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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

The Raub Duriangate scandal. Part 2

1. I am no Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein writing on Watergate. I am just a private citizen writing on the Raub Duriangate controversy. I saw the pliant press claiming the growers will be making handsome profits at the proposed price by RPDR-JV. They have not done their investigation properly and have no inkling what they are talking about. Did they talk to paid mouthpieces?

2. Did they talk to the current MP? At the capped price of RM30 per kg what handsome profits are the press talking about?
I have even bought Musang King at RM90 per kg.

3. The government has shown this. Is siding with the bourgeoisie. It's on the side of the oppressors against the oppressed. It has shown it's not an impartial umpire.

4. The submissive press shows they are on the side of the rich and powerful. Perhaps they were feted to a feast of jelawat or patin.

5. The decision by the government to in fact bully the planters, will immediately strengthen the resolve of the planters in particular and the Chinese in general, to resist and reject the government.

6. The government may bulldoze the durian scheme but will generate punitive political retaliation. It has generated a muted revolution.

7. It will never get votes from Sang Lee, tras, Bandar Raub, Bukit Koman, Sempalit, Sungais Klau and Ruan.

8. And don't think only the Chinese will reject BN. Enlightened Malays, tired of BN politics will too. 90 percent of the Chinese will vote opposition particularly the DAP and it requires only 20 Malay swing.

9. Raub will remain a DAP bastion despite the presence of a new army camp there.

10. It doesn't help knowing the government is Malay and the planters nearly all Chinese. I am not being racist here, but the gov's decision fortifies the belief that ordinary Chinese can't get a fair deal from a Malay government.

11. It further entrenches the independent spirit among the Chinese and enhances their choice. And they will not choose BN.

12. What happens in Raub, reverberates in other states as well. BN digs its own grave where Chinese votes is concerned.

13. The government says giving RPD rights can prevent environmental pollution.

14. I find this argument disingenuous. First, environment is the responsibility of JAS. Secondly, its not as if RPD is going to police the environment with extra personnel.

15. Then there is the curious argument that it wants to legalise the illegal planting by conferring a 30-year lease to RPD.

16. Strange, no? If it can confer legal rights to RPD, it stands to reason that it can confer ownership rights to planters.

17. At the end of it all, is politics. It's a political judgement call. The government CAN decide to give or NOT give land titles. It wants to show the planters who's boss. That it has the power. Well, the planters can later decide to NOT give their votes to BN.

18. The real string pullers are the group of chinaman behind RPDR. Its one group of chinaman screwing another group. If the planters decide to give the other cheek, what can we do?

19. Having failed the first time, they are now using a royal company to keep the Malays and everyone else quiet. The Malays in particular enter into a mental rigor mortis when it comes to royalty. The chinaman is expected to follow suit.

20. The planters must realise that the company with Royal prefix is using a Trojan Horse only. They must now beware of smartly dressed Chinaman bearing gifts. They are out to "tiu" sama lu!


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