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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 20 December 2020

Who's Confused?

1. Komissar Shahril Hamdan the umno Disinformation chief has criticized Ku Li for working with the opposition. The opposition is Dr Mahathir.

2. Ku Li's action has confused the people he said. Ku Li breaches party discipline he declared.

3. I am sure Ku Li is trembling. Will there be consequences?

4. Or will it be a case of much thunder little rain? And UMNO be the cuckold husband destined to just watch?

5. In Malay narrative, once you unsheathed the kris you must stab your adversary.

6. Just what can
UMNO do? If it does nothing, by default, it proves the present UMNO is in shambles. It's headed by a leader who is running around like a headless chicken. It does nothing but make the customary noise to show it has got self-esteem. Good for the pundits you know.

7. Will the
UMNO information chief does something ballsy like sacking kul li or shut the f**k up?

8. Perhaps it's an opportune time for Ku Li to leave the present
UMNO and form a new UMNO 46 comprising of purists.

9. The present
UMNO is full of shit. It's a party that expounds xenophobic nationalism, accepts religious extremism, practises kakistocracy(rule by the worst) and perpetuates corruption and the rule of kleptocrats.

10. Within umno theres no room for honest dissent or difference in opinion. A komissar like the umno information chief will want only regimentation.

11. It's typical for
UMNO to treat people as dumb digits not capable of understanding what Ku Li intends to do. It's part of UMNO's dumbing down of the people. As a result UMNO says people are confused

12. The only people who are confused, are
UMNO dullards like the UMNO information chief and people who subscribe to UMNO's kakistocracy.

13. I have got news for shahril-the people are not confused. They are aware of what Ku Li wants to do. Remove an illegitimate government. Its save the country first!


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