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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 6 February 2015

The Oracle of Syed Putera Returns....

These conversations I had with the Oracle are not necessarily verbatim. That means, he is not responsible over the statements that appear here. I get some information from the Oracle, do a little bit of research and ask around and offer readers a narrative.
By now many people know who the Oracle is. There is only one former minister who has an office at Jalan Syed Putera. In the old days, the road was known as Lornie Road I think.
I am retaining the moniker, The Oracle. He is the knowledgeable one. For he knows what is going on in the country. He knows who’s partying who. So Najib and gang have to be super ready to square off with him.
Before I sat down- I shot a question to the Oracle. Is the coast clear for 1MDB?
I don’t know- we only hear that Ananda has agreed to lend RM2 billion. All the Malays shouting at the side-lines have suddenly grown quiet- banks owned by the government and the company owned by the government are borrowing money from an individual- a Ceylonese. The Malay wiras should be ashamed.
They might as well exclaimed like Samy Vellu once did- hari ini kemaluan saya sangat besar. 1MDB might as well borrowed from a chettiar.
We don’t actually know whether the money has actually been transferred. It should be in the system. Otherwise, RHB and Maybank have to make provisions for NPL. Or they must do like any prudent banks do- foreclose. 
Seize some of the assets and properties belonging to 1MDB. They have plenty kan. Sell off one or two to get the money back. Show no mercy to this RM1 million paid up capital that has run a debt of RM42 billion.
It’s a shame- a government has to borrow money from an individual. Don’t people see the implications of all this? Ananda can buy off the entire leadership of Malaysia. We still want to keep this kind of leadership.

It’s been 2 years since I met the Oracle of Syed Putra. The reasons for the extended parting of ways are best left alone. I am glad I am given the opportunity to once again engage the Oracle.
The office and the furniture are still the same. The PA is new. As to the man himself- he looks darkened- he was suffering from some stomach ailments.
He has been in the news lately. He says this is nothing new- allegations about his wealth were made since 1998. He welcomes investigations by the authorities.
He says some people were shocked to know that he had a bank in Nigeria. One day, some Malaysians went over to Nigeria and offered to invest there. The Nigerian government said they welcome investments and in fact they already had an investment by a Malaysian in Nigeria. Asked what was the nature of the investment was,  to which banking came the answer- there were immediate suspicions that the bank must have been financed by ill-gotten gains. The bank was sold off some 12 years ago.
The Oracle says- anyone is free to investigate.
We talked on a host of topics. I penned own points which I wanted to raise. The issues of leadership, 1mdb, mas, BBCC, the state of the economy and the search of a leader to replace Najib.
At the end, the Oracle says, we must save this country. The interest of the country overrides everything else. Najib is dispensable.
I asked the oracle point blank- does Najib knows what’s going on.
Najib knows what goes on only in the end. From the beginning to their completion, he doesn’t know. He is not in the driver seat.
So why don’t you ask Tun M to come back?
Too old.
I said, Tunisia elected an old man to come back.
No la- once you retire better stay retire.
Then cultivate another person I said. I can think of only one person but I am not sure if the old man has buried the hatchet.
Too old too.
But a lot younger than Tun M and easily the most esteemed person.
The problem with these scions of royalty, they don’t want to come down from their pedestal. They think everything must be handed to them on a silver platter. They must make their presence felt. That’s how the Malaysian mind works- they want to see presence. Otherwise, it’s all in the mind, subject always to speculation and dreams.
But the painful truth is- he is the most qualified person to lead Malaysia now.


Johari,  6 February 2015 at 23:02  

Ha ha.
I can guess the man Daim is thinking suitable to replace Najib is Tengku Razaligh.
Not bad the choice,buy how.

Najib control Biro Politic and MKT and now he is calling the division leader to pleadge support for him.

By Vote of no confident the only route by who are the UMNO/BN MP that will support the vote.

No easy my friend.

dt rahman pekan 7 February 2015 at 00:41  

salam yb,
if ever pm najib has 2 b forced out of office, I can think of one senior minister that can fit d bill as successor. I hv mentioned his name in dato kadir jasin's blog. i happened 2 serve under him as secretary 2 d tenders board in d treasury many yrs ago. he has tremendous experience in econ n finance; non controversial ;lead a simple life ; comes from a very average family; xtremely intelligent [ 1st class honours in econ] ; was a PTD officer b4 joining politics ; looks comparatively 'clean'; n was tutored by tun daim.
my two cents worth of observation is that ,in times of economic uncertainty he shld b d one 2 take over d helm of govt.

bruno 7 February 2015 at 09:07  

Dato,I always had high regards for Tengku Razaleigh.He is a man very qualified for the PM'ship.

After Razaleigh lost to Dr Mahathir,he seems like a man lost in the wilderness.Most of his strong supporters had their loans called back,and many went bankrupt.It took all the fight out of him and eventually went back to Umno and Mahathir.So when Razaleigh went back to Umno,his chances of PM'ship went practically from 50% to 0%.

Like I have said many times before,there is not even one strong leader of both divides at present.Unless Anwar go fly kites,no new leader can emerge from PR.So how are we to know that there is no one better than Anwar.In fact I have to assumed that there are many others better than him.Even Dyana Sofya has better credibility than him.

So like I have said before,if the present leaders are the best we have got,Malaysians are surely fucked.

Mr Bojangles 7 February 2015 at 10:18  

Rahman jpc.
I hope the person you are referring to is not the husband of the woman who also seems to enjoy being close to or under the armpits of the FLOM, especially on the shopping jaunts all over the world on the executive jet.
If it is i would beg to differ.

Tok Wen,  7 February 2015 at 14:46  

Like Mr Bojangles, I too beg to differ if it is about the husband of the ...

Most Kelantanese, at least those I have talked to, have not been so enthusiastic about his performance — capable yes, but nothing at all spectacular. Most assuredly none has ever equated his obtaining a 1st as being a definitive indicator of superior intelligence, never mind being "extremely intelligent". Let us cut this hyperbole and leave its use exclusively to disinterested parties from outside of politics. On at least one occasion, we have been told, this extremely intelligent personality forced himself and his friends to miss a flight because of the inability to read time from the 24-hour format used in flight schedules.

Minister, yes, P.M., no.

timor 7 February 2015 at 15:00  

The Minister of MITI is on rahman jpc's mind. I served in the Treasury too and he was the Dep. Fin. Minister at that time. Dia ni jenis takut dan hanya jaga bontot sendiri aja.

dt rahman pekan 7 February 2015 at 15:53  

mr bojangles,
I hv mentioned his name in dato kadir jasin's blog. his wife was formerly a ptd officer 2 [if I m not mistaken ] - very decent lady.

amongst d host of senior ministers, his name stands out prominently. I m willing 2 take my chances.

Anonymous,  7 February 2015 at 16:07  

Need a firm and strong leader who is non-controversial and stick to principles right now. A leader accepted by all sides, who can heal and stop all the fractious prosecutions using the sedition act, this act, that act and so on. Need a leader who will bring closure to the current leadership, and bring in new future leaders from both divide to succeed in helming and running the country. Need a leader who can head a reconciliation govt from BN and the opposition parties.
At this moment it is clearly Tengku Razaleigh, and if he doesn't now take up the reins and volunteer, then history will vilify him as a "traitor" who did not offer his services in times of need. So call him out of his retirement.

Anonymous,  7 February 2015 at 16:40  

Forming a reconciliation govt, no matter how distasteful this is to some of the warlocks in PM's group, Najib should know better, hold out the olive branch to Pakatan, sit down with them and see what can be worked out for the country's sake. Just trying to be buddy with PAS is stupid, it won't get Najib anywhere.

Jaafar MP,  7 February 2015 at 19:03  

Mr Bojangles,Rahman is refering to Mustapa Muhammad.

Yes he is a good guy but he lack political will.
To be a Malaysia PM yang must have strong character to deal will all the Mafia in UMNO division.
You dont need smary or interlligent leader.A lot of common sense,.

Look at Dato Azeez,The MP for Baling.He is not even pass form five exam.Work as saleman,bouncer and car repossesor.
Now he is an UMNO Supreme council mamber,
Was appointed as Chairman ot Tabong Haji and vary succesful businessman.
He is now living in a tree story Villa at Sunway lagoon.
I think if he play his card well he can become our Prime Minister.
Look at Jokawi,Indonesian President,a vary simple man but pratical.

Anonymous,  7 February 2015 at 21:21  

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, PAC Chairman has the will and the way to be the next PM.

Anonymous,  7 February 2015 at 21:45  

This country is well and truly f***ed if we can't even muster some semblance of intelligent leaders in waiting. i am not talking political skills here. once in a while it would be good to have someone who is practical, have the gumption and technically minded as leader. i have had enough with all these hanya pandai politking punya leader. Please last thing Malaysia needs is that Azeez chap. Personally i would like to think there are people like Dato Sak here within UMNO but i dont know....

dt rahman pekan 7 February 2015 at 23:36  

jaafar MP,
what !!! azeeez? pls la. firstly is he 'clean'. heard 2 many stories abt him. even how he maneuvered his way 2 b d chairman of tabung hj. granted he is a good worker or more precisely a public relation genius.

my suggestion is purely based on d crop of active laeders that we hv in umno now. knowledge n ability 2 understand complex econ n financial issues shld b d main criterion. many said that he is slow n indecisive. I beg 2 differ bec I hv worked under him b 4.

I hv listed down his qualities. pls tell me any other ministers that can come close.

well, this is only n academic exercise bec in umno money talks n support from elders carry a lot of weight.

Anonymous,  8 February 2015 at 11:39  

How very interesting. As usual, the Dato is well informed and hit hard. The article, in short, is very telling that Umno is a spent force. The current bunch of leaders have no substance and are all tainted with corruption and incompetent. Maybe that's why Najib can last so long because there's no creditable leader who can out-perform him. Maybe out-perform is a tat too good a word to use because performance is not something that can associate with the man. As for Razaligh, he's comes out with a fine speech once in a while and nothing else. He's too comfortable and in hibernation in his current position. In conclusion, Umno is kaput and that spells good news for us.

Anonymous,  8 February 2015 at 15:35  

I really wonder what Najib has been doing on a daily basis since he does not look like getting involved in running the country nor making statements on important issues. He is only visible when he travel abroad.

To save Malaysia from disaster arising from his inaction, MPs from BN and PR should pass a vote of no-confidence on his premiership.

Where can you find a PM in Commonwealth history who hardly attends Parliament sessions and keeping silent on a lot of important issues?

Worse, he seems to be bringing our country into economic disaster by spending as if there is no tomorrow.

MPs from across the political divide should for once take out their balls from the fridge and kick out this tourist.

Firestone 9 February 2015 at 02:47  

If Azeez MP of Baling becomes the PM, I will migrate within 72 hours....

Please do not compare him to Jokowi lah... Jokowi is a qualified engineer and polite and gentleman - not a bouncer and definitely didn't need to parachute a Proton Saga onto the Arctic Pole - for what by the way?

Anonymous,  9 February 2015 at 10:27  

najib had a unhappy childhood .Those who suffer this syndrome forme it hard 2 interact with other species They always get what desire or sook in the corner .

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 13:45  


Anwar is in jail.

Pls revisit Tengku Razaleigh as an option.

He is the only one who can hold PR together.

Musa H. as DPM.

It can happen, but time is running very short.

Otherwise, we are 100% doomed.

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 13:49  

"At this moment it is clearly Tengku Razaleigh, and if he doesn't now take up the reins and volunteer, then history will vilify him as a "traitor" who did not offer his services in times of need. So call him out of his retirement."

Reach out to the good ones in Umno. Many of the non-$$$$ types are also fed up. Pull out some from MCA and MIC, and S and S parties in E Mal.

A new coalition to complement & support PR.

Needs a critical mass.

And PAS will only answer to T R Hamzah as overall leader.

Try, Dato. Just try.

Put a plan together.

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 13:50  

"Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, PAC Chairman has the will and the way to be the next PM."

Too young.

But his time will surely come.

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 14:13  

It's time to bring back all those who have left politics for their "Call of duty" to the country. TR as the interim PM, ZI, Nur Jazlan, Saifuddin, Nazir Razak, Azmin, Rafizi, Nurul Izzah, etc so on so forth based on their capability and not on political leanings. We are having a crises & it's time to save the country.

Meanwhile all the cronies and their families passport should be impounded until they return every sen taken before they are allowed to leave the country.

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