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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 12 February 2015

Justice Bao, Malaysian Justice and Permatang Pauh.

A Malay scholar was offended because some supporters of Anwar carried posters of Justice Bao. Justice Bao is a symbol of justice. Let me repeat- A SYMBOL OF JUSTICE.

I will leave it to readers to assess a person who is easily offended and yet calls himself a scholar. He must have been trained at some secluded falsampah school.

My simple answer, because no other answer will satisfy him is- learn to accept it. The Chinese civilization is 4-5000 years old compared to how long is the Malay civilization?

I seem to recall Malay civilization started only after an Indian princeby the name of Param-eswara founded Melaka in the 15th century. Before that, Malay civilization  was a Hindu centric civilization.

So what, if another civilization is older than ours and its accomplishments therein are far more accomplished than ours? It does not diminish my Malayness at all to acknowledge a more universal symbol of justice that my own. If there is a symbol of Malay justice- please show it to us so that we can make posters of him.

We have no future if we have this kind of mentality.


As a non-lawyer who read the judgement given by the Chief Justice, it sounded like a prosecution monologue. Maybe lawyers who cannot accept or don’t agree with that decision will argue it more rigorously. 
At the moment, we share the grief experienced by Anwar and his family.

I think we have no more legal recourse. The next solution is political. Maybe we get 1 million signatures. Send them to world leaders. 
But I believe the Naib government will not budge. Because they will say, this has been the outcome of lengthy legal process.

We must do it the political way. Maybe Najib can be thrown out earlier and someone else replaces him as PM. Dr Mahathir says even Lim Kit Siang can be PM. Of course, what he is saying, is anyone can be PM. I have said it before, if Najib can be PM, anyone can. 
You don’t need a rocket scientist to be PM but at the same time, it will be strange if an idiot  becomes PM.

The new leader ushers in new game changing political arrangements, new economic solutions, and new politics. He will take care of the endemic corruption made tolerable because people say it’s just a matter of perception. Malays dismiss even idea of corruption maintaining that if it’s done by a Malay- he is one of us.

So, what next for Anwar? 
I read somewhere a law professor, probably responding to questions fielded by yet to achieve puberty reporters, talking about getting pardon from the Agong. The good professor was probably humouring such reporters.

It will not happen.

Anwar Ibrahim will never entertain such an idea I think. Asking for a pardon, would amount to admitting the crime for which he was accused and now sentenced, did take place. Affirming and fortifying his innocence is more important than getting pardon.

I would like to think so but I would not know for certain if Anwar and his family think this way. Securing personal freedom is maybe of more paramount importance.

We kick out Najib and his gang. They will then know, life as they have known before , consisting of private parties and soirees, gallivanting on private and government owned jets, thriving on governmental dishonesty and incompetence  will come to an end.

Power grows out of the ballot box. This is the beauty of democracy. If we don’t like this government, we can kick them out by civilised means using our votes. So let us use our votes. First at the Permatang Pauh by election. Second at the next general elections.

Once we have power, we can do so many good things. We can avoid doing so many of the things done by this government too. We want to fight corruption. We can do something. We want to reform the judiciary? We can do that.

We want to allow cooperatives and village economic outfits to issue bonds? We can do that too. Why not? If government can guarantee one RM1 million paid up Capital Company to issue bonds 40,000 times over, we can also the same to farmers’ co-ops and village economic co-ps.

Elect a new government. We will enforce the law on troublesome NGos – be them formed by Malays or non-Malays. Tangkap semua in accordance to law.

By the way- Ibrahim Ali once said that he will hold a thanksgiving kenduri if Anwar is convicted. We must look out for this- not because we dislike what he wants to do. But because we need to remember how despicable this person is and what he represents. He is a shining example of Malay chivalry.

We must remember this from now on. If we all support Anwar as we claim to do, we must pitch all our efforts to make sure Permatang pauh remains with Pakatan. I am certain, we will spare no efforts to achieve this.

UMNO in particular says that it’s ready to take Peratang pauh. They have been preparing since the Court of Appeal sentenced Anwar guilty last year. Bear in mind, when UMNO says its ready- it means they are ready in talk only. What has UMNO done in Penang? Nothing much.

Some of the online news portals have begun reporting anecdotal and personal narratives by representatives of the rakyat- a hawker here, pak mat sipping free teh tarik at a stall there, an apek over there- all saying that Anwar has done nothing for his constituency. That’s UMNO talk by UMNO friendly people- they like nothing better than for the representatives to sit knees touching theirs attending to the myriad of problems.

We can ignore these cheap shot narratives.

When I met Anwar in a one to one encounter one month ago, I asked him about this matter. How does he service his area given that he is almost fully occupied at national and international issues? We must remember that Anwar isn’t an ordinary MP like myself- he is a former DPM, well known internationally and the shadow PM. His place has to be at national level and to be in the thick of issues affecting national interests.

He said he was thankful to the Penang government led by Lim Guan Eng. The Penang government has stepped in to fill the responsibilities that are required of Anwar. The Penang government has adopted Permatang Pauh- freeing Anwar to operate at the level commensurate with the man. Anwar has to play a national role suitable to that of a shadow PM.

The needs of the people of Permatang Pauh are taken care of by the Penang government.

Reject the grumblings of the petty businesspersons who didn’t pay KOMTAR for the last 15 years. Reject the UMNO ketua bahagians who did nothing when Gerakan ravaged the state. 

Secure Permatang Pauh to show we stand in solidarity with Anwar. Stand by Anwar- in good and in bad times.


Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 10:54  

Yes, we must take over Putrajaya, but how, when PAS is acting like a millstone around Pakatan's neck?
PAS with and Hudud will never win non-Malay votes which mean no Putrayaja.
The only way is for moderates in PAS to quit he party and for a new alliance with Pakatan.
The Borneo states have to join Pakatan as well.
Not that easy as winning Putajaya.

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 11:13  

Stupid people always feel offended. They know nothing about changing for the betterment for the people

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 11:13  

Yes, ensure that PR wins by a much bigger majority in the by-election in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency. It will be a political victory over the lost suffered in the legal battle.

tmf 12 February 2015 at 11:44  

I will help to campaign in Permatang Pauh.

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 12:10  

Walking through life looking for occasions to be offended by is no way to live. It's like living in hell.

It seems that nowadays people get offended at the slightest excuse.

Even God the Almighty is often perceived as getting offended by what men say.

Something is not right.

kampong lad 12 February 2015 at 13:02  

sabah & sarawak ada 56 kerusi parlimen, pr cuma menang 9 saja, jadi bila bn boleh kalah?

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 13:06  

It is not true that there is no legal recourse left.

Anwar's case is a case of wrongful conviction or at its worst malicious conviction for a crime he did not commit. We don't have to accept the Fed Court decision...where the standard of the Judges are comparable to 3rd world countries. If Judges in the USA or UK who are more independently minded and intellectually superior than our Fed Crt Judges could wrongfully convict innocent persons, what's more our Judges.

Just try to google 'cases of wrongful conviction' and you can find in abundance in the USA and in UK. Prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted and some in death rows had been released after new evidences emerged that they did not commit the offence.

Those who know about this frame up case is of course Najib, Siful, Rodwan-the Police Officer, Anas the PM aide, Siful's father, girlfriend and of course the person who inserted the plastic object in his anus.

If these persons who are privy to the whole affair could come out publicly that the case is a frame up case, then they have to release Anwar. Just think of a way to make these people talk..or hopefully invoke divine help to force them to come out with the truth.

This is not a matter of Anwar. Surely it bothers any person to see an innocent man going to jail for a crime he does not commit.

Siful met Rodwan, the police officer 2/3 days bf the alleged incident. An experienced police officer would have advised Siful to record in his HP all the conversations or acts that occurred on the alleged date. The fact that this was not done, shows this is a sham case..all fabricated.

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 13:55  

With Anwar out of the way, its now between Dr M and jibby.

umno will use religion and race as baits to secure malay support.

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 14:36  

Never let gerombolan dajal and penyamun win Permatang Pauh. I personally never miss assisting opposition whenever elections there. PErmatang Pauh mandatory won by PR

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 15:49  

Dato, agreed, in good and bad times Anwar was there for us, so we must standby Anwar in good and bad times, repay for his good deeds to our community. He has been the bulwark against the festering lies and shenanigans of Umno and BN.
Let the Permatang Pauh
by-election be a shining example of what Pakatan can do for him.
He has been made a martyr for all Malaysians, unwittingly by the inhumane and vicious treatment accorded him by his detractors. Let's all STAND UP FOR ANWAR... and this clarion call will keep on sounding for the next GE14.

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 16:47  

Oh I forgot...Ibrahim Ali is not only a despicable person but a detestable person.

I hope that he is of Siamist descent. Malu lah kalau ada melayu seperti dia. 'Perkasa'- my foot. Sikap dan perangai melayu sekarang rosak sebab ikut tingkah laku Mahathir.

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 18:24  

Yes, Judge Bao - to the Chinese - represents upright officials and incorruptible, honourable conduct.
As well as great wisdom in judging cases.

This shows how ignorant some people are !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 23:21  

Dato, pass this to all Pakatan members, especially those idiots in PKR and DAP who think they are heroes simply by tweeting messages which caused them to be investigated under the sedition act. Be disciplined and organized, to be around another day. No need to be foolhardy, your supporters need you to be in good shape and condition. Why waste energy going in and out of courts over small victories. The greater prize will prove elusive. If they don't learn this, they don't deserve to be our leaders.. STOP tweeting if they cannot control themselves. So pass this message down to those idiots.

Anonymous,  13 February 2015 at 12:46  

If Justice Bao is still alive, he would have jailed & even executed all these corrupted politicians & judges.

Anonymous,  16 February 2015 at 05:58  

"PAS with and Hudud will never win non-Malay votes which mean no Putrajaya."

Sorry to burst your bubble but non-Malay votes are in no means decisive (at all) for Putrajaya.

I fear that PR has no cohesive idea of how to move into the future and unless a new leader is found SOON, there is no chance of PR regaining 52%.

Look to the Malay heartlands, that's where the battle is.

Anonymous,  16 February 2015 at 15:04  

plenty of stupid people these days, including rahman jpc. clown. the royal london circus will never hire him if he is of that talent. rather rare inevitably. the best thing from my purview is anwar's imprisonment is somewhat a clarion call for us to be strongly united against the corrupted administration of umno.

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