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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 22 February 2015

The White and Black Minstrel Show ended as a huge Embarrasment.

Consider the following:-

1.   First, KJ’s planned roadshow will divert attention briefly from the hardships suffered by the people. People will forget about rising cost of living, diminishing value of income, 1MDB, many of the financial scandals created by the government, governmental dishonesty, abuse of power, social strife caused by extremists. People will forget the financial profligacy of the Bonnie and Clyde couple of Malaysia.

2.   Secondly- the roadshow will elevate KJ’s relevance in UMNO’s hierarchy.

3.   3rdly- the KJ roadshow together with his other friends including lawyer Shafee Abdullah, will save Najib. It will give him a reprieve. No other ministers are seen to come out in the open to do what KJ promises to do because it’s so distasteful even for UMNO standards. That shows in order to gain acceptance from UMNO high priest, KJ is willing to do anything. KJ’s actions will not go unnoticed by Najib. He likes people who can be told to work. He likes it better if the person working can work and make much noise at the same time. No quiet diplomacy for Najib.

No other ministers have come out to Najib’s defence on the Altantuya issue either; here they are displaying the true UMNO character which Najib will one day learn. And I hope the day will come early.

The character is- once you are down, they all will leave the sinking ship. DR Mahathir has felt the UMNO treatment. Pak Lah felt it too, but with Pak Lah, nothing excites and upsets him because he is enjoying sunshine.

Almost all the umno people in private believe that Najib or someone close to Najib have something to do with the Altantuya murder. What they don’t believe, as I also share, is that Najib himself or someone close pulled the trigger. As we know, the ones who did that are the two policemen- whom as the courts and the law enforcement agencies would have us believed, on a frolic of their own, suddenly thought of killing someone today.  It’s just like saying, today I feel like eating char koay teow. 
So, Mr Razak Baginda- murder is like eating Char Koay Teow!

But KJ is acting like someone who is experiencing premature ejaculation. Other UMNO and more experienced leaders are more measured; but young people are easily excited. It was KJ who said, don’t expect us to be quiet and now it’s our turn to explain sodomy 2. Why not bring Saiful along to explain? 
It is just a show of UMNO triumphalism so favoured by the young but one which makes the other UMNO leaders cringe. One former UMNO great told me its similar like Tarzan howling out after successfully killing the silver-back gorilla with one foot on the carcass. 

The immediate effect when KJ does that- when he tours the country narrating Anwar’s sodomy on Saiful, is to invite public remonstration and disgust. Anwar is in jail- enjoying the hospitality of the Sungai Buloh Hilton, donating blood to aedes mosquitoes and enjoying sleeping on whatever mattress is provided. Anwar must not complain- after all this is the Sungai Buloh Hilton not the KL Hilton at Kl Sentral.

Why is Anwar there? Because he has been found guilty.

But that is not enough- KJ and friends want to further convict Anwar in the court of public opinion. KJ and UMNO knows the public does not accept Anwar’s guilt. He hopes to increase the 47% level of support which BN obtained in the last GE.

But that is also opening one too many battle front for UMNO and BN. UMNO hasn’t got enough quality foot soldiers to fight on so many battle fronts. Now UMNO has to answer why is it going for an overkill? Why is UMNO going after Anwar’s blood when it already has the flesh?

The KJ roadshow will fortify the resolve and resoluteness of people in wanting to throw out the government using Anwar as a rallying point. This single-mindedness and determination are no longer displayed in mass public marches- the forces bent on throwing out this tyrannical government are re-structuring their strategy to kick out the government. Once we have federal power, we don’t need to go before the King to free Anwar. 

** the original show was called The Black and White Minstrel Show. I reversed it to show that UMNO turns everything on its head. 


Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 09:58  

Dear Datok.
Lets just pray that what goes round will come around towards all these morons. These are the SEEDS that has been sowed by the MAHA and that's what they are ripping now. As you said the only way is to put everything in the 14th GE. We'll make sure they will pay for whatever they owe.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 10:36  

Anon 9.58....

You have a view and so are others.


Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 10:36  

What do you expect of someone who is half-bred though educated at Oxford.

His motive is crystal clear. He is seen or even accused to be a big fan of Anwar. Even his rise to the top of UMNO Youth hierarchy and his ambition to be the ultimate PM are viewed by many within UMNO bear semblance to that of Anwar in terms of characteristics, traits and strategies. Now, with Anwar at Sg Buluh Hilton, Khairy unhesitantly seized the opportunity to dispel all the accusations thrown at him to ensure that
his political ambition remains intact.

Khairy is still a leopard in a sheep skin. Other than Najib who is now grappled with a myriad of problems, few in UMNO believe or trust him.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 11:42  

Spot on Datuk Sak.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 11:48  

Correction. He is still 'a fox in a sheep skin'. The inadvertent slip made because I was simply overwhelmed by my feeling of deep distrust on Khairy coupled with the big question how such a very senior and established lawyer could be willingly dragged along in the road-shows and fall into Khairy's scheme of things.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 12:46  

Pro-Anwar street demo not as 1998 level anymore. But this bring more horror feeling to UmNo. Air yg tenang, jangan disangka tiada buaya. It can kill by surprise.

Mazlan,  22 February 2015 at 13:10  

KJ can't be that stupid? He must surely know that this road show is backfiring badly with the public. In Malay culture its is even more of a no no. I have die hard UMNO aunties and uncles who are now more sympathetic to Anwar because of KJ and Shafee's antics and are finding the road show very unseemly.
I would say we should encourage KJ to carry on - as the more he does this the more likely UMNO support diminishes in the rural areas by the day...

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 13:48  

This roadshow is unMalay and unIslamic. It's immoral and disgusting.
Are the UMNO Malays glad to wallow in this sodomy 11 cesspool with Shafee and Khairy?
Are the UMNO Malays willing to go that low?
The other religious adherents - christians, bhuddish, hindus, sikhs - are not doing what these Malays are.
Are we not better human beings than these low lifes.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 13:50  

KJ in order to prove his relevancy to the voters must drop this sordid, cheap and tawdry "circus coming to town" fiasco. Of course those within his own party who think he is only an upstart is delighted with the public odium this effort has generated for him and his current show business partner, one more less to fight over seats come GE14. Pak Lah in comparison would never have countenanced this.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 15:36  

The Roadshow ?
It's sex and law education for the young, UMNO Baru-style.

1. I hope the Youth and Sports Minister does not forget
to inform his young audience that
"sodomy" just means anal sex and that many heterosexual couples also indulge in "sodomy".

2. The lawyer can teach his audience why in Malaysia,
so-called consensual sodomy only results in prosecution of one partner, but not the other.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 17:37  

KJ knows that Najib has no friends now in Umno and he's trying to fog-leap over the others by polishing Najib's balls. He's so busy doing it that he hadn't noticed that Najib's liabilities are shooting through the roof like a bull run in the stock market daily. Now that his F-I-L is no longer in power to help him move up the Umno hierarchy, he's banking on the Najib factor.

Firestone 22 February 2015 at 17:46  

Dato - it was reported that KJ was a big fan of Anwar Ibrahim during his student days at Oxford... remember when he personally delivered to Anwar Ibrahim the passport needed to go to Munich to treat his bad back? Pak Lah was then PM....

Now KJ needs to distance himself from Anwar and to win Najib's approval and support or else Mukhriz Mahathir will have him for breakfast.... if the old man knoxks out a deal with Najib to make his son the next UMNO Youth chieftain and Minister of International Trade and Industry, KJ is dead meat.... he has to quickly carved his future with Najib now....

Firestone 22 February 2015 at 19:04  

6 incidents (sins) committed by Khairy Penangites will not forgive not forget:

1) the violent demonstration led by UMNO Youth (Senator Ezam) and Perkasa Youth on 1 July 2013 from Masjid Kapitan Kling to CM's office at Komtar which caused severe damages to properties in Penang;

2) The haphazard parking of vehicles by UMNO Youth members on the Penang Bridge also on 1st July 2013 which caused a trafiic jam 20km long from the Penang Bridge to Seberang Jaya on the mainland... and to Bukit Gelugor on the island;

3) Attack at CM Lim Guan Eng's office by UMNO Youth and Perkasa Youth members trying to break the glass doors to force entry into CM's private office;

4) Attack on the Penang State Assembly Building and entering the august chambers of the state assembly to capture DAP member RSN Ayer who was alleged to refer to UMNO as "celaka";

5) KJ personally led the attack by Papagomo against CM Lim Guan Eng's teenage son accusing the young lad of molesting a girl ( world chess master) whom he has never met;

6) during a similar attack on CM Lim Guan Eng making insinuations he had an affair with a office girl by the name of "Rainbow" Kahiry referred to the incident as LGE's Kampung Buah Dada....

Khairy Jamaluddin is not made to be a responsible leader. The people must reject him. This guy is unscrupulous, irresponsible and overly ambitious.

He should spend more time delivering his long-delayed promise of completing the Rembau Hospital which is already 4 years overdue.

Apo yang kau nak kato ni, anak Rombau?

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 19:09  

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

In Sodomy 1, we had that notorious and vile character Umi Hafilda going around in a roadshow organized by Umno...that Anwar did indeed commit sodomy.

Sodomy 2 witnesses the same scenario with Shafee and Khairy taking on the role of Umni...

The low standard of behavior and low moral uprightness displayed by Umi...are clearly seen in Shafee and Khairy, Dolah's son-in-law, now. They are all of he same flock of birds.

Anonymous,  22 February 2015 at 20:26  

A reality check in Malaysia, anything to do with the government is always no go, corrupt, unlawful, rakyat suffer, universities low class and the list goes on.

On the other hand, everything is just perfect and good if it involves anwar, lim kit siang, hadi awang and the likes. So they should be installed as the goverment they are the rakyat's choice.

My foot.....non of .the above has the qualities to lead...a sodomist? pluralist? liberalist? racist? communist? chauvinist? clueless?

Well thats perception at play....hihihi

bumi-non-malay 23 February 2015 at 07:06  

Meanwhile Saiful is on Death Watch...Passport confiscated in case he does a Altantuya murderer SIRUL escape to another country....

Note that down...someone is going to die an unexpected death and Whatever Tape recording Sairul or Saiful does will be Discredited VIA Statutory Declaration from Father, mother, Grandfather, Grand Mother, brothers sisters and Quron Swearing ceremony....

Kera Jantan and Shaft Fee can do whatever road show, Pameran, Jelajah negara or Tour De Malaysia.....Hotel Sg Buloh awaits ALL UMNO-Bangsat negara Leaders sooner or later ever if you are 101.....Perverting the course of Justice is like a Rope over those Jufges Neck too!!

walla 23 February 2015 at 09:35  

It's the same MO. Altantuya was shot in the head and then blown up with explosives. Anwar was castrated in the highest court of the land and then pulverized by a closed door roadshow.

The double kills are a give-away both were delivered premeditated injustice rooted in political expediency by perps haunted by guilt.

How can Khairy and Shafee counter this? One no longer wonders at the depths of the depravity in breaking good professional principles that make for moral character twisted by personal ambition disguised as national interest.

Otiose to the core, they can be relegated as erasable footnotes in the short history of this country together with the entire bunch that makes up today's Malay leadership.


Selangor and Penang must never fall into the hands of Umno and its lackey BN members again.

Because, over time, all those who want progress and moderation will move to these states.

Then we will have two realities for this nation - one of realists in these two states, another of dreamers and schemers in the rest.

Into the near future, these two realities will become more stark. One, economic and social success. The other, failure masked by mass spin, lies and religious coercion.

The young of today who will be working adults of tomorrow should see this dichotomy clearly enough to demand the return of real political focus by Pakatan and all those who are fedup with the present setup.

For more is at stake than the ego's and inadequacies of news-grabbers.

Each state is federally given by law a capitation grant in proportion to its population head but in return it must pay treasury tax in proportion to earned income.

With progress and increase in population of these states, the capitation grant will increase. But so too taxable income. The former is a given. The latter can be made revenue leverage on federal. Strategise how to use both to advantage for the states' citizens.


Therefore Azmin will be the next target. With Nik Aziz and Karpal Singh gone, and LKS and LGE isolable, Hadi and his troops will see opportunity to ramp pressure on Azmin who's beholden to blue bloods emulating Brunei.

There will be pressure to become more religious on threat of PAS conjoining with Umno in some Malays-are-Muslim pact which in turn will only rend the fabric of Selangor at the least.

Because moderate progressive Malays/Muslims are too timid to rebel or vote against injustice and their kind.

You already see as much a vain attempt by the mamak-ulamaks of Umno Penang.

Therefore, Pakatan leaders of today should go to a DIY shop quickly. They open again today.

Procure each a tube of UHU and a measuring tape thread.

Then squeeze the glue on each seat and sit on them whereupon take the tape, hold one end, extend the other fully and get someone to walk a circle around each member.

The glue is to make sure they (a) stay focused, (b) don't ramble, (c) realize the full threat, and (d) don't run away until the job is completely done.

The rule is: no one enters each circle to plant subversive influence that will affect the unity overall.

Because Pakatan fell asleep after GE12, Anwar didn't.

Pakatan must never again make the mistake of being lulled by its initial success.

All of that success was contributed by right-thinking rakyat and Malaysiakini. Don't let success lead to failure.

Focus. Or die.

Anonymous,  23 February 2015 at 11:33  

Turns out that Khairy is just another UMNO slimeball. How disappointing.

Anonymous,  23 February 2015 at 13:09  

Firestone 19:04
thank you for the timely reminder on the 6 deadly sins committed by those upstarts. Penangnites MUST always remember, and come GE14 bring this to the forefront again.

Walla 09:35, together with Sak, both you gave the one-two knockout punch to the two circus clowns. How on earth they and their backroom supporters could have concerted such a "vile, vindictive and vicious" sideshow, nobody in their right mind would even think of it. Upbringing ?
The seventh deadly sin?
More and more UMNO and BN diehards have disowned them. Anyway they dug their own graves permanently. They will not be remembered for the tiny amount of intelligent cells up there.

So Pakatan, use this heaven sent opportunity to turn the tables on the opposition. But keep stupid antics out of your strategy, only saps your energy and prove that some of you can be just as moronic.

Anonymous,  23 February 2015 at 16:22  

KJ---Stop the roadshow !
Cukup lah dengan yang di tulis olih mahkamah.
Tiada untung. Malah Rugi.
Kalau nak untung KJ, lebih lah buat kerja amal.This is not OXON.
KJ---Stop the roadshow !
Kalau mau pakai AhJib gor punya slogan--inklusive.
Maana nya setiap orang akan berada dalam kelompok moderation.
KJ---Stop the roadshow!
arjuna waspada.
changkat lobak.

Unknown 23 February 2015 at 17:51  

Kj is an embarrassment to his father in law Badawi. Oxford, but actually uneducated. A sports minister going overkill on one smelly shit hole ( 3 days unwashed)but what happens to Malaysian sports..badminton and hockey?

Asrul Sani 23 February 2015 at 18:49  

KJ and the premature ejaculation...oh no....its catastrophic situation... in another words, you are bloody useless!

Dulu masa Pak Lah jadi PM dia cepat-cepat pegi release DSAI from jail to gain popularity... but now he rushed to kick the fallen man...what kind of person if not an opportunist!

Anonymous,  23 February 2015 at 19:58  

A better place for your foot would be in your mouth.

Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 13:14  

Anon 9:58. The government of the day arethe one who supposed to provide for the rakyat be it Health, education n the basic needs etc. Don't u read the Scandinavian countries even provide their people FOC? Our duties s rakyat are to pay income tax, zakat n the like etc. Tolong faham. If u don't understand this simple thing, I dont need to argue further then s I know yr level of education n it is not worth to argue. Menagbeskan boreh jo

Benci pemfitnah,  24 February 2015 at 23:46  

Bila seorang yang dah cukup masak bersama dengan budak setengah masak bercerita di jalanan tentang perkara yang semua orang tahu, itu menunjukkan bahawa kedua-duanya tak sebijak mana walaupun mereka keluar dari lubuk oxford atau harvard pun.
Berpolitik ada etikanya walaupun ia menggunakan falsafah matlamat menghalalkan cara.
Bertempik umpama tong kosong yang dah koyak hanya memekakkan telinga pendengarnya, menyebarkan fitnah dan mencanangkan seluruh negara hanya mengambarkan sifat mereka yang terdesak dan betapa rendahnya akhlak mereka.
Kita lihat, kita dengar dan kita fikirkan. kita buat keputusan di kertas undi di PRU 14.

Anonymous,  25 February 2015 at 14:28  

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