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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Ibrahim Ali and a sex-changed UMNO

Ibrahim Ali continues to abuse UMNO and it stands idle. He continues to belittle UMNO every moment he gets and UMNO absorbs the punishment willingly. UMNO must be led by masochists. Are we enjoying receiving pain and getting sexually aroused at that?

Ibrhaim Ali continues to humiliate UMNO and all we can do is say, Ibrahim Ali is harmless and he speaks for the unspeaking Malay.

In July, Bersih is organizing a mammoth rally to demand our Elections Commission to conduct its business professionally. That means to ensure elections are fair and transparent. The intended rally has drawn some xenophobic response from various groups. None more exceedingly intolerant than the one shown by Perkasa, the organization headed by one Ibrahim Ali.

If Ibrahim Ali is more UMNO than UMNO, what has the real UMNO become? UMNO has undergone a sex change. Probably in Thailand.

What has Ibrahim Ali done? He is telling the world that he will mobilize a large number of people to confront Bersih's Rally. He's even talking about a physical confrontation and that he will be at the forefront ready to shed blood. In his self-induced state of hysteria, he has warned the Chinese community not to get involved raising the specter of the racial clashes of May 13 1969.

Clearly what Ibrahim Ali is saying is incendiary and seditious. He's openly talking about bloodshed among the races. That's willful and intentional desire to kill other people. It's a murderous threat. Yet the security authorities appear ineffectual to act against Ibrahim Ali.

If the government doesn't act against Ibrahim Ali it will be seen as an accomplice with Ibrahim Ali in the furtherance of an act or acts of allowing itself to be held at ransom by Ibrahim Ali. If that is not stupidity on our part, what else can it be? What's happening to UMNO? It's allowing Ibrahim Ali to be its voice? Where is the leadership material?

What kind of material is UMNO made of allowing itself to be cuckolded by the incorrigible Ibrahim Ali? Why is UMNO applying kid's gloves on Ibrahim Ali? It must use its knuckle dusters and deal Ibrahim Ali as the law would want to. Quickly.

Ibrahim Ali is not an UMNO member and he isn't a liability to UMNO. It's of no consequence to UMNO if Ibrahim Ali is dealt with properly by the laws of Malaysia. Apply ISA or whatever on him. Get him under the sedition laws of this country or whatever.

If the government doesn't act against Ibrahim Ali, then it cannot but be seen as impotent. People can carry out threats and other transgressions of violent intent and import with impunity and the government stands back.

It's puzzling why the Police has not acted against Ibrahim Ali for such incendiary and seditious remarks. It is also puzzling how he got a permit to hold such an aggressive rally so quickly from the authorities. Yet the same authorities are showing their lead-weighted feet in issuing a valid permit to the organizers of Bersih.

As to the barefaced threats to the Chinese community, Ibrahim Ali's hysteria and UMNO's acquiescence will cause a desertion of Chinese votes. Ibrahim Ali has succeeded where others have failed – to hasten the flight of Chinese votes away from BN. Of course Malay ultras can insist they don't need Chinese votes to win elections. But then they also forgot, the can't get the majority of Malay votes.

Let's see whether Malay support can be re taken by allowing Ibrahim Ali speak brazenly about a re-minted Malay triumphalism. We are allowing Ibrahim Ali to represent the rational and collected Malay voice.

Have we lost our marbles? Ibrahim Ali is a bloody hypocrite. His entire business ventures are done with the Chinese whose blood he is after and the commission of bodily harm he is advocating. His bridge projects were completed and done with Chinese and Chinese money. He was off to Macau last week to meet up with Chinese cukongs.

By keeping quiet and allowing Ibrahim to speak as it were as UMNO's voice, we are showing clearly we have a death wish. UMNO stands idly by and therefore guilty of causing its own isolation. UMNO will be poorly judged.


Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 08:11  

UMNO is a bigger fool when it allows another fool to speak and act on it's behalf. The fool knows he can hold UMNO's leaders to ransom due to too many skeletons in their cupboards.
Pak Tua

Moo,  21 June 2011 at 08:31  

Has UMNO outsourced the dirty work to the King Frog?

meorUSA,  21 June 2011 at 08:33  

there was bersih 1 and now it bersih 2 who is cleaning up all the mass after the rally.?
It's political isn't it.?If it is political fight in Malaysia it is and has been between chinese and malays ....but where is the chinese.?
Malay cannot talk to malay ....that the street is call upon.I thought this is still tanah melayu.Adat is strong.

bruno,  21 June 2011 at 09:01  

Ibrahim Ali's antics have been taken lightly because he is a clown,so everybody assumed that he is a clown.Because Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa group doesn't command widespread support the authorities didn't pay much attention to him.

GOM gives Abrahim Ali a pass maybe is because of his master.Also Umno might think that indirectly he acts as a spokesperson for them.And when things go wrong they will say that Abrahim Ali is not Umno.But Abrahim Ali if left uncheck is fast becoming a public nuisance.

The GOM's inaction may be taken as a sign of weakness by the public.Or the public might take it as a sign of Umno openly flaunting its power and taunting them at the same time.Letting the public see the Datuk T trio comitted a criminal offence and is now freer than a bird.Abrahim Ali calling for a crusade and the recent calling for bloodshed is an ISA offence,and he is still running loose.

All these will not scarced only the Chinese and Indian votes away.The moderate Malays may head for the exits too.Six months after Najib took over Umno had many oppuntunities to win back the opposition supporters.But Umno together with Anwar and his PKR fumbled all the way to the South Pole.Both trying to outdo the other in fumbles.Maybe Umno deserves the big broom by Ambiga.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 09:26  

Thank you for this true Malaysian spirited article. It's Malays like you that keep this country going.

Every one knows the EC is with UMNO and wants to ensure its survival. Our election is totally rigged in UMNO's favour.
BN can receive less than 50% of the popular votes and still form a government.
Only a moron will believe that our election is fair and free. Every citizen should support BERSIH.
UMNO is running after shadows.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 09:29  

Yes Dato you are right . We Chinese now equate Perkasa= UMNO and UMNO = Perkasa.

As far as we are concerned we shall spread the word.

As to us, anything Perkasa is an absolute no no and an insult to our great people if we bow down to this fatty led organisation.

It is really silly to challenge the Chinese actually. These guys do not know how to play politics especially UMNO using Perkasa and 1Malaysia tactic.

They just do not know the dominance of the Chinese in the entire world in economy and the ones here in the country are definitely looking elsewhere. So be it , be like Acheh or Indonesia or Philippines as these guys deserve it.

Now it is known, our oil is depleting and money generating kind of people are moving to safer and greener pasture.

Malaysia is just a small little place in the world and we have no time to fight with jaguh kampongs.

We shall make sure they lose in the GE13. We do not compromise on our pride and dignity.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 09:35  

Latest statistical survey ... 80% of these interviewed wanted to work overseas.


The only way to realise this for these people is for some organisations to cater for these. It is big money business.

Then Malaysia goes kaput because fatty led Perkasa are frightening all the investors and talents.

bruno,  21 June 2011 at 11:18  

Abrahim Ali is the frontman of an Umno strongman.Just as our BN ministers and politicians have frontman, in strategic sectors of the economy to milk the economic cow.The only difference between Abrahim Ali and these other frontmen is, his job is to be a troublemaker.

Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa are self proclaimed champions of the Malays.Funds that are being allocated to the Malays for education,training and small business ventures have been looted.Subsidies for essential foodstuffs have been withdrawn.
Electricity and gas prices have shot up the roof.A former MB accused of raping an underaged Malay girl screening porn movies
in Abrahim Ali's backyard.The Lynas plant contravesy.When his fellow Malays need him to bark and scream he was nowhere to be seen.

Abrahim Ali and Perkasa was supposed to be champions for the working Malays.But it turn out his job was not to bark at the people who robbed and stole from his fellow Malays.His duties was not to fight for the Malays but to bark at the people who opposed his masters.Abrahim Ali is after all a barking dog with no teeth.

Thomas Chan,  21 June 2011 at 11:21  

"His entire business ventures are done with the Chinese whose blood he is after and the commission of bodily harm he is advocating." That about sums up the character of the man and what he stand for. Nothing more and nothing less than a bloody hypocite. The sad part of all this is that UMNO/BN tolerated such nonsense. I weep for our beloved country.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 11:37  


It is obvious to all malaysian chinese that UMNO condones the actions of Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa. The Home Minister and IGP are both elegantly silent on Ibrahim's threat while the Prime Minister and his Deputy seemed to have lost their tongues. So what does this tantamount to except to confirm the public's belief (not perception) that UMNO is behind Ibrahim and Perkasa from day 1. As commented by Moo, UMNO has outsourced all the dirty work to Ibrahim Ali.

This latest threat from Ibrahim and him getting away scott free will convinced all fair minded malaysians that the UMNO led government practices double standards. Imagine the poor Sin Chew Jit Poh reporter detained under ISA just because she reported the factual comments made by Ahmad Ismail. Where is the fairness promised by Najib in his now totally hollowed 1Malaysia tag line?

How many UMNO ministers/leaders have come out and demanded action to be taken against Ibrahim and his seditious comments? With the exception of Khairy (which I believe is only paying lip service), all the UMNO ministers/leaders have also lost their tongues? Does it require someone to lodge a police report against Ibrahim Ali followed by the police conducting an endless investigation ending up with NO FURTHER ACTION due to insufficient evidence?

No matter what the UMNO led government does now with Ibrahim Ali, the damage is already done. Ibrahim's threats has even made more Malaysians to join in the Bersih rally to defy Ibrahim's threats. Should there be any untoward incidents during the rally, any violence resulting in blood spilled will be on the hands of the government because the government has condoned Ibrahim Ali's actions.

rexuan 21 June 2011 at 11:46  

craps talked by a crappier ol ex-umno guy with full of grudges. u've turned urself into a common witless opposition blogger who blames everything on umno/bn. u r as much hypocrite as the oppositions behind the bersih rally.
u shud question the relevance of bersih after 4 states fall to opposition..

greenbottle 21 June 2011 at 12:06  

ibrahim ali is really a lonely frightened ugly little boy who just want to get attention back.

he feels that he was ignored and unfairly kicked around for so long and now he sees an opportunity to become relevant again...relevant to the thugs in umno and ultra(stupid) malays...

i mean who in the hell wants to be lead by a madman like him apart from that section of the malays who are also demented like him...(and who are also invariably that demented section of umno members and supporters).

the best and effective way to deal with people like this is to just ignore him...

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 12:07  

When Khalid, the D/IGP warned the Bersih organizers of strict police action, I develop the impression that he was echoing Brahim Ali who had earlier warned Bersih of some repercussions if the rally goes ahead. My impression is that Khalid is a Perkasa symphatizer or a clandestine Perkasa member. That is the reason of the police's impotence in taking action against Brahim. They would move in double quick time if it is a PR assymbly more so when there are inflamatory speeches being uttered.

Police officers of malay descent are hopeless. They are not impartial, non-partisan and professional in their job. Like Umno leaders, malay police officers are despised by many malays, being regarded as tools of corrupt Umno leaders and lately of Perkasa.

Inaction against Brahim for his seditious speech speaks poorly of malay police officers who helmed and led the police force. Brhim's speeches is a legal problem and should be dealth with legally according to our criminal justice system irrespective whether Umno leaders likes it or not. I only see eunuchs in the police force who dare to act only against opposition mnembers and their leaders. The israeli's police force is more professional and would not hesitate to act against their PM if he is on the wrong side of the law.

nick 21 June 2011 at 12:34  

Dato, looks like it was IA that changed the sex of UMNO. It was not done in Thailand but over here in plain view of all Malaysian and the world. Only a comatose UMNO would let anyone handle its private part let alone dis'member' it. This bodes ill for the country.


Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 12:34  

Holding a peaceful Candle vigil and the ministry will be shouting hoarse that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW and put under arrest.

When the Abang Adik displaying porno in public , insulting other religion by carrying a cow head or instigating violence suddenly becomes Ayahanda yang tersayang Vindicting the "beloved" children.

Mereka budak lagi , tak ada apa apa dah.Mereka tidak maksud begitu.Kita orang dewasa tak payah ambil hati apa yang budak budak ni cakap.

Dont you feel eerie when someone uttered I will do anything at all cost and by all means over my crushed body not when this guy is from the top who emails you on each & every single festive that how much he cares !! Very Artificial !!

He is setting an undesirable precedent and it's completely against the character of Religion.

I am a man of many faces , can you see thru my disguise , siapa makan cili ?

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 12:43  

Becos of Adat ,Orang Kita dan sebagainya that hinder the very progress of an ethnic.

I would not want a hypocrite who is a fox dressed up in sheep's skin to be my leader eventhough he is of my gene and race !!

God sees a man from his heart and not his appearance.

Wake up from the slumberland , Brother !

donplaypuks 21 June 2011 at 13:12  

By not throwing the book at Ibrahim Ali forthwith - and there is really no need to apply ISA or Sedition Act, provisions under the Penal Code will suffice - PM Najib is clearly signalling that he's using Ali (& Utusan) and Perkasa as his proxies to stir up racial trouble and religious bigotry, and perhaps usher in martial law.

I mean, what has Bersih's objectives got to do with Hinduism and "bloody woman"?

Many worry that GE 13 will never come to pass!

A leopard does not change its spots and long ago Najib showed his true colours at TPCA stadium. He can deny it all he wants, but many know the truth.

As for Ali, he was (maybe still is) "independent" director of Dunham Bush, a company controlled by Berjaya and Vincent Tan. What a shameless streetwalker and hypocrite!

The current leadership does not reflect the more egalitarian UMNO of old. It's time Razaleigh and his ilk invoked UMNO New Millenium!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 14:12  

Ibrahim Ali sounds like a milder version of Meir Kahane and his foot soldiers are like Blackwater.

Hassan Musa,  21 June 2011 at 14:21  

It's puzzling why the Police has not acted against Ibrahim Ali for such incendiary and seditious remarks.

Do you also mean that it's puzzling why the police has not acted against the trio datuk for having and screening filem lucah???

Puzzling here and there won't solve any problem datuk. We hope to see you there at the front line of this so called "BERSIH RALLY" - ADA BERANI KER??

Din,  21 June 2011 at 14:39  

Looking at how things is going in the whole wide world, it's going to be very soon before Allah decides to end the world with its inhabitats.

Human nowaday do one thing, say another thing. Human nowday dont care how as long they make money and get power.

Human nowday twisting they fate. Very sad indeed.

I hope Allah will end it sooner.Because i want to see justice for right and wrong.

Utusan Mak Siat,  21 June 2011 at 14:59  

Al-brahim + Perkosa / MahaThir + EC = umNO!
Tu saje....

Mak Nyah,  21 June 2011 at 15:10  

Police or Pondan, you tell me...

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 16:09  

I am certainly puzzled on how come a learned person like can be puzzled by all this antics with regards to bersih rally.
Does that imply that only now that you have come to your senses and all those not puzzled by this are living in denial?
I am puzzled.heran oh heran

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 16:16  

"Borrow knife to kill" had been chinese strategy of war but the chinese have to hold a candle to umno.

Little does umno know that berkasar is a blinded knife that destroys everything including whatever goodwill that umno still has.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 16:25  

you are right dato, you know presently if the opposition is smart , they do not have to campaign among the non malays-- all they need to do is put up ibrahim ali's photo and air his speeches and automatically nearly all the non malays would vote for anyone except for barisan nasional

zakwan 21 June 2011 at 16:29  

"By keeping quiet and allowing Ibrahim to speak as it were as UMNO's voice, we are showing clearly we have a death wish."

Come GE 13, we will fulfill that death wish, InsyaAllah

OneMalaysian,  21 June 2011 at 16:42  

Dear Sakmongkol

“What's happening to UMNO? It's allowing Ibrahim Ali to be its voice? Where is the leadership material?”

Ibrahim Ali is not an UMNO member, and he never said he spoke on behalf of UMNO, but on behalf of all the Malays, not just UMNO Malays. So it is quite convenient for UMNO to say he never spoke for them.

But why did Najib and the Police do nothing even when Ibrahim Ali uttered seditious words, threatening to destroy racial peace and physical harm to the Chinese? If the PM is guilty of dereliction of duty in not upholding the law, the Police are just as guilty - so much for Police competence and independence as the guardian of the law.

Najib and UMNO have tolerated Ibrahim Ali because he was seen as helping to drive the Malays towards UMNO, like fish into an open net. By talking about the Malays’ imagined vulnerability to the pendatangs (read, Chinese) who he claimed want to Christianize and take over this country, he had hoped to “unite” the Malays by playing on their collective, irrational fear. So what a weak and discredited UMNO could not achieve through party organization, an Ibrahim Ali 0ne-man band was able to do – at least that’s what Najib and UMNO hope.

That explains why the PM has been quiet as a mouse whenever Ibrahim Ali speaks out – just let him tell all those ghost stories, and UMNO without lifting a finger, get all those Malays scurrying back to its embrace. Morality? Legality? To a weak, clueless PM whose primary concern now is to win GE13 “at all cost”, morality and legality are non-issues.

But if this is the man who wants to continue leading the country, and UMNO is the party he represents, what hope is there for all Malaysians, including the Malays? Najib is taking us into the company of failed states like Zimbabwe and several other African and Arab countries, when some of them have just thrown off the yoke of a decades-old debilitating dictatorship.

Ibrahim Ali is a monster who grew on the sustenance and succour of a weak and immoral PM and his party. Don’t blame him. Blame his protectors and benefactors.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 16:46  


UMNO looks at Ibrahim Ali as a god-sent.

Where previously UMNO Youth has to be involved in raising racial tension prior to Operation Lallang; this time UMNO can claim non-involvement.

By the way, Najib who was the UMNO Youth leader then; raised the tension several notches up during his blood curdling battle cry at the Kg Baru rally.

Ibrahim Ali is a convenient and willing tool of UMNO to frighten the Malay voters and yet his antics will not directly tarnish UMNO.

Once Ibrahim Ali's usefulness is over, he is even expendable. If a 2nd Operation Lallang need to be carried out, he has undergone it before.

Now UMNO has quietly outsourced rabble rousing to Ibrahim Ali.

Only problem is that the ordinary rakyat are not easily fooled this time around !!

ABD RAZAK ABD KADIR,  21 June 2011 at 17:09  

Dato', The situation now reminds me of Indonesia in 1997/1998 when the Suharto era began it's slow death.Pak harto,the siblings and cronies were doing everything possible to keep themselves in power.They were so conceited that they could not see their wrongs.They abused the state,rob the rakyat of their rights and money and still thought they were sorely needed.What fools!This is what i'm seeing again here in Malaysia.Selamat tinggal UMNO!

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 17:10  

This obscene character would not do what he's been doing without the approval of Umno top guns like Najib, his deputy and the Home minister. Ibrahim is only doing what others before him were doing with the approval of Umno. Umno is now self imploding, thanks to clowns like him.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 17:12  

Should get someone to follow him to Macau. The colony is swarmed with casinos and prostitutes, maybe we can catch him throwing the dice with his pants down.

Otherwise, why would anyone want to fly to Macau to conduct business. Any businessman with proper business will rather head to Hong Kong where the laws protect contracting parties are clearer.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 17:16  


your article articulated what is on my mind.....thanks.

Ibrahim Ali was given the role by Perkasa's patron none other than Mahathir.

people still do not know mahathir is making Ibrahim Ali his mouthpiece so that all these racial venom can be spewed freely through Ibrahim.

Mahathir thinks he is helping UMNO/BN to stay in power by using Perkasa to do the dirty work and issuing threats to the rakyat. If UMNO/BN tumbang, then, he has to leave malaysia. Mahathir said before....if Anwar is the PM, he will migrate to AUstralia.

Ibrahim is so daring because he is supported by Mahathir and the government....simple as that!!!


Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 17:48  

If I am Najib, I would, within minutes of Ibrahim's seditious speech:

a. Place Ibrahim under arrest using the Penal code. {Win #1 : Refuse to use the unpopular ISA) but Najib of course cannot differentiate the Penal code and the other type of Penxx code he tried to frame Anwar with.

b. Publicly tell the Malays that they are strong and sensible and all the nice words to confirm that he will ensure that the Malays' interest are looked after. (Win#2 : keep the Malay moderate and fence sitters support which is the large masses) But Najib is too scared of losing support from the vocal radical minority of Malays.

c. Tell the Chinese and Indians et. al. that he will not tolerate extremism in any form and by any one. (Win#3 : Win back hordes of non-Malay support with his no-nonsense strong action)

If he had done those 3 things immediately after Ibrahim talks nonsense (I can teach him more), he could have called for GE next month and win hands down!!!

Alas, the time has passed and Najib's elegant silence and impotence suggests to the non-Malays (and even the moderate Malays) that he is behind Ibrahim Ali. Now. no self-respecting Chinese or Indians will vote for Barisan Nasional, believe me!

Where is APCO on this?

Perhaps I should send my bill for RM20million for teaching Najib those 3 things above.

Wouldn't you agree that Najib (or even UMNO) missed this golden opportunity to turn the table on Pakatan Rakyat, Dato?

amatMok 21 June 2011 at 18:55  


Tak kan la Dato' baru perasan yang UMNO Baru (as opposed to UMNO yang asal) ni memang dah lama tak ada telor. Ini dek kerana terlalu kenyang meyebat duit rakyat!

Kalau dulu wakil rakyat berkhidmat untuk rakyat tapi wakil rakyat UMNO Baru sekarang jadi wakil menyebat duit rakyat.

UMNO Baru terlalu penakut untuk turun gelanggang menghadapi rakyat; takut untuk berdepan dalam keadaan "level playing field". Malah terlalu takut untuk berdepan dengan tuntutan yang diajukan oleh BERSIH.

Maka dek terlalu penakut dan pondannya kepimpinan UMNO baru ni terpaksalah di subkontrek kan kepada Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa.

Ramai telah bersoksek mengata bahawa Ketua Kepimpinan UMNO baru ni takut bini sementara sepupunya pula "Auw you"!

Walau bagaimana pun rakyat celik dan tahu siapa sebenarnya dibelakang Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 18:58  

Is he Najib new spokeman?

Where is Najib hiding now? Under somewhere?

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 19:27  

Why the unusual silence over the Pak Im the Amok ?

It reminds me of the aged old joke-

The Porn Leader telling the call girl that he is on top of her and the call girl replied that- YOU ARE IN MY HAND , I MEAN YOUR BALLS.

Teh Lam Pah /Char choon Toi.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 19:38  

No Chinese with true Chinese blood in him or her will vote for BN. To do so would mean to betray his own race.
It's like worshiping the one who raped your daughter.

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 19:45  

Hahaha.. the same old reply from politician when being cornered-

My speech /statement was twisted and taken out of context.

Aiya , you see I dont know why the video also can make mistake , I never say like that one , how come ?

It's really shit,shit, shit and what the basket !

walla 21 June 2011 at 21:25  

C: 'First he hectors against the chinese community by playing up the threat of another May 13. Then he changes his tune by saying it was not a threat but an advice. Why the sudden concern for the chinese when he has been lambasting them at every opportunity? Sir, i think he's a complete nutcase.'

B: 'Be careful, Ailyn.

One of our judges has just slapped a poor MP with a fine of RM150,000, purportedly for calling someone a madman.

I don't know. Wouldn't you think our judges should be better cognoscenti of the nuances of real-world situations?

If for instance someone was to call someone else a madman when that is something we all normally don't do, then it must have been in a fit of exasperation done away from the medical norm. Right or not?

So that means no normal audience would have taken it seriously which means the judge could have ruled it would not have impugned on the real character of the person. Unless of course one rationalizes that the judgement was colored by other considerations, a point made less moot by the fact that in another case of even greater import, a minister got off scot-free under the same system for calling a famous pathologist a liar.

You see, when someone is called a liar, it implies he was deliberately doing a misdeed by choice since only a rational person can lie with intent. So if a minister calls someone a liar, he has to defend his assertion first since it is actually a stronger statement against a rational person in a normal situation, in this case someone of regional professional standing whose word can in fact be a scientific reference in a matter of life and death, unlike the other case where the subject probably had as much charisma and function as a turnip.

Yet it seems the minister didn't substantiate but the charges against him were quashed. How come?'

A: 'If i may suggest, Sir, i think it's because the rule of law of our country has been distorted by political overtones.'

B: 'I too have come to that conclusion, Sofea. This country has been sundered by double standards. Between the races, two standards, Between political parties, another two standards. It is happening every day, everywhere.

Now once we have this situation, who is going to believe in the integrity of our federal institutions by which the world, for that matter ourselves, measure our worth, character and norms?

So that without those things, our national word will have no value whatsoever. Then it will be a complete waste of money and time to host global summits, strutting around like an emperor with no clothes, without shame either.

And once that happens, people won't want to invest here and we won't know how many more won't be coming while those who come will load more cost because they think the risk is higher. Right or not?'

walla 21 June 2011 at 21:26  


C: 'Which comes to the matter of the Bersih rally, Sir. I think their eight points are rational and reasonable. Which is why i am flummoxed why Perkasa came out to say they will rally against the Bersih rally. On what grounds?!’

A: 'Let me add to Ailyn's concerns, Sir. I too cannot understand why Bersih didn't manage to get a permit while Perkasa got one after Bersih had announced it would rally. How can a permit be not given to the first but given to the second which is reacting to the first?'

C: 'Could it be because Bersih didn't apply but Perkasa did, Sofea?'

B: 'If that were so, Ailyn, how does one explain why the home minister had cautioned Umno Youth not to proceed with the third rally? If the minister can say no to Umno Youth, would he have said yes to Bersih in the first place? Haha! By putting on a show with Umno Youth of which he was a member before, it lends even more weight that Umno is behind Perkasa exclusively.’

A: 'But, Sir, Umno Youth said they will rally to keep the present election system but work towards changing it.'

B: 'Sofea, how can one keep status quo of what one wants to change?'

A: 'I mean keep the essence of the objectives but change the way elections are conducted.'

C: 'But Sofea, isn't that what Bersih's eight points are all about in the first place? Changing the way elections are conducted so as to reflect clean, fair and independent elections?'

B: 'Ladies, what is also puzzling is this. Some people have asserted that behind Bersih is the opposition as if anything that is the opposition is bad.

If that were so, why would the opposition want clean elections? Doesn't that immediately mean that Umno and its Barisan partners including their chief axe-man Perkasa don't want clean elections?

And if that is so, doesn't it mean we are really a fascist regime? And if that is so, why not lay out the red carpet for Mugabe so that he can be coaxed more fervently to grace our fantastically democratic country, unfortunately in form only?

We certainly live in puzzling times, my lovelies.'

D: 'Oooo, Sir. Geli-saja listening to you saying that. Let me put my foot in.'

B: 'And i must say it's a dainty foot, Normala, i mean Sharmeen. Ahem.'

D:'(eyes roll in playful disdain, long eyelashes flutter meltingly). I shall ignore that, Sir! I don't know about you all but i think i can understand what is happening.'

A: 'Please, please tell, Sharmeen. Our minds are all so tiny and bri-nylon and the national situation is getting fustier by the day.'

D: 'I think it's like this, guys.'

B: 'Wait, i am the guy and you all are m'ladies.'

C: 'Quiet, Sir! Sharmeen has something to say.'

walla 21 June 2011 at 21:26  


D: 'I think Umno knows it has lost the terrain.

I think Umno has quietly jettisoned its Barisan nonMalay partners.

In other words, i think Umno has scuttled any possibility that the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the others in Barisan will make even the minutest difference in the next general elections.

Which implies Umno wants to go it alone with our Malays only.

Which means it is going to depend on only the Malay votes.

Which explains why it got angry through Utusan when rebuffed by Pas.

Which also explains why it is of such a singular and persistent resolve to neutralize Anwar completely, any which way.

Because given free rein, he is a class above any Umno leader on a Malay public platform.

Which also explains why Perkasa's hinky cicakman has been given carte blanche for so long to do his tub thumping tirades against the Chinese.

Because Umno thinks his obscurantist mumbo-jumbo will provide not only an antidote against Anwar but also hide the gormless character of the present Umno leadership.'

B: '(jaw drops, looks nervously at new second-hand sarung). My dear Sharmeen, can i check with you again my record of your mobile number?'

A, C: 'Sharmeen, don't give him. He'll only be constantly pestering you what's for dinner!'

B: 'Sigh. You all bully me, one. I only ask what's for lunch.'

C: 'Now that we come to think of it, it is clear why Perkasa and Umno Youth have responded to Bersih's rally with theirs. It's the salami approach. When one sees a threat, sandwich it with two similarly disposed events so as to take away the uniqueness of the first. By this they hope to neutralize the perception in the minds of the common folks what Bersih is trying to do.'

A: 'Hmmm, Ailyn. You've been reading Kissinger! But i think they will fail because no one believes the recent Sarawak election was clean. That election was won by cheques not votes.'

walla 21 June 2011 at 21:26  


B: 'And to add to your point, Sofea, much study has already been done that our electoral distribution is too open to gerrymandering. A seat is a seat but one seat may only be won by a hundred thousand votes whilst another by only one thousand votes. Umno is probably banging on this lopsidedness knowing Pakatan will dissipate its minute resources in the latter for having exhausted them in the former.'

D: 'And that is why Bersih must win the hearts and minds of all our rakyat.

The rakyat must know that all the election loopholes must be plugged. Otherwise it will not be a fair fight.

Already on its last tethers, Umno will have no qualms about maintaining its hold on the machinery of the election process - because that is the only thing left in their arsenal which one may surmise was the conclusion of that field intelligence report on the table during the interviews of the Barisan MPs. Which was used in the recent elections.'

C: 'You've made a strong point there, Sharmeen. Those libidinous lawmakers with social coziness but moral laziness will want to maintain their priapic political pleasures having pressured the EC to deep-freeze Bersih's earlier call for reforms. Otherwise why would the EC ask for a call-off to Bersih's rally by inviting them to talk...again?! The EC could have given its response earlier but it didn't, probably for fear it will be made public. Is that how a supposedly independent body should operate?'

B: '(coughs) Only in this country, Ailyn. We may all thus conclude that Umno's desperation is bringing it to its last nadir propped up only by the nasib of Inche' Labu dan Inche' Labi. Meanwhile, Perkasa is just a puppet sideshow.

People, the main event is fixing the election process now that Umno realizes it cannot win enough Malay votes because it has no credible answer for all its crimes against the rakyat. Umno has no answer except spin for economics. It also has no answer except deflection for politics. And the common intent or niat of spin and deflection is?'

A, C, D: 'Cheating!'

B: 'Wah! So clever one, you all. Say, can i be Charlie now?'

A, C, D: 'Why Charlie, Sir?'

B: '(grins, rubs tummy, pads hair). Heh heh. So that you can be my Charlie's Angels?'

A, C, D: 'No, Sir! Go home, mop floor!'

B: 'Sigh. Why you all bully innocent me so much one?'

Anonymous,  21 June 2011 at 23:40  

Gee Dato,

Ibrahim Ali is not seditious, he is just trying to express himself and enjoying the new found freedom of speech.

Isn't that what the Opposition wants.

But I agree with you, UMNO is becoming like a BAPOK and that is why I joined PERKASA.

Former Bersih Strg Committee and now A PROUD PERKASA MEMBER.

Anonymous,  22 June 2011 at 00:08  

When there is wide spread riot, the emergency act comes into play, right? With the Emergency Act in force, no elections needed, right?

SouthBoundSuarez,  22 June 2011 at 01:00  

Perkasa is doing the works for UMNO so UMNO can look good. Simple as that.

Anonymous,  22 June 2011 at 08:08  

Dato Sak

He reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin,USA.

A windbag who was finally deflated
and made it into the American history books (not as a hero).

He also gave us a new word "McCarthyism".

Ibrahim Ali has disgraced the esteemed post of Member of Parliament by uttering coarse language (Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t) on
international TV.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  22 June 2011 at 12:22  

Actually Dato',

The beat cops are all happy and looking forward to the Bersih rally..

to them rally means, the oustation cops will be called in to serve in KL..

shall we say...Kaching....

Anonymous,  4 July 2011 at 19:30  

Nak pertahankan hak pribumi? atau hak orang Melayu? Tak payah UMNO dah ade. Kalau hak pribumi, kenapa hak orang asli di kawasan pendalaman kau tak pertahankan? Memang la dasar KATAK seko dari pasir mas, kecoh aje lebih.abuk pun tarak?

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 21:58  

Damn to the bloody racist ibrahim ali the racist scumbag from pasir mas. hey ibrahim "the katak" ali , we all hated you cause you are a moron politician.And a bloody KATAK!

Anonymous,  8 July 2011 at 21:58  

Ibrahim Ali is a damned moron!

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