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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 24 February 2015

The Black and White Minstrel Show -2

 Nothing like a short sex story to spice it up.

No one should expect PM Najib to step in and stop KJ and Shafee Abdulah from inflicting the finishing touch on Anwar. KJ and Shafee have efficiency, competence and more importantly, an enabling structure- full use of government power. 
Najib completes the triumvirate of evil by offering governmental power. In an un-Clausewitzian way, politics is the extension of the legal war by another means.

So why should Najib step in to stop the destruction of Anwar?

Isn’t this the objective all along because to Najib and BN, Anwar stands in their way to domination? The objective is to cut off Anwar from feeding off the Malay sentimentalism over emotions such as loyalty, kind-heartedness, chivalry over a defeated opponent. 
Many Malays attach a sense of sad kindness to Anwar despite alleged personal imperfections.  That poses a danger to UMNO.

Malays must have none of those. Malays must develop values such as efficiency, ruthlessness and competence. How to deal with the Chinese if Malays are soft and sentimental? Already the UMNO hoi poloi are regarded as useful idiots; things cannot progress if they and the Malays are also sentimental fools.

Our response to what KJ and Shafee and UMNO are doing, should not be couched at all in the language of a supplicant. Shafee says he is willing to take oath in the mosque or even the Kaabah affirming his belief after studying the legal documents. That Anwar is guilty. No one can fault him if he stands before the Kaabah proclaiming that based on the documents he has, he believed.

His belief is grounded on the knowledge in his possession and he does not care about extraneous considerations. Nobody can fault if he honestly believed.

His belief must be demolished by an equal belief by the lawyers defending Anwar going around and rebutting point by point what Shafee says.

Belief vs belief.

The KJ-Shafee roadshow gives Pakatan a reason to offer a syllabus about the tyranny, governmental dishonesty, corruption for people to judge. KJ and Shafee has only a chapter to offer.

Yesterday, Shafee Abdullah spends time with matronly looking wanita UMNO continuing his triumphalism and bragging rights. Needless to say Shafee talks to them about Anwar’s Kamasutraic actions eliciting obvious passion-stirring reactions among the spirit willing, flesh is weak wanita UMNO.

For a brief moment Shafee Abdullah did a great service to most of the women assembled in Putrajaya- giving them a chance to mentally relive a previous active sex life- or perhaps still is. On hand to cheerlead Shafee on is his 4th College UM mate and Law course mate, Shahrizat Jalil.

KJ on the other hand is motivated by his political ambitions and eagerness to establish pole position in the pecking order; his behaviour will not go unnoticed by the others.

Those who wish Najib will step in, are attributing too much finesse beyond what the man deserves. The mark of the man is, he looks after his interest first and foremost by sowing seeds of dissension among UMNO members. That is basically an extension of how he operates as division head in UMNO Pekan; let all the other positions below him be contested and battled, as long as his own position as division head is untouched. It is his birth right.

Tun Daim recently told me, UMNO will find its own level. That is, after the dust has settled, a leader naturally emerges. But before that happens, UMNO will sink to its own level of meanness.

The party is divided between those who think enough has been done to Anwar and those who think Anwar must be utterly humiliated and the family destroyed.

We must not stop KJ and company from going around. We must stop being a supplicant.


Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 12:36  

It seems a lot of repressed men and women are getting their kicks with the antics of the circus performers. Hey, by the way, is this allowed? Pornographic material? We have a film censor board cutting up scenes which are not so explicit, but this? live narration down to the finite details? Authorities protect us please from this.

Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 12:40  

In the Malaysia Insider today, it was reported Saiful said he wants to move on, he has no intention of repeating the testimony in court anywhere else.
In the lengthy blog posting, Saiful also noted that while there were some people who genuinely helped him and stood up for him, there were others who did so for their own selfish reasons and political gain. "Helping me is furthest from their minds," he said.

- See more at:

Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 12:44  

Ha ha ha..

I also believe with him but why only Anwar was sent to jail.. Where is Saiful? Did Saiful force to do it for few time and can serve coffee without poo for three days.. Ha ha ha. Even he can meet PM Staff before being screw up..

Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 13:39  

We must stop KJ using government facilities and AhJibGors support to faclitate Shaffie's righteousness based on his beliefs on the evidence and the presentations.
The three of them forgot that Saifuls rights of privacy.
Three of of them has denied us, the public the rakyat from being unwillingly exposed to shafiees belif on the evidence.
Cukup lah.
The three of them are sellers of maruah orang melayu.
Cukup lah dengan liberalism moderation inklusivity 1M kelainan endless possibilities luar dugaan luar jangkaan.
AhJibgor,ini macam perangai orang bangsawan ka ?
Nak lawan extremism, Ka ?
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.

Firestone 24 February 2015 at 14:39  

Sharizat Jalil - hahahaha... she has her own skeletons in the cupboard and we all know about it including the early days in UM where she was gallivanting with a Joe C of Seremban... a lawyer who taught at UM part time....

Dato, all these people are themselves full of sins and yet they parade themselves like angels, kanapa mereka tak rasa malu langsung?

Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 16:12  

Shafee also knows the numerous skeletons in Najib's cupboard plus other UMNo leaders. Why doesn't he trumpet all of them in public?

This guy is a devil who only speaks and serve those who can give him what he wants.

dt rahman pekan 24 February 2015 at 16:58  

I hv mentioned 2 u b4 that there is a dearth of good, honest n reliable leaders in UMNO now.

I consider this lad kj as damaged goods n most unsuitable 2 lead.

I also honestly believe that 4 as long as d malays form d majority, it is most difficult 4 any malay 2 b d supreme head of d govt outside d umno/bn framework.( at least not in d immediate n near future)

anwar n assmin know this well.
there is a rumour going around that assmin had a chat wth tun m in London. I don't know how reliable this is but I can certainly get a confirmation when my friend comes back from holidays in early march (he is now wth tun)

dato, my honest view that I related 2 u thru yr previous postings still stand.

Anonymous,  24 February 2015 at 21:28  

"Malays must have none of those. Malays must develop values such as efficiency, ruthlessness and competence. How to deal with the Chinese if Malays are soft and sentimental? Already the UMNO hoi poloi are regarded as useful idiots; things cannot progress if they and the Malays are also sentimental fools."

LOL! This article is beautiful.

Benci Fitnah,  24 February 2015 at 23:56  


Tingkah laku kedua-duanya tak mencermin kan akhlak seorang muslim dan bangsa melayu yang terkenal keperibadian budi pekerti yang tinggi.
Seorang yang berakhlak seorang muslim akan memelihara aib saudaranya, tidak membuat fitnah, tidak mengadu domba, tidak menipu, jujur dan bersifat sepertimana termaktub pada Rasullulah SAW. Kalau kita tidak mampu berakhlak seperti Rasul , kita cuba berakhlak seperti sahabat Rasul atau sehampir dengannya. Jangan lah kita berakhlak seperti Abu Lahab.
Atau dengan bahasa lebih mudah....Kalau muka tak hemsem biarlah perangai kita elok. Kalau dah dua-dua nya tak elok...
Kita tahulah tempat kita nanti bila kita di kuburkan..

Anonymous,  25 February 2015 at 03:14  

Salaam Sak,

Now that Anwar's family have submitted their petition for royal pardon.

Isn't it time that we the Rakyat do our part as well?

Can we collectively sign a (mass) petition to our Agong in support of the royal pardon? It can be in a shape of a document or even online.

It will be good if it starts with you, a known Anwar non-lover.

bruno 25 February 2015 at 09:48  

Dato,whether Anwar did or did not screw Saiful's ass,who cares.Let Najib cheer Khairy and Shafee on with the roadshows.Let the people or rather Malaysians and the people on the small planet we lived in,knows who are really the three stooges.

Shafee,a graduate from UM then was different from UM now.During Shafee's time there,UM was riding high on academic standards.And he is a real disgrace to UM alumis for stooping so low.

Khairy,an oxforn is good at kissing asses and as usual bidding his time,like what Najib was doing before.When he was left out of the cabinet,he was carrying Najib's balls by being his loyal supporter.He has played the political game well,and cannot be under estimated.If Najib can hang on for another term,Khairy will be more powerful than Muyhidin or Zahid.

Anonymous,  25 February 2015 at 16:32  

Shafee Abdullah has strategically saved Najib in the Altantunya's murder rap. In return, he has benefited handsomely by monopolising all legal representation for and against the government. Even the gambling gangster Paul Chua under trial in the U.S has hired Shafee to goat Zahid signed the letter of support where only Shafee can think of such purported role for Phua as the Security Adviser for Malaysian Government. For that he and Zahid should helped themselves with substantial fees off Phua's massive illgotten gains from the Vegas's illegal betting operations in quid pro.

Shafee and Najib today is what Lingam and Dr. M used to be, even one can speculate who actually wrote CJ's judgment.

Deepak was rewarded handsomely for keeping his mouth shut regarding Najib's role in the Altantuya's case.

Shafee's giantkilling feat with Anwar has allowd Najib to kill 2 birds with one stone. Not only it is a momentum-killer for PR, it is also a must-recess from DR. M's onslaught against Najib. It is Dr. M's dream to see Anwar behind bar to vindicate his idea of Sodomy I. Dr. M should go easy on Najib.

In return, Shafee will get his prized AG's post.

Anonymous,  25 February 2015 at 18:05  

Looking at their size, they are indeed well fed. So the gomen is correct - rakyat didahulukan.

Anonymous,  25 February 2015 at 21:55  


There is one idiot by the name of Zaparudin, Chairman of Semut who lodged a police report against you alleging that you advocated street protest to overthrow the govt. Read MI.

You wrote in the previous article, ' This single-mindedness and determination are no longer displayed in mass public marches- the forces bent on throwing out this tyrannical government are re-structuring their strategy '. The stupid idiot says u advocated street protest to gain Fed power.

I hope u cld checkmate him by lodging another police alleging that he had lodged a false police report against you...if u don't the stupid police may open an investigation paper based on the stupid Semut's President rpt.

Ariff Sabri 26 February 2015 at 00:25  

anon 21:55

am planning to do so

Anonymous,  26 February 2015 at 00:46  

"In return, Shafee will get his prized AG's post."

And the country will enter an era of corruption and abuse of power like never before.

Who would have thought that Najib could destroy a whole country in six years?


Anonymous,  26 February 2015 at 00:47  

"This single-mindedness and determination are no longer displayed in mass public marches- the forces bent on throwing out this tyrannical government are re-structuring their strategy".

Semut tu mmg tak fasih dlm bahasa omputih.

Ants have very, very small brains, kan.

Sumpitan Emas,  26 February 2015 at 09:41  

Just this short extract from “The Rise and Fall of Civilisations”, which you published on my behalf on TUESDAY, 16 DECEMBER 2014:

“And finally the death pangs of a great civilisation. Here I can do no better than quote (Ibn) Khaldoun himself:

‘The FIFTH stage is one of WASTE and SQUANDERING. In this stage, the ruler WASTES on PLEASURES AND AMUSEMENTS (the treasures) accumulated by his ancestors through (excessive) GENEROSITY to his INNER CIRCLE at their parties. Also he acquires BAD, LOW CLASS class followers to whom he ENTRUSTS the most important matters (of state) which they are not qualified to handle by themselves…(In addition) the ruler seeks to DESTROY the GREAT CLIENTS of HIS people and FOLLOWERS of his predecessors. Thus they come to HATE him and to CONSPIRE to refuse support for him. (Furthermore) he LOSES a number of soldiers by SPENDING THEIR ALLOWANCES on HIS PLEASURES and by REFUSING them access to his person and not supervising them properly…Thus he RUINS the foundations his ancestors HAD laid and TEARS down what they HAD built up. In this stage the dynasty is SEIZED by SENILITY and the chronic disease from which it can hardly ever RID itself, for which it can find NO cure, and, eventually, it is DESTROYED.’ [from Ibn Khaldoun’s MUQUADDIMAH: An Introduction to History]

He might well be describing with deadly accuracy the state of many nations in 1979.”

SEMUT take note that S. Rajaratnam said ‘many nations’ NOT ‘Islamic nations’. Jangan-jangan salah baca lalu buat report polis terhadap Dato sekali lagi. Sekian, dengan ikhlas budaya protes jalanan tetap TIDAK disokong atau diamalkan demi kesejahteraan bangsa dan negara dipelihara.

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