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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 24 September 2020

A Thief Is A Thief Whether He Steals A Cucumber Or A Diamond.

"Let monkeys rule the country. At least they steal only bananas."

1. Najib has got a death wish. He goes around the country not on a remorse trip or apology trip but on a defiant and nose thumbing trip.


2. He continues to discredit the court's findings that he's guilty of all the 7 charges.

3. A small portion of the stolen money from SRC given to the orphanage does not make the whole of the stolen money holy.

4. Democracy doesn't become better for Iraq just because the Americans bombed the country.

5. Baby face Najib got the receipts of the monies given to orphanages?

6. Thieves and liars like to talk about Godliness for contentment. They do that as a talking point but never as a way of life. Najib does the same.

7. Najib should heed this advice : the bigger the hole he digs the farther he's got to hoist his ass away from it.

8. Najib was charged with 7 charges. Let's review them. 3 for cbt, 1 for abuse of position and 3 for anti money laundering.

9. In order to see how Najib committed CBT we need to know the purpose for which SRC was formed.

10. If Najib does something with SRC money other than that mandated by the charter of SRC, such as spending on his private fetishes, or spending on orphanages that is CBT already.

11. How noble are the spendings is irrelevant. If they are other than that mandated by the charter of SRC, the law says it is a crime. Of course Najib didn't mention anything about his pleasure spendings in Hawaii etc.

12. So don't be mesmerised by what Najib says.

One two three four
Satu dua tiga empat
Rosmah mansur cincin besar
Rakyat apa dapat.

13. When SRC was incorporated in 2011, its main business was to exploit, refine and process minerals and natural resources. No mention of spending on charities and the like.

14. It first asked for a grant of RM3 billion from EPU. The sum was not given. instead, it got a RM20 million launching grant.

15. After getting RM20 million Najib commenced action to get RM3.95 billion from KWAP. There were documentation problems but the people at KWAP managed to overcome these. In 2011, they approved RM2billion to SRC and in 2012 another RM2 billion.

16. Now SRC is flushed with money. Here is where the interesting things begin. Najib began to steal.

17. The loans from KWAP were made on the strength of 2 government guarantees. Najib attended both meetings guaranteeing the loans. He's there to make sure the loans go through.

18. Obviously he's there using his position as PM and FM for a purpose. The purpose of which is to receive financial gratification.

19. Otherwise, why was he there? Oh, because rather than playing with his balls(golf ie)he'd rather attend the meetings.

20. A certain specific amount of money first went to Gandingan Mentari SB and then went to Ihsan Perdana SB. From there into his private accounts. Smart eh?

21. A deliberate trail of obfuscation and ruse? How clever the squirrel is at jumping it will eventually fall to the ground.

22. But we can also stomp the grass to scare the snake and toss a brick to get a jade gem.

23. The creation of the relieve valve companies was just a diversionary tactic to mask his real intentions-to skim off some.

24. These are hardly the actions of a stupid man and a person who doesn't have control over his personal accounts.

25. Najib repeatedly lied in and outside court. Each time he has to tell a bigger lie to cover his earlier lie. Lying is second nature to him. That would shame the lumpenproletariat Malays. Yet because of years of indoctrination they mistakenly adore him.

26. The Devil always disguises himself as Angelic. The way Najib orchestrated his way to get the RM42million,is devilish.

27. The devil has his legions consisting of the unquestioning and ill educated Malay proletariat who would grovel at his feet. And the 2 main legions were Nik Faisal and Dato Subuh.

28. These two dumb- asses were the ones who effected the transfer of the RM42million through a myriad of companies most notably Gandingan Mentari and Ihsan Perdana, into Najib's personal accounts.

29. It is incredulous to think these 2 dumb asses did what they did out of their own volition unless instructed by a superior. And the superior was the emeritus Advisor of SRC, baby face Najib.

30. I saw a caricature of Najib in which his lawyer says Najib is an honest man but who makes honest mistake. Let us remain calm and not be susceptible.

31. Of course his lawyer will say that. Whether a man is honest or a thief depends on whose brief we read. We haven't heard what the prosecution says.

31. Nowadays, we hear of Najib going around the country saying he gave money to orphans, deriding the judge and prosecution and the meek press gleefully reporting on Najib. We don't hear of the punishment, but we sure give him publicity. Why?

32. Let's be clear about this. Najib was not tried for giving money to orphans or UMNO. He was tried for CBT abuse of power, and money laundering. So where he applied the money is irrelevant. A good deed doesn't erase the bad.

33. A man gets money upon trust and uses it for his own purpose and against the mandate of the company, commits a breach of trust.

34. A man who uses his position which he owes the people for his private pursuits, abuses his power.

35. Did Najib do all these? The judge applied his mind to these questions and to these questions only, and he answered them in the affirmative.

35. Money from SRC went through a myriad of companies hoping that by doing such, the money is clean. Just like in accident cases, the liability follows the vehicle.

37. What Najib is doing now reminds me about the story of the man who murdered both his parents. When the sentence is passed, he pleaded mitigation and leniency claiming he is an orphan.


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