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Monday 9 February 2015

In Solidarity with Anwar Ibrahim

Yesterday, I participated in Anwar’s tour de Malaysia in Melaka. The event took place at Bukit Piatu. Don’t ask me exactly where, I am not from Melaka.

The crowd was reasonably ok. I would put it minimum at 2000. Maximum 3000. It was a good crowd. Majority were Malays but a sizeable number of non-Malays. The mainstream papers will put it down as 500 at the most. That will bring cheer to the UMNO people because then, it is no cause for worry for them. Anwar is becoming irrelevant. 
If only they were right. 

In any case, BN was represented by their 14th coalition partner- party PDRM who were present complete with recorders and video cameras. .

People came to listen about and of Anwar. When I took to the stage, I focused merely on the reasons why we are here showing our solidarity for Anwar. We are here in solidarity with what he represents- resistance to all the political evil. Also to remind ourselves, the fight against tumult and oppression and political evil must be continued to the end of our days.

I wasn’t interested to use the occasion to spread some delicious stories about the incompetence of the government, rising costs of living, deteriorating economic performance, trending towards current accounts deficit and all that. People already knew that.

I can do that every day through my writings on my blog. I was pleased to have strangers coming before me last night saying they read my blog. I want to thank them and please continue reading. I will do my part to raise the bar of awareness and political sensibility.

As to Anwar- I am taking a hard-nosed approach here. We don’t have to agree to all of what he says or even to some of what he says- but we have come to reassure him, that what he represents will continue to be cultivated and kept alive. That the struggle against all form of political repression and political evil and the evil that BN does, will be fought to the last.

We want to reassure him that what he articulates and represents is a national imperative and our manifest destiny even. That we have the responsibility to resist and fight political evil by BN and replace it with new inclusive politics.

It’s already written in the stars what will happen to Anwar. This matter concerning Anwar- I hope will be decided on the points of law. If Anwar says his lawyers say that on the principles of law, he will be free man, then he will be.  If the decision is muddied with non-judicial considerations, then Anwar will be goaled.

So, why do we come to celebrate Anwar each time he and Pakatan Rakyat organised rallies? It must be beyond humouring ourselves listening to something that we more or less already know and to laugh it out at references to Najib now being Bapa Golf Malaysia.
That’s quite hilarious- from Bapa Pembangunan to Bapa Golf. That shows how much Najib respect the people. When criticised about his golf diplomacy, he ups the ante by providing money for everyone to play golf. Good for the country.

We come to participate in Anwar’s gatherings either as listeners or part of the team of speakers- because ALL of us want to remind Anwar and ourselves, that the fight against political evil and against threats to our person, to what we hold dear, to the community, to the country must be fought over and over again. No let ups.

So we come to Anwar’s gatherings to remind him, that what he represents better than anyone else at the moment- relentless fight against repression, against injustice, against all forms of political evil, will be continued.

We are not asking to use extrajudicial means to punish or exonerate Anwar. That’s written in the stars.

In the end, it’s a personal judgment call. We may cleverly justify it on all the legal arguments in the world and all the other reasons in the world. Saiful says he wants justice and Anwar says he wants justice. Justice to Saiful is for an individual, injustice for Anwar is injustice to many.

I hope it will not come to never in history has justice done to an individual is felt by so few while injustice done to one person, is felt by so many.


Firestone 9 February 2015 at 12:13  

Dato - my family and I are for Anwar Ibrahim - more out of admiration for being able to still stand up despite all the humiliations, persecutions, injustices and insults thrown at him and his family - than for his politics... although we must ad mit his ability to at least hold PR together for GE13 and GE14 was admirable.... let's face it - LKS and Hadi are both characters not easy to manage....

We pray justice will prevail and Anwar Ibrahim be a free man...

Emer 9 February 2015 at 13:04  

True. I wish the same. May he stays strong to fight the injustices to himself and Malaysian, as a freeman

Anonymous,  9 February 2015 at 14:10  

Saiful need not worry. He is already being administered justice slow boil style over lying and slandering like there was no God.

Anonymous,  9 February 2015 at 15:28  

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

If the worst happens to DSAI, we must step up the campaign on his behalf worldwide (including a Nobel Prize for Peace). He and his family have already sacrificed a lot for the
decent, ordinary people of Malaysia.

Do we want to live in a country where rule of law is doubtful and the people are ruled by kleptocrats ? Like so many of the disgraceful post-colonial Sub-Saharan African regimes? Where the colonial rulers actually did a better job than the so-called local nationalists ?

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  9 February 2015 at 15:31  

Tun Mahathir suddenly suggest people accept the decision if Anwar was sentenced innocent. Tun looks just relax by the date of the announcement by judger tomorrow. Tun statement is a clear indication that Anwar will be found guilty in sodomy II case. Tun may have got information about what will happen tomorrow in court ?. If you do not believe, wait for tomorrow and see...

Tiger 9 February 2015 at 15:41  

Some people dismiss PR because of Anwar. Because of his "homo" acts.
Because of his "UMNO past".
I say, we must get behind PR for only one reason above all.
This country cannot take any more plundering. Post April, the economy will take it's toll on everyone, and even then, not even putting AI in jail will help BN achieve anything

Anonymous,  9 February 2015 at 15:43  

It has been commented recently that a freed Anwar will cause Pakatan to split the faster and easier, whereas Anwar in prison will coalesce the opposition and fence-sitters especially the growing youth to realize the injustices that has been done to this one man and bring them together to right the many wrongs done.

Anonymous,  9 February 2015 at 17:11  

In Malaysiakini today:

By Hafiz Yatim

Request for sentencing submissions 'bad omen'

The Federal Court registrar has asked opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyers to prepare submissions for his sentencing.

While his lawyers described this as normal, international observer and Queen’s Counsel Mark Trowell sees this as a "bad omen".

I am really confused. Why is the FC asking for submissions when the verdict has not been announced yet?

flyer168 10 February 2015 at 00:10  

Just to share this...

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy -
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We must accept finite disappointment, but must never lose infinite hope -
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice -
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed -
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


dt rahman pekan 10 February 2015 at 05:15  

I really admire his oratory skills but unfortunately he has this habit/sickness that is n offence in Malaysia.

I m quite sure that he must hv known that he is being watched 24/7. sometimes absolute confidence in oneself can easily blind one's judgment. I m not a doctor but I think all indications point 2 d fact that anwar is suffering from a kind of sickness.

just like any sickness, what is needed is treatment. he knows it n I m sure those people close 2 him know it 2.

he has utilized all legal avenues 2 prove that he is not a homo or at worse d act was consensual.

lets put aside d reasons that motivates saiful 2 report 2 d authorities. well, he has done it n waited many yrs 2 get his version of justice. I do not understand why he is not charged too.

we hv reached d final lap of this long drawn out court case. anwar may b found innocent of d charge n acquitted based on reasons of technicality. however his weaknesses hv been laid 2 bare n he n d family has got 2 live wth this stigma forever.

whatever d verdict, anwar must seek treatment or better still as d late Karpal made a pronouncement - "ANWAR MESTI BERTAUBAT".

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 07:40  

Whether jailing Anwar or otherwise, UMNO will fall from political power as we the Rakyat will decide on the matter in GE14.

When the time comes, show NO MERCY to the corrupt ones and the "other" component parties of BN.

bumi-non-malay 10 February 2015 at 08:26  

Lets be Clear .... Anwar is No Martin Luther King nor Gandhi nor Aung Sun Su Kyi or Mandela....

Lets also be clear that we need to continue our injustice fight regardless of race and religion...

Somehow when it come to justice we somehow go blind to EVIL.... Setapak Temple Terror Demolish - Evil.... Sabahans V UMNO sponsored Sulu Islamic Terrorist = Evil.... Allah stupid Judgement - Evil.... Allowing Altantuya Sirul on Bail - Evil.... Sacking Singapore Racist Evil acts that have given Birth to the Malaysia we have today....Not Giving Superior Straight As students the course of their choice - Evil....Altantuya Murder-Evil

With Anwar least he has begin to BERTAUBAT...repented of UMNO Evil and using his resources to Rid UMNO-BN... One man cannot do it alone....we need to UNITE and OBLITERATE UMNO-BN by hook or Crook!! UMNO-BN is IS supporters or sisi Syria-Iraq Levant Crap supporters. Again in a few months after 60 years we have this continuous terror to SPM and STPM students with Straight As cannot get into whatever courses/matriculation because of Racist Bigots UMNO-BN Terrorist policy to Demorlised young Malaysian of Non Malay/muslim Origin..... With Malay-Muslim opposing to UMNO-BN there are other methods employed and Anwar is just ONE of UMNO-BN Evil Armada of Show Case!!..... ...Zunar, Hisshamuddin Rais, Adam Adli Abd Halim....... Bukan Salah kita ketepikan agama dan Hapuskan Kezaliman dan Kekejaman.... Bukan Salah Kita mula SOAL SEGALA yang TAK MASUK AKAL dan mengapa Sultan-Agong Tak buat apa2 selepas 60 Tahun.... Akhirnya pun, awak yang akan meghadap ALLAH seorang diri macam orang Biasa yang Allah Cipta!!...Tun, Tan Sri, Raja, Sir, Datuk, AO, General, Nobel Laurette, Caliph.....adalah gelaran yang manusia beri...Bukan Allah!!...Di depan Allah...semua gelaran manusia masuk Longkang Tandas!!

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 09:14  

Nobody and I mean Nobody has the ability to withstand what Anwar Ibrahim had to go through...Verbally abused, Imprisoned, Punched, drugged and other unspeakable acts. Acts which even Mandela did not have to experience.

And Malays are still in denial!!

I guess Malays have no Guts even to accept that fact.

dt rahman pekan 10 February 2015 at 12:08  

there is a lot of political innuendos attached 2 this case simply bcos d accused is a notable political figure.

to me it is a simple case of sodomy which is n offence in Malaysia. let d court decide n lets hope that there is no external interferences.( which every body believe can happen ).

on d other note let d exposé on leaders of govt n industry b contd by all concerned so that this beloved country of ours can prosper in a more just manner.

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 12:57  

I have previously indicate. Tun Mahathir relaxed attitude commented sodomy II case and asked the people to accept the court's decision if Anwar was released, suggesting that the former PM has big access in this case (including sodomy I). In fact Anwar was sentenced guilty today. The script has to work that way. That is one reason why Tun Mahathir seem very relax and not stressful to wait until today.

At the time I wrote this comment, he was the happiest man in Malaysia. I believe pressure and attack toward Najib by Mahathir team will be less by today onwards.

Firestone 10 February 2015 at 14:42  

I still cannot accept these 4 facts:

i. why DPM Najib Razak met Saiful at his Jalan Duta house before he filed his police report;

ii. why Saiful met SAC Rodzwan at Concerde Hotel before making his way to Hospital Pusrawi for a medical examination?;

iii. Why the report by the Burmese doctor at Hospital Pusrawi is not accepted as evidence as he said there was no sodomy?;

iv. why 3 day old semen in the rectum considered in pristine condition?

Itu saja Dato.... now you know why I never believed the government of Najib Razak?

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 15:03  

Dato Sak,'

Mustahil Najib mampu bebaskan dari menjadi barua dan boneka Mahathir dalam keadaan berbagai skandal membelit beliauselama ini. Atas apa jua tindak balas Najib, beliau tidak akan mampu menyaingi Mahathir. Kejatuhan Pak Lah adalah bukti kuat bahawa PM yang cuba membebaskan musuh politik Mahathir, akan terima balasan akhirnya. Ugutan dipergunakan dan tidak mustahil keputusan mahkamah mensabitkan Anwar adalah terkait dengan faktur faktur ini. Kelompok penyamun tidak semudah itu untuk membiarkan seorang polis yang tegas lepas bebas. Disebabkan para penyamun dan samseng telah menguasai seluruh institusi di Malaysia, usah diharap keadilan ditegakkan apatah lagi dalam kes yang boleh mengancam survival mereka. Tidak ada manusia lain yang lebih menggeruni Anwar melainkan Mahathir dan kuncu kuncunya. Orang orang seperti Daim, Kadir Jasin dan balaci balaci yang selesa berkepit dengan bekas PM itu adalah antara mereka mereka yang sangat bahagia dan ceria hari ini.

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 15:09  

Tidak mengaku meliwat, tidak mahu buat sumpah laknat, tidak mahu bersumpah dalam mahkamah, tidak mahu disoal jawab dalam mahkamah, melambat2kan proses perbicaraan dan tidak mahu beri dna sebagai bukti. Hakim masih salah? Konspirasi lagi? Cukuplah berehatlah dan bertaubat...In the end, justice will prevail. Yang hak pasti menang, yang batil pasti kalah...

Anonymous,  10 February 2015 at 16:03  

Anon 10 February 2015 at 15:09,

Nak bersumpah kepala hotak apa kalau mahkamah sivil tidak menerima sumpah sebagai bukti?. Kenapa tidak kerajaan kesayangan awak dari mula bawa kes ini disebut tidak membawa ke mahkamah syariah? Kenapa mengelak Anwar diadili di mahkamah syariah kalau benar sumpah yang menepati cara Islam hendak diguna pakai. Ini membuktikan kerajaan kesayangan awak ini tidak mementingkan agama Islam sebalik mempergunakan istilah sumpah untuk kepentingan sendiri. Anwar dan semua orang tahu sumpah tidak akan mengubah apa apa kerana kerajaan toghut dalam apa keadaan pun sanggup mempermainkan sumpah.

Awak berhujah berdasarkan keputusan hakim walhal alasan hakim gagal mengambil kira fakta secara menyeluruh. Kalau pun awak merujuk kepada mana mana lawyer atau hakim bebas di luar Malaysia, semuanya tidak mempercayai keputusan kehakiman liwat II Anwar ini. Yang percaya hanyalah awak dan melayu melayu Malaysia yang berjaya diperbodohkan oleh samseng politik pujaan anda itu. Sedar atau tidak anda dan manusia akal dangkal seperti anda telah membantu para samseng politik ini untuk terus menjahnamkan sistem kehakiman di Malaysia. Para politikus UMNO jadi pak angguk kerana ada kepentingan peribadi. Awak yang beriaya iya menyokong "kehakiman kartun" apa dapat?

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 16:58  

Yes, even Mickey can be the PM. Mickey is my dog.

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