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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 16 April 2021

The Uses And Misuses Of Religion.


1. Now, tell me after watching this video, would the innocent and God-fearing Malay, the farmer, the fishermen, the self-employed and the lumpenproletariat would want to listen to the men of God with their pompous humility? They would rather be cynical at all these religious fakers and not fakirs, mind you.

2. Going to Riyadh on a private plane was the Minister of Religious Affairs and his cabal, entertained and serviced by miniskirted cabin crew or ladies in belly dancing attire? I see a bed on the plane- did the trip also come with happy endings and some 'pepek' pleasure?

3. Did it involve some physical pepek inspection? After all these religious fakers must see with their own eyes and their own dicks.

4. I sincerely hope the female cabin crew did their Brazilian bikini waxing. Otherwise, it's heavily forested down there were even using Waze couldn't find you the direction.

5. But believe me when I say they don't need Waze or Qiblah Founder. They will just bulldoze their way there rapacoiously.

6. Heck, I have often said the dicks don't have eyes and ears. They don't know if they are attached to the torso of a Haji, a Cleric, a Mullah, a Mufti or an oily labourer. They just do a Star Trek -to boldly go where no man has gone before. I bet you some of them are VVIPs, preferring the back entrance to avoid nosy reporters.

7. Ouch! Some of the female cabin crew will have loose bowels! Sirs, I apologise for being irreligious in the sense I refuse to listen to the nauseating mouthing of official religious sermons and pontifications.

8. Their mouthings are just talk- celestial or spiritual licenses if you may, to keep Malays servile, docile and meek whereas for them all is permissible under religious pretexts. Yes the same mouths used for cunnilingus.

9. I would rather listen to the bawdy jokes of Joanne Kam Poh Poh about pepeks and teteks and her urgings for the girls to have more sex lest the poison water from the vigina get to the faces and heads causing splitting headaches. All hail to Joanne Kam!

10. This bloody trip to Riyadh may be a small matter but have wider political and religious implications.

11. Where is the supposed humility and ordinariness that you bloody preached about? So you have one set of religious injunctions for the people and one set for you? You are a hypocrite my man!

12. So you have one set of religious injunctions telling you not to rebel against the ulil amri even if they are incompetent in governance or are corrupt and so on. You never complete the verse saying you don't rebel as long as these people do as Allah tells them.

13. Meanwhile, for the holy camel dung men, everything is permissible even bonking the sexy servants and maids. Corruption is allowed for these men of God.

14. Selected edicts in the Quran are used to justify a host of litanies and indiscretions. Flying in a private jet we may be told, advances the grandiosity of Islam. Muslims, even though the come from a 3rd world country know style.

15. So let non Muslims use the term Allah because the claim that the term is understood to mean specific things to Muslims is hollow. Allah is just an unseen 'concept' easily manipulated by the men of god. Under it everything is permissable. But only exclusively to them. People like the minister of religious affairs.

16. This deviant form of Islam is of course supported by the State, keen to keep the masses servile and under control. Religion thus becomes an opiate for the majority.

17. Whatever esteemed titles you have before your name-whether you are called Tuan Haji, Ustaz, Sahibus Samahah etc, dont necessarily mean you are a good person. Indeed, you may be the pits.

18. Because of all these, I am sorry to say dear sirs, that I have an inherrent distrust for these religious fakers. I am speaking from observations and my own personal experience.

19. It reminded me of a despicable sorry excuse of a son, a person who used to be my friend. Let's call him Tuan Haji L. With a friend like him who needs enemies?

20. When a lady friend then, and I invited him for breakfast, he later asked me whether there are similar lady friends as mine then, available? He wants to befriend one. Little did I know that all he wanted was to get under my friend's knickers. When I confided in him to tell some good story about me to the friend he went to tell the lady friend to leave me. He can introduce some suitable person of interest to the lady. Of course, he will try out my friend first.

21. Once when I was short in cash, I asked him for rm400. He said he can only do that if he sells his Rolex watch. I said if it amounted to that then don't. But what did he tell my lady friend? That I asked him to sell his watch. That was a lie, yet he didn't bad an eyelid. This came from a person with the title Haji.

22. When I told him if I have my own money I will buy houses for my children, he told my lady friend that I plan to take the latter's money to buy houses for my chldren. Is it wrong for a father to do that for his children using his own money?

23. That came from a person with the title Haji and one who will stop at every R&R to pray.

24. Clearly that's a person who misuses religion to mask his real self. No wonder he quarrels with his siblings and disowned his own father. When he served in Thailand he had a Thai language lady tutor. He bonks the tutor several times. He told me that.

25. Therefore, how do I not lose faith in men who paraded their religiosity? The behaviour of the Minister Of Religious Affairs served only to accentuate my cynicism.


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