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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 25 April 2021

The Best PM We Ever Had? Musa Hitam Must Wake Up And Apologize. Part 1.

1. A long time ago Musa Hitam said that a person when young is a socialist. As he gets older he becomes a free marketeer or capitalist.

2. I am sorry to disappoint him. I am 65 years old. I am still influenced by leftist ideas as well as the ideas of Friedman and Hayek.

3. That means what he says is not necessarily true. The phases he mentioned are not etched in stone. Its highly subjective and not universally shared.

4. So when Musa Hitam says that Najib is the best PM we ever had, it's not black or white. It's his business if he thinks so. Expectedly he has omitted Mahathir. Was he objective?

5. I believed not so. What he has not completed is that Najib is the best thief. The thief of Malaya.

6. The greatness of a PM is not measured in terms of monuments or accomplishments he achieved - that is a function of his duty and vision. But rather its measured, I believed, by the number of crimes minimised.

7. Najib's rule is characterised by the crippling case of SRC, the mother of all heists -1MDB, the rape of felda, the desecration of Tabung Haji and inflated infra . Were these good? Seems only Musa Black thinks so.

8. These failures are brushed aside in the eagerness to elevate Herr Najib as the best PM we ever had. The foundation on which to support his(Musa's) proposition is weak. It's not justifiable. Coming from a rough and tumble person does not mean we have to swallow a 'chibai' opinion.


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