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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 25 June 2011

The saga of economic (s)hitman 2.

I was saying to some friends the other day- you have to tip your hat to Ibrahim Ali. Sure I hantam him here and there. But there is no one like Ibrahim Ali in this world. Only Ibrahim Ali can secure a permit and get people riled up shouting profanities of all kind, burnt portraits of comrade Ambiga and all that- as a counter demo to another demo that has not taken place!
How can you demonstrate against something that has not taken place and yet the Malaysian police gave him a permit? We have been watching too many ghost stories including our men and women in blue!
My friends were gawking at the photos of the beauties displaying cardboards condemning Ambiga. And my friend Jali who is a permanent fixture at Cengkih restaurant in Taman Tun says he wants to get to know the photogenic beauties cornered by Ibrahim Ali. He reckons if Ibrahim Ali can get these girls to demo, he has a chance to score.
This Ibrahim Ali is a tireless operator. He went through a heart bypass a few months ago. Today he is up and about directing street demos. He hasn't lost it since the ITM days. Perhaps he has received a blood transfusion with super-budu formulations. He hasn't lost his flair of mobilizing crowds to any cause he chose- laughable or not.
On a serious note, the stand taken by our police is puzzling. It's not consistent at all. Demonstrations carried out by organizations supporting the government were and are often given permission. Condoleezza Rice visited Malaysia the last time, was given a loud reception by the UMNO ketua Pemuda. Demonstrations in support of anti-Israel and pro Palestine causes are easily allowed. Other organizers not supporting the government get arrested.
Either you give everyone permission or you don't give at all. If demonstrations are not allowed, and the law also works retrospectively arrest all those involved a few days ago, who protested aggressively against Bersih and Ambiga.
Otherwise, give permission for all to hold demonstrations in big stadiums. Then we term that as guided demonstrasi.
UMNO is at sixes and sevens as to how to deal with Ibrahim Ali. He is now bigger than UMNO becoming the de facto voice of the Malays.
But it's also an indictment on the current UMNO leadership. It has lost its Malayness and is seen as no longer capable of speaking for the Malay. The more important UMNO leaders simply don't have the personal experience of what it means to be Malay. Hence they can't really empathize with the real Malay.
If Ibrahim is able to tap into the fears and anxieties, imagined or real of the Malays, it means the UMNO leadership has failed to address them. by default, that makes Ibrahim relevant and UMNO, reduced to being a spectator.


Wan Zamzuri Wan Hasenan 25 June 2011 at 09:13  

Salam Dato',
UMNO is in power. UMNO through BN rule Malaysia therefore UMNO does not need to speak like Ibrahim Ali. UMNO JUST DO and REDO. UMNO just needs to implement whatever so-called good policies or programmes. If you are in in power and yet you keep shouting aloud always then people say you do not know how to rule!

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 09:28  

One thing I admire most about Ibrahim Ali is that even though you 'hentam' him right, left, back, front, top and bottom, the next time you meet him, he will hug you like a long lost brother. He doesn't seem to hold any grudge against you and if it was a day that he is loaded, he will even put a big tip in your pocket. Meet him up again and you will see what I mean.

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 09:36  

" Only Ibrahim Ali can secure a permit and get people riled up shouting profanities of all kind, burnt portraits of comrade Ambiga and all that.."

Ain't that shows the mentality of malay police officers. Most of them are really stupid, just like those stupid people whom brahim could influence to demo and shout profanities...".

In malaysia, you join the police force as a last resort...if you can't enter U or college or can't get appointed as PTD officers. Most of them are dumb. That is one reason why corrupt Umno leaders could use and misuse them.

Police force in malaysia goes down the drain when tomoi fighter, Rahim Noor became IGP.

bruno,  25 June 2011 at 10:42  

Dato,Since Abrahim ali is under the payroll of a very powerful prominent Umno warlord,he has long being condidered one of Umno's.Before he was condidered one of their spokesman,and Umno was very confortable with it.As an outcast of PAS Kelantan,he managed to wriggled snubbly into the hands of Dr. Mahathir.

Before when Abrahim Ali was out proclaiming himself as a champion of Malay rights Umno was feeling comfortable because he was doing the talking for them.Only lately when the Anwar sex tape and the Christians vs Muslim issues were brought up that Abrahim Ali was starting to look like a liability to Umno.

Umno,being the lead party in the BN should know that whether Abrahim Ali is aligned to Dr. M or not is of no significant.It should know that the GOM is answerable to the people and not to Dr. M.Then again Abrahim Ali was a reject from Umno.He went to buddy up to PAS.Got elected under PAS backing as an independant.Then deserted and leap frogged into the arms of Dr. M. Umnoputras are so used to buying over politicians that they couldn't understand that deserters are traitors.But since Umno condoned his gimmicks before,what has Umno to say now.Does Umno has the balls to look Abrahim Ali in the eyes and tell him to fuck off.

Quantum Metal Consultant 25 June 2011 at 10:42  

Dato', yang lebih 'power' dan lebih besar dari UMNO sekarang bukan sahaja Ibrahim Ali, banyak lagi seperti KJ, Ku Li, Rosmah, Mat Sabu, Nik Aziz, Lims, Anwar, Mahathir, yang terbaharu Ambiga, Aspan Alias dan tidak ketinggalan Dato' sendiri, dan kalau boleh saya pun nak lebih besar dari UMNO.

Kemungkinan juga yang tersenarai di atas bukan lebih besar dari UMNO tetapi hakikatnya UMNO itu sendiri yang semakin mengecil dan hilang fungsi.

bruno,  25 June 2011 at 10:55  

Now Abrahim Ali has gone overboard over this Bersih rally.He has even threatened bloodshed.All the GOM is doing is sitting on their hands.If Umno comes out now and publicly denied that it is not behind Abrahim Ali and Perkasa who in the world would belived them.Even their own mothers will not believe them.So for better or worst Umno is stuck with Abrahim Ali's ghost.The actions of Umno suggest that it is going for broke.

bruno,  25 June 2011 at 11:22  

Umno's outright abuse, taunting and flaunting its power at the people have caused a huge backlash.From the cow head to the recent Bersih incident all the culprits were from Umno and its NGO's.The GOM and Umno condoned these activities.That is why no action was taken against these gangsters and paid goons.

If our GOM condoned criminal activities than it is no better than governments of third world countries like Zimbabwe.Once thought impossible for BN to lose the GE now seems possible.The pent up anger by the recent incidents will surely hurt BN badly in the coming GE.After this election BN will be sitting in the opposition bench.

justicenequality 25 June 2011 at 12:20  

'Only Ibrahim Ali can secure a permit'

Yes indeed and PDRM,what have you to say to all Msians? And the SPEED with which the Permit was Granted. Quite Amazing!

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 12:36  

Viewing from a deeper level of discernment, IA should be given as much leeway as possible to showcase his rantings and allow him to spit his vocal vitriol to the maximum. Then come GE and let us sit back and see how he fare in his Pasir Mas constituency. Let's see how his kindred kind and the Malay voters react to his speeches and actions.

Really we do not know how much collateral damage he is going to cause esp to UMNO.

Me think this is a blessing in disguise for PR.

Me thinks this is good for PR .

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 13:05  


Actually UMNO is the puppet master of Ibrahim Ali. Once he has outlived his usefulness to UMNO, he is expendable.

By the way, UMNO has not failed to address the fear and anxieties of the Malay.

It is UMNO that is creating such fear and anxieties amongst the Malay to ensure its relevance as a Malay- centric party. With Utusan and Ibrahim Ali giving almost daily doses of ghost stories, the Mastika-loving Malays will continue to live in their alam bunian.

Any person can be a tireless rabble-rouser when he is given a free rein by the authorities (not to mention the financing that he is getting for his efforts).

So what is so unique about Ibrahim Ali ? He is just a part of UMNO's grand plan to win the Malay votes. Whether it works or not, will be seen at the next GE.

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 16:22  

I've given up hope for our Malay race. I'm preparing my children to find the lifes elsewhere.

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 17:14  

Despite all his shortcomings, this Ibrahim Ali can still garner a section of the populace who loves him. I pray to Almighty God to love him even more, so that when he has his next heart attack, please take him away immediatey.

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 17:44  

If Ibrahim Ali can get permit to demonstrate everytime and others cannot, it will incur the anger of the public and come GE, BN will lose big.

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 17:58  

Najib do or die mission

greenbottle 25 June 2011 at 18:35  

please dato Sak; don't ever say that ibrahim ali that son of a bitch is the de facto voice of the malays.

this is absolutely not correct. he may be the voice of a certain section of umno ultra malays but NEVER and NOT for the others.

this is insulting to the rest of normal thinking malay muslims. to say that ibrahim ali is the voice of the the malays is like saying the loony national fronts of UK and other western countries are the voice of UK or other western countries. This is insane.

i think ibrahim ali is a psycopath and a danger not only to himself but to the nation. this mad man shoud be put in psychiatric ward at the very least.

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 19:02  

Anon 16:22,

What are you waiting for? Bon Voyage!!!

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 20:32  

Ibrahim Ali is the only one able to unite the christian and chinese votes in the coming general election. Not MCA, MIC Gerakan or other non-malay component parties in BN.

bruno,  25 June 2011 at 21:14  

Dear Dato,Just last month I was commenting on your blog that it was impossible for Umno to lose this coming GE,although internal sabotaging might cause it to lose a few more seats.Taking into account what has been happening recently and lately what seem impossible then seems very possible now.

Firstly the cow head incident.Cows are widely known worldwide to be sacred to the Indian Hindu religion.To protest the relocation of an Indian temple,some Umno leaders leading a group of unrowdy Malays holding a severe cow's head march to the Selangor's Government Administrative Building to protest.During the protest some local Umno branch leaders were seen and video taped leadind the group stomping the cow.s head with their feet.

What could have caused a racial confrontation between two ethnic groups maybe two or three decades ago was prevented maybe by cooler heads or by the police presence.There were some PDRM members escorting them.Maybe it was a preventive measure or an escort.That we have to ask the OCPD.

This cow head incident,what if it was the other way around.What if it was the Indians holding a pigs head and stomping it.The PDRM and FRU would have swarmed in and they would have been in the lockup and beaten blye and black before being sent to Kamunting.Then all our HM Hisham was invite the leaders of this group to his office for a chit chat.

Secondly the Chrirtians bible and Interlok.These mistakes intentionally or unintentionally are done by government agencies.

Then the Anwar sex video.By letting the trio be freer than a bird,in the eyes of the people it really pissed them more than the screening of the tape itself.They are clearly flaunting their arms directly in the faces of the public.Letting them know who is in power.

bruno,  25 June 2011 at 21:14  

Then the Bersih upcoming rally.Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa screaming threats and threatening a counter rally against the Bersih supporters.Then the police issued them a permit whereas opening telling the Bersih organisers that they will be denied one.Then when we have the Bersih organisers saying they are going ahead with the rally Abrahim Ali and his group started burning posters of Bersih leader Ms. Ambiga.

Now we have people threatening the lives of rally organisers.Where are the HM,PDRM and GOM when the people need them.They are "MIA".How can the HM,PDRM and GOM be "MIA" when lives and the security of the country are in jeopardy.So in the eyes of the people and the world,the HM,PDRM and GOM are in cahoots and condoned these acts or they don't have the balls to performed the duties that they have sworned to upheld.

Either ways they have already help the people to decide their futures for them.And that is to give them the big middle finger and the big broom.

amatMok 25 June 2011 at 21:59  

Dear WZWH,

I like the part where you stated that "UMNO just needs to implement whatever so-called good policies or programmes". It really made my day!

Pray, tell me. What good policies and programmes? Privatisation of the electricity supply through the lopsided IPP agreement? Paying RM1.8 million to set up the Cuti Cuti Malaysia facebook accounts? Selective prosecution? Transparent procurement programme through awards of direct nego contracts?

Yes, we know that UMNO is in power. That's why UMNO do not need to shout. They just outsource it to PERKASA.

By the way, do you realise that with power comes responsibility? Has UMNO truly discharged its responsibility to the rakyat?

Anonymous,  25 June 2011 at 22:22  

Hello Dato',

I am rather amazed that you yourself are surprised that Ibrahim Ali can secure police permits at will and given immunity from prosecution. Come on Dato, surely you cannot pretend to be naive.

For all intents and purposes, UMNO is using Ibrahim Ali to do its bidding in creating racial disharmony while sitting back and wait for the things to get out of hand. Then when things really gets out of hand, the UMNO led government will execute Ops Lalang once again and this time Ibrahim Ali will end up staying in the presidential suite in Hilton Kamunting while the opposition an activists will be booked into the normal standard rooms.

With the opposition and activists spending their holidays in Hilton Kamunting, the country is once again free for the UMNO elites to roam and pillage at their will. Sounds like a good script doesn't it, except this will be played out in real life. And Dato' you cannot deny that you have not thought about this scenario.

Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 09:58  

Dato... now you say it . We of course knew it long long time ago.

UMNO controls everything in this land. Only they are allowed everything.

You need only to look at Nyanmar to know what it will be like in years to come. Study the parallelism. Astonishing similar only that it is not military and not so obvious bluffing to the world we are eeeeeh ..."truly Asia" plus trumpetting to the Africans to follow our model.

Whether to laugh or cry ...sudah tak tahu.

Meanwhile just tak bother anymore. Just know who to vote that is all.

Malaysia is a lost case beyond redemption and lost all the morals.

Where on earth a govt allows such idiocity like Perkasa.. gosh . These hare brained policians have no better ideas to how to gain public support.

...and to now silent "Quiet Despair" these are your friends.

Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 11:42  

Why are we bogged down with everyday issues i.e almost a controversy per month.Is it a strategy to distract ppl from the machinations that in due course will create irreversible schemes n contracts?
No one is really fighting for issues that will make a permanent socio economic impact on the country as well as transferring public assets to private hands.And if unchecked it will be bound in irrevocable contracts that will cost a bomb to unwind.
This scheme is moving smoothly beneath the noisy ruckus of the various controversy of the month.

Please Dato. .Ibrahim is not the main dish.Its idris jala that will be remembered when 70% of rakyat earns less than Rm3k in 2020 .And factoring the real inflation rate of 5.2%. .thats similar to 1.5 k today.

The community must expose ETP n EPPs.And a thorough review must be made.Lets get the best brains in the local blogworld to coalesce and save us all.

vinnan,  26 June 2011 at 12:52  

To Anonymous, 25 June 2011 20:32,

That is exactly what Ibrahim Ali/Mahathir wants to do. This faction of Mahathir's UMNO which has PERKOSA as its public face wants Najib to win the 13th GE but without the support of the Chinese and the Christian natives. This way Najib would have to depend solely on UMNO support for his survival. Then the Malay hero Moohidden can easily dispose of Najib. This time UMNO will fall apart completely with the Badawi-KJ. Najib-Rosmah and Mahathir-Moohidden faction going after each others throat. This my friend is Dato AK47s real fear. To save UMNO, the Dato must save Najib first.

Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 15:50  

Now, KJ also did receive the death threat. Putting his position just as the same as Ambiga. Appearing that both support the same cause.

Don't you think that it's actually UMNO who let Perkasa to do all the dirty jobs so the former can look good at the eyes of public?


Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 15:52  

Dato SAK,
Ibrahim acts as a devil advocate/or tukang karut in wayang kulit. He has a game plan and execute his role well. Please let it me. TQ

whiteorange 26 June 2011 at 16:15  

anonymous 9:36
"aint that shows the mentality of malay police officer, most of them are really stupid"
"You join the police forceas last resort"
"most of them are dumb"

good statement of you. no wonder few non Malays didnt joint the police force.

Whoever you are, Im a Malay too, but by saying the malay officers are really stupid, dumbs really hurts me. Pepatah melayu kata cubit paha kanan paha kiri terasa. As Im malay Im proud of my mothers tongue.

Mungkin polis polis ni bodoh, mungkin ini pilihan terakhir mereka, dan ramai manusia dimalaysia menerima kerja yang merupakan pilihan terakhir mereka, bukan polis sahaja. Tapi polis bodoh inilah yang bertahun tahun berkorban menjaga keamanan, supaya orang orang seperti anda boleh hidup bebas, supaya anak bini anda boleh hidup bebas, boleh tidur malam .Boleh kesana kemari sesuka hati.

Nak harapkan orang orang pandai macam anda jadi polis? Orang orang bodoh ini jugalah yang sanggup berkorban untuk orang orang macam anda.

"Thats why corrupt UMNO leaders can use and misuse them"

Tidakkah Anwar juga menggunakan polis untuk kepentingan beliau? tidakkah Anwar menggunakan polis untuk menganiaya orang satu masa dahulu?

Tidakkah tauke tauke China , tauke tauke keling juga merasuah polis? even ada pendapat mengatakan lebih senang terima rasuah dari bukan melayu daripada Melayu?

Its not the police force but instead you who should go down the drain

Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 16:23  


Bukankah perbuatan membakar dan memijak gambar ni hobby DAP PKR dan PAS dari dulu?

Tidakkah perbuatan berdemonstrasi haram dan melalak melolong ni juga hobby PAS dan PKR dari dulu?

DAP? the smart one ! just kudakan PKR and PAS.

But I salute Ibrahim Ali, knowing him from far during Kelantan Demonstration in 1976 ...

Quiet Despair,  26 June 2011 at 17:12  

Howdy Sak and friends (mostly new ones I see.)
Great to be home to a welcoming news: "It is Anwar Ibrahim." Haha, real.
What say you dear Bro Sak? Still disbelieving the court verdict?
And with regard to Tok Him, what's the difference between him and Anu-war? Same difference.
Both are rabble-rousers, egoistic, not so smart, loves attention, play to the gallery and thrives on havoc.
If you love Anu-war, you must love Braim too. Same goes if you hate one of them.
I am no fan of both. But Brahim has redeeming qualities as a true friend and one who shows his true colors.
The other one is Mr Pretender, haha.
You don't see what you get in the other one unlike Braim, this much I know.
And if Anwar can do things, why can't Braim.It's par for the course.

Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 17:12  

Anon 12:52,

Sak helping Najib?? What a load of rubbish! Wtf is sak? He is a nobody in UMNO. He is KJ's mercenary and you think Najib give a hoot what Sak says? As far as Najib is concern KJ and his paid mercenaries can go to hell!

Anonymous,  26 June 2011 at 18:16  

If its berahim ali its wrong but if its opps lime lge, lims dynasty ir anuwar fynasty, ambiga..its ok. Ambiga was the obe that challenges constitution, force interfaith by discussing islamic principles ( a hindu). Btw, some hindus took exception when u call them hindu. They say its racist. What shd u call them then? I digress but i think u guys termakan umpan. If ambiga clearly states that she is going to break the law on 9july and u guys are still supporting her, help me god. It shows u just want riot in order to force the eected gov down.

And those that think malay policeman are dungus shd stand outside their house guarding it with some kayu...the fact that u can sleep at nite means u are sure somebody is looking after u or the law is painful enuff to not allow robbers having the field nite.

A very bright malay who knows the law and respect the majority decision.

walla 26 June 2011 at 23:08  

D: 'What are the fears and anxieties of our Malays, Sir?'

B: 'Hantu's and pontianak's, Sharmeen?'

D: 'Sir, be serious.'

B: 'I miss Sofea. Very much. Is that definitively serious enough for you?'

D: '(sigh) Men.'

B: 'People are going to disagree with what i am next going to say, Sharmeen, but that's their privilege.

There are two schools of thought. Which is real, which is imagined, i leave to more energetic minds.

The first school of thought says if political power is lost, then economic power and racial identity, culture and the rest will be diminished.

The second school of thought asks the proponents this question:

"Do you mean to say that political power generates economic wealth and is meant to enhance culture?

If you answer yes, that's cronyism and racism followed by corruption and chauvinism.

If you answer no, you negate yourself.

So what be it?"

Sharmeen, what do you think?'

D: 'Some people will overlook the past excesses, short-cuts, injustices and blatant corruption by saying it was just a phase, a transition in national evolution officiated to lift a race up albeit through heavy-handedness in policy implementation towards the other races.'

B: 'But what was the result of that, Sharmeen?

All suffered under that regime. All races. And when the majority of all races suffer, the nation suffers. First economically, then the political backlash we have been seeing, followed by the series of the most ridiculous and tortious reactions by the present powers against the very peoples they were to serve.

Whether the reaction is through proxies like Ibrahim Ali or Awang Selamat or partials like the judiciary or the PDRM is immaterial.

In the end, the rakyat and economy suffer. When that happens, any political foundation will erode.

Maybe that's why you have games as part of the programme for the GLC event. Wit's end to the last endgame.

Why don't the organizers do a session to explain why Felda must take a RM6Billion loan from the EPF if the PM had been so defensive of its performance?'

walla 26 June 2011 at 23:08  


D: 'I see what you mean, Sir. One hundred and twenty thousand government scholars have had their scholarships canceled because they could only get a CGPA of 2.0 which is actually puzzling because they were supposed to be the cream of the community.

Let's not dwell on the real implication regarding quality of candidates and the system that gave them their certificates and the system that approved their applications.'

B: 'Same thing with the MOE. He said the Chinese SMEs are wonderful. They ask back - what has Barisan done for us, even one ringgit, as opposed to what Umno has done for your 1M'y SMEs to the tune of RM9 Billion at last mention. Just talk.'

D: 'And the PM saying there are no runners-up in a GE takes the cake, Sir. So he finally comes out to say what's the most grievous itch in his mind, and that of Umno. It's ALL and NOTHING ELSE than wanting to win the next GE.

It has become just a personal power obsession.

What about doing the right things? What about being fair to all races? What about treating everyone as citizens with the right to equal first attention from a government that knows it is too race-loaded? What about respecting the rule of law and its spirit? Like allowing the rakyat to assembly - because it is provided for in the very constitution that our home minister and his PDRM don't seem to know.

Nobody likes to be tear-gassed or drenched or bludgeoned. So if they walk, it must be because they see a valid and legal reason beyond anything Umno or its government can say through the MSM. It is in fact an indictment on Umno that the rakyat have no other recourse than to take to rally in order to bring sanity and integrity back into the governance of this country. Because it has gone to the dogs.

And the Ibrahim Ali's and Rexuan's and Quiet Despair's know it. They know it as much as their Mahathir's, Muhyiddin's and Hishammudin's.'

B: 'So, Sharmeen, what are the real fears and anxieties of our Malays?'

D: 'Sir, it's the loss of all integrity and standards. Those are the unarticulated and real fears and anxieties. The rest are from the scripts of the aforementioned's.'

B: 'I just miss Sofea.'

Orang Miskin Mersing,  27 June 2011 at 01:00  

Datuk SAK..
Seems all your ardent fans & commentators here are having trouble in dealing with all the changes happening in our beloved country.
Sebagai rakyat biasa yang bukan dari kalangan elitis UMNO, bukan Bangsawan ataupun dari kalangan Tuan-Tuan Melayu serta tidak ada apa-apa kepentingan samada dalam politik atau dalam projek-projek gomen, juga bukan kroni mana-mana VVIP, juga tak ada kabel besar, dan juga oleh kerana PM/TPM/Anwar/Ibrahim Ali/The Lims/Mat Sabu/Ambiga pun tak de masa nak ambik tau kami makan ke tidak..suka lah saya nak bagitau :
jangan minta kami yang tuan-tuan semua anggap bodoh dan yang sedang kesusahan kat bawah ni untuk tolong dan bagi sokongan kepada orang-orang politik yang dah kaya raya dan letak mereka semula kat atas melalui undi kami di PRU13 nanti.
Keep all your professional views, analysis, theories or whatever to yourself.
Hundreds of us from Mersing will join Bersih 2.0, not for Anwar, Mat Sabu, Ambiga or PR.
We, the people, have decided!

Utusan Mak Siat,  27 June 2011 at 10:36  

Seks, Lies and VCDs didnt work, so now Communist Cina etc etc etc???

Memang Celaka umNO ni!!!

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 10:46  

Quiet Despair

Selamat kembali. Dengan adanya anda, kembalilah mereka yang dah meninggalkan blog ni.
Ramailah pengkomen datang nak menemplak anda.
Tengoklah si Wallapun dah start menunjukkan taringnya.
Walla bukannya miss Sofea tapi QD.

ben 27 June 2011 at 11:46  

Askm DA:

A slight diversion...Just to wish you Happy Birthday, a long, healthy and wealthy life, with lots of happiness.

Shah Alam

Shafeek,  27 June 2011 at 12:08  

This bastard " the de facto voice of the Malays" ? Please lah Ariff try not to make such sweeping statement.
He might delude himself as such, but no sane Melayu will accept him as their spokesman. He is trying to kiss his way up Umno's ass so that he can earn his membership in the Pirates of the Curi-Be-An!

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 13:25  

I would follow Ibrahim Ali vs Ambiga , anytime....!!!

Agi idop agi ngelaban

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 14:52  

To Anon @ 26 June 18.16,

Sad to tell you but your bright light got blown. No wonder you are writing in the dark without any sense or logic.

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 14:55  

Howdy Quiet Despair,

If you count Brahim as your friend with redeeming qualities, I wonder what your enemies are like. Anyways it's great to have you back humouring us with your "backside" comments.

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 18:23  


Awat hang marah kat aku. Aku dulu pun anak polis dan dibesarkan dlm Balai polis. Aku cakap polis2 yg ikut arahan orang politik samada BN ke atau pembangkang atau Anwar ke memang bangang. Nak jadi polis ikut shjlah kehendak peruntukan Police Act 1967.

Polis2 zaman bapak aku tak lah bangang macam polis sekarang. Sebab: CPO dan ada juga OCPD British. Dia orang punya work ethics and professionalism are world class. hang pi baca komen bekas CPO Perka Tsri Yuen... Inilah polis yg aku hormat bukan macam Polis Rahim dan Musa and the geng sekarang.

DiBritain ada ke PM Britain gunakan polis untuk hentam political opponent mereka atau arah Polis jgn beri permit utk rally dan pi tangkap orang yg nak demo. Polis akan cakap " I don't take instructions from you."

Aku cakap fakta. Ada anak dan abang adik, pi nasihat jgn masuk polis malaysia...dah jadi polis Umno.

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 18:29  

very, very well said

Anonymous,  27 June 2011 at 19:09  

Dato, I am waiting anxiously for your next posting. Visited your site umpteen times already.
Write something on UMNO hyteria over BERSIH.

Quiet Despair,  27 June 2011 at 19:27  

Anon 13.25 and Anon June 26 18.16

You guys said it right. If others think Ibrahim Ali is racist, so is the Ambiga womam. She is anti-Islam too.
At least Ibrahim is an elected rep.
Ambiga is doing things under the guise of a lawyer.
Give me Braim anytime. Leave the police be. They know better what they are doing.
Anuwar should police himself first and be bersih before leading Bersih. Step down quickly.
Has he ever wondered why he and his cohorts won elections if the EC is a fraud.
Yeah right, EC is clean when DAP and PKR reps win!

Anonymous,  28 June 2011 at 08:20  

Saya tak tahu mengapa pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO do not listen to the cries and pleas of UMNO faithful like Dato Sak.

If UMNO wants to stay in power, you need to follow the example of Taiwan's Guomindang (Kuomintang) and the ex-Communist Parties of Eastern Europe (who even dropped Marxism-Leninism and carried out name changes too!). That is, move towards the political centre and carry out genuine reforms to woo back the voters.

You cannot rule Malaysia by moving to the extreme right and alienating not only the non-Malays but also moderate Malays and Islamist Malays.

You can only stay in power by moving toward the political centre, rebuilding bridges with the more conservative elements within the non-Malay communities,
taking action to reverse the continuing economic decline of Malaysia (masked by current high prices for oil) and so on. Empty propaganda and attempts to divide political opponents along race/religion lines (using outfits like Perkasa) no longer work in the Internet Age !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  28 June 2011 at 10:14  

Are they also trying to pick you up like Din Merican?

Anonymous,  28 June 2011 at 13:33  

Ha ha ha..

Dato Sak"

Ibrahim Ali tu problem ka? Dia tu nothing, kosong.. hanya orang Perkasa jer yang sokong dia..kalau ade pun geng Mamak Kutty..ha ha ha.

Yeah, Walla is right..What the real fears and anxieties of our Malays?..We need to answered ourself..tepuk dada tanya Akal..ha ha ha.

Orang/rakyat tak marah UMNO, tapi cara pemimpin UMNO yang kebanyakanya (Bukan Semua) buruk tingkahlaku..baik dari peringkat Cawangan hinggalah ke Peringkat Atasan..Kalau ini boleh dibersihkan..tidak perlu takut "BERSIH" kerana anda sudah bersih..ha ha ha.

Lagi satu, kebanyakkan alasan oleh pemimpin UMNO apabila menjawab sesuatu isu seperti orang BOdoh, Contohnya Macam ISA SAMAD mengatakan FELDA patut Berbangga kerana KWSP mahu meminjamkan 6 Bilion kerana KWSP Yakin dengan FELDA!!!!! Orang tanya kenapa perlu Pinjam KWSP sedangkkan FELDA banyak Duit???? Paling tak pun ceritalah expansion Bussiness Planning yang FELDA nak buat dengan 6 billion (Kalau Ade) tu ISA oiii..

Welcome Back QD...ramai yang miss U ..ha ha ha.

Wake UP! 28 June 2011 at 15:50  

Salam. Surely we need someone like Ibrahim Ali when the likes of Pemuda UMNO had turned into Pemudi?

Anonymous,  28 June 2011 at 18:43  


...ini tangkap orang tuduh komunis, APA CERITA ???

...OK LAH, BOLEH TANGKAP LAH SEKARANG...whatabout 5, 10,...years down the line???

...tangkapan ini macam nak 'spark'/cetuskan suasana 'arab spring'...klu tak sekarang, dimasa akan datang, tak caya tengoklah !!!

...the real and underlying facts...the govt are so damn corrupt, and its really,painfully touch deep into the livelyhood of the majorities

Anonymous,  28 June 2011 at 21:00  


I'm a Shell staff in Lutong, and I'm Chinese, from Sibu.

Currently there have been talks among Shell Malaysia, that promotions shall now be given to Chinese in order to placate the Chinese community in Miri and Sarawak. Contracts and other benefits like scholarships and donations will also follow the same route.

I am utterly disgusted as this goes against the very principles I believe in.

Hope you can dig up more information on this.


Malaysian First, Chinese Second.

Anonymous,  29 June 2011 at 00:49  

Queit Despair... hehehehe

As usual talk like a small kid.

Imagine compare Amiga to Ibrahim Ali !! Chhhhheeessse ...

This guy just dont know the difference and he admires the former !!

Hahaha .and you being sooo naive.

Election fraud does not mean they can fraud to diallow any vote going to Anwar or DAP !

The vote against your friends are sooooo great even the fraud voters could not make it up lah.

As uaual talk no sense and able to compare nothing.

Quiet Despair,  29 June 2011 at 13:37  

Awaiting Sak's new posting and still none. Guess our man is having a big birthday bash stretching two days!

So I will reply to Anon 27 June 14.55.
You mean you have no back-side or bad side.
Rather my back-side comments than a back-side job from someone we all know too well. Wakaka

Anon 29 June 00.49

You fail to catch my drift about Ambiga having the same intellectual level as Ambiga. I am reducing Ambiga to Ibrahim's credibility.
Both are racists with interests. One to topple the government and another to prop up the government vis=a-vis his position.
I have written a piece on the Bersih demo and will not risk repeating it.
Suffice to say it's all about deflecting Anwar's misdeeds, his going to jail and the downfall of PKR.
It's to pre-empt PKR's poor showing in the coming elections.
I really pity those who sincerely believe it's about correcting EC's alleged irregularities.
Wake up, my beloved friends.
Might as well go golfing, shopping or spending quality time with your family.
I know my friends including the Chinese and Indians are doing just that.
Who wants to be in the company of losers and their cohorts like Zorro, Haris Ibrahim or Art Harun on that day.
Bet you Din Merican will be thinking of going dancing with dentist misus.
And of course Sak wont be there. He is not stupid.

didi,  29 June 2011 at 14:02  

Anon 21:00,

Shell is a private company. Whatever they have decided would be their prerogative is it not? I have several family members who are working with Shell Malaysia currently and my dad used to be one of them. Since you are a chinese why should you worry? My family members are the ones who should worry, since if the talks are true, they are the ones that will be held back for promotions.

Anon 00:49,

I think you mean "latter" and not "former". As much as I don't agree with Quiet Despair, you should really make your message for him more coherent.

didi,  29 June 2011 at 14:05  

Somebody should just shut Ibrahim Ali up. Save him from further embarrassment. He coming out more and more like the ultimate imbecile every time he opens his mouth. Is there not a cure for verbal diarrhea?

Anonymous,  29 June 2011 at 15:40  

Dato SAk,
Cheers to Dato Ibrahim Ali. He played his characters well according to the script and so far not crossing the red lines. He is more noble character than Anwar Ibrahim. Let him play, leave him alone. TQ

Pemerhati,  29 June 2011 at 23:01  


saya setuju dengan anda. Sekarang banyak promotion dalam Shell dan Petronas dipelopori oleh

kaum Cina.

Petronas: Colin Wong (VP), Wee Yiaw Hin (VP), Lau Nai Tuang (MD/future VP). Banyak Melayu

yang lebih layak dari mereka semua ini ditahan promotion mereka. Contohnya Yusa Hassan, Adnan Zainal Abidin.

Shell: Azmi Mohamad (Regional GM Maintenance) diturunkan pangkat dan dihantar balik ke KL walaupun baru 1+ tahun menjawat jawatan GM. Alison (VP) diketepikan. Ini semua sebagai persediaan untuk menaikkan orang Cina dengan tujuan memujuk orang Cina mengundi BN. Soon Say Yong yang sepatutnya sudah pencen diberi kontrak 2 tahun lagi sedangkan Daniel Jok sudah lama layak. Basil Law juga antara yang sepatutnya pencen tapi masih lagi diberi employment extension. Francis Tiong antara manager yang paling corrupt di Shell, bekerjasama dengan kontraktor Shell untuk menaikkan harga-harga goods and services dan beliau mendapat komisyen dari kontrak supply tersebut.

Observer2,  29 June 2011 at 23:37  

These are the names of those who should be retiring but were given extensions:

Simon Ong
Peter Lim
Soon Say Yong
Tham Moh Shek
Kok Chung Sang
Paul Chang
Peter Chai
Tay (Project Electrical Engineer)
Basil Law

Among the names not given extension:

Haji Ahmad Zaidi

Peminat QD,  30 June 2011 at 08:42  


Saya suka QD kerana dia konsisten dengan pandangannya. Baguspun dia ada kerana rancak blog saudara.
Tengoklah ramai yang muncul seperti didi penyokong kuat Din Merican.
Din tua bangka itu syok endiri je. Haha, konon nak kena tangap. Janganlah perasan. Najib dan kerajaan tak kisah apa dia dan penjilatnya tulis dan cakap.
Ketawa saya meihat masing-masng perasaan masuk jel sekali. Aiya, sapalah nak beri mereka malan free. Mengabihkan boraih aho.
Din tak konsisten.Nak jadi penulis conscience dan konon menegakkan keadilan.
Tapi nampaknya sering bodek Najib. Tapi menyorok kerana takut dibalun oleh fannya.
Didi, awak tak nampak ke siapa DIn Merican sebenarnya. Boleh kawtim punya. Bila dituduh bersama Petra kecut perut, coward.
Najibpun tak kenal dia. Nasib baiklah PAS nak rekomen dia dapat Datuk. Kalau tak sampai ke tualah terkenal dengan Din Syok sendiri.
Din elok promote bininya sahaja.
Atau habiskan hari tuanya atas tikar sembahyang.
Bacalah blog Rocky dan Outside the Box yang menarik ramai hentam Din.

didi,  30 June 2011 at 09:36  

Peminat QD? Minat diri sendiri ke? Hahahaha! Masuk bakul angkat sendiri nampak. Tak apa lah nak buat macam mana kan kalau dah perasan?

Regarding what you said about Din Merican, it takes one self-aggrandizing person to know another. You people seem to have problems with his wife? Why are you married to cows?

Anonymous,  1 July 2011 at 21:52  

Dato, perhaps you should focus more on the real economic hitman menacing Malaysia - our very own Domingo Cavallo - Idrisingo Jalavo!

Like Argentina, Jala is going to make us debt-trapped with projects like MRT, HSR, Mega Towers, etc..Projects we dont need and can ill-afford, like John Perkins confessed. His other 'reforms' also going to simply destroy us.

By 2020 or even earlier, we'll have the poor lower class, and the poor middle class. Just look at Idris Cavallo's salary projection (ETP Chapter 2 page 88).

By 2018, he'll probably be conveniently promoted to papal position at the IMF just in time to miss the 'fireworks'. Not difficult for him to find another Azmil to take the rap at home.


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