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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 26 November 2020

Silence is Not an Option. Part 2/3.

1. The way Muhyi wants to 'sell' his budget is pathetic and desperate. He sends out vehicles with megaphones and loudspeakers to public areas such as markets and malls. There the public would be told of the benefits of the 2021 Budget.

2. We would have thought he would ask his officers to about the COVID-19 virus. Instead, he talks about his pedantic budget. Sad.

3. It's not about social distancing, wearing of masks, self and mandatory quarantine or sanitization. The measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Instead it was about the bloody Budget. We have people debating about it in parliament. Why so desperate to get us involved when at other times we are ignored?

5. Besides reminding us of the SOP we are more interested in knowing there's no economic, development lockdown and no health facilities lockdown. Go play with yourself about the budget.

6. We want to know about vaccines and how will they be distributed. We want the public heatlh officials speak with one voice.

7. Instead, we are listening to incomprehensive and conflicting voices. The health DG says those coming from outside the peninsula have to undergo mandatory 14- day quarantine. Here comes the drink more warm water minister saying those from Sabah are excepted. What the hell!

8. That indicates 2 things to me. First, it shows that Muhyi is not confident that his padded budget will get passed. Second, Muhyi presents us a dysfunctional team. There's more damaging group think and herd instinct than listening to the people. Our ministers have all reached a pinnacle level of greed.

9. The Java Penorogo is only interested to save himself than managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement by the Health Minister was meant to accommodate degenerates like Pairin and riotous Bung Mukhtar. Muhyi must really be clutching on straw.

10. If the Health Minister can be laxed about mandatory quarantine, where is the emergency element Muhyi wanted to use to justify his diarrheaic Emergency declaration?

11. It is obvious that Muhyi is an incontrovertible liar. If he lied about COVID-19, then there is more reason to believe that he lied about having majority support. Then he would have no problem facing a vote of no confidence, would he?

12. It is also clear that Muhyi is siding with the oppressors and the fornicators, the embezzlers the thieves and robbers. For no good reasons he put a stop to the investigation of 1MDB.

13. Muhyi agreed to stop the investigation in exchange for the return of the stolen money. The return is already an admission of stealing.

14. I think that is a stupid thing to do. Even if every sen is returned the original felony stays. The return may only mitigate the sentence. It does not erase the crime.

15. The accused, Najib can't plead stupidity. That is not believed by anybody. What is Najib's stupidly compared to the village idiot's? That means the village idiot can claim innocence to committing a serious crime on account of inherent stupidity?


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