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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Its Save The Country First. All Others Come A Distant Second.

1. That the government of abahcow will fall from grace is inevitable. But I will not be a clairvoyant to say it will happen tomorrow or this week. I have not reached that prophetic level.

2. I still read tea leaves and chicken entrails to decipher.

3. Today, Monday is an historic day. Two elder statesmen are joining forces. To save this country from the evil clutches of abahcow.

4. And to save Malaysia from voyeuristic mamoo Anwar and save- own- necks Najib and Zahid.

5. These are what I see from my tea leaves and chicken entrails. I don't use bomohs like Rosmah and Najib. That's sacrilegious.
But that didn't stop a just-reached puberty journalist from saying that Tun M is willing to support mamoo Anwar as PM.

6. Saving this country comes first. All other things come a distant second. Why be melancholic and defend abahcow? Are there any justifications?

7. All other things said by UMNO are just storm in a tea cup. They are just noises with no musical coherence. It shows they are in shambles.

8. For instance why do we attach extraordinary significance to Najib buying a pack of nasi lemak from a stall? It's not as his presence will confer any glad tidings. To confer on him Godlike qualities is syirik. Hes a bloody thief for God's sakes. He's like old McDonald who has a she cow. Steal here, there and everywhere!

9. Remember what he has done to SRC, 1MDB Felda, Scorpene Sukhoi etc. The children of some people are still starry eyed and drooling over him. Are they suffering from some mental defects?

10. My advice is don't go leg- tripping over him. If you say it's alright for him to steal because he's Malay and Umno then its like saying it's alright for him to come into your house and sleep with your wife and daughters. Because he's Malay and UMNO!

11. Corr, Blimey!

12. Suddenly cleft lips Fuad Zarkashi said don't be too rigid with the no DAP no Anwar requirement. Said openly, it's an open rejection to Oberleutenant Anuar Musa's stance.

13. Will the DAP 'pigs' take solace in that? Don't anybody in UMNO counsel that if you shake hands with a DAP person, you must do the mandatory religious cleansing(samak)?
It's difficult for an UMNO leopard to change its spots.

14. The animosity between UMMO and PPBMis too deep-seated. Didn't UMNO luminaries like Nurjazlan Shahrir Samad, Khalid Nordin and Tengku Razaleigh said cooperation with PPBM is untenable?

15. Who cares what happens to turncoats like Azmin and Hamzah Zainuddin or minister doraemun? They are collateral damages. Abahcow and his oink oink cabinet are like lepers. Nobody wants to come near them.

16. So the only way the opposition and right-thinking MPs can redeem themselves, is to reject the iniquitous budget. Forget about party affiliations. Forget about Mamoo Anwar.

17. Its save the country first. All other things come a distant second.

18. Muhyi is the most despicable PM we have ever had except the thieving Najib. His Malay first Malaysian second motto is a farce. That shows he has nothing between his ears except for his nose.

19. He helped bail out Liew Kee Sin's ECW and Tony's Asia X. But not MAS. And its nauseating to hear him say anda semua adalah wira and bantuan prihatin nasional. And sprinkling Arabic prayers here and there do not make your intransigences more Islamic.

20. Under him its free for all corruption and abuse of power. His son does it, the FM's mother does it, Peringat does it, Sabah warlords do it. Heck everyone is in the loop.

21. List all the litanies under his watch. Bailing out ECW and Asia X, attempting to subvert democracy via his diarrhoeic Emergency, his iniquitous Budget, rampant corruption, his 72-person cabinet (China has 21 Indonesia has 42). Isn't there a clever and righteous person there?

22. Why is there a need to work with Mamoo Anwar? Forget him. He is willing to work with UMNO crooks. It's very hard for us to accept Najib and Zahid as willing to work with Mamoo gratuitously and without a quid pro quo? That's so unNajib and unZahid.

23. Mamoo Anwar is willing to do a Faustian deal. The PKR sycophants are there for Anwar and his lust to become PM. That's their raison detre.

24. So work with right-thinking people. They can be from DAP, Umno, Pkr AMANAH etc. For DAP, Tengku Razaleigh is more dependable than shyster Anwar.

25. Leave Zahid and Najib out. They represent the following:-

26. So it's not earth shaking 2 elder statesmen come together. Its save the country.


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