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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 3 December 2020

Adolph Muhyi's budget.

1. In case people forget this is yet another Deficit budget. It means you spend more than you earn.

2. For 2021 we will spend 320 billion, and we will earn only 227 billion. How will bridge the gap?

3. We can borrow. 2nd, we can hope the economy will expand. The FM is being Pollyannaish saying the economy will grow by 6 to 7%. 3rd we can print money.

4. A deficit is not to be alarmed at, if it's linked to the ability to pay. Unfortunately we can't.

5. Specifically how can we fill up the 100 million gap? I think this backdoor government will do 2 things. Concoct a stimulus package and squeeze blood from stone.

6. Muhyi can always fleece the PETRONAS emaciated cash cow. Do you know that at one time shopaholic Najib asked Petronas to pay RM74 billion? Muhyi can always do the same. Then he can claim there's no recession. Like lying Najib.

7. Muhyi can also order Bank Negara to provide stimulus packages like lying baby face Najib. If I remember correctly, Najib introduced 2 stimulus packages totalling 67 billion. Muhyi can introduce 3. One up on Najib. Then he can brag- what recession?

8. In fact, I am told swollen faced Muhyi has introduced 4 stimulus packages totalling 305 billion.

9. Muhyi even copied lying Najib when he increased the debt to GDP ceiling from 55% to 60%. So he can sing to the tune of Magnificent Montague and Marvin X's- spend baby spend.

10. Does Muhyi understand the meaning of the concept of economic prudence? Does the aristocat(not aristocrat)bean counter at MOF understand its meaning?

11. I am not being a Cassandra here. But there are more questions than answers in the 2021 budget. Here are a few.

12. I want to cite James Carville-its the economy stupid. That should be the primary focus of the bean counter. As for Muhyi he's suffering from the Morarji Desai syndrome. Drinking his own urine. He just doesn't care.

13. Where are the economic growth coming from? Our exports are down revenue from Petronas is down, We can't export our manufactures etc. The world is in recession.

14. Economic logic says in order to achieve 6-7%growth we have to double or triple our growth. Otherwise, a normal growth rate would just be absorbed by the economic contraction previously. That's impossible as A.R. Tompel says.

15. Has the FM considered the potential of e economy especially now that we are ravaged by the pandemic? Online infrastructure can even jump start the rural economy.

Download E-Conomy_SEA_2020_Report

16. Without these the option opened to this government is to keep borrowing. That would transfer present liability to future generations. Our succeeding generations will only know debt and pay higher taxes.

17. Supporting this Budget means you are complicit in the continued repression. The 13 who stood up are heroes.

18. In part 2 we will discuss some details of Muhyi's ridiculous budget that finds support from Anwar Ibrahim and other stupidos.


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