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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 23 November 2020

Silence is No Longer an Option. Part 1/3

1. I once wrote that I have no problem with how Muhyi took power. He saw an opportunity and took it. In a way Mahathir created the chance by treating his resignation as part of a chessboard game gone awry. So blame Mahathir for unleashing a beast.

2. I have no faith in Mahathir any more. Just like previous PMs he was no revolutionary. He countenanced widespread corruption, supported urban development at the expense of rural areas etc. He's the Nehru of Malaysia. He liked grandiose industrialization.

3. A revolution is not like a dinner party, doing carpentry, eating Mee Abu in Alor Stak or eating Penang Pesembor. It cannot be so refined and courteous. It is aggressive and by nature, violent. It must involve the overthrow of the parasitic class by the oppressed. Mahathir coopted himself as the new oppressor.

4. But after having seen what Muhyi has and is doing to Malaysia silence is no longer and option. The country is on autopilot and corruption is rearing its ugly head with wanton abandon. I thought wanton abandon is a phrase only Nita Gee understands. I am wrong.

5. Muhyi harbors dictatorial tendencies when he tried to persuade the Agong to declare an Emergency. That was a most reprehensible thing he did. It was an attack to our work in progress democracy. Shame on him.

6. When Filipino insurgents invaded parts of Sabah, we didn't impose an Emergency over the whole of Sabah. We imposed curfews over the affected areas. Here he was trying to create a massive fraud on Malaysians by making use of COVID-19 a public health issue, to have the Agong declare a sham Emergency. Only a despotic and totalitarian leader would do that.

7. Imagine the heinous and deleterious effects he would have created. He would be able to suspend Parliament and ruled by fiat just as Kim iL Sung does and Papa Doc Duvalier did. Remember his fondness in using the term of endearment 'Abah'.

8. He would be able to hoist a Budget accountable to no one. It's not a budget really but a spending list. We would be better off by singing 'hey big spender'. We will continue listening to his patronising but nauseating announcement of a slew of financial incentives. Read buying of loyalty while he allows the looting of the country.

9. But the most reprehensible motive Muhyi has, was to hide the tenuous support that he has in parliament. It seems the Java Penorogo was and is willing to use any Machiavellian underhanded tactics to hold on to power. This man is a menace to democracy.

10. If we are ravaged by the virus, it is due to the incompetence of Muhyi. First he allows politicians who know nuts about corona to speak about it. The ignoramus health minister, the drink more warm water minister, has gone AWOL. Perhaps too busy making hay while the sun shines.

11. When it suits him he will bask in the compliments that the pandemic is well managed. He consoles himself that most of the cases originated from foreigners. At best his approach to the pandemic is Darwinian in the sense the fittest will survive while the weaklings die off. All in all how can a well managed public health issue be used to justify his diarrhoeic Emergency?

12. If Muhyi lied about COVID-19 being the reason justifying an Emergency which suffered a miscarriage, then there is a stronger reason to believe that Muhyi lied to feel Agong in getting majority support in the first place that catapulted him to PM. The Agong has a liar before him.

13. As a result Muhyi is afflicted by the Napoleonic complex. He compensates his insecurity by having a bloated cabinet. His cabinet has 82 members consisting of not so sparkling personages. It includes a Doraemon and drink more warm water ministers. A minister and a deputy who lied about their qualifications. And God knows how many more nincompoops.


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