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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 13 November 2020

The 2021 not Worth to pass Budget.

1. The moniker for the Finance Minister is a bean counter. He counts money. More about spending. Rather than earning it.

2. He is prodigal or profligate. He's a spendrift. It's not the return of the prodigal son. He never left in the first place. He haunts us with his spendrift ways. He's an apparition.

3. So far he is the worse FM we ever had. But Abah Muhyi likes that. Spend baby spend. That's his favourite motto. He has a kindred spirit in the bean counter.

4. Remember Musa Hitam? He was our DPM. He joked that the only plot of land Muhyi has not sold is his mother's grave. That indicates his spending habits. Let the country die.

5. The same spirit is applied to the 2021 budget. Spend till you drop dead. The stupid FM is given the marching orders. He follows it conscientiously.

6. He uses COVID-19 to justify all the spendings. He hides many things behind it too. The 400 million to felda settlers. The debt was created by the fake bugis warrior in the 1st place. Spend the 400 m but prosecute the one who created it. The revival of the notorious JASA. The 900 m quranic city. The high unemployment rate.

7. Again it's a Deficit Budget. This means we spend more than we earn. So don't impose your morality on us. Don't advise us to spend within our means. Because you bloody hell don't. It's been that way for 12 consecutive years.

8. But before we go into some details, I have to say I am disappointed. I am disappointed with ALL the opposition parties. Instead of seeing the big picture, as usual they will tear into useless details.

9. For years, we have hypocritically talked about the urban-rural income divide, but we have done nothing substantial about it . We have only really just forced our coughs at the steps. As a policy our attention ought to be skewed to the rural sector.

10. The DAP is primarily interested to get a fair deal for the Chinese. PKR is only doing the nitpicking. Mahathir's PEJUANG is tweaking here and there. UMNO is of course pushing Malay elitist economic policies. Muhyi is just a copycat.

11. So thus far we have been talking cock about improving the lot of rural folks. We have only romanticize our kampungs preserving the backwardness to humour us.

12 . You see, in order to improve the lives of rural people, we have to guide and lead them. If the guidance and leadership is poppycock as that now provided by the cerebrally challenged Muhyi and previous careerist leaders, they will stay that way forever.

13. In the context of Arnold Toynbee's Challenge and Response theory, the Malays do not response to ordinary economic signals without much more.

14. That much more comes in the form of tangible and assertive leadership. You must show them examples and leadership will they respond accordingly. The Chinese on the other hand are readily disposed to ordinary market signals. Faham?

15. In my mind our 2021 budget should be crafted to sort out:-
A).rural urban income divide
B)religious extremism
C) Corruption
D) lagging infrastructural superstructure in rural areas
E) administrative inertia and rigor mortis.

16. If for example, JASA is revived to promote xenophobic nationalism the RM81 million allocation is a waste. Similarly, what is the rationale for the RM900 million Quranic city other than to give in to Muslim conceit and promote religious extremism?

17. In part 2 we will analyse some details of the farcical 2021 Budget. See you readers.


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