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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 16 February 2012

That Saturday with the Oracle( Part 2)

I think one commentator misread my article Another Saturday with The Oracle. He accused me of underestimating Bangsar Bala. I know Mr Bala personally and am aware of his capabilities as a political operative.
The sting of my short mention of Bangsar Bala isn’t Bala, but Raja Nong Chik.
He doesn’t fraternize with people like Bala, and when given casual assurance that the Indians are back with BN, is easily over enthused. His exuberance leads him to generalize on the thinking of Malaysian Indians. Anecdotal evidence on the other hand indicates that Malaysian Indians are not for BN. but let the illusion permeates the BN camp.
If Raja Nong Chik contests in Lembah Pantai, that will be his Waterloo. At the function he was asked some sharp questions and was clearly agitated in his response. Many people who know the lean Raja Ning Chik are aware of his short fuse.
Anyway, I now want to continue the conversation I had with the Oracle. Yes, there is another part. I am amused also at the commentator who asked me a technical question of whether it’s how do you know? I asked OR how do you know, I asked? Being technical in the linguistic sense isn’t my priority at the moment. I am more focused on presenting the message.  I don’t know. It’s how you read it. Imagine it to be a conversation.
As I said, it was a free range conversation. I asked the Oracle, how is the health of UMNO really? In his opinion, it’s a 50:50 possibility. Its touch and go for both sides. If the BN performs worse in this outing than what they got in 2008, Najib will be out. How? The UMNO people will not forgive him for failing to resuscitate UMNO.
But isn’t he doing very well? He’s going around Santa Clausing giving money like water? He is Ajib Gor on Facebook and he tweets. He goes on his walkabouts pressing palms, kissing babies, engaging in small talks and sweet nothings?
He is working on the script written by his phalanx of advisors. Nothing more. This isn’t the US style presidential elections. Once, he was speaking at Oxford with students. He was asked some questions and he couldn’t answer, because it wasn’t in the script.
What does that tell you? Most of the time, Najib is play acting. He and Anwar are cut from the same cloth.
So is Anwar better than Najib?
Anwar isn’t that bright either. He is the great communicator and functions supremely well in bringing crowds. That’s his forte and in elections, crowds do matter. But in substance Anwar is short. He makes up the deficiency however by having good people around him. These are committed and are politically sharp. People like Rafizi and Nik Nazmi are intelligent people. There are others too.
What about the advisors around Najib?
They give good working papers without the political smarts.  Najib fails to apply political experience to the papers given to him.
The bigger problem with UMNO, is that it doesn’t have leaders now. Najib isn’t made in the mold of Dr Mahathir. Mahathir is not always right but he makes firm decision. People, especially Malays need that form of leadership. Najib is ….every day is shuffling.
What about the money?
You know, the age where everything is solved by giving money is over. People take the money but without the reciprocal assurance you get their votes. What do people want now?
People are asking where are you taking this country to. You must engage the people as thinking human beings nowadays. They don’t take kindly being treated as digits. So many numbers receiving BR1M. So many receiving RM 200.
Talking about leadership, what about Shahrizat?
You know, this NFC thing is only the tip of the iceberg. Sooner or later more dirt is coming out. Its imbecilic to assert that a grant or loan given for specific purpose can be freely applied by the recipient as he or she wishes. But the bigger question is, when spending that are out of the terms of reference were made, how come auditors didn’t censure them? Where were the internal controls?
So what is the politically correct thing for Shahrizat to do?
She must take the high moral ground and offer her departure. Otherwise, UMNO will also depart.


bruno,  16 February 2012 at 09:20  

Dato,let Raja Nong Chik believed that he has Bangsar Bala and the whole entire Indian community at his corner.Then when come election night when the results are out,he will feel an earthquake and found out at the same time that he has lost his deposit too.Then he will dissapear from the political scene once and for all.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 09:28  

Sdr. Sakmongkol,

This is my "wish-list" for the coming GE.

1) Najib lose Pekan;
2) Isa lose wherever, if he stands for election;
3) Hishamuddin lose;
4) Mukriz lose;
5) Anwar lose Permatang Pauh;
6) Ismail Sabri lose;
7) Rais lose;
8) Raja Nong Chik lose, if he stands;
8) Karpal lose;
9) Kit Siang lose;
10) Ahmad Maslan lose, if he stands;
11) Muhyiddin - I am 50:50...
12) KJ aka Kojol lose, if he stands
13)Whichever party wins, it would be by a razor-thin margin. Maybe 51%-52%.;
14) DUN - Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor remain with PR.
15) DUN - New addition for PR would be NS, Pahang, Perak & Perlis;
16) Ku Nan lose, if he stands;
17) Sharizat lose if she stands; and
18) Whoever has a hand in the listing of FGV..!

I am not Oracle but I am still entitled to my wish..!

After all, I am a voter...

A Frustrated Voter...

George Choo 16 February 2012 at 10:02  

Dear Sak, Nong Chik borrowed RM 300 Million from EPF through the govt to finance the purchase of houses by ineligible voters of Pantai Dalam.
This shows that the govt is BANKRUPT.
I want to ask Nong Chik, WHERE IS THE MONEY?

bruno,  16 February 2012 at 10:10  

Dato,it is like climbing up Gunung Tahan and down and up again for Raja Nong Chik to be able to win Lembah Pantai.But by blowing the warhorns and big talk about being able to win Lembah Pantai,RNK has painted himself into a corner.

Now he has to stand in Lembah Pantai,even if it meant losing and will get a public spanking.He cannot run away and stand in another constituency anymore.To run away will be like a political chicken and forever be branded as a pondan.

Even Umno/BN will be having a tough time trying to hang onto Putrajaya.All it needs is over thirty seats for PR to march into Putrajaya.The three little siblings of Umno will lose between 14-18 seats if not all.

Let us say they lose 15 seats,so as not to embarassed them.All PR needs to do is to take another 16 seats from Umno,Sabah and Sarawak.But either way PM Najib is definitely cooked,because even if Umno/BN wins the GE it will be by a nose.

Even if Shahrizat were to resign tomorrow,it will definitely not help Umno/BN anymore.It is already old stale news.Najib and Umno have been dragging their feet about this matter for too long.It is just a too little too late event.

Whether Umno/BN hands out RM200,300or even 500 will not help them as voters will take the money and vote PR anyway.Indians back to BN fold or not my money will be on PR.My best guess a PR victory by 5-15 seats and GE will be called after second half of year.

OneMalaysian,  16 February 2012 at 10:17  

Dear Sakmongkol

“You know, this NFC thing is only the tip of the iceberg.”

It certainly is. That’s the way this BN government does business. There are no controls, no morality and no accountability. You do not give a sweet heart deals – RM250 million, 2% interest, 10-year loan to feed imported cows for 90 days – to the family of cabinet ministers (who pretend that they don’t have anything to do with it). If not for her position, would her husband have got the deal? If he could, then you could too, or me. No, Salleh got it because of who his wife was. And as soon as the money was drawn it went into buying condos that it was not meant for. What did the project proposal say the money was for? For feeding cows or buying condos or anything else the family sees fit? Would such loan use be approved? Clearly, this NFC loan should never have been given to Shahrizat’s family, and that money should never have been abused. It is our money. The government is as guilty as she and her family are in abusing public trust and money.

This NFC case is not a single swallow. Look at the MRT project and the shameful way it was given out based on the “Swiss Challenge” tender method. This method is used in third world countries in Africa where governments know nothing so the private sector makes proposals after doing some feasibility studies. The government who has no way to evaluate or manage such infrastructure projects then awards to the project proposer unless a new party tenders at a sum several % points below the proposer’s price. In Gamuda’s case it was 6%. Could the government not have done its own feasibility study and then hold an open tender? Have we regressed to 3rd world status? And by the way the management fee to be paid for overseeing the MRT project is also 6%, which translates to about RM250 million! What’s going on? And we also have this RM7 billion west coast highway given to a financially challenged company that has NO experience building highways. It comes with a very soft loan, guarantees and a 60-year toll lease. And this company is indirectly controlled by none other than Syed Mokhtar. How much sweeter can deals get under this BN government?

The only way forward for our country is to change this corrupt, incompetent government. That’s the only way to change the way business is done. That’s the only way to ensure our money is not wasted and abused.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 10:32  

Dato Sak, if Umno lose the 13th GE. Who's going to form the federal goverment and who do you think going to become the PM? Could you write an article about it?

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 10:55  

The writings are as clear as crystal on the wall for Sharizat.

nick 16 February 2012 at 12:18  

I was hoping to get some more details about the chances of UMNO and by default the fate of PR from the oracle but I can understand the need for caution in the oracle prediction lest his less than optimistic 50:50 chances for UMNO could well be taken as the "bugle sound" signal that will motivate the Malays to leave UMNO in droves (members and non members alike) that will make the tsunami of 2008 looks like a bathtub overflowing (I'm tempted to gave a scenario with Rosmah in it but then, I gagged).

But no matter how we look at it, we all can actually read between the lines. UMNO is at it's weakest point in history. 50:50 chances even after spending billions on BR1M? Touch and go even when they are utilizing (some would say pimping) the MSM, hijacking every government machinery and event, fabricating stories and issue that would rival even the Bollywood film industry and even letting loose their secret weapon in the person of Hassan Ali onto "the ever weary of amphibian" public? "It doesn't look good for UMNO" is actually what the oracle wanted to say, I ponder to guess. And as time passes by with the world economy heading towards uncertainty and maybe halting, the flip-flopping najib just couldn't make up his mind. Ironic is totally the wrong word for that scenario, it's more of "sejauh mana pun lalang tunduk ke bumi, mustahil ia dapat menghasilkan padi walaupun sebutir".

With that in mind, my only hope is that PR doesn't do anything stupid, make the wrong decision and of course taking the support of the people for granted. If they keep on the momentum of fairness and equality in politics and governance that they have going right now, added with their continuous application of C.A.T in governing their respective state, they should be able to make history in the coming GE, GOD willing. The next GE will be very interesting indeed, to say the least!


flyer168 16 February 2012 at 16:29  

"That Saturday with the Oracle( Part 2)"


Yes indeed. That is a good holistic overview on both sides of Malaysia's Political divide.

Politics, n: (Poly "many" + tics "blood-sucking parasites")

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

We have plenty of Confidence in this country, but we are a little short of good men to place our Confidence in.

We live in a world in which politics has replaced philosophy.

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where they is no river.

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.

As such, Politicians and diapers should be changed frequently and all for the same reason.


Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 17:01  

"...Talking about leadership, what about Shahrizat?
You know, this NFC thing is only the tip of the iceberg. Sooner or later more dirt is coming out. Its imbecilic to assert that a grant or loan given for specific purpose can be freely applied

Having to put up with this makes us feel bodoh-sombong ! :))

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 17:08  

Its imbecilic to assert that a grant or loan given for specific purpose can be freely applied by the recipient as he or she wishes
Well Dato, THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE.Hope! give me hope, joanna give me hope!, cheers!

timor,  16 February 2012 at 17:53  

She must take the high moral ground and offer her departure. Otherwise UMNO also depart.

Isn't thats what we want, Dato?
Or you still have 'soft spot' for UMNO?
Telan pahit dibuang sayang?

mimai 16 February 2012 at 18:26  

Assalamualaikum dato..

i add your blog to my bookmark on mozilla...replacing malaysia-today.

Krishna 16 February 2012 at 19:38  

Dato what did Sharizat do? I have seen nothing because no one has shown that she solicited for grant or recommended the grant to the family. It was the committee chaired Najib that approved the project. MooHeeDin was minister of agriculture. What role did he play? Pak Lah was the PM. Do they not have to account their respective roles in this fiasco?

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 20:58  


In gearing up for a run in the upcoming election, you need to change your tack and up your game.

The days of writing like a disillusion UMNO member were over the moment you joined DAP. Now, for you, it is not about asking your opponent (UMNO) to get rid of their cancer. Let your opponent decide what they want to do or not do with their problems. So, don't lament that Shahrizat should quit UMNO. If I were you, I would be very happy with Shahrizat staying with UMNO. It gives you the fodder to advance your case.

For you now, it is about 2 things if you want to run against BN in the next election:

1. Share with your readers your vision and what you can / want to do for the betterment of your fellow Malaysian. As a voter, I look for a leader who can take me AND especially, my children to a better Malaysia. I want to have hope of a better future, not shitty stories everyday about how bloody corrupted BN is.

2. Dig up your opposition's dirt, give your objective analysis BUT don't rub mud on their faces or challenge them to do anything or offer a solution to them. As a voter, I am not looking for a 'jaguh kampung'. I am looking for a leader who is vigilant about malpractices that harm me and my neighbours and have the courage to bring it out into the open.

Heck, I don't care if UMNO is infested with corrupt people. The more they have such people and the longer they are with UMNO, I will be damn happy because it will be so much easier to advance my case.

Sorry if I sound so blunt. I believe you are one of the ex-UMNO people who can truly move away from their decadent and partisan mindset and be one of the true Malaysian leaders for all. That's why I feel I should write.

Good luck and all the best, Dato.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 21:49  

If any of the reasons given to justify the allege wrong doings, by the gommen or NFC can be believed, then cows really can fly over the moon.

Anonymous,  16 February 2012 at 22:19  

Most politicians are only as great as their advisors. Their job is to assimilate. Inspire. Execute. Raegan wasn't the smartest tool in the shed but he is regarded as one of the great presidents. Sakmongol is correct. Difference between Anwar and najib is not smarts but the quality of people around him. Najib attracts opportunists and has to pay millions sub standard advice. Anwar pays next to nothin but people are inspired by the cause which is beyond them.

Quiet Despair,  16 February 2012 at 22:58  

I am very happy with this posting bro. Finally you talk about Anu-War. It's been a long time since you mentioned him.
It's rather mild as compared to your previous postings when you were not in Pakatan. But I understand. How can you rap the dear leader? Itu dah langgar Taukeh.
But Anwar and Najib cut from the same cloth? Excuse me.
Both play-acting? As politicians, both are. Which politician is not? Anwar is glaringly play-acting but Najib is subtle, sunliminally so.
But they are degrees apart in their political MO.
Najib is believable, mild-mannered and not a hypocrite. Endearing, since he's the eldest son and a mum's boy. Infact bashful and pleasing to the ladies especially.
The other one is street rowdy, full of pretensions, ride rough-shod over others and cengih like Pahang people said. Lotta lots of chip on his shoulders.
Snappish and high-handed in his dealings especially when cornered by the press.
Najib, marah nampak tak macam marah. Mat Cool. Politically smart and savvy.
He's smart to turn what should be his problem but pushed it to others. Example NFC. He leaves it to Muhyiddin to settle it.
He may not be as smart as Tun M. But he is miles smarter than Anwar.
And being the son of a former PM, he exudes confidence, good manners and good breeding.
Sometime his courtesy gets in the way which makes him appear to flip-flop, waffling and ambivalent.
In part it's got to do with him not getting his own mandate yet. So he appears excited and anxious to please.
But there's a steely determination, a quiet resolve in him.
I refer you to his remarks about Shahrizat today. He said it is his prerogative as PM to decide on Shahrizat's future.
This is a clear signal that our aunt will have to go soon. This is also a cue to Shahrizat not to think that she can stay on.
So that part is settled. It will not be a cross for UMNO to bear in the May GE. We can say good-bye to Anak Mami.

Three Trees,  16 February 2012 at 23:20  

Dato Sak,I think it is already too late for UMNO n BN.It is like a runaway train,u can't manouvre anymore,it has to come to an end after crashing.You see all the poor folks waiting for hours to get rm500,u think they feel good after getting it?How long the feel good factor ,will last?1 week?Najib can't lead,he is being led.You look at all his past achievement ,he never strive or win it,it's all given to him on a silver platter.He has never challenge before,come GE 13 he will be slaugter n kaput n that will be his Waterloo! Cheers! ABU!ABU!ABU!

Quiet Despair,  16 February 2012 at 23:26  

I don't get the part you said it's not the US presidential elections. Nothing wrong in emulating them.
Anwar especially should take a leaf from them.
As one who has special interests in the US elections, I admire their brand of politics.
If one candidate goofed like saying the wrong words or supporting some controversial issues, there will be a big hue and cry.
Then we hear unsavory words like dodgy and dog whistler for example, heaped on the candidate.
If Anwar is their candidate, they will shred him to pieces. On the Israeli issue foe examople, if we are Americans, Anwar will be out of the ballot in their November elections.
And a taboo among Americans is not to belittle the country.
That is what makes me disgusted with Anwar. He keeps belittling the country. And it is ironic, that he is interested in leading the country supposedly going the Zimbabwe way or Greece.
Criticize the leaders but not the country should be our credo too.
And the goody thingy Sak, it will reap in benefits for BN in terms of votes.
To the elitists opposition supporters, it is corruption and will back-fire on the BN.
But from the response of the people, they are very appreciative. They expect some goodies if the big leaders visit their kampungs.They are used to it.
The people will always remember those who give them things.
When I was young, I have an uncle who never fails to send us siblings gifts for every occasion.
He lives out of state and sees us once in two or three years.
Whenever he comes a visting he will ask: "You remember me."
My answer: "Of course we know you. You are the next best thing after Santa Claus."
Santa Claus is also welcome in Malaysia, dudes.

Independent opposition,  17 February 2012 at 01:20  

Dato', its good that eventhough you've now joined PR and that you're now kosher ie mainstream opposition, you still stay true to yourself to speak about leaders on both PR and BN without fear or favor ... I sincerely hope you will continue to stay 'independent' and not be censored.

bruno,  17 February 2012 at 04:28  

One Malaysian,

the loan plus subsidies total around RM280 million.In addition they were given 5,000 hectacres of land free.

NFC was set up for cattle breeding for eventuality to self sufficiency,and not to just import cattle for feeding and later to be slaughtered.If it was only to import cattle,feed them and later slaughter them Thambi Chik and CSL could have have gotten the contract as they can have the cows as their soulmates too.

The project was a failure from the very beginning as the smart cookies couldn't understand the terms of the contract with the MOA.They thought that they could fool the AG by importing cattle to feed for slaughtering.Even by importing cattle with RM280 million in hand,they failed to reach the minimal objectives.

The MOA should have given the contract to the real lembus to feed the two legged lembus instead.

Anti Pembelit,  17 February 2012 at 05:12  

Its a duty and responsibility of any govt in the world to develop a country and ease any burden face by the rakyat.Words such as tolong,bantuan and subsidi are only for beggars.Actually,the rakyak are the one who helped them, by voting them into office and paid their salaries.But by BN putarbelit propaganda its the other way round,as if our lives depend on them.Unashamedly bribing the rakyat and promoting their party using rakyat money only reflect the mind of a thief at work.

Take whatever they wanna give
but vote any party you wanna vote cuz its not their grandpa's money.

Soft loan to BN ministers but 'very hard' loan to the rakyat.Its an unbalanced DACING and lets throw it into the rubbish bin.Not even fit to be recycled.

Quiet Despair,  17 February 2012 at 05:49  

Anon 09.28 Feb. 16

Wow what a whoop-dee-doo. Whoosh, like magic all fell in one swoop.
Well as you said it's a wish-list. I too want some of the names you mentioned to lose.
No prize for guessing the one man I pray will lose and I think will lose. Hahaha.
I don't want Kapal Sink and LKS to contest. But they will be candidates. And they will win.
Who else can DAP field to ensure they can sniff PutraJaya?
Pakatan is very sure of capturing PutraJaya. How can the two warlords be left out of the taste of a ruling party. Slogging for 30 years and not reaping the fruits of their labor? Kempunan pulak.
Rais, Ijat, Ku Nan I guess will not be candidates. The rest will win.
Only Raja Nong Chik will be 50-50.
DUN - Sure PKR win is Penang and Kelantan. Perak 50-50.
The rest are BN's prize.

Kudos 20.58. You are like a breath of fresh air.
Yep, I too want Sak to be a New Age MP. The conscience MP.
Something like Lee Lam Thye when he was in the DAP. That was the old era when he was like a Dewan Bandaraya MP.
Being well-educated and with more dash and pizzaz, Sak of course can do much better than LLT.
Bad-mouthing your ex-party does not cut it. You must stay above such muck-raking. That corruption, mismanagement, yada, yada is a trite and tired old story, not appealing to your voters.
Can work against you too. They will ask why did you condone it when you were in UMNO, an ADUN at that.
Show UMNO your true mettle that they regret not keeping you as an ADUN.
So Sak, go, go, go.
Since Sak will be the thinking MP, you will need research assistants to facilitate your task. I don't mind volunteering.
But on hindsight, Can DAP allow their newbie to shine over them???

bruno,  17 February 2012 at 06:37  

Quite Despair,

I don't get the part you said it is not the US presidential elections.Nothing wrong in emulating them.Really?

To emulate them like in the US like QD said and there will not be a present cabinet minister left standing.They will either be in orange jumpers or striped pajamas.Hahaha.

Anonymous,  17 February 2012 at 08:30  

I'm not sure why I kept reading QD post..each time I feel want to throw out. You don;t have the guts and character to be Sak's personal assistant, It's dumbfounded an will not be surprised they will reject your application. You will claim Anwar or even poor Sak for sodomizing you later.Only 1 question: Despite knowing the huge leaks from the unnecessary expanses by your ruling GOVT and other acts of treason by your UMNO MP, you still support them. Give me a reason why we can't change government in the next GE? Stop the bulls*** about instability and the load of crap of US & Israel wanting Pakatan to win. We can change to ruling government every 5 years without the needs to worry about stock market and other bulls..But, since you're UMNO cybertrooper, we can't say much. Continue ranting..but I have to admit,despite the foolishness..your post is "entertaining"..sorry..need to throw out..

Anonymous,  17 February 2012 at 11:03  

Vanakam Dear Dato Ariff Sabri,
Congrats to you for having the 'balls' to resign from bn.
If anyone says that the indian votes are for bn, im afraid that there are very terriblly mistaken.Take at random 10 indians,[more if you have the time]and ask them to whom their vote will be for, i Bet 10/10 will be for PR.
People say bn will get the indian votes is for the sake of appearing 'sopan',or in the case of mic,to appear confidant, when the time to vote comes, it will be for PR.
Indians and chinese will never forget INTERLOK.Even in this age and time bn supports interlok.
Please dont forget the malay votes, The decent malays have got sick of corruption .Can you trust bn with the future of your children and their future?
If pm wants to remain pm, he has to do a through house cleaning but how can he when those close to him is full of shit.
The current pm is not affirmative in his actions to stamp out corruption.
The bn ministers are all not focused but are pulling the cart in different directions.
The bn vehicle is condemmed. NEEDS a complete overhaul, no parts left and the only thing to do with bn is to condemm it as scrap metal.

Anonymous,  17 February 2012 at 14:34  

Yes i couldnt agree more with this 20:58 anon. A well said comment. Lets hear something new from datok. So boring to read old same story about corrupted lot BN regime.

Kampong man,  17 February 2012 at 19:40  


You are being too optimistic to secure 16 seats from Sabah and Sarawak.Since when PR can secure this double digit seats there.DAP secured I seat each in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu 2008, that's all.

Had breakfast and early lunch with my good buddy Aspan.I was being a good listener as we have so much to talk of our old days and general life.I fully understand his decision to be with DAP.I want him to be the MB if PR secure N9.

@sorry I have to keep it short.The blogger don't like my long posting last night.It is ok for me.Cheers mate !

DINO,  18 February 2012 at 08:53  

Perdebatan antara MCA dan DAP hari ini bagi memperjuangkan kaum China adalah baik kerana kedua parti mewakili kehendak kaum China. Dimanakah letaknya Sdr Ariff dan Aspan yang berhijrah ke DAP untuk apa ?.Selagi DAP tidak mempunyai ahli melayu 50% parti ini tetap dilihat mewakili satu kaum dan kaum Melayu tidak akan menghampirinya.Biarlah kaum Cina memilih parti mana MCA atau DAP yang boleh mewakili mereka dengan lebih berkesan.

Perbalahan isu sokongan Anwar pada Israel akan memecahkan PKR dan PAS.Penyokong PAS mula mahu memperjuangkan Islam saperti PAS lama.PAS baru yang dikuasai parasit bersekongkol dengan Anwar mula mendapat tentangan hebat dari penyokong mereka yang mahukan PAS keluar dari PAKATAN. Two party system tidak mungkin menjadi realiti.Kita harus melihat pada isu yang lebih besar daripada NFC dan Lembah pantai sahaja.

Quiet Despair,  18 February 2012 at 08:55  

Hey 8.30 feb 17 DAP cybertooper troll

You can continue puking, for all i care. No one's asking to read my comment. And keep that convenient tag of cybertoopers in other Anu-waristas blogs.
This blog was not a trooper haven for creeps like you until Sak 's entry to dap. We were a band of mery makers having polite conversations. Dont turn this into a toxic dump of Infantile name-calling. Have been here long, long afore you.
Obviously with just a Form Five education and a SPM not O level at that, I dont expect you to have a sense of humor.
I was just kidding to be Sak's research assistant. And don't insult Sak by saying i will accuse him of sodding me.
There's only one king sod And no one is grabbing that title.
Here's another one to puke you:
Some americand think Newt Gingrich is an idiot of great renown.
So it is with Anu-war in the eyes of most Malaysans.
Scram and grab your barf bag. Tafke a rest or you will be too sick to say rah-rah to LGE in the great debate hours from now.

Newt gingrich is an idiot of great renown

Anonymous,  18 February 2012 at 11:02  

Why only Shahrizat ?
The long list in Umno- BN of now and from the dinosaur age - involved in grafts, baggage, files throwing, arrogance, bigotry, abuse of power, mismanagement of time, resources and neglect of serving the voters,

despite giving loose change to the people as window dressing,robbing them in the first place, and continue doing so - ALL will have to GO ! No more trying to self -resurrect a comeback, or masquerading, misleading, even through proxies to smokescreen by faking to fight within umno,to appease the people for short- term. Enough is enough !

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 01:31  

Sdr SAK,

Everyone can debate until the NFC "lembus" balik ka Condo". But post GE 13,Mr Najib will still helm this country.

dahserikngankerismata 20 February 2012 at 05:32  

ahhhh the power struggle continues, see lembah pantai mainly bangsar south dwellers hate sharizat, they dont love nurul izzah but that was a political gamble by pkr, that seat was 50:50 even in 2004.

as for doing the right thing, you see sak you must know this more than anyone here because you were in umno, internal umno mechanics dont really coincide, Najib is having a headache, he has the 3 big warlords behind him asking for sharizat's head, at the same time he can use the loan given to the said Nfc as leverage over muhiydeen, but some how or rather he really favours sharizat for she holds alot of sway in, thing is with the removal of anak mami the 3 warlords would've done a big checkmate on najib where their candidates within pu3 will take the reigns of leadership.....thus goes this thing of ours called malaysian politics, i love the wish list by the 2nd poster, absolutely love it!

the politically correct thing to do is talk about lobbying and how political parties function, who are their contributors, we know alot about umno and the lot.....what about PKR PAS DAP?

should lobbying be legalized? its an open secret? isnt it?

Anonymous,  20 February 2012 at 09:51  

Apa sudah jadi dunia ini bila Najib & UMNO kata Melayu racist tapi DAP yang mempertahankan Melayu?

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