL).
Vikram and Akilesh say hi to you. We were laughing ourselves silly over your posting especially about the Bala fella.
According to Vikram and Akilesh, Bala is exactly like Palanivel. Can be seen shaking hands with anyone including the ornate lamp-posts at Brickfields.
And they said you and Najib are Ayah la. We are the Thambis.
They want me to convey to you with their eyes closed, they too will be like other Indians who will definitely vote for the BN.
Why not? They have all kinds of goodies thrown their way.
Ayah Najib took the trouble to don a kaftan during Thaipusam to give some more goodies for them. That humongous garland given is nothing compared to Najib's gift to the Indians.
And Palanivel is now Minister for Indian Affairs. The Malays and Chinese do not have a Minister specially for their welfare. That's a coup for Vel.
Vel is also fishing to contest in his former mentor's seat of Sungai Siput. He's hoping to get the majority Malay votes there.
And today several hundreds Indians got their MYkad.
They have never had it so good.
Akilesh who is a Penangnite asked you why should he vote for DAP?
He's pissed off with the slight given to the Indian reps by the DAP with the exception of Kapal Singh, who is a Bai.
And Roland Lee, the other dinner companion, said as Bangsar born and bred he will definitely vote for Nong Chik.
His wife happens to be schoolmate at Pudu Road school with Nong Chik's Chinese wife.
The couple has a plush apartment near Pantai Hills.
And Sak, what is wrong in giving low-cost flats to the poor in Lembah Pantai?
They sure have a mechanism to get the repayment.
Shahrizat had given it and my rempeyek seler Mak Chik Ton is one of the beneficiary.
She said Shahrizat is working very hard at Pantai Dalam, Kampung Kerinchi and Pantai Halt despite her no longer the MP there.
Mak Ton said she has not seen hide nor hair of Izzah this past year.
And Nong Chik is getting the lay of the campaign going on in full speed.
It looks like he will defeat the cucu Mami, Nurul Izzah. Anak Mami is already in the meat-packing business Sak and do not need to be send packing again.
I am impressed you beat Najib And Aunt Rosie's darling Joceline Tan to the Daim interview.
They are still kind to you despite you being in the opposition.
But from your last posting I sense the wariness of Oracle to bare it all to you.
UMNO's enemy is also Daim's enemy, NO?

Anonymous,  14 February 2012 at 22:54  

Quote: "The targetted poor here can't even pay their already heavily subsidised rent."

Correction: The targeted 'poor' don't even want to pay their heavily subsidized rent. They rather buy 2nd hand cars, have Astro and enjoy a bit here and there.

Why should they pay rent when both BN and PR are chasing after their votes?

Now DBKL and local authorities in Selangor are dipping more into taxpayers' money to maintain the flats.

That's how politicians are 'manja-manja' with the voters and soon we will be in economic ruin...

Anonymous,  15 February 2012 at 02:46  

Quite despair,
As usual our storyteller and script writer is coming out with his self descriped script of soap opera.What better amusement for otherwise a dullful day.

After his debut failure with his imaginable neighbour Paathi and his Uncle Jib's charitable rm500 and the little boy at the bank's story out comes another fairy tale.If only Umnoputras could be as talented as him to keep on having debut and eventual failures,the PR couldn't be in a better position to wrest Putrajaya from his beloved Umno.

And his Nong Chiki to wrest Lembah Pantai from PKR princess Miss Nurul,hahaha.To buy Lembah Pantai for 1.5 billion?Not enough lah.Maybe 10.5 billion lah.Cucu mami dan anak mami,hehehe.

Kampong man,  15 February 2012 at 03:55  

I was at Mahboob Bangsar again meeting this Oracle of Mahboob Bangsar for two hours discussing Lembah Pantai situation and about that Raja Nong Chik attempt to win the heart of Lembah Pantai folks.
Bangsar Lucky Garden is special because it is here most of those decent pals and my pals too sit down for teh tarik almost everyday talking daily events and national issues and of course politics.The beauty is that all these pals are UMNO,PKR and PAS followers,very intellectual people Lawyers, accountants, engineers,top management people from TNB,LLN and business communities the MCKK ,VI,MRSM and STAR old boys kind and all are not in the 3 series anymore.They are mostly of the 5 series and some the 6 series,not The BMW ok !

Must admit Lembah Pantai is not going to be easy for Raja Nong Chik and the presence of Daim there shows the kind of support Raja Nong Chik needs from the old timer.I think Shahrizat can forget Lembah Pantai herself.She had her time and it has to be the smily and friendly Raja Nong Chik of course. We have to agree that her cow issues has become a big liability overall to UMNO/BN.It has to be sorted out quickly to rid that public perception.The cow issue is just the immediate cause the major ones are the current prevailing economic situations, inflation, emloyment oppurtunities high rise of goods etc.Bangsar is unique as it consist those poor flat dwellers fom Kampong Kerinchi and the vicinity, mostly malays, surrounded by those mix elites group that do their shopping at Bangsar Village and BSC.You will see that glaring contrast there.

It is here that i get opinions and the feels of the people on the ground on the local issues and politics listening to those pals and this Oracle who has been in politics even before Daim was there.Of course he is on his seven series and old hand and a useful source of inforamation and for his judgment and wisdom.Pretty reliable to form an opinion at least

Finally of course our conclusion is that BN will still retain Putrajaya not with the two third majority.Selangor and Perak will be fiercely contested and can go either way depending on the election timing, the propose candidates themselve and the voters sentiments at the point of voting.Of course Penang and Kelantan remains PR fixed deposits and I am not saying more for now as it is merely a prediction based on current findings.It will be interesting to see the final outcome to accept it and move on.Thank you and good morning.

Kampong man,  15 February 2012 at 09:36  

QD,Ha..ha..ha you are really humourous on that post.It is the colour that i was talking about on an otherwise boring and stiff responses you find here.Where on other blogs apart from Che Det you get responses this length with humour thrown in.I did try but tak menjadi,poor me.The last i get to read English Literature was this book "They dared to be Doctors" during my form three days.After that it was biology,Chemistry, Physics and Maths all the way.My writing thus are very straight to the point with no flower they said.This writing from Sak and his team is really too long.You really need that mental stamina to read.

Phoned my buddy at UMNO HQ close midnight and replied that he was having a meeting in that midnight!Is the election going to be very soon?, only Najib knows.Najib works really hard and you can see his sincerity and commitment.I dont see that in PR leaders except Anwar a lot of commitment but DUBIOUS!

If you meet uncle Sam and auntie Zaharah please send my regards to them.The last i met her was at Carcosa Sri Negara for tea as she needed info on O&G.I remember i drove Dr Zaharah round Scotland tour when she was on way back to Malaysia for hols in Malaysia from New York.She graduated from Hawaii and NewYork Uni if i am not mistaken. She is a good politician from Pahang and used to be Pahang state debater and uncle Sam was Kedah state debater and they met in college in PJ.I am not telling you more.Continue writing as i am going to get busy soon . Cherio buddy.

Anonymous,  15 February 2012 at 22:38  

Quiet Despair and Kampong Man,

Can you pls spare us the pompous humility in your comments cos nobody asking (quoting Dato) ? After one too many, it’s becoming boring. Your comments in early postings were more relevant and interesting to read as it contributed to the debate. In short, cut the crap and come straight to your argument to the issue.

I know, you are going to tell me, not to read your comments then. One thing I like about Dato’s blog is that he allows both side of the divide to voice their opinion which is important for first-time voter like me to decide, even if my family and neighbours have no qualm about their current ADUN who happens to be from PR, not too far from Bangsar too.

Oh, btw, my neighbours include Malays and Indians too.

Khun Pana aka johanssm 16 February 2012 at 04:14  

By messing up Brickfields and pretending to be Lord Murujib can be translated into votes?
I do think that the Oracle finally gives up hope on that fat pink lips to lead umno.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 05:38  

Quied despair and kampong man,

totally agreed with anon 15 feb 22:38.two clowns talking crap with each other.don't you two have anything better to say than sweet something,anything that makes sense.valentines day is already over.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 05:47  

Kampong man and quiet despair,
Why don't you two of you send an invite to Jocelyn Tan of the tabloid newspaper to join the pair of you to add more glamour and exitement.Jocelyn likes to talk craps too.Hehehe.

Kampong mam,,  16 February 2012 at 06:14  

Having discussed the scenarios these are the new findings for Sak:
1) Sak will be contesting in Pahang ,most probably Raub.DAP will not field him in Penang . Knowing DAP they too are concern on their new discovery.It has to be in the Chinese dominated constituency.QD,forget about Sak being in Penang and all our wish for him to shoulder that Second man position in Penang.
2) DAP will continue not getting the support of the majority Malays after all that disagreement on anything Islam as can be seen his/DAP disagreement with PAS on hudud, Valentine issues.
3) This DAP and PAS coalition will not work in the long term.PAS and DAP will go separate ways because of that ideological conflicts.On stand alone basis DAP will not be effective and this hype about PR getting closer to Putrajaya will not materialise.DSAi support for Israel is in conflict with PAS and UMNO stands.This does not help the PR coalition.More such conflicts sill surface and those will further weaken PR.
4)Tjis time UMNO members will not betray their party like what happened in 2008, with the protest vote.The longer Najib delay the election dates the better the chances of BN winning majority provided those carrying baggages are slowly put aside and only candidates that are really prepared going to the ground and be with the RAKYAT will be considered ,the Lee Lam Tye type.Those having personal agenda and involve in corruption however small if discovered should stand.
5) I am optimistic that BN will continue dominating the political scene for Malaysia.Their coalition works .Honestly,this PR coalition are filled with many problems and disagreements when they should not !.Thank you.

nick 16 February 2012 at 08:03  

Isn't it alarming and frightening to see that UMNO HAS TO resort to concocting a "poisoned" cocktail in order to "incapacitate the mind of the voters" before slowly killing them in their sleep. That's what Raja Nong Chik is doing with his "billion ringgit housing project for the poor using the retirement funds of ordinary and decent malaysian who will ultimately shoulder the debt if and when that project does go belly up". That's how desperate UMNO is and everyone knows it except them and those few here.

And what's with all this "everything nice and rosy" stories we keep on reading from UMNO troopers? Do they really expect us to believe their story of UMNO "gaining tremendous support" from indian, Chinese and even the trees in front of my house by reading a story about an obviously "elitist" group of people (if not fictitious) dining in a fancy restaurant, heaping praises on UMNO and Najib without even providing an iota of evidence to the accomplishment done by UMNO and Najib? Sound more like an excerpt taken from a North Korean public propaganda trash and people on the street opinion done with a prepared script. I'm not expecting something Shakespearean but the stories are lame! The setting are not believable and the dialog too childish and immature (which reminds me of the story of "A boy, a man boy and ABU in a bank").

Anyway, looking forward to more revelation coming from the mind of the oracle and comparing it to the ground speak and movement. Hope Dato will provide more on that in your next posting. Raja Nong Chick can try his best "using the people's money" but until and unless the "cow carcass" is buried and forgotten, he can have Bangsar only in his wet dreams.


Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 08:32  

Masyarakat melayu di Lembah Pantai harus lupakan PKR.Izzah tidak contribute dan turun padang saperti zaman Shahrizat dahulu.Tidak ada perubahan baru berlaku.
kemudahan perumahan rakyat yang di beri kerajaan adalah baik untuk kami yang berpendapatan rendah.Saya tidak peduli dari mana datangnya wang itu.Bukankaj ini satu kemudahan asas untuk kami,tempat berlindong keluarga.Kerajaan perhatin yang kami terima,BN kami undi.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 09:23  

Siapa juga hendak menjadi blogger dan sanggup bertukar parti saperti Sdr Ariff harus berani terima kritikan walau bagaimana perit untuk diterima.Najib terima lagi banyak kutukan tetapi punyai mental yang kental .Semua politician harus ada kekuatan ini kalau tidak jangan jadi politician Anwar punyai muka dan telinga yang tebal.Terima kasih.

Kampong Man,  16 February 2012 at 12:04  


correction ..."Those ...if discovered should NOT stand "
Thank you.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 14:24  

To 'Walla',


Shortest and most puzzling.

If you are still at it, give me the date.

Anonymous,  17 February 2012 at 21:14  

Dear Sakmongkol,

The thoughts below are contradicting to what the real teaching of Islam being compassionate and just to those who live in our communities. Could i be wrong cos i've only read the Quran in the English translation - a gift from an ambassador.

" When the property inflate in value, who are the likely buyers? Those vegetable sellers, pork sellers at Selayang and Jinjang and so forth. They buy because they have the money. We can’t fault them for having money and buying into the property. "

Those vegetable sellers, petty traders, Indians, as well, and other meager income earners - they rise up long before the average Malaysians to slog daily, so why the discrimination and prejudice against them the second round to own a flat, a low cost or a medium cost apt?

Don't we have empathy for them as many of us were once from the humble kampung ? Didn't God bless us kemurahan rezeki, the compassion, so why can't we show similar compassion and justice regardless of race, religion and creed when we are better off since the past few years, being the majority - to share and care for our own communities INCLUSIVE of the Chinese, Indian and orangaslis ?

Many of us have studied or read for leisure the history of slavery, oppression, injustice,
poverty and suppression of many nations, aren't we suppose to learn from their mistakes, relearn, and make conscious efforts to be better human beings ??

Or rather have wealth, politics, race, so called excellence of education, status, titles, leisure or even religion cause us to be indifferent, or more superior ? On the contrary, religion must have taught us to choose to be better, to be conscious of being mortal, and start doing what are of dignified values to others as well.

Thank you.

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