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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 5 June 2011

UMNO’s nightmares are becoming reality

UMNO's worse nightmares are now becoming a reality. PAS is transforming itself into a credible and viable alternative. If it links up with likeminded people from other parties and the combined forces are led by someone with stature, they will form the next government.
Will PAS implode? It will only if it has the UMNO culture. What differentiates PAS from UMNO is the existence of an eternal idealism. To see the application of more Islamic content in the running of the country wherever and whenever they are applicable.
The recent victory of the Erdogan faction in PAS is also a reflection that PAS has succeeded in attracting more libertarian members into the party. The change in leadership character in PAS can only be possible as a result of a change in the character of the men and women who have become PAS members. If they have enlisted into the PAS army, then UMNO has lost people of this caliber from its ranks.
What will happen to UMNO? Very soon, UMNO members will consist of the riff-raffs and contract hungry divisional leaders and class F contractors. UMNO will continue to be dominated by leaders and followers who make high pitched noises when they can't get something out of the MRT and Pudu Jail redevelopment projects.
Pas is showing it's ready to take the bull by its horns. It shines where UMNO leadership falters. PAS doesn't fear leadership transformation. UMNO shows it does.
UMNO talks but its PAS who walks. The party is now made up of more professionals. They are trained in the secular skills but the people with the skills have spiritual credentials. Plus, they are younger and are being groomed to take over PAS leadership.
UMNO reins in its young fearing backlash from powerful warlords in the party. It doesn't even have the stomach to fill in positions with elected members. Some who lost in the last elections continue to be given positions in government. For all the talk about transformation, the party has shown it's all just rhetoric.
The UMNO president can only offer a meek excuse that UMNO members do not want Khairy and therefore he is let out to pasture. Which members?
In the meantime, the young and restless will continue to be drawn to PAS now that more people with libertarian views are going to PAS. Those not moved by PAS will continue to shy away from UMNO. Because UMNO hasn't shown it's ready to jive in with young. It misleads itself into believing giggly young girls rushing to shake the hand of the PM will convert into votes that will ensure UMNO stays in Putrajaya.
Who in UMNO can speak to the young with credence? Let's be realistic enough. Khaiiry Jamaludin with all his imperfections and perhaps impetuousness can link up with the young. No other UMNO leader can provide the emotional tie up. He is articulate and highly intelligent. His character flaws can be corrected if the UMNO leadership shows more maturity and coolness in decision making. The UMNO president underestimates his own influence on UMNO psychology. If he decides KJ to be given a position in government, the others will follow.
Instead he follows the whispers that blow in the wind. They come from Pro UMNO bloggers who may not be and are not even UMNO members and whose Malayness are questionable. These people continue to berate and cast aspersions on the character on the one person capable of galvanizing the young and capturing their emotions.
Instead the UMNO president relies on people like Mukhriz Mahathir whose support comes mainly from conceited MRSM alumnus who think the hell about themselves. The only semblance of intelligence that Mukhriz has is his receding hairline, fitting the conventional description of professors with balding heads. Well, you can get balding heads by placing your head consistently on a strategic location of the human anatomy of the opposite sex.
UMNO talks about transformation but PAS is the party that converts that into action. UMNO does not even dare hold its party elections fearing that the party will be more divided. UMNO hasn't got the stomach to get rid of its old blood. If PAS doesn't break up despite having party elections, the UMNO leadership will have a tough time defending why its postponing party elections.
Even UMNO people will go away convinced that holding back elections is really an excuse by the UMNO leadership to self-perpetuate. Hence all the cock and bull story about disunity and all that.
It's strange to get the impression that UMNO can stay in power provided the ulamas dominate PAS. Since when is UMNO so chummy to people of the robes? Such reversal of affection can only suggest that UMNO hasn't got a soul. Or it can also suggest the plight of a person going into old age and conscious of his mortality and who now mourns for spiritual salvation.
Does ageing UMNO see spiritual salvation in PAS? If it does, there's no future for people like Ibrahim Ali.


Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 10:56  


It is eerie to read your piece, but who can find any reason to counter such a perception?

It is time PAS play a pivotal role in Pakatan so that the reliance on Anwar to galvanise the coalition would be minimised.

loveMyKris,  5 June 2011 at 11:06  

Hahaha, good one Dato'. Especially the part about the receding hairline. Going to brunch now with a smile on my face. Heheh.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 11:11  


You have forgotten to mention that all UMNO Leaders can Bray about is how PAS is now being led by Anwar Ibrahim!!!

How on earth are we the innocent but not so naive public accept that all these people that voted for their new dynamic leaders in PAS did so because they wished for Anwar to lead them???

Your writing is so perceptive that if it does not strike fear in the hearts of UMNO leaders, they need a Heart Transplant!

Joe Black

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 11:37  

Hello, kalau ya pun nak promote your paymaster KJ jangan lah sampai kutuk orang punya kepala botak lah, apa lah. Kau ni dah tak de kerje lain ke? SiKhairy tu dah hancus, habis dalam UMNO tau tak? The damage he has done during Badawi era terlalu terok. Elok lah awak dan Tuan awak KJ tu masuk PAS ke, PKR ke DAP ke.UMNO tak nak orang cam ko berdua tu! Paham tak, tua gayut!

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 11:39  

PAS members didn't not vote for Anwar. On the contrary, they voted to take over the leadership of PR from Anwar and PKR. Isn't that obvious?

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 11:55  

On the spot post about the situation in UMNO after the failed attempt to stop the Erdogans from taking the helm of PAS. Their worst fear now is a reality staring them in the face. Using Utusan Malaysia and Ib Ali as tools seems to be a futile effort to thwart the change in PAS. Now PAS is a viable alternative to UMNO.
Is it about time for us to leave UMNO?. Though I have not paid my yearly membership to UMNO for the past 12 years, somebody seems to be paying my dues for the period and keep my membership alive. Maybe by joining PAS will my membership with UMNO be ceased? Frankly I have no more desire to be associated with UMNO especially with the present crop of leaders. Mahathir's UMNO baru isn't the UMNO of old anymore.
Pak Tua

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 12:13  

Another gem from you?

UMNO is a party that will never learn. Greed has taken over its faculties and all that matter is self perpetuation. UMNO leaders even fear Khairy because he might take over their power.

Anyway, since you see the positive side of PAS, what are you waiting for. JOIN PAS.
If I were a Muslim, I would. This party has all the ingredients of making Malaysia a progressive multi-racial country.
I somehow trust the Malays in PAS. They fear God. UMNO play God.

rocky 5 June 2011 at 12:16  

you are right, the smart and clean malays have gone to PAS and even PKR. UMNO has attracted the ones who want contract and who will do almost anything for contracts and mind you they are not that great with the brain matter. Now we need a PM material like Anwar from PAS and that will bury UMNO. UMNO is a hypocrite party, cakap tak serupa bikin. and all the crap by Utusan is actually causing them more voters than they think they gain. PR is working their way to a better coalition. Too bad BN isn't caused their main aim is self interest which is power and money!!

OneMalaysian,  5 June 2011 at 12:35  

Dear Sakmongkol

“UMNO talks about transformation but PAS is the party that converts that into action”.

The transformation of PAS has been phenomenal at one level, but at another level they have remained the same. As a political party they have embraced change and have become more pragmatic and less ideological (just see the results of yesterday’s party election), which is necessary if they wish to govern at the federal level. Yet, they have not changed their fundamental Islamic beliefs of equality, the rejection of corruption, and the acceptance of multiracialism. These 3 core values resonate well with the non-Malays. That is why PAS is gaining their respect – and votes.

If it is true that the Malays cannot survive without Umno, as Umno wants the Malays to believe, how do we explain the survival of PAS supporters? A thriving PAS has just destroyed that great myth. The ideals of PAS – it has just announced that Hudud can wait – are now much closer to those of the young Umno that nostalgic Umno members yearn for. We should not be surprised that disillusioned Umno members will now beat a path to join PAS. That might be a good thing for all, Malays and non-Malays.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 12:50  


Excellent piece of writing. You made my day about mukhriz's intelligence "mark" (receding hairline) which came from him placing his head consistently at a strategic location of the human anatomy of the opposite sex.

The UMNO mouthpiece Utusan and proxy Perkasa are now in attack mode denouncing the new PAS leadership line up. What a joke? It is so already obvious that UMNO has lost it's soul as it unleashed its dark forces to do its bidding against PAS. We would be expecting more of such attacks from UMNO's leadership, Utusan editors and sponsored NGOs with receding hairlines and mentally challenged intelligence.

PAS has proven again that it maintains its Islamic principles of fairness and democracy which is attracting not only the fair minded muslims and malays but also the non muslims and non malays. As a non malay and non muslim, I support PAS despite its flaws. Simply because they are not UMNO.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 12:53  

An Islamic state does not exist just by a declaration but by its policies and practices. A state that ensures justice and benevolent for all its citizens irrespective of race or religious background. A state that does not condone abuse of power and corruption. Aren't these what the Al-Quran teaches about good governance?

Such a state is to me is already as Islamic as it can gets whether it is called as such or not.

PAS is transforming and has already come to this realization. Whereas UMNO is regressing and has stooped so low as to stoke racial and religious tension in its bid to remain in power.

Najib is no leader; he is just a follower. A follower of old warlords and whisperers.

As for Mukriz; his family of 4Ms has not only amassed much power and wealth but in the process has destroyed much of the country's institutions. Sadly, UMNO has also been transformed into what it is now when it was under Dr M's rule.

Worst still, under UMNO's leadership, the spirit of the Malay race has been much weakened that Malays now are reduced to beggars of projects and handouts.

Or maybe it is only the UMNO's Malays !!

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 13:05  

As observer, I am glad PAS has come out of its senses. Good for the country.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 13:43  

Don't underestimate UMNO's reserve strength in the Malay rural heartland that can upset the expectations of the libertarians.Remember one professor's vote is similar to one farmer's vote.You all can spew venom about all the cronies and their masters and that do not in anyway disturb their rural minds.KJ is a tainted youth leader, a ruthless commander of 4th Floor and yet you all still have the moral fiber to entertain high hope on his Oxon persona never mind his gutter mischieves under the sleeping badwi.Dream on like Mat Jenin for Pakatan to conquer Putrajaya.Malay rural heartland is UMNO's super fortress and I don't see any concerted assault made by PAS,PKR or UMNO renegades.Simple issue like selling harakah,keadilan and rocket at RM2 and DVD at RM5 is enough to deprive the hand-to-mouth rural Malays access to real time political issues except for the UMNO whore class media.If you can't even manage this simple problem of communications and finance how to conquer Putrajaya even from the toothless UMNO?

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 14:34  

Those days I used to wish that PAS could be pragmatic rather that being too dogmatic. Today I suddenly realised that they are well on the way towards being pragmatic, well aware of the multi cultural and multi religion needs of our country, whilst moderating their view of Islam.Still not apparent is their prowess in economic and administrative management.Their new image will attract the right professionals to remedy that, I hope.

Soonhock,  5 June 2011 at 14:34  

Dear Dato,This time you sure hit the nail on the head.This morning when I read that many hardliners in PAS have been replace by moderates,I was a bit taken by surprise.Many were hoping that more moderates will be voted in,but the results sure shock many people.My first thought was if only PKR's leadership wasn't in such a mess,this coming election UMNO sure is in danger of being deported to Zimbabwe.

What really surprised me was the civility in which this party's muktamar was carried out.There was no personal attacks against opposing candidates.And no money politics involved either.The PAS members have really shown maturity.This year's muktamar is like a holiday fiesta.The losers sportingly congratulated the winners,like it was a friendly contest.The previous PAS muktamar was fiercely contested.The PAS members sure have embarrased and shamed UMNO, MCA,MIC and PKR for cheating, gutter and money politics.DAP to a lesser extent of personal attacks and factionism.

Up till the eighties the Chinese and Indians shunned PAS like an epedermic.Today PAS has shown Malaysians that they have come a long way.They even have a non-Muslim wing.They have make UMNO look like amateurs in a professional leaque.PAS leaders have different mentality than UMNO leaders.Just look at PAS MB and compare his bank account with UMNO MB's bank account.

The last time I commented that DAP has a second crop of young professional leaders.And I hope that PAS has some too.Today PAS has proven to us that it has.It sure will add extra firepower to the pact.Now PKR has to prove to its partners that it is worth it's salt to be called a "TAIKO".If it can't than it's rank should be relegated accordingly.Than let PAS or DAP be the lead party.That should add prestige and confidence.It would definitely increase its chances of winning in the coming elections.

UMNO's leaders have no succession plan.In this way they think that they can hang to power far longer.Look at the Cabinet Ministers.They are all old horses who have outlived their welcome.Yet they are still Minirters.Some party leaders who lost in elections are rejects.The people voted them out.Then they are appointed as senators and given a Minister's post.What an insult to the people's intelligence.I once commented on KTeMOC's blog that Najib make a big blunder by not appointing KJ to the cabinet.KJ would have been a strong and loyal lieutenant to Najib.Besides KJ being Umno Youth head still have strong support in the party.Najib should have used his head instead of listening to Dr.M.I went on to say that even if Najib were to win unconvincely in this election,he would be shown the door.The same way they showed Badawi.

Najib appointing Mukhriz to the cabinet on what basis.Because he lost to KJ he was appointed.Or is it because Dr.M asked him too. Mukhriz cannot even manage a small business,and need Petronas to bail him out.What if he cannot function as a Deputy Minister.Do Najib ask Dr.M to bail him out.

UMNO talks but PAS walks(the power of words,the other way around Umno style)Why Umno,Mca and Mic did not hold their party elections.Because if they were to hold their elections cracks will appear that they have structural problem.Too many factions contesting for all the posts.The leadership is scared.(chicken livered,yellow bellied)Maybe now Umno is scared it might get deported it might get its act together.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 14:36  

Dato' SAK,
Thank you for inspiring article again and please keep us posted. As I observed, "Erogan Model" is a way forward for PAS and Malaysia. So called "Negara Islam" is not valid for multi-racial and multi cultural like Malaysia, Turkey. Iran's Ulamas, Taliban model (Pakistan and Arghanistan) and Salafi (Saudi Arabis ) model are not working model in this flat world. Rebranding for Islam in Malaysia should be based on wealth creation, justice and fairness as we want Malaysian to go heaven based on wealth, not being so poor. Let's other Islamic countries be poor as they wanted the way to be more tribal and remained to poor and expected to go heaven.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 15:09  

Salam Datuk SAK,

Wahai semua ahli UMNO yang dapat mengakses blog, buka lah minda anda semua, berlapang dada dan tenang fikiran kamu semua wahai ahli UMNO. Ulasan SAK benar belaka, Jawab lah siapa dia jadi orang tengak antara pemimpin kerajaan dengan pemaju dan kontraktor,siapa kaki ampu dan fitnah, siapa jatuh menjatuh, siapa makan di tangan, siapa yes man. Sendiri tau dan sendiri mahu jawab.

Hoi Anom 11:37, 5 June 2011.. Apa lah kau masih duduk dalam gelap bawah tempurong lagi. Kan Datuk kata kan itu. Fikirkan lah, sebab orang serupa kau masih ada berkarat dalam umno , maka selagi itu tak mahu berubah. Kalau dah kalah nanti baru menyesal dan gigit jari, melainkan lah Anom 11:37 dan sejenis nya adalah chamaleon or mentatad mentadu atau sesumpah. Kalau PAS boleh berubah kenapa UMNO tak boleh.. sebab orang sejenis Anom 11:37 masih berakar dalam UMNO. Fahami maksud tersurat dan tersirat posting SAK ini. Dia ikhlas dan berani menyatakan kebenaran. Sejarah tamadun dan kerajaan akan tersungkor kerana pemimpin tak mahu mendengar nasihat , ahli pula selalu tidak mengata sesuatu yang benar dan pahit. Ingat lah gula itu manis, manis menyebabkan kencing manis..apa akibat ada anggota perlu dipotong. Apakah sejenis Anom 11:37 tidak mempelajari nya, nak di jumudkan?

Maaf jika terkasar,

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 15:17  

Read this interview in 2006 for those who may not be aware :

What happened after the first major blackout in 1992?

Ani Arope:
TNB had plans in place to pump out more energy by building plants in Pasir Gudang and Paka. Financing was no problem and our credit standing was very high. We had the land acquired and were ready to move in and plant up.

But we were told by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) that it had its own plans. We cautioned EPU that if those plants, which would take two years to complete, were not built, Malaysia would get another major blackout. When you have a place with 250 engineers, it does not make sense to say (the blackout) is because of poor planning. But the EPU said it had its own plans and we were told to surrender the land.

Then it surfaced that it wanted to privatise the power plants. I am not anti-IPPs per se. It is good to have other players but it has to be done fairly. It has to be fair to the consumers, not just TNB, which is a conduit. TNB, because of the electricity hike, has been treated as the whipping boy. The focus should be on the consumers.

When the generous terms were given to the IPPs, all my other peers around the world asked what was happening. They said they would like to have a share in the IPPs. They said (the contracts to IPPs) were “too darn generous.'' (The terms) were grossly one sided.

How was the Malaysian model of IPPs created?

Ani Arope:
Ask our previous Prime Minister (Dr Mahathir).

How was the process of negotiations with IPPs conducted?

Ani Arope:
There was no negotiation. Absolutely none. Instead of talking directly with the IPPs, TNB was sitting down with the EPU. And we were harassed, humiliated and talked down every time we went there. After that, my team was disappointed. The EPU just gave us the terms and asked us to agree. I said no way I would.

What about the pricing and terms of the contracts?

Ani Arope:
It was all fixed up. (They said) this is the price, this is the capacity charge and this is the number of years. They said you just take it and I refused to sign the contracts. And then, I was put out to pasture.

Why did you disagree with the terms?

Ani Arope:
It was grossly unfair. At 16 sen per unit (kWh) and with the take or pay situation, actually it was 23 sen per unit. With 23 sen, plus transmission and distribution costs, TNB would have had to charge the consumer no less than 30 sen per unit. If mixed with TNB’s cost, the cost would come down but that was at our expense because we were producing electricity at 8 sen a unit. We can deliver electricity at 17 sen per unit.

And then there is a capacity charge. Nobody produces excess electricity like Malaysia and it goes to waste because there are no batteries to store that power. TNB only needs a reserve of 15% to 20%.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 15:20  


TNB was producing electricity at 8 sen a unit. What should have been the right price for IPPs to sell to TNB?

Ani Arope:
Twelve sen. They could not beat our price as we had already amortised our assets. But for the new guys or even ourselves to come in then and (having) to meet interest charges and to make a small profit, it would cost 12 sen a unit.

This was what we told one IPP. The IPP agreed to it but the EPU said that unless the IPP raised its price, the contract would not be given to the IPP. So he got it for 14 sen per unit.

And then, there is the cost pass-through. If the price of fuel went up, the extra cost is passed through to us. And in other words, it is passed on to the consumer.

Under what terms would you have agreed to the IPPs being set up?

Ani Arope:
Have an independent buyer for the electricity and in one way, let TNB come in and bid for the plants. Get other people to come in. Get a commission to see (to) our needs and TNB can be one of the producers.

It is argued that the IPPs' contracts are too lucrative but there are IPPs in other countries in Africa or Asia that have better terms.

There are IPPs charging 50 to 60 US cents per unit but they use diesel. Take our own situation and compare oranges with oranges. Then it is fair. Do whatever is fair.

How were you affected by the process of awarding the IPP contracts?

Ani Arope:
I felt sick. It was morally wrong and not fair. If it is legal and not fair, I will not do it. If it is fair and illegal, I still won’t do it. It has to be legal and fair.

We work for the consumers, workers and shareholders. TNB is morally obligated to these three, but the consumers come first, otherwise we won’t be around. It is then the workers and the shareholders.

When I said that, they said ‘Dia ingat bapak dia-punya’ (He thinks this is his father’s company). This job is an amanah (trust). You are entrusted with this responsibility and you carry it out to the best of your ability. I do not want somebody to come and urinate on my grave. In the Malay culture, that is about the worst insult they can do to a man.

Do you think you did the right thing by not signing the agreements?

Ani Arope:

How should a contract with the IPPs work?

Ani Arope:
In Australia, they call the IPPs and ask “what is your price''. They will pay the IPP that offers the best price. What they could have done is to throw the net wider and ask everybody (if they) are good, it would be awarded to them. But in our case, the contracts were ready-made and we were asked to sign.

What is your view on the impending renegotiation with the IPPs?

Ani Arope:
It has to be legal and fair. If we were to negotiate unfairly and illegally, the whole world will be looking at us and they will say “don’t sign anything with Malaysia because if things go against the country, the Government will void the agreement”.

We have to look at this very carefully.

But what we can do now is to say, can we bring down the capacity charge. Anything above the 15% reserve margin, we will call for bids.

The second thing is that the IPPs would have by now paid up their whole capital investments in their plants and it is all gravy (or profit) from now. Could we not bring this down a bit? Instead of paying a small amount to (a special fund), why not increase the (payment) for future planting up? In that manner, we can control the price of electricity. Otherwise, it's going to escalate.

Who in your opinion should get involved in the negotiations?

Ani Arope:
The consumers should be there. For me, you should get a very independent body. Then, you can bring in TNB, the IPPs, the consumers and Energy Commission. But these bodies and consumers should not make a judgment.

malay gentile,  5 June 2011 at 15:49  

UMNO has never changed and it is not going to change.

Pas instead begins to understand that the country needs to be return to its people. This is the reason why PAS can change for the better is because they are not encumbered by the massive corruption that UMNO is.

For UMNO…. God is great & beer is also good.


Quantum Metal Consultant 5 June 2011 at 16:15  

Tidak ada sesuatu yang percuma di dalam dunia ini, sesuatu yang baik untuk UMNO merasa tertekan dan perlu bertungkus lumus untuk meraih semula undi dan kepercayaan orang Melayu dan Islam khususnya.

PAS akan terus mendapat sokongan bukan Melayu atas faktor Ahmad Sabu dan DAP tetapi PAS tidak boleh menang tanpa undi orang Melayu, untungnya UMNO dalam keadaan ini ialah kerana UMNO boleh menang di kawasan Melayu yang banyak Ibrahim Alinya.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 16:24  

Hitting the nail hard on the head as usual, Datuk. And how right your are. Najib problem is that he is still fearful of Mahathir. It's funny really to see that KJ, elected as Youth chief was put aside while Mahathir son was elected through the back door. KJ could have been the magnet to attract more youths into the party. Looking at the whole leadership lineup now in Umno, there is not one single person who could be considered young enough or charismatic to attract the young. Just a bunch of old and saggy warlords there for the spoils of war. But who cares anyway. The Malays can now look to PAS for their future.


Frank,  5 June 2011 at 17:07  

Is this the tipping point for the downfall of UMNO as the dominant political party in Malaysia... and the rise of PAS as a genuine pretender for the office in Putrajaya.

It is too early to tell... however,if the trajectory PAS is taking from yesterday remains the same, Malaysia WILL see a transformation in its political landscape come next GE.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 17:17  

Anon 11:37,
KJ is the future. He is the best leader for UMNO. Mukhriz challenge him and lose. Tun campaign also no good enuf. Hidup KJ!

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 19:09  

Salam Dato'

You dare to speak what is material and what is the truth. UMNO has grown arrogant to the extent that it wishes to listen to no one.

Keep writing Dato'. You are an eye opener.


Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 19:55  

This morning I suggested you join PAS. On second thought you should stay in UMNO!!!
Only then your views will have credibility and maximum impact on its readers.
Of course, UMNO will not listen to you, but you can transform the of many 'thinking' Malay minds.
With Aspan standing with you, we will see interesting developments. Subtle but formidable.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 20:09  

Najib is missing the point completely.
A country with 70% earning below 3000 i.e 6% of the national GNI is not a high income economy.RM 3000 in 2020 will not be much more than RM1600 now.
The other 30% is the group BN is protecting thru the misguided Pemandu.
Shld we support a PM who either fails to understand the reality or prefers to take care of his kind only?

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 20:17  

What happened with TNB n IPPs is happening with Gamuda n MRT/Prasarana.
Is anyone concerned?
Nope. .cos u can't stop the gravy train.
And u UMNO guys got no balls to do anything about it.All talk n hot air.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 20:52  

Najib is not the smartest cookie.He makes it worse for himself by trusting the wrong ppl n consultants.They are giving him half baked ideas n taking us to the cleaners with exorbitant fees,expenses n gaji.But Najib is a bangsawan who does not know how hard it is to earn real money> he got zero sense of value.He's had an easy life after all.
How can he trust Jala?The self proclaimed turnaround artist hv transformed MAS frm a positive cum profits in 2005 to realised cum loss of RM 5.6 bil today.Chk the MAS figures n get Jala out from Pemandu before he destroys Msia with his horrorific policies.
If you want to save UMNO. .kick Jala out n get a real economist to head Pemandu.
Do u hv balls to organise thst?

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 20:56  

Mukhriz is toothless.Leave him for later.
The real threat is Jala n Omar.You prise their influence n control on Najib n save UMNO.The rest is just a bunch of Yes Man.
Expose the two n make the radical change.Everything else is rhetorics.

kee 5 June 2011 at 21:11  


Everything in this article makes perfect sense. The only thing that does not make sense to me is why you are still an UMNO member.

Suci Dalam Debu 5 June 2011 at 21:15  


I don't hate BN but it is my duty to leave a 2-party system for my children.

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 21:39  

Not yet. UMNO/BN still is able to commit massive electoral fraud to upset the whole thing. There are still PKR Saboteurs who may upset the entire apple-cart.

Malaysian,  5 June 2011 at 22:48  

In one of your previous articel you have written "It's time for the real Malay to speak for the Malay. Where have the real Malays gone?"

Well, my answer is they have gone to PAS! And I hope the new leadership in PAS will speak not just for the Malay but for ALL Malaysians!

With the new leadership, I now believe in their slogan 'PAS UNTUK SEMUA'

As for KJ, unfortunately UMNO leaders don't have your foresight! He may be bad but he has the charisma to lead. Too bad he has been put out to pasture so young.

At least you have one thing in common with him, once an UMNO, forever an UMNO. Perhaps UMNO still have hope if there are right-thinking members who can get rid of those over-stayed, power-crazy, selfish, and self-denial warlords from UMNO.

I wish you and those UMNO members who longed for the 'OLD UMNO' luck!

Over beloved country needs to be saved, it doesn't matter which camp save it, as long as it's for the goodness of all Malaysians.

Let's DO IT!

Anonymous,  5 June 2011 at 22:55  

you also talk and talk and not walk your talk. when will you be leaving umno?

Soonhock,  6 June 2011 at 01:16  

Dear Dato,Maybe the 'COWS MIGHT BE COMING HOME'.Cheers.

Soonhock,  6 June 2011 at 02:39  

Dear Dato,Actually it should read ' SOON THE COWS' ARE COMING HOME'.Cheers.

umar,  6 June 2011 at 03:49  

Naina Marican, Azeez Rahim, Nur Yakcop , Dr.zamri, tengkus ; mamaks and Thambys are now riding on UMNO. The real malays have long joined PAS.
UMNO is feudal and that would be its downfall.
Dr.Rais Yatim's UMNO will soon take the Indons as members.
And how do you know where Mukriz put his head in ?

Anonymous,  6 June 2011 at 07:36  

the victory of the opposition is unstoppable...its not pkr, pas or dap but the mood of the people....the feeling has dawn to the raayat that barisan nasional is now irrelevant and has lost stream to lead. the country .....the raayat is looking for an alternative...any probable one for a change.....after more than 50 years in office the current government has loss its legitimacy .....

nu4q3 6 June 2011 at 09:18  

A change is gonna come for the better of the nation and its "rakyat" and truth will prevail.That's the "fitrah"....we've been livin' in a state of denial and lies and schemes for the last 55 yrs....wakeup!!!

Anonymous,  6 June 2011 at 11:20  

think apple, think of the worm crawling out of it, think mukhriz..

Anonymous,  6 June 2011 at 14:06  

We all need to listen to an Ani Arope in SPAD/PRASARANA...but unfortunately in these days of massive CEO,BOD & Snr Mgmt salaries/fees...don't think altruism can prevail.
Kangkang aja lah n enjoy the rape.

Anonymous,  6 June 2011 at 14:20  

Lunch cost RM 7...thats a simple nasi bungkus and a main lauk of chicken plus a drink.Parking is RM 6 per day..and thats open air & unpaved parking lot..tolls is RM 6 per day and thats still an hour each way commute.Petrolo,roadtax & car instalments tak masuk lagi. Breakfast & tea are luxuries.Dinner is a Maggi & Milo.
And to think this is what I get as an Engineer.Got to find a working wife if at all I can afford to kahwin.
What about the 40 year old guy with 3 kids earning less than me?

Its really a sick society that pays a CEO RM 100k/month before bonuses and yet fights hard to cap workers salary below "liveable" standards.

Its even more sick that the society have set up a special team to bring back high fliers by giving them incentives including tax rebates.

How do these people sleep at night?Are they not burdened by the cruelty they impose on their workers?

Dato...the country is run by sick people.Its everyone for himself bugger the weak.Its not the society I saw when my father was a young professional in the seventies.

Now,I seek solace in the words of Ustadz Hadi..Negara Berkebajikan.Dunno what it means but certainly they will never condone the greed of the GLCs snr mgmt.I wonder how much the Boss of Khazanah rewards himself.If its his own company or created by his sweat & blood,there is nothing to complain.But its all handed on a platter...manage risk.

Ok thanks..I am spending too much "broadband" cost to rant on this.I need to budget for my mother's birthday gift..a kerudung at Chow Kitt myb.

zaidi,  6 June 2011 at 20:24  

Dato' Sak

AK 47 has hit the mark. Can UMNO change? Until now the answer is no. Can PAS replace UMNO? The people has to decide. Which is better for Malaysian; BN or PR? Compare Penang-Selangor-Kedah vs Melaka-Perak-Johor. So if the people are rational, Malaysia will have a DIFFERENT government.

Ibnu Sina 7 June 2011 at 22:19  

agreed on every points made except for your remarks on Mukhriz.

Anonymous,  8 June 2011 at 08:59  

congratulation for those constructive comments

Anonymous,  8 June 2011 at 18:09  

ibnu sina agrees with you that by putting our head at certain location on women anatomy we will lose our hair. I dont buy it.

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