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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 2 June 2011

Walla’s commentaries on UMNO’s unfinished Revolution

I simply must share this rapier sharp analysis from my intrepid commentator, Walla. I accept it as a singular honour that he finds time frequently to visit my blog. He does too on a few other blogs. When he drops in for a visit, he leaves behind valuable gems of thought.


A: 'I miss you, Sir.'


B: '(eyes pop, jaw drops, kretek embers land on sarung, burning hole size of ten sen coin)..You do? Well then, goodbye pink mop, and hello Sofea!'


A: '(looks at smoke spiraling up) Oh dear, is it hurting?'


B: '(grins bravely) Not yet.'


A: 'Emm, Shall we not focus on your sartorial simplicity for the moment but ponder what our blogger has written? I think he has written another intelligent piece.'


B: '(flicking ash off) that's hardly surprising, Sofea. With only a few exceptions, the others in the Umno leadership also display intellect too. Unfortunately all bovine. Kekeke.'


A: 'I see you have not lost your bite.'


B: 'But the other wire has also broken off....oh, never mind. What is it that weighs on your lovely brows, Sofea?'


A: '(eyes roll). I think Umno's revolution will never be finished because the brobdingnagian challenges it has been facing will soon consume it completely.'


B: '(jaw drops again, twenty sen coin). You mean its legacy problems of economics and politics? Give me a minute to respond. (Turns away, opens kamus)...


I think it's like this, Sofea. Every organism in life goes through its own phases of growth and decline. Under normal circumstances, they trace a sigmoid curve. First, slow palpable growth, then rapid accelerating growth, and finally slowdown to a plateau before decline to end somewhere.


The key to maintaining growth, or in this case political relevance, is to continuously find new S-curves before expiry of the old one.


What has been happening to Umno, Barisan for that matter, is that it has not been able to locate new relevance for itself anymore that can not only equal the original kickass spirit at the time of the formation of this country but also provide a real counterbalance to the emergence of new forces of change demanded by the rakyat.'


A: 'But, Sir, Umno's government has been delivering the goods to the rakyat, don't you think so?'



B: '(eyes glint). You really think so, Sofea? Let me ask you two questions.


Firstly, which government can govern for long if it doesn't deliver goods to the rakyat? In other words, any government run by any political party worth its salt will have to deliver goods to the rakyat. That's what governments are for, isn't it? So don't arrogate to Umno some transcendental right that only it knows best or can do best. It hasn't and it doesn't and, by the denouement of recent events, it won't. Remove the fulcrum of its spin and you will see its politics has devastated this nation. Let me put it bluntly - even if Umno wins the next general elections, the country loses, and frankly, i think it'll be the end.


Which comes to the second point. By itself, politics is just a tool. It is just a tool to levitate and moderate the economics of nation-building. And the fortunes of Umno and Barisan have risen and fallen with the economic fortunes of this land. We must understand why.


When Malaya started, much of the country was relatively under-developed so that the potential for growth and development was assured. With expansion of the population, demand for goods and services increased until we reached the high-flying days of the 70's when hot money flowed in followed by massive FDI that had helped build an industrial base beyond our plantations. Public finances were also shored up by oil and gas revenues.


Today, all that has changed. Hot money is only here to take occasional pot shots at punters in a market where share prices have had to be quoted in sen so as not to reflect how minute are the valuations. And that is because the fundamentals of good management to build real enterprises have been sacrificed for window-dressed performance not shored by real capabilities.


Next, FDI where it really matters is only going into industrial bases in Opposition-run states like Penang and Selangor. The others? Buildings again, as if another complex can produce things for export to earn currency to discharge deficits. Come to think of it, what has happened to Zamry's Perak state projects? He's quiet as a tikus, no? And other investment projects? The announcements are reruns of the same projects, like Rais' tv movies.


And let's not belabor how our oil and gas resources have depleted, even for their half-hearted verisimilitude of new finds. Aren't we now importing gas as well?


Sofea, the economic legacy of Umno's politics of the 70's is the problem today. That period was growth but few saw that it was growth borne by subsidy. Instead of realizing it hard enough then to build real capability for the future, they just sat back and milked the cash register.


So that now when reality has finally bitten, the entire Umno leadership is amok, and right after the Sarawak elections, if you would care to note.


Because they have suddenly found the twin threat to their personal survival from the convergence of economic non-sustainability and political irrelevance.


All those wild spending in the 70's went into crony projects and piratisation schemes but with financing charges for the treasury's attention.


Just imagine, one of many such financing charges is no less than USD1 Billion. The rakyat are indirectly asked to pay for generations to come for a project that was not tendered out properly but benefited cronies who declared huge dividends to themselves while protecting their turf by cabling into Umno to bear the risk on some flimsy rakyat-centric excusatory spin.


Now, how did this happen? It happened because someone whose son has just been paid RM90 million for the land where resides Pudu wet market thought he was clever by buying early ahead of future inflation but clean well forgot how financing charges can balloon the final cost, what more on depreciated items.


And who will ultimately be paying for these mega-projects from future benefits foregone? Our momentarily happy, jomhebohing, rakyat.'


A: 'I see what you are driving at, Sir. In fact i cannot understand how a government which could finally release the details of the road toll agreements could not release the details of the IPP agreements. After all, isn't TNB a government-linked enterprise?'


B: 'Exactly, Sofea. Too much dirt has been swept under the carpet. Now the rakyat have the internet as their vacuum cleaner. It's all coming out and the shit has hit the fan running at speed tiga. And our Barisan jokers have the nerve to say seventy five percent of households won't be affected by the power tariff raise.


Well, if this government is so clever to talk about positive multipliers for the ETP projects, why can't it answer whether there won't be negative multipliers for this tariff raise? Electricity courses right through all businesses and inflation will kill our poor. Because their income is static with no prospect of near-term dynamic. Meanwhile, their families starve. Shit!'


A: 'I empathise and agree, Sir. This country was given only one providential chance to transform itself starting from the 70's. But Umno and Barisan didn't do the right things. It only had the idee fixe about hardware and personal aggrandisement. It did not embrace the necessity to constantly feel vulnerable despite the good times of that past era.


It failed to subscribe to a long-term commonweal for all the rakyat but instead did all the pejoratives to only amplify those who could guarantee support of its elites so that they could continue to harvest their positions. Unlike Nottingham forest, the rich robbing the poor.


The nations which really thrive are those with weltanschauung, or pragmatic world views. Umno never had that because it infested itself with those displaying only the brains of ocelots which would explain their jejune behavior unbecoming of real leaders. Perhaps that will explain the mad political propaganda of using the youths to protect Putrajaya. Isn't that like the Sheriff of Nottingham using the long-suffering peasants of the land to protect his castle?'


B: 'Yes, parsing what you have said, who can deny the present Umno leadership is just made of chicken-livered, yellow-bellied, scrofulous poltroons?


Our Malay race, and by that i mean the real Nusantura's, is marked by savoir-faire characteristics. What's that phrase? Ah, semper aequus. Well, the Perkasa's, Utusan's, Gaps and so on, so forth have just finished those characteristics with their racist taunts officially excused off as expressions of community and norm. Before the whole world, how shameful to drag the Malay race down to that level of gutter politics?! Those jabbering and hawing jokers don't even know how to interprete the federal constitution. Sofea, with all that, you can jettison any hope of 1Malaysia taking root. It's finito.'



A: 'Sir, i sense they knew all along. They just wanted to drive the less-informed segments of the community towards some fear-struck loyalty towards Umno, little realizing that the Umno of today bears little resemblance to that of the Umno of yesteryear which had carried the real torch of our community. Nowadays, that torch is just for a few elites to enter the den of thieves and cart away the national jewels. Anyway, our urban Malays will take the message home to their kampongs and wake up even the dead. Indeed, i am puzzled how the son of an ex-premier can possibly own that piece of land.


B: 'Perhaps it's because the father had owned the other piece of prime land along Jalan Tun Razak? He, the man who said he was not interested to know any project below two million ringgit? I give up, Sofea.'


A: 'Yes, Sir. Arrogance is manure for the vineyard of error.'


B :'(fifty sen coin) Indeed?!'


A: 'How do you see the GE ahead?'


B: 'Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak, Selangor, Federal Territory plus parts of Terengganu, Sarawak and Sabah. And if the Almighty so decides, a taste of Negri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor as well. Pahang, Perlis and Labuan, Barisan can keep.'


A: 'Then the real revolution will be by the rakyat, Sir.'


B: 'It always has been that, Sofea. The MENA states in the Middle-East have shown the way.


The Almighty is the Final and Ultimate Reckoner and sees through all pretenders. Even those who use the federal institutions to win by unfair and most cruel means.


Meanwhile let's pray those PSD scholars will get what they have really earned, not some halfbaked unscrupulous measures unbecoming of our Malay race. I leave unsaid Umno's racist treatment of our STPM scholars. To deny them any full-fledged state scholarship for overseas study of their choice i would count as an execrable act which will exact the full fury of our nonMalay voters.'


A: 'Sir, please say no more. We all know why and who. Umno has never had a fair and just gesamtlösung for our nonMalays.'


B: 'And that is finishing off this nation.'


Soonhock,  2 June 2011 at 03:36  

Dear Dato,Typo error.Walla should be refered to as a she and not a he.Cheers.

Soonhock,  2 June 2011 at 05:42  

Dear Dato,Umnoputras robbing the rakyat blind and leaving them high and dry(embers burning holes).After testing Umnoputras intelligence and grading them F-.That feel good effect(every orgaism in life).Umno's phsyological dependance warfare is working on certain sections of the population.(Umno's government has been delivering).The government has been delivering that counter feel good effect to the rakyat.Only one (1) fifty ringgit bill inside the red "angpow packets" during by -elections.(which government can govern without delivering).Umno has been robbing the people left,right and centre.But because of successful physological warfare and that counter feel good effect the people felt that Umno has been licenced to plunder.(Umno wins GE,the country loses)No hanky-panky.Genuine FDI investors only.No suitcases full of 100 ringgit bills allowed in Pakatan controlled states like Selangor and Penang from FDI investors.Wiring of funds into foreign bank accounts of Selangor and Penang officials are not allowed.Not respecting financial laws of Selangor and Penang and offenders if caught penalty will be neutering of "Private Parts".(FDI where it matters is going to opposition run states)

SGS JPM,  2 June 2011 at 07:49  

Dear Dato'

I'm a frequent visitor of your blog and have enjoyed your postings though I couldn't say the same for some of your visitors' comments with the exception of Walla . I do hope the gentleman would compile his comments as I realy enjoyed and learnta lot through the same .

BTW the political sec of PM is currently conducting a series of BTN courses for senior govt servants from all states at INFRA in Bangi , in the guise of Memantapkan Tahap Professiolisma I was one of those attendees .

My comment , I rather read Ariff and Aspan postings .

Suci Dalam Debu 2 June 2011 at 08:52  

To Walla,

I don't know who you are but I just want to walk up to you and shake your hands. Well said.

Anonymous,  2 June 2011 at 09:00  

I agree with the portion where you listed the states which will fall to the opposition during the next GE. There are already too much angst in these states pent up against the incumbent due to many idiotic policies. What UMNO doesnt realise is that the bread and butter issues are the key drivers to a stable society. People are fed up with flip flop policies that seem to suit the menu of the day, but has long term implication, such as education, subsidies. That is why the incumbent govt has been moving their agenda towards the rural communities assuming that they can be easily swayed emotionally with their rhetorics based on fear and race. History and recent events has proven time and again that empty stomachs and idle minds are the biggest deficit a country has to fear, not the economic surplus or deficit. Couple this with high and easy internet and broadband penetration, you have a concoction of explosive nation waiting to happen. Look at Middle East. No. Look at Singapore with their recently concluded GE. Even the mighty and arrogant PAP is now accomodating to changing dymanic forces. We can forget about expeting BN/UMNO to emulate PAP's recent 'ang pows' to their citizens simply because treasury does not have enough to even support regular maintenance contracts for Putrajaya buildings. But the surprising new mindset of PAP demonstrates it recognises the people's needs and aspirations; namely, a stable govt with consistent policies that ensures bread and butter issues are first and foremost delivered, then future plans laid out in policy tweaking to ensure a stable foreseeable future so that children's futures are secured. If your present govt can even get the simplest of policies right, ie Education, I think half the battle is already won in the hearts and minds of the rakyat.

So yes, in all, I do hope that we see all the states you mentioned will switch over to opposition in this GE.It may not be the shock and awe that we would like to happen to the ruling mickey mouses in Putrajaya, but the shock should suffice.

Soonhock,  2 June 2011 at 09:22  

Dear Dato,Minimal FDI in Barisan controlled states.Huge buildings with lots of vacant spaces.And in the Silver State ex-Pakatan,being given the boot by Najib.Again minimal FDI,monstrous building projects put on hold and housing development projects abandoned.Tin and silver ore reserves depleted.Zamry enjoying whatever quality time left of his administration,pondering about his next career move.(Zamry,quiet as a tikus.)Our oil and gas reserves have depleted.No problem.Export less in cents and import more in ringgit.More churning of foreign exchange,compliments of Dr.Mahathir,Anwar and Daim.With forex trading experts like Dr.M,Anwar and Daim giving advice BNM almost lost its sarong.Umnoputras style of replenishing their foreign bank accounts.(milking the cash register).After losing a few state seats in Sarawak,there is widespread panic among the staffers in the war-room.Now BN is in danger of losing more seats.Worried Najib picks up the phone to called old buddies for replenishing the warchest.The five hundred millions spent on the Sarawak elections plus some.So Najib threatening MACC called Dr. M, Anwar,Daim, Vincent Tan and the rest of the gang.(wild spending in the 70s went into cronies project).Big fishes chipping into Umno's warchest is unheard of in Malaysia's history.Only dipping in.Of course big news cannot be kept a secret.By whisper of ears eventually it will become national news.(the shit has hit the fan).

Anonymous,  2 June 2011 at 10:47  

As long as we have a broad based rural Malay masses who can be duped into believing UMNO is their protector and saviour, we are doomed and no revolution will take place.
Look at Egypt and Tunisia. Change happened only when key figures in the government started resigning - Ministers, ambassadors and generals.

In Malaysia keys figures from Sabah and Sarawak and some from UMNO must withdraw from BN. Only then a revolution can take place.

Without Sabah and Sarawak's support for UMNO, it would never be able to wreck havoc with the country.

ABD RAZAK ABD KADIR 2 June 2011 at 11:47  

Dear Dato',You are right!They cheat not only the poor but those who don't fall in their scheme of things.I've never voted in my life but registered after 2008 and also joined UMNO thinking that the organisation would learn and change and do something for the country and rakyat.How wrong was i!They are incapable of compassion something demanded by Islam so cammana nak jaga rakyat!Now dah terbalik,EVERYONE i meet,I tell them to do the right thing come GE13.Good article Dato'.

Anonymous,  2 June 2011 at 11:50  

Dear Dato',You are right!They cheat not only the poor but those who don't fall in their scheme of things.I've never voted in my life but registered after 2008 and also joined UMNO thinking that the organisation would learn and change and do something for the country and rakyat.How wrong was i!They are incapable of compassion something demanded by Islam so cammana nak jaga rakyat!Now dah terbalik,EVERYONE i meet,I tell them to do the right thing come GE13.Good article Dato'.

Anonymous,  2 June 2011 at 12:04  

Dear Dato, I used to spent time in Labuan up until 2008. Quite often I have heard of discovery of large pockets of methane (not sure how its spelt but starts with M)gas. Instead of utilising,these pockets are covered up. I keep hearing this from the oilmen. Is it possible for you to verify this story?

umar,  2 June 2011 at 17:39  

Perak was rich with tin in the 60s, 70s and by the 80s disappeared into the oblivion. Ask school kids today about tin-mining ; they have no inkling at all.
Sarawak was rich with petrol even before i was in school in 60s.Miri, Bintulu were rich. Sarawak was also rich in timber resources.Today, the aborigines of sarawak are the poorest in Malaysia. where did all the wealth disappeared ?
UMNO is worried there is not much left to plunder.So tell the rakyat to forgo the subsidies that have been here for years.
Suddenly a kwailow appears in TV3 primenews saying good things about free markets and labour on a daily basis.

Anonymous,  2 June 2011 at 17:58  

One commentator SGS JPM, 2 June 2011 07:49 wrote:

Dear Dato'

I'm a frequent visitor of your blog and have enjoyed your postings though I couldn't say the same for some of your visitors' comments with the exception of Walla . I do hope the gentleman would compile his comments as I realy enjoyed and learnta lot through the same .

BTW the political sec of PM is currently conducting a series of BTN courses for senior govt servants from all states at INFRA in Bangi , in the guise of Memantapkan Tahap Professiolisma I was one of those attendees .

My comment , I rather read Ariff and Aspan postings .

BABI punya UMNO/BN....celaka BABI....BTN should be is poisoning civil servants and rakyat.

Tumbangkan UMNO/BN secepat mungkin

Anonymous,  2 June 2011 at 21:17  

Dear Datuk Sak, Walla,
couldnt agree with you more, this piece by Walla is matchlessw, par excellence. How could I even try to emulate him? Perish the thought.
But it is not only in the writing, his style, that captures the imagination. His thoughts come through clearly and sharply, innuendo aside. If only I could express my thoughts in similar fashion!!
Write on Walla, let us enjoy your thoughts, your conversations with Sofea, your words in your own inimitable style. Do you have your blogsite that we can visit or you prefer to 'drop' in occasionally when it moves you? It says a lot that we continue to benefit from your occasional visits to Sakmongol AK47.


vinnan,  2 June 2011 at 23:23  

Look at all the UMNO victories in the by-elections including Kalmanathan's victory who was nothing more than an UMNO dog. In all these by-elections the Malays took UMNO money and voted for UMNO. UMNO won big. Now UMNO is rewarding them with high food prices. Watch prices of all goods go up by at least 10% this month. The sugar price increase along with the diesel cost increase for transporting goods along with the electricity tariff hike will send inflation sky high. Will the Malays still vote for BN come the next GE? Of course they will. All UMNO needs to do is to spend a few hundred ringgit for each vote and the Malays will GLADLY vote UMNO again. The rural Malay along with his counterpart in the semi-rural areas do not, cannot and dare not see the destruction which UMNO's greed and corruption have brought them. Am I a racist for thinking so lowly of the Malays in general? I think not for the results of UMNO's by-election victory and Taib's PBB electoral clean sweep in Sarawak tells me the Malays as a whole are easy to manipulate for they fear the truth about themselves. Can the Malays change? Yes, only when their daily life become a total misery due to the greed of UMNO/Perkosa. However, by then I think it would be too late. The Indons thought all the killings and rape of the Chinese in 1997 were going to restore their 'Ketuanan' Indon subsidies. They were wrong and the Malays WILL make the same mistake in Malaysia for they like the Indons will see the evil of their leaders too late.

Soonhock,  3 June 2011 at 00:08  

Dear Dato,The government's physological warfare and feel good effect won't work on the people all the time.High inflation and pocket books overstretch spoiled their plans(why can't it answer whether there won't be nagative multipliers).This country was given only one providential chance to transformed in the seventies. Because in the seventies there were enormous orpuntunities for improvment.Lim Chong Eu's setting up of free trade zones in Penang was the start of luring in of massive FDI's,setting off the industrialisation boom.Agiculture and property devolopments were on the rise.The governments setting up of agiculture research college in Serdang was bearing fruits.The KLSE has listed companies you can count with your fingers.There was vast rooms for improvments every where in the economy.The overnight take-over of Guthries by PNB was Dr M's first mistake.It caused a massive exodus of European planters with their technology and capital into Indonesia.Serdang was a success,coming up with high yielding seeds and local tycoons were able to fill the gap.Then came the discovery of oil.With a booming economy came greed.With politicians positioning their cronies in strategic sectors of the economy they were able to milk the cow to capacity.With massive accumulation of wealth,they channeled the money to foreign bank accounts.With the massive exodus of corrupted money,the bussiness community followed with capital flight.The encouragement of corruption by our leaders caused our stagnation from developing nation to developed nation status.Instead of going forward, our leaders are leading us backwards.(this country was given only one providental chance to transdorm itself).A small time bussinessman has coporations lossing by hundreds of millions.Shipping business needs bailout of hundreds of millions.No big deal.One phone call to Petronas only(kowtim liau).That piece of prime land along Jalan Tun Razak,only tens of millions(suap suap siow)Umnoputras,lapdogs Mca and Mic robbing the poor to feed the super rich.If Datuk Harun was alived today they would be fed to the dogs.(rich robbing the poor)Najib cannot depend on Umno people,because he cannot see the forest from the trees.Najib's enemies know he is suspicious of them so they are letting out their trouble making dogs.They themselves are hiding under their "MAKS SARONGS"(made up of chicken-livered,yellow-bellied,scrofulous poltroons)

Raison D'etre 3 June 2011 at 15:54  

Walla's posting are always worth its own blog.

BTW, will you ever ditch the Umno boat? Or do you still believe its worth the effort?

umar,  3 June 2011 at 19:03  

and Walla never say anything about UMNO's "revolution, reformation, transformation or any evolution ".
It's all about corruption.
Your title should have been
" unfinished corruption", Sir.

Frank,  4 June 2011 at 03:40  

In the style of Plato.

Thank you for sharing

Anonymous,  4 June 2011 at 15:15  

if BN is serious about change,all that is needed is a wealth audit of ALL leaders.Anyone who can't account for legitimate income sources shld be asked to step down.
And PKR shld also follow suit.

Country needs major clean up n it has to begin now.

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