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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 27 September 2020

The Pseudo Reformist. Part 1 of 2.

1. Is Anwar a pseudo reformist?if its true he's willing to drop charges against Zahid and Najib and maybe others then he is.

2. The rest of the PKR bozos are a bunch of political yahoos.

3. And the DAP who's willing to compromise with corruption and is willing to work with UMNO crooks is full of shit too. They should stop being sanctimonious bastards.

4. I think DAP was and is willing to work with Anwar because it feels it can manipulate Anwar. DAP knows of Anwar's sexual deviations.

5 . Can Anwar work with UMNO's xenophobic nationalism?

6. Everyone knows UMNO is a racist party. It has an inbuilt hatred for other races and is not averse to pursuing discriminatory policies. The only Chinese it likes is a dead Chinese.

7. So Anwar is really a closet racist. The Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan is my son is for show only. Its putting sugar on the lips.

8. Anwar has never got the mindset of being able to work with non Malays. His childhood, schooling and all the societies he formed and helped formed were Malay centric.

9. So if he cannot hate in the name of Malay Nationalism, Islamism will provide him the justification.

10. Only an acquiescent mind like Anwar's can accommodate UMNO's morbid nationalism.

11. So all the while Anwar is running with the hare while hunting with the dogs. And DAP swallowed it hook, line and sinker. It's willing to bend over and allow Anwar to whack it.

12. Its incomprehensible that Anwar can tolerate corruption. In his lust to become PM he's willing to drop charges against the bloody crooks in UMNO.

13. Only a person predisposed to corruption does that. Maybe the rumours saying that Anwar (when he was in UMNO) carrying bagfuls of cash to bribe Sabah delegates were true.

14. It will be interesting to see how Anwar deals with UMNOs culture of corruption and stems the rise of the mediocre through corruption.

15. UMNO is a party that celebrates mediocrity and its unthinkable to imagine that Anwar will tolerate that in his quest to become PM.

16. Anwar will be abusing his position if he drops the charges against Najib and Zahid. It is the state vs the 2 goons. It's valid against the world. It's not up to Anwar to drop these.

17. If the 2 crooks are appointed ministers, Anwar shows he does not respect the people.

18. That's what UMNO does-dehumanise people. Hence, people are seen as mere digits to be manipulated. That would indicate that Anwar has a totalitarian streak in him.

19. Will Anwar perpetuate that kind of constricting culture?

20. How can now, PKR people talk against xenopobic natonalism, Malay triumpalism, corruption, numbing dehumanism etc without also attacking their turncoat chaiman? They are a farce.

21. Then there is the general talk down and dumbing down of the people that is the prevailing culture of UMNO. People are regarded as stupid. Liberation of the captive minds will no longer be regarded as an objective by PKR. Justice is no longer their namesake.

22. This analysis may not be true if all the news written about Anwar is not true at all but the product of reporters imagination. They are the useful idiots of the establishment.

23. In the end we may never know what's in the develish mind of Pak Sheikh. A pact with the UMNO retards is not eternal.

24. Its inconceivable to believe that a man who spends years in the reformasi movement can throw out his principles because of some convenience.


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