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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Prostitution of the Mainstream Media

A few days ago, a friend remarked that he hasn’t read the Utusan Malaysia for almost 2 years. When I asked the reason why, he answered simply by stating Utusan Malaysia has become the extended mouthpiece of UMNO and BN. Especially the former. Its editorials are nothing more than patronizing dictations by an officious Guru Kanan in charge of discipline. He finds the editorials insulting to the intelligence and nauseatingly overbearing. Who wants to read a paper that says Nik Aziz is delusional, while Dr Mahathir who hasn’t made peace with the new political realities, isn’t?
For substitute he now reads Sinar which has surpassed Utusan in circulation and credibility. I am inclined to believe many others share his revulsion for not only Utusan Malaysia but other members of the mainstream media too.  The citadel for the shameless media partisanship has shifted from Jalan Riong to the HQ of Media Prima.
For many years now mainstream media has become increasingly partisan and more overt in promoting the policies of UMNO and BN.  This evolutionary process by which the MSM became literally the mouthpiece of partisan politics, reached its zenith in 2008 when the media were instrumental in getting Abdullah Badawi kicked out. It was helped further by the existence of some nebulous and often secretive cells in the New Media, helmed often by equally publicity-shy media assassins cloaked under various aliases and pseudonyms. Their obsession for coward secrecy is surpassed only by the intensity of their vitriolic and penchant for ad hominem attacks.
These conclaves of media assassins in the new media are also said to be headed by banished journalists who thought they were legends in the own right. Once upon a time, they thought the world revolves around them and people worshipped at their feet. Some still do and are willing to pay these media witch doctors hefty sums of money.
Many journalists both in the official MSM and in the satellite new media dropped any pretense of objectivity and became not only cheerleaders but active de facto members of the campaign.   What has their newfound loyalty and prostration achieved for the journalism community?  
During the past two decades no other sector of the economy has experienced such overwhelming financial and employment devastation and severe loss of credibility. In a scathing reference to NST Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew the former Singapore PM simply said that it has lost credibility. What do people read? They read Harakah, Roketkini and of course, the Internet.
Yet the vast majority of the media do not understand why theirs is a declining and failing business model.  They are still in denial and cannot accept the reality of the marketplace, as their actions have prompted the Malaysian public to lose all confidence in their objectivity and integrity.
The 2013 election season has begun and this same media finds itself in the position of having to defend and reinforce the man they chose to sleep with.  They have willingly opted to do exactly that. The mainstream media is systematically pulling out all the stops to destroy any and all viable BN challengers in an undeclared but understood alliance with the Najib re-election machine.
Rather than objectively analyzing the folly of the Najib class warfare strategy and its potential to undermine and destroy societal cohesion, the mainstream media has trumpeted and encouraged this divisive and dangerous strategy.  Clearly, the economic proposals which Najib has announced thus far seem to work preponderantly for the benefit of a select clientele.
Which class welfare agenda is Najib pursuing?   The welfare agenda hasn’t change from the dictats of Dr Mahathir despite the very public and pompously loud announcements of Najib via his various acronym initiatives. It’s the welfare of the wealthy corporate class and the adherents of the free market economy. Except, in the Malaysian application of that concept ‘free market’ has nothing to do with the ideas of market efficiency and productivity which economists are propounding. The ‘free market’ which the Najib administration pushes on and supports is the market freedom for the selected few and the klelptocratic elite to lay their hands on economic resources.
The Perkasa movement, conceived by friends of UMNO  and encouraged by Putrajaya, as well as blessed by many in the mainstream media, was intended to further reinforce the war against the ‘subversive’ and disloyal majority. It was intended also to redirect the anger and blame for all of our country’s woes away from the statist policies of the Najib administration. Yes, Najib hasn’t really moved at all from the mindset of the government knows best. His declaration about the age of government knowing best was naked rhetoric. It’s all an elaborately propped stage.
Anwar Ibrahim is being cast as the villain in this stage production. He must be destroyed by unproven and salacious allegations of sexual perversions.  And yes, the only judgment that matters now must come from the courts. If the courts cannot convict him for want of evidence, we the laymen cannot read beyond what is manifestly stated in law.  
Nik Aziz and Haji Hadi are portrayed as wild-eyed and unstable religious fanatics. They are , says Utusan Malaysia, delusional losing grip on reality. One needs only to scour the characterization of these people in the pro UMNO blogs. There, you get to read the vilest descriptions of Hadi and Nik Aziz .  Of course, such characterizations would never be applied to any BN candidate.
When it comes to Lim Guan Eng there is no ethical barrier too high for the media to tear down in an attempt to discredit him.  The specter of unfounded and outright lies about his son’s harassment of an equally innocent young lady being given unhindered coverage by the media and UMNO blogs is considered acceptable, as well as any innuendo or accusation created out of whole cloth.   Such a scenario would never be contemplated if the person or persons involved are UMNO and BN leading lights. Hence, the controversy surrounding Shahrizat and the NFC imbroglio are uncritically lapped up by the mainstream media as a ‘test from God’.
What has this loyalty to the UMNO and BN masters wrought for the members of this once-proud profession? The landscape of the once mighty journalism community is one of utter devastation. The daily circulation of all major newspapers has dropped. The NST has even been described as a kid’s newspapers. The devastation of the mainstream papers is well documented in this blog.
How does the journalism community react? The most important and fashionable matter for the vast majority of the journalism community has been to be part of the in-crowd, which requires little independence of thought or even the ability to generate an original thought. Thus many in the media are still caught up in the old paradigm of good versus evil wherein conservatives are good and liberals are evil.  
The inconvenient truth is, a majority of the members of the mainstream media are incapable of recognizing their error in blindly supporting the statist agenda of the BN government over the years.  Regardless of the evidence at hand, either historic or contemporary, their egos and narcissism so dominate their psyche that admitting a mistake is tantamount to the apocalypse.  Thus they appear willing to sacrifice their own future and credibility by actively campaigning for UMNO and BN’s re-election rather than honestly report on the lies and machinations of this administration and their devastating impact on future generations.  The only outcome the media has guaranteed is the continued decline and degradation of their once noble profession.


Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 16:52  


The rural Malay folks still read Utusan as if everything written on that paper is the truth and nothing but the truth. Utusan is not targeting the urban Malays who have access to other news media but the rural Malays who are less likely to read Harakah and Rocket and even less likely to have access to internet. Even if the rural Malays have internet access, they would probably be reading Che Det "The Man Who Walks on Water" blog or the many pro-UMNO paid bloggers.

Its important for Pakatan to continue with their "meet the people" road shows to inform the rural Malays of the rampant abuses of UMNO-BN government to the detriment of their future. This is the most effective way to reach out to the rural populace and tell them the truth and facts of what's happening in this country.

Three Trees,  5 February 2012 at 17:16  

Dato Sak,Who in the right frame of mind want to read all the propaganda and rubbish they chhurn out .I haven't read NST for 15 years and Star since 2008 I can't stand the 'Shit' Wong Chun Wai wrote to prostitute himself to get a Datukship.I agree with they thought we're all mindless to accept all the rubbish they're writing .No pride at all

OneMalaysian,  5 February 2012 at 18:08  

Dear Sakmongkol

The decline of the mainstream media has a direct adverse impact on society. Their lack of objectivity and analysis of news stories and social and political trends means that Malaysians who rely on them are left uninformed. In other words, the MSM has absolutely failed in the job they are supposed to do. And it is no surprise then that some sections of the population lack critical information and analysis to enable them to make important decisions.

Of course, no press is completely independent anywhere in the world. They all have a political bias, that is to say they support a certain political ideology or party. But this does not mean they are dishonest in their reporting or act like a propaganda machine. Such support does not translate to closing an eye to corruption in high places, or wrong doings of political leaders. We can respect such a press even if we do not agree with their ideological leanings.

The Malaysian MSM is quite a different kettle of fish altogether. They possess no worthy political ideology. Do they believe in the vitality of a free market and free enterprise? How could they when they say nothing of the blatant cronyism taking place in corporate Malaysia? All big government-linked projects are handed out to favorite cronies at high prices and on attractive terms without tender (think of the MRT project and the latest West Coast Highway). Do they think corruption is bad? Or they think it is the necessary grease to oil the wheels of the Malaysian economy? If like all decent MSM they are on the side of clean government, why have they not reported and attacked the corrupt practices of powerful government ministers and UMNO/BN warlords and hounded them out of office? If they believe that an independent and clean judiciary is a necessary pillar of democracy in Malaysia, why have they not condemned with greater force judges who were implicated in scandals such as the Lingam Tapes? And why have they let the real Altantuya murderers go scot-free?

Their adulation of UMNO leaders such as Najib is on par with what the Communist Party of China propaganda machinery used to do for Chairman Mao. Instead of making these self-proclaimed public servants god-like, the press must be more critical of their misdeeds. The MSM has a vital role in keeping the government accountable and in check. That’s their raison d’être. We can without any difficulty place the failings of democracy, the entrenchment of corruption in public life and the increase of racial strife right at the door of the failed MSM.

This is something a new PR government must address: the freedom and independence of the press. Only a free press can ensure the existence of a clean and accountable government, and act as a safeguard for the basic freedoms of the Malaysian people. The current lap dogs must be exchanged for guard dogs at the first opportunity.

Three Trees,  5 February 2012 at 18:14  

Since MSM is the propaganda machine of BN,we have to bypass it to get to the rural folk.Please,all of u folks who care about our country,do our little part,balik kampung every weekend to see our folks,friends,classmate,neighbouror relatives,bro,sis,uncle,auntie,sepupu,spread the message ABU,engage in 1 2 1 conversation.Please all of us,this is it! Change v shall.All of us,do our part,Spread the message ABU!ABU!ABU!The time is NOW

George Choo 5 February 2012 at 18:41  

Dear Sak, NST sudah mau bankrupt.

Readership of NST is around 200,000 and declining every year.

Do not be surprised if Umno use the govt money to bail out NST and Utusan.

Inilah Malaysia Boleh.

George Choo 5 February 2012 at 18:48  

Sorry Sak, I read about you in the Star today in which Jocelyn mentioned that MY FRIEND CAPT ZULKLIFLI was not given a sure win seat but instead was given tough seat to contest by DAP.I know Capt Zul well and I think he has lost 2 times in the election.

I agree with her and I hope DAP will give you a sure win seat in Penang,Selangor or Kuala Lumpur as we need people like you in Parliament to combat the corruption of Umno.

husain ali 5 February 2012 at 20:56  

Bro AK47,
Its the end of bn come the next general erection.Bn will be voted impotent with all the corruption around.
If Bn wants to remain relevent, it has to seriously deal with corrupted Bn leaders and their coronies.
PM must act with an iron fist and bear no fear or favour in doing so. If he fails to do just that ,then it is safe to assume he is in it too.
Why is he so afraid to act against corruption, why is he buying people very often, whos money is he giving out,how long can he give out dole and how much of the dole given out is used responsiblly?
Does he really believe people support bn anymore.
At a wedding dinner last night,attended by a mixed crowd , not one person said they will vote for bn but for any Pr candidate.Oh ! some received the 500rm and they said its their money anyhow and that their vote is for free to any pr party.most are teachers, civil servants and atm personnel.
One lt.kol said this very loudly" what? those buggers think we are stupid or what? They think we are sakais or what?I will vote pr come whatmay" this lt.kol[b] is an indian and he wants to vote pas, dap or pkr.
In general ,most people are determined to vote pr and im one such person. Its ABU/bn for me or not at all.

Red Alfa 5 February 2012 at 21:13  

Salam Dato'

Talk about the MSM is in denial!

The analogy is the MSM today is that diseased smelling of open sores prostitute that is past gone all attractiveness.

Another institution that is in denial is the judiciary.

To have both institutions are saying the Government is for free speech and is all fair go to show what they have become.

Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 21:25  

Prof Aziz Bari tidak lagi menulis dlm kolum Sinar Harian dan diberi peluang kepada kolumis baru..tapi kolumnya sentiasa membodek umnobn. Mungkin nak cepat dapat title Dato atau latuk.

maaf cakap; Dato yang jenis ini ' I got no respect for them'.

Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 22:17  


We take turns making jokes of Utusan Headlines whenever we can in the office.

When has it ever reported anything that may qualifies as news anymore.

We call it "Batu Api" newspaper. It's main purpose is to create tensions and mistrust among rational people of Malaysia.


Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 22:21  

It is a big mistake for these news media and whoever behind them to attack Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat, it will back-fired.

This is a man of highest integrity and honesty and a well respected religious leader by not only Muslims but Non-Muslims too.

Besides my parents' hand , the only hand that I will kiss is that of Tok Guru Nik Aziz,yes not even the Agong's hand.

Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 22:23  

MSM has become LSM (Lame Stream Media)

Anonymous,  5 February 2012 at 22:42  

Yes, we have the equivalents of
Volkischer Beobachter, Pravda and Izvestiya in Malaysia.

Phua Kai Lit

Pok Li,  5 February 2012 at 23:06  

I stopped reading mainstream newspapers and watching Malaysian TV channels since 1989 after Mahathir/Ku Li contest for UMNO presidency. The mainstream media became the mouthpiece of not just the ruling party but a handful of the ruling elites. Any dissenting voice will be condemned, regardless of whether they are from the opposition parties or within the ruling parties.

Stories are being spinned to the extent of 'memperbodohkan' readers and full of lies and deceit. Fitnah becomes a norm.

I'm really hoping that reforming mainstream media is top of Pakatan Rakyat's agenda when it takes over the federal government. It will never happen under the present UMNO/BN government.

john white,  6 February 2012 at 00:35  

bro arif,
before you condemned the main stream media ie. nstp, utusan and the star, you should study the ownership of these organisations first. when anwar ibrahim was the deputy prime minister, he controlled everything in the main stream media. in this case, we or you in specific could not blame the write ups in this papers. they have to follow their bosses agendas or else, senior management especially the editorial team will have to look for a new job!

Jong 6 February 2012 at 01:08  

Too bad for Capt Zulkifli, he needs to search himself when even the Jelapang prostitute HeeHor won in 2008!

My labrador dog if given a chance then would have won also.

bruno,  6 February 2012 at 02:22  

Dato,the mainstream media controlled bu Umno and its little siblings Mca and Mic have seen their sales slide year by year with no bottom in sight.No body wants to buy and read what crab these mainstream newspapers write and print.

These mainstream newspapers are used to trumpet the propaganda of the ruling elite.That is the reason that they still are in business or else with the sales dropping month after month,any other for profit business enterprises would have folded many times over.

Anti Pembelit,  6 February 2012 at 03:11  

Have stopped reading all the MSM newspapers for 10 yrs.Why should we pollute our mind with poison and rubbish everyday.To side with any political party is acceptable but to be a propaganda mouthpiece for BN and telling lies about other parties is despicable.Utusan is only for malay readers with lembu IQ.

MSM is an insult to our intelligent as a human being.Its very nauseating and humiliating the way the MSM licks BN's rear hole.

The printing and electronic media must be independent should PR takes over.This is to ensure that the rakyat gets the right info or any wrongdoing by the govt. of the day.

Only dictatorial country disallows free press.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 06:04  

Mainstream Media? As far as I am concerned Utusan and NST were no longer mainstream. They have transformed itself into a BN's mouthpiece or a party newspaper. I have not bought NST for more than 20 years because I can find more credible and balanced views and news on the net.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 08:58  

Dear Sak,
Not reading Utusan or listening to any propagandas by UMNO BN leaders is similar to not reading the prints churned out by Squealer in Animal Farm by George Orwell. It preserves the integrity and intelligence of the average Malaysians.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 10:00  

Never subscribed NST more than 26 yrs ago and stopped buying Star 8 yrs ago. The reason my family supported Opposition was after we found NST reporting most nauseating and spinning BN's scandals.

I attended a Malay friend's son wedding in a kampung in Sabak Bernam last weekend. I overheard the folks discussing about the RM500 and 1-Sara. Seeing that I was not from around there, they coaxed me to say something about what BN dishing out these goodies. Being polite and cautious, I just said that "at least BN was trying to lessen our burden in what ever way possible" To my surprise, one elderly pakcik raised his voice " Najib ingat kita bodoh. Cuba beli undi dengan wang rakyat. Negara jahaman kalau terus begitu"
I said "pakcik tak baca Utusan ke?"
The reply was " Gerai nasi lemak saya guna Utusan untuk bungkusan sebab dapat percuma. Utusan semuanya karut belaka"
I asked again, "bagaimana pilihanraya?" He replied' "Bagi BN jahanam. Tetap ABU"
That's an eye opener for me from these kampung folks. By the way, I'm Chinese and I voted PAS in 2008.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 10:10  

Dato, with the impending GE13 appearing on the horizon, the spin doctors gotta work overtime to drum up the fear factor. Truly Goebbels is their eternal master.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 10:11  

A first class masterpiece you have written. Need I say more.

crcsports 6 February 2012 at 11:45  

Capt Zul contested in Bkt Bendera, a Chinese majority seat in 2004. It is a an outright lie to say that he was not given a safe seat to contest when Lim Kit Siang himself lost the seat in 1999. Giving Malay candidates a shoo in Chinese majority constituency only reflects Chinese acceptance of Malay candidates which is a forgone conclution base on the huge gains by PAS and PKR in 2008 driven by Chinese support in marginal seats. The real test would be putting Chinese candidates in Malay seats to test Malay acceptance of Chinese candidates or at the very least Malay candidates on DAP ticket in Malay majority constituency for a start. DAP has proven since its inception that it is colour blind. An endorsement by the Malay community to this effect would rightly put an end to the divisive racial discriminatory policy of BN.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 13:40  

pok li

Please keep reding and watching MSM because it will give us a good idea of wherewe are heading to.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 14:30  

All is not lost for the mainstream reads lah dato.They make good laughs.Dont believe me? Try this, read any local news item today and try checking it out tomorrow,if there is a follow up.Then compare the news online and with "Bro/sis" will know what i mean.
By the way, they dont perceive readers as tidak cerdik but they are simply working on the attitude of many malaysian who are VERY ACCMODATING. why? reflect my Malaysia Boleh Frens!

CYC,  6 February 2012 at 17:27  

Politics aside, most of the MSM don't even use proper Bahasa. Its polluting bahasa to the extent that rendered the necessity to prosecute them for insulting our national language. MSM actually had prostituted Bahasa Melayu.

Dengan seikhlas hati, saya berpendapat MSM sememangnya membebalkan minda rakyat. Taka ada isi kandungan yang boleh menrangsangkan pemikiran.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 17:45  


I went to Tawakal Hospital yesterday (Sunday). Bundle's of Mingguan Malaysia were given free on the reception table.

Suprisingly, until I left hospital after asar, tak luak !!

walla 6 February 2012 at 18:20  

Developed properly, mainstream media has a critical role to play in the evolution of good governance in any emerging country.

Not only can it elucidate state matters it can also act as a voice of conscience for society and a transformation agent to open minds while pushing for more integrity.

However, true to form, Umno has chosen instead to castrate our mainstream media into an eunuch until all those roles have been rolled up. That it has chosen to do is the clearest proof insincerity to the rakyat is the hallmark of Umno.

The mainstream media today in this country is a complete failure. Its dwindling followers and loss of perceived value are saying in stark statistics how irrelevant it has become against the grain of what the readers, audience and rakyat demand - truth against lies, integrity against spin, thoroughness against parsimony, professional independence against parrot-like nihilism, and one standard against double standards.

If this is not so, why are the rakyat abandoning the mainstream media which has bigger budgets - and embracing the smaller outfits and channels cobbled together by volunteers and concerned citizens on shoestring budgets?

Instead of elucidating state matters within the perspective of engaged social conscience, the local mainstream media has only propagated the official lines of lies and omissions submitted by low IQ sycophants and moral cowards with the result the issues remain unresolved because both peer and people pressure cannot spring out from its pages and screens to force mischief-makers and political crooks to realize there is no place to hide.

So they continue on their merry-go-round mischief under their Umno protectorate. Which also explains why not a single Umno-created or invested project has succeeded let alone at great and grave cost to the rakyat.

In addition to insincerity, the imbroglio also tells the rakyat Umno is actually so behind all the issues that it can cavalierly exercise malignant neglect for its own political expediency, like the surgeon whistling while walking away even on seeing a tumor that needs to be quickly excised.

walla 6 February 2012 at 18:20  


If you read the articles and editorials of MSM columnists, you cannot escape the conclusion they did not write their pieces whole-heartedly. The choice of words and the direction of their thoughts skirt around what anyone with reasonable concern and moderate intelligence would have otherwise come to focus quickly and decisively.

What they really want to say hang just at the tips of their tongues which then ululate instead to some paid script. This is sad; they might as well change career and be politicians for they cannot give their professional best as journalists let alone act as voices of conscience for society.

On that score, we can now equate the way the GE13 voters will look at Umno, for that matter others Barisan, as the same way they are looking at the mainstream media - primitive, irrelevant, mischief-making, and money-sucking.

But there will still be a hard core group of voters who will continue to vote Umno come what may. They do it out of some misplaced sense of gratitude.

Now this virtue is indeed laudable. One must be grateful to one's elders, teachers and mentors, for instance. But must one continue to be grateful to one's leaders and party who have been found out to be lacking in other virtues in the family of virtues which include gratitude?

Indeed, the brown shirts of post-Versaille Germany were very grateful to an austrian corporal who had somehow managed to portray himself as a true-blood aryan in order to give them a new vision, mission and identity, and to bring dignity back into their lives, and to deliver wealth hard-earned by others into their pockets.

It takes courage to move away from that kind of sycophantic gratitude in order to take the plunge and break the tide, even while facing up to hurled abuses. But snide remarks can't hold up against the light of intelligence, sincerity and the will to make changes in our society so that its members can have a better, and more honest, tomorrow.

Given the utter failure of our mainstream media to realize it too can catalyze such a social consciousness of the need for real change, we should be glad that in this wired and converged world it only takes a few good men to make real change happen.

Carry on, Sakmongkol.

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 19:10  

Dato' serta pembaca,

Masyarakat di Malaysia kebelakangan ini mulai mempertikaikan beberapa keputusan mahkamah tertentu disebabkan pengendalian dan proses perjalanan perbicaraan kes2 berkenaan amat diragui justru pihak pembela dan tertuduh didapati tidak mendapat layanan yang sewajarnya dan akhirnya membawa kepada keraguan masyarakat awam terhadap integriti mahkamah dan sistem kehakiman di negara ini.

Di dalam sesebuah negara demokrasi seperti Malaysia, pilihanraya itu sendiri adalah merupakan sebuah mahkamah terbesar bagi rakyat dalam proses untuk menentukan kepimpinan negara. Dalam mahkamah pilihanraya ini, rakyat bertindak sebagai hakim untuk memilih parti atau pihak yang layak untuk meneraju pentadbiran negara untuk satu tempoh berikutnya. Bagi menjamin keputusan yang dibuat oleh rakyat ini adalah yang terbaik dan tepat demi masa depan negara itu sendiri, maka rakyat haruslah diberi kebebasan seluas mungkin untuk mendapat maklumat dan fakta dari semua pihak yang bertanding dalam pilihanraya tersebut. Disinilah peranan media massa dalam negara berkenaan menjadi sangat penting.

Adalah menjadi suatu yang sangat malang bila media massa ini tidak berperanan sewajarnya. Pihak yang mengendalikan media massa ( media cetak mahu pun media elektronik ) wajib memastikan setiap lapuran yang diterbitkan itu adalah benar dan berpijak kepada realiti semasa. Berita mahu pun mesej yang disampaikan perlulah benar2 dipertanggungjawabkan dan tidak berat sebelah. Golongan wartawan pula perlu mematuhi etika kewartawanan itu sendiri dan hanya melapurkan perkara2 dan kejadian yang benar. Pihak berkuasa pula harus berperanan seadil2nya dan tidak wajar memberi sebarang tekanan kepada pengendali media berkenaan. Peluang yang sama rata perlu diberi kepada semua pihak yang bertanding dalam pilihanraya untuk menyalurkan maklumat dan manifesto parti masing2 agar sampai kepada majoriti rakyat satu2 negara. Hanya dengan cara ini ianya boleh menjamin semua rakyat dapat berperanan sebagai hakim yang adil dan membuat keputusan terbaik demi masa depan negara yang lebih terjamin.

Sadisnya kerana di negara kita Malaysia media massa jelas terkongkong oleh pelbagai sekatan dan akta yang menghalang satu pihak yang lain ( PR ) dari menyampaikan maklumat mereka kepada orang ramai. Malah sekian lama kita telah melihat media massa utama di negara ini telah dimonopoli oleh satu pihak sahaja ( UMNO BN ), media massa ini dilacurkan semahu2nya demi kepentingan kerajaan yang berkuasa dan menafikan hak satu pihak yang lain. Amalan begini sebenarnya hanya akan menghancurkan masa depan negara itu sendiri kerana pihak yang memegang kekuasaan secara jelas cuba memesongkan fikiran rakyat agar membuat keputusan kehakiman yang salah sewaktu mengundi.

Bayangkan jika hakim dimahkamah membuat keputusan yang bias dan tidak adil. Ia merupakan satu penganiayaan kepada pihak yang tidak bersalah. Ini boleh mengakibatkan perasaan dendam yang tidak berkesudahan pada yang teraniaya dan boleh mengakibatkan kesudahan yang lebih buruk. Begitu juga situasi di Malaysia hari ini, media massa yang tidak berintegriti oleh pelbagai kekangan dari parti yang memerintah, rakyat sebagai hakim dalam pilihanraya akan menghadam maklumat yang tidak seimbang yang membawa kepada satu keputusan kehakiman rakyat yang tidak adil, tidak tepat, seterusnya akan menghancurkan negara Malaysia sendiri.

Inilah yang cuba dilakukan oleh kerajaan UMNO BN yang berkuasa sekarang..cuba membohongi rakyat dan memaksa mereka untuk membuat pertimbangan dan kehakiman yang salah dalam pilihanraya. Tanyalah diri sendiri..mahu kah anda dituduh sebagai hakim yang berat sebelah ?. Tidak bukan ?. Tapi itulah yang UMNO BN telah dan akan terus lakukan sebenarnya ! Tega kah kita membiarkan ini berlaku ?.

Kita tiada pilihan lain. UMNO BN harus dihumban ke longkang sejarah pada GE 13 nanti !

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 19:12  

cheersss !!
yoo people !!! U must read all, bangkang or pro !! one sided storys makes no gud brain/takut nanti tak balance (berat sebelah)//me no party people !!!peace from the atas pagar peeps!!

Anonymous,  6 February 2012 at 20:55  

"..banished journalists who thought they were legends in the own right..."

You remind me of Kadir Jasin.

Donplaypuks® 6 February 2012 at 21:06  

"...anwar ibrahim was the deputy prime minister, he controlled everything in the main stream media..." John White.

How quickly these faux mat sallehs forget that it was Maha Firaun who forced the Tunku & Hussein Onn to vacate and sell the STAR and then got his croneys to buy and plant his editor sycophants in Utusan & NST etc. Where and when did Anwar control our deep brown-tongued and "self-censoring" Press?

The John White losers of this world will always overllok $1 billion of Maha Firaun's corrupt plundering of M'sia, but not 1 cent of Anwar's shenanigans?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Quiet Despair,  6 February 2012 at 22:22  

Dear respected Bro

Like it or not, you must be friends with the Press. You have to cultivate their friendship if you are standing as a candidate.
Be nice to them. They are the King maker. They are the power-broker.
You may have daggers in your eyes when you see them. But try to have a perma-grin when they want to interview you.
They can make your life a misery. Can even dig your personal life or other issues to fix you up.
Surely you don't want to be another Newt Gingrich who castigated the so called liberal press.
You can see how the major newspapers like NYTimes, Washpo, Chicago Tribune etc are playing him out. They are digging all the dirt on him. He cannot have only Fox or Huffington Post or provincial press to back him up.
Press is powerful and they know it.
Guess you have read the Sunday Star. Joceline Tan was very kind and fair to you, describing you as cerebral.
From my UMNO friends, I got to know that she's a lady who has the ears of Najib and Aunty Rosie.
Of course, you cannot expect the MSM to write glowing reports of the opposition. Its the norm for all newspapers in the world to back the powers-that-be.
And you need to read the MSM to know what your political enemies are doing and talking to rebut them.
For me, my point of reference is always The Star and NST. Utusan and BH I read online because I find it tough reading in BN which tends to be draggy and long-winded.
But since Utusan is the bible of UMNO, I made it a point to read it.
I don't read Rocket or Sinar or other papers you mentioned. Neither do I read Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today Or Malaysia Insider etc.
They are censoring all good things about UMNO and always spin and twist the facts in favor of the opposition.
This means no papers are free. All have political masters and are intolerant of the views of the opposing camps.
And I don't have to mention the Pro-Pakatan blogs which shunned pro-UMNO comments. They are much, much worst than the MSM.
Your commentators here are also resorting to the tactics of calling UMNO supporters names and wanting us to be banished from your blog.
Let your blog be the standard bearer of healthy exchange of differing viewpoints.

John White

Absolutely. When Anwar was number two, he controls the press especially the NST, TV3, BH - the Media Prima stable.
Ask any UMNO leaders, and they will vouch this. Anwar will insist the editors to check with him first whether to run a story.
He also insisted his story to be in the front page. Most times better treatment than Tun M.
If ever he comes to power, he will be doing the same. He will sack the current top editors of MSM.
same old, same old.
Let's not fool us by saying Pakatan is so fair, liberal minded and tolerant.
If the gag order from DAP warlords are anything to go by, I dread to think of the meek and silent Press under their rule.
Dua kali lima, lima kali dua.

umar,  6 February 2012 at 22:24  

The MSM, especially Berita Harian and Utusan daily exhibit the malay artistes and celebrities such as Norhaliza , Maya Karin, Fasah Sanda,Diana Daniel and other beauties.

It's full of crap and gossip. From the way they start dating, preparing engagement/ wedding and finally rushing to and fro to Mahkamah Syariah for divorce !
The best of journalism from Utusan and Berita harian. No substance to read anything mind boggling.
some local academicians write political analysis promoting the government's view instead of writing their thesis in some academic journals.

Captain Crunch,  6 February 2012 at 23:20  

Hey people, on the Altantuya murder the UTK guys were found guilty of murder yet the court could not find any underlying reason for them themselves to commit the act. In other words, they were acting under orders, which eerily resembles the famous 92’ blockbuster A Few Good Man.

Anonymous,  7 February 2012 at 03:20  

quiet despair,as always the shinning white knight in armour riding to the rescue of the corrupted Umno politicians.Who cares about getting on the good side of the press,who are well fed doggies of your political masters.

Qd has a fair share of the leftover crumbs thrown by his so called political masters.That is why he is so afraid of his Umno losing the elections.If Umno loses Qd will be without crutches or walking sticks.

Do not compare the local press to the American press.The American and Western presses are independent and are not cronies of politicians.Just like Qd is a sworned discliple of his masters.

The star's Jocelyn Tan is another ruling elite running dog.Same as her bos WCW.Jocelyn Tan does not have the ears of Najib and Aunt Rosie.Qd has the ears of Jibby and Rosie.By sweet talking Aunt Rosie making Rosie rosier by brushing her sweet cheeks and lips.

Qd is the twin of orang putih john white,a lackey of the carpet man.When PR takes over Putrajaya,Qd will be a real life qd living in real despair.Then it will be quietly living in despair.Kesan.

Kampong man,  7 February 2012 at 08:12  


It is ashamed that some anons (such as 5Feb 16.52)choose to look down at the rural folks(orang Kampong) for reading Utusan only.It is as if reading Utusan make one a second class and not an elite class.His assumption that Utusan is not for the urban Malays is too incorrect an a bit an overdose a statement.

Perhaps i should, if i may, relate here an incident of the great Mahatma Ghandi,the once Prime Minister of India visit to England to meet The Queen .As usual Ghandi was always being himself with his usual white traditional robe and sandals and his John Lennon like rounded glasses if you can imagine.On one travelling occasion in England Ghandi was provided a Royal Coach being the position he is for the journey.To the surprise of many he choosed to be in a Second Class train instead.He was asked," Sir, why is it that you are in the Second Class coach ?" Ghandhi replied ,"It is because there is NO third class coach ! "

We are all same human being and all are good Malaysians and worth one vote each.Just read what you want to read,whatever.Thanks.

nick 7 February 2012 at 08:56  

The illegal consummation of "the oldest profession in the world" with the "fourth estate" in Malaysia specifically, has created a new generation of offspring with unique grovelling sycophantic traits and perhaps most importantly, Topsy-turvy morality and principle. In Malaysia, the two well known offspring of this heinous intercourse is of course "Utusan Meroyan" and its Quietly Despairing sibling "The New Slander Times".

Both exhibits strong and unmistakable but typical, UMNO brand of "kiss the hand of the leader and whisper sweet and useless praises" sycophantic groveling coupled with upside down and sideways view on morality and decent human principle or in the term that is usually credited to TDM "the end justifies the means". In short, in Malaysia, the one and only "bolehland", anything that is immoral by normal human standard and illegal in the views of the law and the constitution, IF it serves the purpose and the objective of ensuring UMNO's hold on the reign of power and government, it is given official nod, protection of the law enforcement agencies and of course immunity from prosecution with added bonus of handsome remuneration at the expense of the tax payer.

Never before seen in a democratic nation, an immoral prostituting fourth estate wielding so much menacing official encouragement and surrounded in safety by various law enforcement agency, freely and rampantly regurgitating and feeding the masses with half truth, outright lies, slanderous label and baseless accusation with the ultimate purpose of blunting the morality and overloading the thinking mechanism of decent human being. This kind of massive and officially sanction act of brain washing and hypnotism is only common in a dictatorial country such as North Korea but in democratic "Bolehland" even the impossible is doable and the real question is the price one is willing to pay for it and how much dumb the masses will be?

Forget North Korea, forget Zimbabwe and forget Myanmar, Malaysia is and always has been (since TDM's time) in it's own unique category of the perverted and weird democratic nation and believe me, we will go down in history in shame and as prime example of what a nation should not be like. Surprisingly, this "Bolehland" nation cannot do the simplest act of cleaning itself up and regain its honor and dignity under UMNO and BN. Need another reason for ABU?


Anonymous,  7 February 2012 at 09:10  

Quiet Despair

Tepat sekali. Kadir Jasin, Yunus Said dan Nazri Abdullah - nama-nama besar dalam Berita Haran diperguna oleh Anwar di zaman kegemilangannya.
Mereka ditekan untuk menaikkan imejnya dalam usahanya menjatuhkan Ghafar Baba.
Selepas itu digunakan lagi untuk melawan Tun Mahathir.
Selepas dia dipecat, Nazri dan Yunus turut hilang.
Tapi dengarnya diberi imbuhan seperti rumah besar.
Janganlah sangka Anwar tu baik sangat. Semua orang di bawah telunjuknya.
Kalau menjadi PM, nauzubillah, akan teruskan regim kuku besinya.

john white,  8 February 2012 at 01:15  

bro arif,
i'm referring to donplaypuks remarks on my comments. i would like to advise this guy to read how anwar's cronies through realmild sdn bhd took over nstp from fleet group. check with nazri abdullah, khalid, md noor mutalib and kadir jasin (later kadir bought over berita publishing through management buy out from nstp). and furthermore, hong leong finance was asked by anwar to finance the loan! check your facts first bro!

Anonymous,  11 February 2012 at 09:26  

6 Febr 17:27

Dengan seikhlas hati, saya berpendapat MSM sememangnya membebalkan minda rakyat. Taka ada isi kandungan yang boleh menrangsangkan pemikiran.
Politics aside, most of the MSM don't even use proper Bahasa. Ya, the judge used proper Bahasa, wek ! Tell it to najib. Using English reflects MSM an audience with substance, more exposed to intelligence.So why did you write in English ?

For all your so called pemikiran, it is thickened. Go have your own blog. And use only proper BM for sdn. Otherwise comment and fight it out at lawyer burok, dare not ?!

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