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Monday, 7 December 2020

Adolph Muhyi's Budget. Part 2.

1. Since 2009 to 2021 we have registered deficit budgets. We don't seem to be ashamed of them. The opposition accepted them after making the required noises. It's a badge of honour.a

2. The FM must have thought that his maiden speech about the budget was a tour de force rendition but really it's a whack a mole approach. The plastic mole keeps on resurfacing. Problems keep on coming.

3. He's not trying to reduce the deficits but exacerbating them through wasteful spending. Why the 190 million Quranic Village project?

4. Did Muhyi increased the debt ceiling from 55% to 60%.because of COVID-19? Or the pandemic used to cover other unnecessary spending?

5. It's unconscionable to spend money meant to tackle COVID-19 for some other purposes. But Muhyi doesn't know the meaning of conscience.

6. What's with the 400 million to pardon the debt of Felda settlers? Is this the debt incurred by Najib's harebrained FGV scheme? If its so, it's caused by Najib's wet dream. Jail him or asked him to pay. To pardon settlers debt is indeed meritorious. But don't give it Free. Ask them to surrender all FGV shares or buy them off them. There's no such thing as free lunch.

7. We earned enough to cover our operating expenses. The bulk of it goes to the emoluments of the 1.7 million civil service. Why is our civil service so large? Shouldn't we take measures to scale it down? The quality of the cs should also be improved. Raised the entry level. The government shouldn't be seen as a ready indiscriminate employee who doesnt care about quality. Don't have the attitude if it has gills, it must be a fish. We do care about the quality.

8. What does the FM mean Biodiversity Protection? It Its costing us 400 million. Please enlighten us. The massive habitat destruction in Bentong shows us biodiversity production is just a myth to siphon money.

9. The 100 million allocation for NGOs is probably an euphemism for people like Azmin Ali to build a war chest. Hey NGOs! You've got money here. What goods and services do NGOs produced? Jobs? Nada

10. If it has zero added value why park money under this heading? So that you can use the money for some undefined but political purpose?

11. The 2 billion allocation to the Green Technology Financing Scheme is a dubious allocation. Has anybody heard of any company producing a green technology product? No one. Shouldn't this allocation be parked under the Science Ministry?

12. If the relevant Ministry is not capable of thinking what it wants, then the Ministry is led by an incompetent Minister. It is also disingenuous to park a certain allocation under a specific heading, and later used it for a different purpose. That's cheating.

13. That means there's no zero- based budgeting. What possibly happens is that each Ministry uses the previous year's budget and simply increase it by a certain percentage. That's what you get when you have laggards and women chasing ministers.

14. The 15 billion allocation for transport infra is indefensible. Presumably the bulk of it is meant for the Pan Borneo Highway and the Gemas Jb and Klang Valley double track projects.

15. We have heard of the PBH since 1963 and is the budget for it a rolling budget? Or is it just a treasure chest for Sabah warlords and the Works minister's? The 2 double track projects will they be ever completed?

16. And why are these not parked under the Transport Ministry? If ministers do not know how to prioritise spending, get off the hot seat. The budget cannot be parked under some hazy headings only to be siphoned off for some political hatchet jobs.

17. Then there is the curious 3 billion set aside to maintain military assets. Why wasn't this amount allotted directly to Mindef? If its important why didn't the defense minister accorded it as a priority spending?
Were we shot changed for many military assets? So it must be true a spanner costs 200 ringgit a piece. This does not include the notorious Scorpene, the migs in the US desert and others.

18. The 400 million allocated to selected ministries to do R&D is money wasted. One R&D is seeking a better way to deliver services. I don't see any ministry giving improved service. If the quality of a civil service with a sense of superiority persists, the 400 million will go down the drain.

19. As it is, Malaysia has 32 ministers and 38 deputy ministers and God knows how many ambassadors with ministerial status. The first improvement needed is downsizing the cabinet. Has Muhyi got the testicular fortitude to do this? That's R&D for you.

20. China has almost 1.4 billion people but only 21 ministries. Malaysia on the other hand has a miniscule population compared to China, has 72 morons and fornicators. That's a money guzzler. And Malaysia seems able to produce only morons like drink more warm water Minister and Doraemon Minister. Hence, the 400 million is money wasted.

21. We can also kiss goodbye to the 1 billion allocated to investments in technology, especially the electronics and the aerospace industry. The money will probably go to surrogates of foreign electronics industries and other special interest groups. They will not benefit local industries. What aerospace industry are we talking about? Another goofy flying car project?

22. The allocation of 4 billion to JAKIM is inappropriate. What is it used for? Certainly not for the advancement of Islam. We don't require monuments to fortify our faith. The advancement of Islam is superficial. I don't see Islamic preachers living among Orang Asli and Chinese communities. I don't see Jakim distributing food among the homeless and hobos. They eat in churches. Building grandiose monuments will lead only to Islamic triumphalism and pomposity.

23. JAKIM has received a royal rebuke from HRH Sultan of Johore for spending 1 billion a year. Is converting chinaman an expensive affair? What's the use of a big allocation if its(jakim) used to sow the seeds of dissension, hatred for other races and Islamic Exclusivism? The allocation will only exacerbate dissension.

24. What does empowering Bumiputera entrepreneur mean? It got an allocation of 6billion. Usually the beneficiaries are the well-connected, the politicians or directly siphoned by shameless politicians.

25. What do I see from the 5 billion allocation of getting access to quality education at Bumiputra institutions? First is an admission that hitherto Bumiputera education has no quality. Second is a deliberate institutionalising of racism.

26. The main problem preventing Malays from achieving educational excellence is the refusal to accept meritocracy as the basis of educational advancement. Education is seen as an entitlement even though you are mediocre.

27. The path to educational excellence is to embrace competition as a way of life. Malays must accept competition as the way forward.

28. I am troubled by the phrase Bumiputera educational institutions. This is a subtle way of institutionalising racism. If we can institutionalise racism why not meritocracy?

29. So if the RM 5 Billion allocation leads to the rejection of meritocracy and institutionalised racism, it is iniquitous.

30. What's with the RM7 billion allocation for scheme jaminan penjanaan perkerjaan. Does this mean the government will expand the already bloated civil service? And at the same time internalise mediocrity? Its money not well spent.

31. The FM must have thought this budget is his tour de force. In reality, it is a whack a mole budget. The problems keep popping up. It's a budget replete with negative elements. Unashamed it's yet another deficit budget filled with institutionalised racism, religious bigotry, acculturation of mediocrity, for special interest groups budget etc.

32. Therefore, support for this budget is support for all the iniquities and anti-democratic elements.


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