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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Walla's take on Kleptocracy

I have another installment on the Kleptocracy article. It shall be posted in due course. In the meantime, I would like to share the intrepid commentator Walla's take on the first article. Here it is.

If it's already a gravy train for some people, you would wonder how it can then be an electric train for the rakyat.  The transport minister is inelegantly silent on the change of contractor. No explanation.
 So how can the rakyat ever believe that the MCA is not under the thumbs of the Umno government? For that matter, how can the rakyat believe that the MACC which can jump when it comes to any whiff of Pakatan can remain stiff when it comes to Barisan?
 Moreover, one would think a government which preaches transformation should be the first to remember the losses and shenanigans of PKFZ under its watch. Maybe it can't because it hasn't practiced reformation first. What do you think?
That's why it dares to do this in broad daylight. Organized crime by your local political syndicate which has successfully ruled this country for 54 years. Comparable vintage to the Mafia now ruling Italy now in the red.
  In any case, if suppliers have to pay extras for deals, they will have to add extras to the bill failing which subtract quality from the goods in which case it may be faster to travel by bullock carts.  But then again, the NPC can't breed enough cows to draw the carts. They've spent all your money on condos instead. Money which could have been used to help cowherds in Felda settlements and elsewhere.
 All the enforced hardiness will certainly strengthen our Malay fibre so that the race will never disappear, won't it?
 So take note - just like how the Tajuddin Ramli out-of-court settlement is double the size of the NPC loss, rakyat money has again been blown. Like C4.

 Najib is now courting the Chinese again, just as his sidekick has been trying to say nice things about them, coming from a 1M. That M could mean Malay or Mahathir. Depending on how you officially define 'chameleon'.
 Najib said it is Umno's policies which have resulted in their becoming billionaires. Since when have supporters of Perkasa become so munificent to the Chinese?
Therefore it is cronyism. There is an exchange. I give you concession, you give me off-account political contributions. Unless these can be substantiated, they cannot be expensed off. So tax will have to be paid. Which means the contributors will have to pass-on the cost of contribution to other taxpayers. Meaning the rakyat. Again!
  So you think with so much shadow contribution, the Umno government will be running a hunky-dory national balance sheet?
 Nope, on top of the half a trillion ringgit in federal debt, and you can add to that sum another fifty billion ringgit from the MRT for other cronies, it hides another ninety six billion ringgit of contingent liabilities of some of its GLCs. They're all bleeding and there's no way to get back the money. If there is, they would have.
 And that's why the debt is not 53% of GDP but 65% of GDP. Ask any economist or local banker worth his salt whether the national language will have to be Greek soon.
 We are all standing at a precipice. That's why the drop will be precipitous. Namely the shares and assets that Najib said you have. Besides those the amanah's and your EPF have invested in, six percent dividend notwithstanding.
  So the PM is asking the rakyat to do the right thing by giving Barisan the mandate to rule again?
 Now why should the rakyat do that?
 Will they have mansions and condos to live in or branded marques to ride in? Will they be able to afford gems of the highest order or handbags they can only view behind showcases in Suria KLCC? Will they get all-expense paid holidays every month and jump into soft beds in six star hotels in exotic cities and visit the latest boutiques and be feted by the occidentals?
Will their children get no payback no tie-up extended scholarships to ivy leagues in faraway lands so that they can return with London haircuts and skin fair from living long in cool climes in preparation for cushy jobs in bleeding GLCs? Will they be protected from tearing their hair out and working to the bones to meet their monthly payments so that they can afford another family at your local friendly race-agnostic KFC?
Will they be blessed by not having to face long traffic jams caused by roadblocks set up to deter people from going to listen to a visiting Opposition member by a police force soon to be armed even more but still unable to stop hooligans from throwing pebbles at official cars of Opposition members, for that matter showing limpid enthusiasm to catch culprits who disrupt peaceful meetings of the Opposition again?
 Will they read what has been done to prevent such things happening again? In the much enlightening and enlightened MSM, an organ true to the spirit of democracy because for twenty two years a certain medical doctor (not from Curtin) in remembering his Hippocratic oath did not turn to the dark side of the force and started practicing a hypocritic oath of his own making instead?
So what shall the final answer be this time?
 It is not a simple (Malay versus Malay). It is (right Malay) versus (wrong Malay).  But how will matters pan out, you ask, while trying to look askance?
 At the filing of votes.
 Take the indelible ink. A group can file the postal vote say two days before GE13. Given so many phantom voters and false registrants in the voter database, what is to prevent them from also walking into the polling station and filing another vote a second time? The ink mark has no meaning because the first vote has already been cast.

That's beside the other matter of unfair gerrymandering.
 You want Umno to get into parliament again with fifty one percent seats from only fifteen percent popular votes?
For all you know, all these discussions are merely academic because it could well have been with the dubious stand of the EC to date, Pakatan might have won the last general elections all along. ven with those foreigner votes from Project IC courtesy of our man who wades on water, and his bunch of proto-human Cro-Magnons.
 So the blogger is right. No democracy. Just kleptocracy.
 Adil? Time for ABU, people.     And you know it.


Michael,  21 February 2012 at 11:12  

Well said. Right on the dot. ABU we must hv as ABU is the only solution to prevent us from being like Greece.

mitchell 21 February 2012 at 11:44  

Hear!!Hear!! ABU it is!! Pray tat all will see that enough is enough!!

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 12:04  

Aiya where is that quiet boy? He's quite a boy, I must say. Witty and smart. Sharp half-breed.
Woi QD, not defending your Uncle Najib? Or busy on the take as well.
Or are you scared of Walla?
Don't be scared one. Walla is for Pakatan. You can fight him better one for your Be-End.

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 13:48  


I say yea to what you said.

Taikohtai 21 February 2012 at 14:13  

So we read that Greece got another bailout, some E130billion this time. This is on top of an earlier E100b.
BN too dreams that when the country ends up in the deep end, some white knights will come with truckloads of dollars, just like when they bail out failed Bumi companies after Bumi companies.
Perish the thought but there is NO white knight for Malaysia, except may be CHINA. Imagine one day when Ibrahim Ali's nametag reads:
Ee Ba Lim Ah Lee. Of course we will know who Fei Por is.

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 15:38  

UMNO is making hay while the sun shines. In anticipation of a possible Pakatan victory UMNO will suck the national coffers dry before the general elections.

When the results are being announced, UMNO billionaires created by Najib's policies, will be sunning under the Brazilian sun with topless babes in bikini bottoms.
Malaysia will then join the ranks of Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy.
This is what UMNO means by , "Demi Bangsa, Ugama dan Negara".

Red Alfa 21 February 2012 at 16:00  

Salam Dato'

Malaysian Kleptocracy has gone too big.

So UMNO/BN must steal the GE13.

Are we ready yet for BERSIH Spring to this mother-of-all-stealings?

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 16:03  

Dear Dato SAK
My kind buddy let me interrupt him while browsing you site.
I am a poor retired and out of work urban dweller.Every now and then I will receive generous handout from the BN government.Over the years we have grown to be dependent on such handout. You can term it as bribe if you like-it does not bother us the urban poor. My poor rural relatives has never been forgotten either. I have just received RM500.00 BR1M. I have appeared on TV3, to express my gratitude for this kind of considerate gestures from our ruling elite. Why on earth should I vote such benevolent leaders out in the next or any future elections.In my daily struggle to survive, I hardly have any time to care about issues relating to democracy, free and fair elections, freedom of speech,corruption,ABU or whatever that you have been debating .Why should I waste my precious dime on these. They do not solve my immediate daily worries -i.e putting "nasi and lauk" on the table.But the RM500.00 BR1M helps.


Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 17:14  

Sir, I think you shall write in Bahasa Melayu so more open minded Malay shall read your posting. One day majority of Malay in lumber, one day Malaysia is sinking .... think about it

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 17:59  


Wait till the M'sia economy reach the stage of Greece, then u talk.

U sound intelligent & yet u r so short-sighted that u only care about yr current needs/wants.

Exactly a copy of the Greek before their financial meltdown.

Wondering by then, would u be acting just like the current Greek, rioting/burning all over the places, just bcoz u r not willing to face the REAL hardship caused by all the past handouts.

Oop - the RM500.00 BR1M solve yr immediate daily worries -i.e putting "nasi and lauk" on the table now. & yet u gadai yr children's future ye???

Suci Dalam Debu 21 February 2012 at 20:25  


This walla man/woman is one hell of a writer and is the closest I have come across as our Shakespeare.

This Curi-Curi Malaysia Program is being done in the name of Ketuanan Melayu & Sultans.

By the time PR helms Putrajaya, the country should be almost kaput and our children will have to sacrifice one generation or two to build up this country again.

Anonymous,  21 February 2012 at 21:14  

You remind me of my dog. All it needs is food not democracy, not justice or freedom.
You had better been born a bird or a fish.

peacefully potent,  21 February 2012 at 23:19  

Once Msia is bankrupt, perhaps Singapore will benefit.
Is it BN's plan suck all the money and to eventually sell peninsular to Singapore?

timor 22 February 2012 at 12:59  

Friends bear in mind!
Its not BN, BN is the vehicle.
It is this bloody Mamak Kutty, who plundered our country to near bankruptcy. He is the Mother Evil of all! Need I to say more !

Anonymous,  3 March 2012 at 02:58  

Aptly said Walla. Reawakened with madness. Lately the police have been placed to guard the LRT staff, about 10 of them, placed their bumps on both the long steel seats, having the whole compartment to themselves to talk. What about the paying passengers having to stand ? Who pay their wages ?

Two policemen condoned the compartment and indicated to the passengers to back off with their walkie - talkie sets. Witnessed this from the next compartment on the LRT from Salak Selatan, transist at Chan Sow Lin about 3 pm maybe on Thurs, Feb 23. Probably they were on their shift change.

Now the police seem to be collaborating to socialize with the LRT staff, having too friendly talks or walking with LRT staff, usually the ladies - indirectly the LRT staff are flexing the muscles, they have the backing of the police to beef up their highhandedness, mafia service to the public ???

This is an abuse of neglect of responsibilities by the LRT staff to serve the passengers. And the police to protect them and not the public ?? Practicing reverse roles ?

This would never happen in Australia or any developed nations which their governments and associated depts from their heads to the counter staff serving the people most efficiently. Anything less, OUT they go or they submit their resignation !

LRT staff are redundant, with token machines, by right to assist the public, now the staff have resort to closing their counters to stare on their PC ( FB ? ) yakking, napping or do whatever. Just observe them to verify.

Ayeah Vote for PKR, habis banyak sampah !

Anonymous,  4 March 2012 at 21:26  

Pakatan 70:30 let bn fall along with their goons both veteran and young eunuchs in the mold of, under the clout of the mahathir - daim regime ! the reverse of certain young shady characters raised to be the elite leaders to prolong the gangrene regime as in animal farm by george orwell.

Anonymous,  6 March 2012 at 08:50  

Lullaby to Idris Jala

Idris Jala strumming his acoustic guitar to the tune of traversing the path to high income for Malaysians ? Bravo, only if they are implemented with the active participation of the Pakatan economists and representatives of the People, time-tested NGOs definitely ( certainly not froggies of apa nama ), to have sustainable economies, to have the credibility, transparency and accountability.

Who are involved, what are the effective, stringent measures, and how are they executed in ensuring the middle income earners, the low, the lower income earners are alleviated to attain good wages, to have more business opportunities ?! How is the wealth from the oil and gas, and nation’s revenues being distributed fairly to the People ?

Bearing in mind, the inflation rate keeps accelerating, so it is back to square one. It has to go beyond, inclusive of non-apolitical of the citizens, as their lives are directly affected. With clear guidelines to prosecute irresponsible hands from getting a cut in the pie ? And increase the number of pies to enable huge population of Penans, Sarawakians, deserving Indians, Chinese and Malays to reap its benefits.

Heck, I just want a new and responsible government with integrity where every Malaysian has an equal chance to attain quality and free education up to tertiary level, and to have access to meaningful jobs in both the civil service and private sectors, free healthcare, and where their personal freedom, homes, and belongings are safe guarded by a competent police force, where they achieve their dreams for themselves and the betterment of all multi-ethnics in Malaysia.

Definitely there must be conscious efforts by the government in ensuring all its leaders, its media practise respect, fairness, and the celebration of good characters of all Malaysians as a yardstick to measure the dignity of the predominant bangsa – being inclusive in fairness – with eternal values – isn’t it what the major religion preaches or is it the umno putera-puteri elite version ?

All the concerts prior to election is unnecessary, it is just to smokescreen, to create a bloody feel good, cool and when realities hit, the people wake up to catastrophes ? To take photo shots with an eligible bachelor or single lady wakil rakyat- the people got to shackle off this redundant mentality! What is their credibility, how far stretched are they willing to Serve the People to lead, that’s it.

Fast track Malaysia forward having achieved its high prosperity level, that aside, what are the loopholes that Korea having attained its high income status, so why are the Koreans flocking to Ampang and many parts of Malaysia to seek green pastures? To gasak our properties that Malaysians no longer can afford to purchase ? What inequality, discrepancies incur the wrath of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, many of whom are well-educated Americans from the middle income group.

Your reflections over a double or triple shot of espresso, hence Vote for Pakatan, Sak, Aspan, DAP, ABU … Bring it on ! Enough is more than enough !!! Cheers Sak, Walla.

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