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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 28 November 2020

Selling Their Souls To the Devil

1. Shame on PKR and DAP for supporting the 2021 budget. Shame on kleptocratic minded UMNO for supporting the budget. I may not understand the DAP's rationale behind its support but that will not stop my censureship of its behaviour. PKR? It's a closet bourgeoisie. It's our Hampstead liberals.

2. Ignore their hypocritical questioning of aspects of the budget. It just means they support all the rampant corruption and leakages, racism, bigotry and attempted undermining of our Democracy. Their politics is sham politics.

3. We know what the PKR yahoos are here for. They are here to promote Anwar as the rear PM. Once they achieve their nefarious objective they will replace UMNO as the capitalist roader.

4. They are just a bunch of hypocrites. They are the smoked Salmon Socialists and Gauche Caviars and the Salon Reformists.

5. So much for the self-appointed reformists who know only to shout themselves hourse about changing things. These f**ks are getting too big for their britches and boots. But actually they are just myths in their own minds.

6. They are just trophy cockerels more suited to decorate the political display board. They are long in talk but very short in deeds. Both PKR and DAP were there to play brinkmanship.

7. Dangle a few carrots in front of them, and they will wilt. Principle was thrown out the window in exchange for gratification. Perhaps the following was true after all.

8. Maybe that explains their facetious reading of the pernicious budget. Principles were thrown out because of expediencies.

9. This proves that this government can only survive on kickbacks and corruption. Trust and principles were thrown out. With no compunctions.

10. Anwar Ibrahim is a political hydra- a beast with many heads. Him talking different things to different people is legendary. He's tricky. Right now the flavour of the month is to support the Pagoh Jawa only to slight Mahathir. Clearly he has buggered everybody. And they are happy about it. Perhaps that makes them do their toilet duties easier.

11. Now we see the Benedict Arnolds, the Tokyo Roses and the Aldrich Ames of the opposition. All betray the trust and hope of the people. Who can we trust any more?

12. If the 2021 Budget is passed because of kickbacks, this is the first time in our history it has happened. That's Bolehland for you.

13. The DAP consists of sanctimonious bastards. All the time talking about justice and righteousness - it's all BS. They have sold out.

14. Besides the possibility of some people being bought Muhyi may have promised LGE to drop charges proffered against him. Self-preservation is a powerful motive.

15. I am a DAP member. I even became an MP on their ticket. But I am not big on group think and herd instinct. Especially when I feel strongly about the pernicious Budget. It's not about supporting or shaming Mahathir. If I feel DAP is wrong it won't stop me from criticising the party.

16. It is understandable for kleptocratic UMNO to support Muhyi. The acorn does not fall far from the tree. Some UMNO luminaries hope Muhyi will drop some onerous court cases.

17. They forgot the axiom there is no honour among thieves. Umno is no longer useful to Muhyi. It has lost its bargaining chip. It will be in no position to demand anything. It can go and fly kite. When you already have the honey the honeycomb is thrown away.


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