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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 11 June 2011

UMNO and PAS: opposing political culture.

We like it when UMNO appoints a young and energetic information chief. At the very least, he does not carry an historical baggage. The original sin doesn't get passed on to him.
That was essentially his premise in calling for renewed efforts for UMNO and PAS to talk about Malay unity. Ahmad Maslan shares the same leadership trait as Naib Tun Razak.Hurrah for him. 
Najib and he are both aspirational but not unfortunately, inspirational. Ahmad Maslan aspires for unity between PAS and UMNO in order to bring benefits to Malays and non-Malays. 
But he doesn't inspire trust and confidence.
The basis of unity as mentioned in the Quran has always been enjoining and joining forces ;cooperate for the common and public good. Two parties work jointly in the pursuit of the public and common good.
Using that as a basis, I don't think PAS or UMNO has problems working with each other. Having a professional relationship doesn't require merging or abandoning principles. Sharing the same goals is sufficient to elicit cooperation. Two parties don't even have to like each other.
Ahmad Maslan is right when he says, that it's not like UMNO lost. What UMNO and the BN do not have is a two thirds majority in parliament. In other words, UMNO does not actually crave for a unity with PAS. UMNO is still the government. But it aspires to have unity for the common good and also because that will ensure Ahmad Maslan and UMNO stays on in power. Except that 'common good' nowadays is no longer common. Privilege and Shylockian practices must be get rid off.
If UMNO has power, then it must be willing to show some goodwill. It wants unity with PAS, it has to be secured at a price. Let's say, the most desired price is conceding to claims for oil royalty by the Kelantan government. UMNO can prove beyond PAS that it desires common good for the Malays who form the majority in Kelantan.
But Ahmad Maslan doesn't inspire trust and confidence. This is how he doesn't.
The greatest obstacle is the way UMNO operates. UMNO operates on the wrong premises. Consider and evaluate what Ahmad Maslan says indicating clearly how UMNO operates. It operates mainly by knocking off each other. UMNO and PAS need to unite because those responsible for creating the split in the first place have faded to the background. Who does Maslan refer to? Tengku Razaleigh? Dr Mahathir?
If we were to take a poll within PAS on who from within UMNO they trust most- the likeliest answer will be Tengku Razaleigh.
In other words, the basis of unity will be achieved by apportioning blame and discrediting others. In Maslan's thinking- those responsible are UMNO veterans. The present UMNO leadership has nothing to do with it.
That's how UMNO operates naturally. Within UMNO, one goes up by demonizing one's opponent. Kill the other bugger off- digging up dirt, conspiring, forming clandestine cliques, hatching palace intrigues.
UMNO operates by way of back stabbing, reneging on promises and betraying each other. Though the original sin isn't inheritable, it seems the devious conduct is. So Maslan is willing to vilify the veteran political players of old, to achieve his aspiration.
When PAS and UMNO split, the UMNO president then was Hussein Onn. Everyone seems to agree that Hussein Onn was a straight arrow. Dull and bland, but nevertheless a straight arrow committed to principles and doing things the proper way. His deputy then, who Ahmad Maslan says is his sifu, was Dr Mahathir. 
Now Mahathir is a real politician. He is true to the Gaullist description of one who doesn't have permanent friends but only permanent interest. His overriding interest has always been to stay in power. Even now in his closing years his interest is to exercise power.
Now, Dr Mahathir has never been known to be magnanimous to PAS. PAS was only a convenient tool for achieving a purpose. PAS was convenient as a platform when DR Mahathir was expelled from UMNO. Dr Mahathir was never desirous of accommodating PAS and was absolutely against sharing power with PAS.
If the route to achieving unity is by way of a willingness to vilify others so as to achieve a strategic advantage, then the basis for unity between PAS and UMNO is inherently faulty right from the beginning.
Unity should be built on the basis of merits and mutual respect. PAS must be thinking- if this current leadership wants unity by way of intrigue, then it's a unity not worth pursuing. Since it's going to be achieved through intrigue and guiltless willingness to kill off your own kind, that way of operating will always be there. For that is what Ahmad Maslan is doing- killing off your own UMNO kind, to achieve a strategic advantage. Killing of each other, betraying each other, is the natural way by which UMNO operates. That is a scary basis for teaming up.
Ahmad Maslan fails to understand, its UMNO's political culture that hinders unity with PAS.


Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 09:35  

Forget it! Umno and Pas is like oil and water.You cannot homogenised this two components as it will split apart after some time.
Look ! everyone in the street is waitng to end the 52 years of umno rule because they themselves have to blame...they did'nt evolve for changes soon enough . The voters are waiting to teach this putras kau kau!Enough is enough!Sorry ...the malays ai'nt gonna buy this unity crab as the putras are quite desperate now.Blame it on the old motherf.......Mahakutty for his politics.He started this divisive game and today Umno is haywired with backstabbers and anything fouled!

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 09:36  

Hello old man, move on la. Why keep on sounding like old record ni. Keep on harping on Mahathir ni? KJ bayar lebih ke bulan ni? Its not about Mhathir and Ku Li anymore la. Mahathir has retired la. Why KJ and u so afraid of him ni? He is an old man with no power already. najib has all the power power and if he chooses to listen to Mahathir and not some young punk like KJ and a nobody like you, its his perogative la isn't it. Relaks la, old man. Stay home and enjoy your new toy la.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 09:49  

Honestly, at this point of time, unity between PAS and Umno is already a lost cause. Irrespective of whom is in charge of what. With PAS new found optimism, it will be a major setback for them to gang up with Umno now. Given that the BN will try to run down Pakatan with muck, sex and whatever they are good at, Pakatan will still do well in the near future. Even Anwar incarceration is now secondary to Pakatan but will affect Najib and Umno even more negatively. Noticed that Malaysians are now walking with a more springy step when they walked these days? Waiting for the next election is really killing us. Just can't wait to put that X on my ballot paper.


Soonhock,  11 June 2011 at 10:08  

Dear Dato,Umno's information chief's duties are to do public relations,misinformation and do the bidding of Umno leaders.It is because the seasoned Umno warlords know that they don't appeal to PAS leaders and members that they send a young greenhorn to entice them.

Sending someone who is wet behind the ears to do a man's job will not yield any results.Umno knows that.They are just trying to fool the Malays that they are offering out the olive branch to PAS because of Malay unity.So when PAS turned down their offer,they turn around and called PAS a traitor(it's like fool me once shame on me, PAS,try to fool me twice shame on you, Umno).

At present PAS is showing that as a political party it is more accomodating than Umno.Now that the party has moved to the centre more Malays might be attracted to it.Especially after the recent party elections,when so many young professionals were elected to top party posts.And Pas's agenda will suit many young educated Malays.

Even recently the PAS leadership has even come out to criticized the Islamic authorities raid on Muslims suspected of committing khalwat.These JAIS and Felda members who carried out these raids do not take into consideration the safety of the people they are trying to arrest,resulting in a few deaths.
Do any Barisan Minister come out and reprimand them.

Unless there is considerable change in the leadership of Umno it is very difficult for PAS to work with them(not join them).How can a couple consider getting married when one or the other is always accusing the other of cheating.The suspicion alone is more than enough to cause tensions,so there will never be peace.

Nowadays Umno's cronism,widespread corruption and gutter politics are driving the Malays away to the opposition.Because this is the only way Umno knows, it will eventually become a double edged sword.After the recent PAS election
with the new leadership in place,
PAS is on a better footing than Umno.So why should PAS joined Umno
and become an underling.Why not Umno join PAS and become PAS's little sibbling.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 10:19  

"UMNO operates by way of back stabbing, reneging on promises and betraying each other." 1000% accurate.

Even at branch and divisional meeting we see this happening - surat layang, name calling, demonizing the opponent with sex scandals and other vices. Even family members (even females) of opponents are scandalized.
UMNO elections are fought on humiliating opponnent, not on one's programs, polices and abilities. That's why we see 'respectable' candidates losing out to scums in UMNO elections.
This is UMNO culture. It's a dog eat dog culture.
That's what it did and doing to Anwar. That's what it did to Zaid in Hulu Selangor. And that's what it is doing to Mat Sabu with the new sex tapes.
UMNO only knows gutter politics of the jungle.
And mind, you they call themselves defenders of Islam!!!

George Choo 11 June 2011 at 10:21  

Dear Sak,Umno political culture and permanent interest is to stay in power. That is the total sum of the game.
At the moment,Umno and BN is weak and in order to stay in power,it want to merge with Pas or ask Pas to join BN.
Immediately after losing Selangor in March 2008,Pak Lah with the CORRUPT KHIR TOYO met up with Pas Selangor asking Pas to join BN in order for Khir Toyo to continue as MB Selangor.
Umno will go into all lenght and means to achieve their permanent interest to stay in power.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 11:42  

Wow Dato, your continuous salvos against Umno will get you being kicked out from the party.
May be you want to tone down your criticisms against Umno ?

Just be warned and good luck.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 13:03  

If UMNO enjoys a Comfortable Majority all this while then the question of UNITY never arise and never cross their mind.

When they are having a good time they dont even feel the presence of PAS.

The offer for UNITY is solely build on a COMMERCIAL BASIS of You help me I help you.

Once you reject their offer and they will start calling you names.


Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 13:51  

Anon 09.36 don't even possess decent grey matter to critique objectively other than passing caustic remarks which are typical of UMNO croonies and their little napoleons..

For as long as UMNO has such species populating their turf, it will remain a redundant and disdain party.

Just look at the recent anti-Lynas protest rally at the Hyatt Kuantan where thugs and big sized bullies mobilized from the army camp threatened and whacked the innocent standby..... now the Chairman of the NGO was forced to resign because of such threat to his life and family.

He has returned to resume his kinder-garden business.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 13:55  

Unity between PAS and UMNO is almost impossible.

UMNO is only willing to throw a few cabinet posts to PAS in exchange for PAS to abandon its principles.

Its premise is that PAS leaders can be enticed and hopefully corrupt them with power; and the rest can be kautim.

Why not UMNO gives what PAS really wants? Good governance and a benevolent government based on Islamic principles.

If UMNO can do these, UMNO does not even have to share power with PAS.

Remember TG Nik Aziz once said that he is willing for PAS to be disbanded if UMNO embraces PAS's agenda !!

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 14:44  

As the clock ticks closer towards the GE 13, acts of desperation in trying to secure the current political status, forget about getting 2/3 majority, becomes more evident.

1. PAS has smelled blood for once after so many years and knew UMNO is desperate which is further confirmed by UMNO trying to bargain with giving Minister's position and Mentri Besar's posts if PAS agrees to unite. They think PAS is so ignoromous and can be blinded by race and religious rhetoric. It's a foregone conclusion to even mention it again. It makes UMNO look like prostitutes for their survival.Even if UMNO decides to give the Oil royalty back to the PAS Govt. which is currently planned would still be have been in vain. It's just too late. Will PAS bite the bait? Maybe 1/3 will with additional RM largesse and religion passion.

2. Knowing that MCA, Gerakan and MIC is now toothless in the coming GE13, UMNO might just decide to do the next best move which is to get rid of these parties which don't convert to votes for UMNO and instead while weighing the backlash from it's own members whether it is possible to invite DAP in as a coalition partner. By taking such a move, it will also get rid of Ultras and rightwingers from the party and indirectly remove some of those power blocks in UMNO still jostling for power for their lineups since it will hardly be tenable anymore for them to remain in UMNO after years of trading racism and projections of Malay supremacy as their hallmark to their supporters. The question is only will DAP bite the bait. Maybe 1/3 will with additional RM largesse and a promise of autonomy?

3. Now we come to PKR which with it's leader incapacitated by trials may be the easiest to encourage walkovers again with more RM largesse. Even those newly formed groups like KITA and so forth are not infallibles when you have RM and positions largesse dangling in front of them. How many? I would put 1/2 of PKR.

4. Opposing political culture is just something not impossible to overcome with RM and position largesse and that is something which doesn't need much convincing or horse trading. For are we talking about Malaysian politicians with solid principles whatever their party affliation is or real Malaysian traits already imbedded in almost everyone who is a politican? Deny it for all you want but I still don't see any one of the Mandela or Martin Luther King type of politician among Malaysians. Malaysian politicians are just too good at mouthing and copycats to justify their real convictions.

5. UMNO for once feel that the real Malay heartland which have always given them the votes (deposits) due to their machinings may now be split with the recent development in PAS. Why? Because as the largesse keep getting smaller and the population keeps getting bigger, it is just not enough to keep them contented. Add pilferage and cronyism as the years goes by, the discontentment increases and will make them decide to just not support big brother anymore. Literacy and hopes of a better living standard in the face of tighter economic conditions have been the other elements in the wavering support. Add to that the realization that PAS is more Melayu tulen and Islamic and it reduces the barrier towards supporting them.

"to be continued after my nap"


loveMyKris,  11 June 2011 at 14:51  

To Anon 11 June 2011 09:36
Balik2 KJ. Rebuttal another way la.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 16:22  


Ahmad Mazlan is not the only one in UMNO who fails to understand. Anyone who is in UMNO or continues to stay in UMNO simply cannot understand anything as their minds have been corrupted by greed and power.

OneMalaysian,  11 June 2011 at 17:00  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Ahmad Maslan aspires for unity between PAS and UMNO in order to bring benefits to Malays and non-Malays.”

I must confess that this “unity” thing baffles me. Why on earth does Umno now suddenly need PAS so desperately? The Umno-dominated BN has been in power for 54 years with PAS playing only a cameo role in the 1970s. Umno has been doing fine so far without PAS. Or is this not quite the case?

Surely with 54 years of absolute power Umno should have already brought to the Malays the “benefits” that it is now talking about. This unity talk sounds as though Umno has been powerless to act, and without unity with PAS, the obstacles to Malay progress would be insurmountable. What have they been up to all this while holding the reins of government?

If after 54 long years it has failed in its main job – advancing the interests of the Malays - perhaps it is time for Umno to move aside and let others do it. The Malays surely deserve better. This little song and dance about unity with PAS is a badly disguised attempt to cling to power as its popularity slips while that of PAS strengthens.

As for the non-Malays, I doubt very much that more of the Umno-type/quality government, with or without PAS, will “bring benefits”. Thank you very much.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 18:08  


Walau Madey bapak penyamun, orang masih sokong dia. Biasa la penyamun pun ada pengikut jugak.

Quantum Metal Consultant 11 June 2011 at 18:16  

LUPAKANLAH mungkin ayat yang paling sesuai bagi menggambarkan betapa mustahilnya gabungan UMNO dan PAS dalam waktu yang terdekat ini.

Dengan perkembangan terbaru PAS, UMNO sudah tidak penting dan tidak perlu untuk PAS, malah selepas muktamar, UMNO juga melihat PAS sudah semakin sukar untuk dijinakkan.

Dalam keadaan yang saling tidak memerlukan dan saling tidak mungkin, rakyat pula dilihat sudah terbiasa dan terasuh untuk menerima realiti ini sebagai pilihan yang lebih baik.

Orang Melayu merasakan adalah lebih baik kedua dua parti kuat tetapi tidak dalam satu gabungan untuk menjaga kepentingan melayu dan Islam. Dari ahli UMNO sendiri, mereka rela dan rasa lebih baiak Kedah dan Kelantan kekal di tangan PAS

Mahathir yang 'keras' dengan PAS menjadikan Paklah adalah PM yang paling sesuai untuk berbaik dengan PAS lebih2 lagi Paklah dilihat menjauhkan diri dari pengaruh Mahathir tetapi kependekkan masa Paklah sendiri sebagai PM telah membantut usaha ini.
Walaupun Najib dilihat juga sesuai tetapi 'masa' yang diheret terlalu panjang sehingga isu penggabungan ini sudah menjadi basi dan muak.

UMNO gagal menghilangkan keraguan kepada PAS yang melihat masih ada tangan Mahathir di dalamnya dan terdapat juga muka2 singa lapar yang lambat laut akan membaham PAS.
PAS juga sedar mereka tidak akan mendapat layanan dan keistimewaan yang lebih baik jika bersama UMNO seperti apa yang mereka dapat (penghargaan) dari rakan parti pembangkang sekarang. Malah PAS semakin hari semakin menjadi 'hero' walaupun puak UMNO melihat PAS jadi boneka dan kuda tunggangan DAP.

Keterujaan PAS untuk mengambialih peranan UMNO sebagai wakil Melayu dan Islam dan berkemungkinan memerintah makin meyakinkan dan Anwar perlu dibela semata mata untuk tidak mahu melihat UMNO benar dan betul. Negara Kebajikan dicipta atas idea DAP dan Lee Kuan Yew untuk melembutkan kebimbangan kaum cina untuk memberi undi kepada PAS di PRU13 nanti.

Perkongsian kuasa DAP menggantikan MCA dengan PAS menggantikan UMNO dan PKR menggantikan Gerakan akan membentuk satu Barisan Pakatan baru untuk memerintah negara selepas PRU13?!

Apa terjadi selepas itu - itu lain cerita.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 19:55  

Sakmonkey casually forgets nik aziz's perangai when it comes to umno. Why press on who PAS trusts? Who in PAS that Umno trusts tak sebut pulak?

Balik balik nak up kan si Ku Li tu. At the same time, blasah Madey. Apa benda la artikel ni tak complete langsung. What about PAS' very own flippant, and shady culture?

Move forward la umno. Ku Li pun tak lama lagi has been. Kata it's time for young people to change umno. Tapi masih nak dok ngadap Ku Li ni apahal?

Dah takde org lain ke? Ku Li tu pun belum tentu boleh bertanding next PRU. Apa nak ikut Lee Kuan Yew ke jadi MP sampai kojol?

This is the best comment you'll ever see today. Ku Li has paid you well..

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 20:00  

Lovekris tumpul,

Balik2 mahathir!!! So what goes around come around ok wth rgds to KJ!!

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 20:24  

Tok Sak,
Masaalah UMNO nie, takut nak buat pemilihan. Saya di Penang dah biasa tengok. Masa pemilihan kalut nak jawatan, baik cawangan UMNO, JKKK kampung la nie lagi teruk AJK Masjid pun kalut nak jawatan. Lepas dapat jawatan, masjid pun tak pijak. Jadi tak payah mimta UMNO gabung dengan PAS. Saya tak hingin..He3..Kalau gabung juga,saya joint DAP la nanti.
-sender Rakyat Penang lo

Soonhock,  11 June 2011 at 20:27  

Dear Dato,Now Umno has a new found personality in a Dr.Rohaya Mohamed.She is the vice president of Obedient Wives Club(OWC) also known as COWS.She is a sex crazed lady all out to teach Muslim ladies the techniques of love making,just to make their hubbies more obedient.

It is like a sex cult club.Umno thinks that if husbands are obedient to wives then they will listen to their wives.And if their wives owe their allegience to Dr Rohaya then they will listen to her.Then Dr.Rohaya will tell them to all vote BN.This hot babe doctor has recently been very hot,rumoured to have tens ot thousands of followers.If all their sex crazed followers listen to this hot babe then PR is in deep trouble.Maybe after all Umno does have a plan.A sex crazed plan.

Anonymous,  11 June 2011 at 22:14  

Anon 19:55

Pro opposition king RPK goes on TV3 and every PR leaders(all RPK's old buddies)came out and attacked him for being bought over by Najib.All the talk that RPK will be coming home soon has now turned into cold air.Just because you are pro-opposition doesn't mean that you can't criticise the PR leadership,and has to blindly follow them.We support PR but we are not married to it.

Just because Datuk Sak is an Umno member he cannot criticise the Umno leaders.You can swear your alligence to Umno blindly and forever be thankful for all you have,leftovers from their crumbs.Just because one criticise, he has to be bought over or paid by somebody.Then all the bloggers would be living in mansions.With your mentality Umnoputras will forever be your masters.

Red Alfa 11 June 2011 at 23:29  

Salam Dato'

That anon fella whose refrain has always been that you shouldn't blame Mahathir because he is no more in power. We know today the many ills that beset UMNO today began with Mahathir. The ills have taken over and the patient is incurably sick more so that Doctor is no more in the house!

It was that early in Mahathir's time that many in PAS have given up unity with UMNO for the sake of Islam.

Why? Mahathir had made halal many that are haram in Islam. And UMNO has taken up his religion.

For many of us still unable wanting to know, isn't this what ALL Muslims must understand as the principle in faith ... therefore one Muslim becomes that kafir damned to hell while he still thinks not?

Anonymous,  12 June 2011 at 01:14  

Dear Anonymous 22:14

To the corrupt, everyone else is corrupt (and can be bought with money)

To the racist, everyone else is a racist

Sigmund Freud called this "projection", a kind of defense mechanism used by those with a wounded/twisted psyche.

P.S. They apparently haven't heard of "Robespierre the Incorruptible" or Nelson Mandela, the Father of the Rainbow Nation of South Africa.

To me, Dato Sak is a moderate Malay nationalist who is a "voice crying in the wilderness" trying to convert the kleptocratic UMNO Baru of Mahathir back to the original UMNO of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

So, when Dato Sak is called all sorts of nasty names and accused of all sorts of things (by the corrupt themselves),
it simply means that he is telling the truth and the truth is starting to sting!

Phua Kai Lit

amin,  12 June 2011 at 07:28  

UMNO, your time is up. Enough is enough. 50 years plus in power.Malay's or Bumi's, whatever you want to your followers, it's your problem. The malay's have realised how much UMNO loves them. The sad part is, it took 50 years plus to come to their senses. Today nobody,yes, nobody,either Maslan or Najib can never fool the malay's anymore. Mamakkutty took away everything from the malay's. Their rights, their pride. Today after 50 years, UMNO tries to poison the minds of the malay's through pornograhic materials, that is the 'video clips' and fake prosecutions on others who pose a threat to UMNO.
Mamakkutty took away the right of the malays to FREE education and to par good knowledge to them. For 50 years, the malay's have been given right to study in the government Institutions only IF THEY CAN AFFORD IT. AFFORD THEY CAN BUT THEY HAVE TO LOAN FROM PTPTN. At these institutions, they are given 'kangkong' daily by their 'kangkong' prof's and lecturers with only one emphasis and that is to make VERY SURE, DOUBLY SURE that the 'kangkong' prof's and 'kangkong' lecturers feed only 'kangkong'to the malay students in order to gurantee the continued existance of UMNO.
We malays have to thank PAS that it's continued existence through the tough and bad times posed to it's existance by UMNO, Tuan Guru NIK AZIZ's imparting the truth and the TRUE ISLAMIC teachings have reached the non malay's. Today my friends from other beliefs other then Islam and some non malay relatives whose children have converted to Islam through mix marriages from other races have a better understanding of Islam. Thats why today the leaders of DAP the party portrayed by UMNO as a enemy of Malay's and Muslims can talk about Islamic ways of administering their pakatan administered state. A very good example is LIM GUAN ENG from DAP who has constantly used Islamic formulas to administer Penang and today Penang is enjoying a high foreign investment, a corrupt free government and Islamic Institutions getting more funds from DAP compared to what UMNO was giiving Penang.
The mamakkutty and the 'gerombalan's from UMNO can keep shouting about 'hidup Melayu' but we malay's know that it's their survival that is at stake. Mamakkutty has got his own hidden ajenda. I am very sure ever inteligent Malay would know that. As the saying goes, one can fool others sometimes but not all the times. This is where mamakkutty fits in. In all his 22 years of administering the country as prime minister,he is of the opinion that he made the malays rich and prosperous. He made no mistakes or blunders because all those were all caused by his deputies and thats the reason none of them got promoted except for the last one who he thought was old and senile and he could manipulate him from the sidelines. When he discovered that the senile one had a young son in law who was in control of the fourth floor, he then waged a war against the old man and finally brought him down. That is mamakkutty. Can UMNO be proud of mamakkutty. So, I say UMNO has failed the malays. Now, PAS and pakatan have good credible leaders, I would confidently say, for time being, so we Malays have come to a conclusion the we give them one term to prove their mettle.UMNO has got to retire just like any worker who has to retire after serving their time for their organization. Bye-bye UMNO.

loveMyKris,  12 June 2011 at 12:14  

To Anon 11 June 2011 20:00

Thats all you can do ah? Name calling. Tsk tsk tsk.

Anonymous,  13 June 2011 at 07:57  

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey is
a good role model for Muslim Malaysian politicians.

Phua Kai Lit

Tribubu,  13 June 2011 at 10:08  

Don't we think that all, especially Malays, even some UMNO members, are rubbing off the sleep from their once deep slumber laden brows? :

"...Even if a balanced evaluation of its record allows for swings toward and not just away from democratic leanings, clearly it is not accurate to regard UMNO as an oasis of democracy in a bleak milieu of increasingly authoritarian rule. UMNO’s record paralleled the political system’s basic transition away from democracy as incumbent regimes refined their techniques of resisting meaningful change.

Hence, reforms of UMNO alone will not result in future forms of leadership transition that permit competitive and democratic political succession, in the pluralist sense of both words. To the extent that the political leadership is intolerant of regime change at the level of the nation, it will be intolerant of regime change within the party.

It is instructive that there is now a popular understanding that issues of leadership transition cannot be allowed to be determined by the internal politics of the dominant party alone
. ..."

Let's go for "bersih"! We are the country. In fact We are the world. It was such a long siesta. Let's hit some balls for a change!

sir jacob 13 June 2011 at 16:03  

mahathir was cited bcos he ruled for 22 years and most of what is happening today is the consequent of his rule....he cannot run away from it and we cannot ignore him for it as we cannot ingone to praise tg abdul rahman for gaining independance for the country ...tun razak for developing the country and tun hussein for peace and stability he provided....

sir jacob 13 June 2011 at 16:06  

ku li is important here, if anwar cannot become prime minister and pakatan raayat cannot agree on one, ku li will be offered the job for the sake of the country....if umno cannot do that pakatan raayat can as they are having the interest of the country over themselves.....

sir jacob 13 June 2011 at 16:08  

siapa kata ku li is history...he is much relevant ...yes mahathir is history but still poking behind the scene....god willing ku li will be prime minister.....

Malay Gentile,  13 June 2011 at 23:22  

Salam Latok Syak..

“UMNO BARU” which was founded by Mamak Kutty wrist on foundations which are now leaded to the most corrupt institution.

They are amazingly possessing such powers of deception that control almost everything on this soil. From natural resources PETRONAS, Malaysian Judiciary, AG, SPR,MACC, PDRM, SPRM, Perkasa, sex videos, C4, sodomy, DNA laws,

They are the follower of “The Gog & Magog” and essentially godless. Power is being used pitilessly to oppress, to corrupt & take from the poor and give to the rich under the law of their privatisation policies.

They are the real/ true terrorists to mankind and nature. Full top..!!

Anonymous,  14 June 2011 at 07:15  

All i can say to KJ and Ku Li's supporters here is that both of them are HISTORY!

Anonymous,  17 June 2011 at 01:04  

"...“Most of Felda’s profits it comes from here (the land)... the profits, RM1.6 billion is given back to the settlers.

“The government no longer gives funding to Felda because the government knows that Felda has the land to make money from,” he told reporters today.

Ahmad Maslan claimed that Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) Buku Jingga plans for immediate reform were doomed to fail, citing the opposition’s plans on returning Felda land to second-generation settlers.

“The country will be bankrupt if you let the opposition take over... the Buku Jingga plan on Felda should be thrown into the drain,” he said....
" Ahmad Maslan, The Malaysian Insider.

How on earth did UMNO get people like this Mat Maslan? And he's from Pahang.

This guy sounds like a hoodlum!!!

So much for UMNO leaders!

With people like this, what would they understand about the potential dangers of Lynas at Gebeng?

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